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Anton Zaytsev

Anton Zaytsev

Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Member since August 13, 2014
Anton is a skilled developer with over five years of experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. He has developed a variety of applications including fashion widgets, Instagram data analytics, UPC data collection and analysis, and more. He is an enthusiastic developer and an excellent communicator.
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  • Ruby, 5 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 5 years
  • JavaScript, 4 years
  • Redis, 4 years
  • PostgreSQL, 2 years
  • AngularJS, 1 year
Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Preferred Environment
Mac OS, Git, RubyMine, Trello
The most amazing...
...tool I've built collects and analyzes Instagram data for millions of accounts.
  • Engineer
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Supported an existing eCommerce application built on Spree.
    • Wrote a solid tool for order returns.
    Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on rails, Spree
  • Web Developer
    Kiere Media
    2011 - 2016
    • Created a fashion widget on Sinatra in conjunction with Rails to allow management of data in widgets.
    • Collected and analyzed millions of records from Instagram social network using Ruby on Rails, Postgres, and Redis.
    • Collected and analyzed lots of products (clothing, shoes, etc.) to find the UPC if a product doesn't have it. Over 200 background workers process data at the same time using an external API and configured PostgreSQL database. They find similar products from a database with over 1M records to find out same products from different shops.
    Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
  • Web Developer
    Source Code Partners
    2015 - 2015
    • Built complex SQL requests to Postgres.
    • Built a page where a manager can see sales people and their work status in real-time.
    • Avoided Facebook public API, collecting profile friend data directly from the web interface.
    • Fielded customer requests.
    Technologies: Rails, PostgreSQL
  • Web Developer
    2013 - 2015
    • Built a store with a large number of products in a single order.
    • Customized the Spree platform to show data depending on user role.
    Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spree
  • Web Developer
    Untitled Studio
    2011 - 2015
    • Built a website for the closed community of Spirits sales company in Australia.
    • Created front-end responsive slicing to support desktop, tablet, and mobile views.
    Technologies: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Drupal, Ruby on Rails
  • Web Developer
    A2 Design
    2009 - 2011
    • Promoted to team leader after a year with the company.
    • Managed projects on a few of the apps.
    Technologies: PHP, Drupal, CakePHP
  • Junior Web Devleoper
    ADCI Solutions
    2008 - 2009
    • Developed projects, mostly on Drupal 6, for clients.
    • Wrote my own Drupal modules in PHP.
    • Communicated directly with clients in English.
    • Learned how to slice PSD to HTML and CSS, with JS interactivity.
    Technologies: PHP, Drupal, CSS, JavaScript
  • Social Root Data (Development)

    An app where you can get analyzed data from Instagram.
    I helped the client to collect and analyze data from Instagram to find most influenced accounts in needed area (country, state, city). The app processes over 500 thousand daily media records and over 1M accounts.

  • Auto Dealership Reporting Tool (Development)

    A closed app for owners, managers, and sales people in auto dealerships. They can see all data about customers' visits and can get any analytics for any period of time.

  • Find the UPC for a Big US Retailer (Development)

    The initial idea of the app is to find out product UPCs for a big US retailer. The app collects data from different sources (, linksynergy, and directly from the designer's website), finds the same products, and detects the UPC from it. It uses Ruby on Rails to collect and show data along with Sidekiq to process requests in the background.

  • Fashion Widget (Development)

    Widget for fashion bloggers. The owner of the blog can install the widget and earn money when the blog's visitor buys anything using the widget.

  • English Course School Website (Development)

    A website with desktop, table, and phone (responsive) views. You can send a request and contact the company.

  • LottoYoFriends (Development)

    App where you can generate lottery number using information from your friends on Facebook. Also you can see previous victory and defeat, as well as most lucky friends.

  • Postcard Store (Development)

    A store based on Spree eCommerce platform (based on Ruby on Rails). It has four roles with different abilities and restrictions. The large distributors' role usually orders over 10,000 items per checkout.

  • (Development)

    Improved the existing codebase and wrote stories for bugs and new features.

  • Languages
    Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, Elixir
  • Frameworks
    Sinatra, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Phoenix
  • Libraries/APIs
    Instagram API, Sidekiq, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Ruby on Rails API, Handlebars, Mechanize, jQuery, Facebook API
  • Tools
    RubyMine, Capistrano, Spree
  • Paradigms
    Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostGIS
  • Other
    Full-stack, APIs, Back-end Development, PSD to HTML, Ubuntu Server
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    OmSTU - Omsk
    2006 - 2012
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