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Amit Patkar

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Adobe AEM Developer

Sunnyvale, CA, United States
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July 10, 2020

Amit is a knowledgable AEM architect and developer who's spent the past several years implementing Adobe AEM solutions at McAfee, Petco, Western Digital, Intel, among others. Amit's communication critical problem-solving skills, along with his immense experience with dealing with customers, have always gotten the project completed within budget and time. As per the situation, Amit can operate as an architect, developer, product owner, or any role which leads to the success of a project.


.NET, SaaS, CSS, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), JavaScript, React, Git...
KBB | Auto Trader
Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java...
CornerStone, Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Linux, Windows

The most amazing...

...project was authoring AEM components—reducing the need for frequent code deployments, increasing testability, and eventually increasing customer conversion.

Work Experience

AEM Architect

2018 - PRESENT
  • Created CDN First Architecture: a type of architecture that was used to rearchitect the shopping cart resulting in recording the performance in less than a second worldwide.
  • Tested and used AEM components and a flexible framework that enabled marketing to run 100 parallel campaigns; previously they could at the most get 10 tests per year.
  • Developed a dynamic landing page (DLP) framework in AEM which cut down the number of landing pages from 600 to ten while increasing content velocity from weeks to just days.
  • Managed a best-practices wiki to enforce best practices across teams.
  • Constantly mentored technical leads and ensured that they are on their path to become architects.
Technologies: .NET, SaaS, CSS, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), JavaScript, React, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AEM Consultant

2016 - 2017
KBB | Auto Trader
  • Conducted performance audits by reviewing the current code and finding ways to optimize.
  • Audited and reviewed the current CD/CD process and worked to optimize the same.
  • Worked on a design pattern to expose AEM services to a KBB website for personalization and advertisement (e.g., a personalization engine).
Technologies: Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Consultant

2015 - 2017
  • Wrote AEM to Microsoft Site Search (aka FAST) integration. This architecture included defining taxonomy, setting up web spiders, writing Java services to access FastAPI, and then creating the AEM component to enable the search.
  • Worked on Event Management templates and components. This involved integration with Eventbrite.
  • Worked to establish a CI/CD using Git and Jenkins. I was also involved in setting up a process for backup and restore, and product support.
Technologies: CornerStone, Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Consultant

2016 - 2016
  • Audited the current infrastructure to find gaps that conflicted with industry best practices.
  • Wrote a flexible component that could loop into the input data—which was quite a piece of remarkable work—this allowed marketing operations to create pages with "features and their comparison" with ease.
  • Found an optimum solution to ensure all JavaScript race conditions are resolved and the page is loaded once after testing and targeting as well as all page-related Ajax calls were finished.
Technologies: Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Solution Architect

2015 - 2016
  • Developed migration scope and scripts to transfer localized content and assets from TeamSite to AEM.
  • Managed the product backlog, the architecture design for the Localization Adapter, Google Appliances, and personalization using Target.
  • Designed application-specific templates, components, authoring dialog, publication workflows, and CSS; also finalized the enterprise taxonomy (tagging framework).
  • Created a proof of concept (POC) for using the Microsoft FAST engine instead of Google Search Appliance.
Technologies: GitHub, TeamCity, Confluence, Jira, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Analytics, Adobe Target, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Architect

2015 - 2015
  • Worked on AEM migration scripts to convert Oracle Web Center Sites to AEM 5.6.
  • Gated content delivery /custom authentication module. This module would check if the download performed by the end-user is captured as a leader in Salesforce.
  • Developed Adaptive Forms to capture email addresses.
  • Integrated with Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce, where every gated content required an email to be entered. This email triggered an email through Eloqua and thus created a lead.
Technologies: Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Consultant

2015 - 2015
Western Digital
  • Created an asset-share UI using AEM's new touch interface.
  • Wrote custom project workflows to ensure all jobs are completed and notifications are sent correctly.
  • Migrated the job submission process to AEM so that WD vendors and partners could request that a branded image/asset be printed in a certain format and size. AEM interacts with the external job submission portal for submission and tracking.
Technologies: CornerStone, Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Consultant

2014 - 2015
  • Built use cases for comparative analysis between potential CMS vendors (Adobe AEM, Drupal Aquia, Sitecore and Oracle WebCenter Sites).
  • Worked on the migration plan and initial load script, including a DTD for HTML components.
  • Built the database extract utility to get pages out of the current legacy system and convert them into each of the potential CMS system (Adobe, Oracle, Aquia, SiteCore).
Technologies: Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Architect

2014 - 2015
  • Migrated the current WordPress website to Adobe's Experience Manager and also launched the first portal,
  • Developed the content structure for localization including live and language copies.
  • Migrated Fireeye's blog content website into the main marketing website. This included exporting MySQL content with post threads and relationships.
  • Established a continuous integration and continuous migration framework using Jenkins and GitHub. This helped Fireeye have a streamlined release process.
Technologies: Sightly, Jenkins, GitHub, Adobe, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

AEM Consultant

2012 - 2014
  • Led the development for implementing AEM in the eCommerce portal including the integration with IBM Commerce.
  • Migrated the site Unleashed by Petco to AEM including exporting the legacy website to AEM and the development of components and templates.
  • Implemented security models, workflow, templates, and AEM components.
  • Developed migration plans and scripts to transfer content from Peco's Legacy to AEM.
  • Architected AEM's headless architecture for a seamless integration with IBM's commerce portal.
  • Developed the enterprise data architecture, taxonomy, and content repository (DAM).
Technologies: Endeca, Java, IBM Commerce, OSGi, JavaScript, HTML, Apache Sling, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Git

Technical Lead

2006 - 2012
  • Built various public portals, e.g., VMware (, AOL (, Sony (, Intuit (, Acresso (, Symbol (, and Telelogic (
  • Implemented several intranet portals for clients including Thomson Reuters, ACS, Texas Instruments, Quixtar, Qwest, and Tellabs.
  • Constructed best practices and technical design templates.
  • Arranged training sessions and spoke at the Knovaconferences.
  • Developed POCs and worked on the scope of work (SOW).
Technologies: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Spring, JAAS, C#, XSLT, XML, Apache Lucene, SOAP, REST, Java, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript

CDN First Architecture — Scaling to Million Hits a Day
When multiple teams are developing various design patterns to host to the same target framework, they need to build a common framework. I developed an architecture named CDN First Architecture which helps the development team to have a common methodology to split the server calls and organize metadata in a way to achieve maximum performance along with a robust application.

Lighting Fast, Scalable, and Flexible Shopping Cart

Dynamic landing pages must be complemented by a shopping cart which is as flexible in terms of testability, personalization, and scalability. This AEM-hosted shopping cart loads quickly across the globe and provides lots of flexibility to marketing to run their conversion campaign.

Dynamic Landing Pages
Landing pages are unique to the McAfee Conversion Funnel—they are hosted on AEM, but they also demand flexibility. Each landing page can be subjected to a test-and-learn methodology along with quick changes in CSS, layout, and digital data rules. This project did cut down costs to manage 700 pages to ten while also increasing the testability through digital data rules.

Cadence Website
The Cadence website is an active website that's hosted in five different cultures; this was an implementation where live and language copies were used.
It also has an integration with Microsoft FAST for site searches. I developed a generic framework to integrate with FAST because FAST could drive not only search results but other category pages. In addition to the FAST integration, I also created a framework that allowed SEO for Cadence assets including the ones which were set to be protected. These protected assets were exposed to SEO partially and require the user to click on more for a protected PDF.


Java, JavaScript, Java 8, PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, XSLT, C#


Bootstrap, .NET, OSGi, Spring


Apache Jackrabbit, Vuex, jQuery, Vue, REST APIs, React, Apache Lucene


Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Apache Sling, Adobe Target, Docker Compose, TeamCity, Apache Maven, Git, Apache Tomcat, Jira, Confluence, GitHub, Adobe, Jenkins, Sightly


Design Patterns, Agile, REST


Apache2, Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Adobe Audience Manager, Windows, MacOS, Endeca, Oracle


Web App Deployment, Front-end, Full-stack, eCommerce, Data Structures, SaaS, IBM Commerce, SOAP, JAAS, Analytics, CornerStone


MySQL, JSON, Amazon DynamoDB, Microsoft SQL Server

2000 - 2002

Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (eCommerce)

Center of Management Education - New Delhi, India

1993 - 1996

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Delhi University - New Delhi, India


Adobe Certified Expert — AEM 6 Developer