Andres Pagliano, Data Structures Developer in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Andres Pagliano

Data Structures Developer in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Member since May 7, 2013
Andres has worked at Gameloft as a mobile game developer and Intel as a software engineer. After experiencing the world of big corporations for several years, he has co-founded two startups and worked as software engineer and architect on them. He's a big proponent of Linux, C/C++, Python, open source technologies, mobile development, and algorithms.
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  • FASTech
    Python, C++, Android, Linux, AWS, Docker
  • LVK Labs
    Android, iOS, Google Glass, Objective-C, Java, C++, Python, Google App Engine
  • Intel
    C++, Qt, Boost, SQLite



Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina



Preferred Environment

Linux, Android, C++, Qt, Python, Git, GitHub

The most amazing... I've developed is a platform to make chatbots for Facebook and Google Talk, written in Qt and built with its own Natural Language Processing engine.


  • Co-founder, Software Engineer, and Architect

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Implemented custom algorithms quickly for image and video compression using Python and C++.
    • Prototyped several algorithms for camera self-calibration using Python.
    • Implemented an algorithm to estimate the zoom ratio of a camera using Python and optical flows.
    • Implemented an Android application to record video synchronized with metadata read from the phone sensors (camera pose, location and zoom).
    • Implemented a target geolocation algorithm with Kalman Filtering.
    Technologies: Python, C++, Android, Linux, AWS, Docker
  • Co-founder, Software Engineer, and Architect

    2010 - 2014
    LVK Labs
    • Designed and developed a platform to make chatbots for Facebook, Google Talk, and other XMPP servers. The application implements its own natural language processing engine.
    • Designed and developed a game for iOS using the Cocos2d-iPhone framework.
    • Ported the aforementioned game from iOS (Objective-C) to Android using the Cocos2d-x (C++) framework and Android NDK.
    • Collaborated on several open source projects. See
    • Implemented and trained an Artificial Neural Network in Python. See
    • Implemented a prototype of a tourism application for Google Glass using Python, Google Mirror, Google Maps, and HTML/CSS. See
    Technologies: Android, iOS, Google Glass, Objective-C, Java, C++, Python, Google App Engine
  • Software Engineer

    2008 - 2011
    • Developed an augmented reality application using Google Maps and Qt to run on prototype MID devices.
    • Worked on development of the Intel Services Manager framework (similar to the Java OSGi framework).
    • Developed on the Moblin and Meego, both Linux distributions for mobile devices currently merged in the Tizen project.
    • Provided software update solutions for several Intel projects such as WiDi (Intel Wireless Display) and others not publicly released.
    • Designed and developed the Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent.
    • Worked on the development of a high performance persistence library using template metaprogramming.
    • Worked with a long list of technologies such as Qt, boost, POCO, gSOAP, XML, and operating systems such as Windows XP, 7, Ubuntu, Fedora, Moblin, Meego, etc.
    Technologies: C++, Qt, Boost, SQLite
  • Mobile Game Developer

    2007 - 2008
    • Ported J2ME (Java Micro Edition) games to different devices such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, etc.
    • Ported J2ME games to BlackBerry OS.
    • Ported BREW (C++) games to Windows Mobile (C++).
    • Collaborated in the development of a tool to translate J2ME Games to C++.
    Technologies: Java, J2ME, C++


  • Chatbot (Development)

    Chatbot is an open source platform for high-school students which allows them to create Facebook or Google Talk/Mail chatbots and learn basic computer science concepts.

  • Julia: A Pick-up Adventure (Development)

    A graphic adventure game built for both iOS and Android.



  • Black Holes Collision Waveform (Development)

    A scientific application developed for a group of physics at Caltech (California Institute of Technology). The application implements the state of the art of a new math theory. It makes complex evaluations and plots the waveform of two black holes colliding. Developed for iOS and Android but not publicly released yet.

  • Intel Personal Vacation Assistant (Development)

    A context-aware travel application.

  • Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent (Development)

    An agent for updating firmware when critical security vulnerabilities have been discovered.

  • Intel Services Manager (Development)

    A C++ Framework similar to Java's OSGi.

  • Radio Bicicleta (Development)

    iOS and Android app for an online radio. Available in the App Store and Google Play.



  • Web Scraper (Development)

    Web scraper to collect information from different eCommerce stores. Implemented using Python and the ScraPy framework.

  • Custom Algorithms (Other amazing things)

    Researched and implemented custom algorithms in several fields such as image and video compression, camera self-calibration, and geolocation.

  • Back-end for a Vehicle Monitoring System (Development)

    Back-end for a vehicle monitoring system similar to Vehicles with a GPS periodically pushes small packets with their location and status flags using a GSM network. The back-end provides a RESTFul to read the data and to manage several features. Implemented using Node.js and CouchDB.


  • Languages

    Bash, Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Objective-C
  • Platforms

    Linux, Android, Docker, AWS EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MacOS, Google Glass, iOS, Windows, Google App Engine
  • Frameworks

    Android SDK, Qt, Scrapy, Cocos2d, iOS SDK, Boost
  • Tools

    Git, Subversion (SVN), Android NDK, FreeLing, GNU Dev Tools, GitHub, Google Analytics
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, Template Metaprogramming, Scrum
  • Other

    Video Compression, Game Development, Cryptography, Algorithms, Geolocation, R&D, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Structures, Decision Trees
  • Libraries/APIs

    Matplotlib, NumPy, Google Maps, GDK, Google Mirror, QXmpp
  • Storage

    SQLite, CouchDB, MySQL


  • Licentiate (Master's) degree in Computer Sciences
    2001 - 2007
    Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física - Córdoba, Argentina

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