Cristian Luis Duarte, Developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cristian Luis Duarte

Software Developer

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
May 23, 2016

Cristian is a systems engineer who has graduated from the National Technological University in Buenos Aires. He has experience in many aspects of software development from desktop, server-side to web, and Android mobile development. In addition, he has great soft skills like coaching, recruiting, and leading IT teams.

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Latch (via Toptal)
JUnit, Java, Kotlin, Android
High Fidelity, Inc.
Qt, CMake, JavaScript, Java, C++, Google Daydream, Android
Futurewei Technologies Inc.
Qt, CMake, JavaScript, Java, C++, Google Daydream, Android


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Preferred Environment

Bash, MacOS, Eclipse, Git, Android Studio

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is an animated GIF decoder following exact specifications.

Work Experience

2019 - 2020

Android Engineer

Latch (via Toptal)
  • Improved the visualization of doors, following the group's design.
  • Changed the UI in regards to Bluetooth and location status.
  • Improved startup times by profiling and using lazy techniques.
  • Reduced costly back-end calls.
  • Followed a TDD approach for every new feature while adding automated tests to existing features.
Technologies: JUnit, Java, Kotlin, Android
2017 - 2019

Android Engineer

High Fidelity, Inc.
  • Ported the open-source VR platform (High Fidelity, to Android.
  • Added High Fidelity social features into the Android version.
  • Made it possible to run the Open GL ES app in both Adreno and Mali GPUs.
  • Ported new features from Desktop to Android: Jump, Places list, Show avatar name in 3D.
  • Developed on-screen gamepad for the in-world view, focused on smooth responsiveness.
  • Implemented features to make it Google Daydream compliant: recentering, teleporting and walking.
Technologies: Qt, CMake, JavaScript, Java, C++, Google Daydream, Android
2016 - 2017

Android Engineer

Futurewei Technologies Inc.
  • Ported the open source VR platform (High Fidelity, to Android using the NDK.
  • Adapted the graphics back-end engine to Open GL ES 3.
  • Integrated Google Daydream SDK to be able to interact with Daydream compatible smartphones using Daydream View (headset) and the controller.
  • Adapted the toolchain so it used the proper C++ Clang compiler and GNU STL.
  • Solved audio communication stability issues (some devices closed IO objects and a restarting mechanism was implemented).
Technologies: Qt, CMake, JavaScript, Java, C++, Google Daydream, Android
2016 - 2016

Android Software Engineer (via Toptal)
  • Implemented the chat functionality in native Android code reviewing the current WebView version and applying design to get a fresh native UI.
  • Made it possible to use the chat while being offline. Cached messages in a local SQLite database, synchronized data, and optimized data usage by using existing data.
  • Polished the application by applying animations, unread messages indicators, and postponing data retrieval to quickly show screens.
Technologies: PubNub, SQL, Java, Android
2011 - 2016

Lead Software Engineer

Mobaires SRL
  • Created Dasher Messenger from scratch—a messaging app for Android. Incorporated features like GIFs, location sharing, and payments through Venmo; the server-side was provided by the client.
  • Implemented the multiplatform motels guide iTelo for Android, Blackberry, and Nokia (Java phones).
  • Coached Android and Java developers and led the development process, giving visibility to clients as well.
  • Developed the OS X Agent for Pie Digital Software. Involved agents and daemons development, installers scripting and creation of Cocoa helper tools apps.
  • Implemented an insurance agent's tool for Android that provided location tracking, car problems marking and messaging from HQ.
  • Made a version of "This Day in History" (from the History Channel) for the Android Samsung Apps store.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, PHP, OS X, Java ME, Android, Java
2007 - 2011

Semi Senior Development Analyst

  • Created a job to migrate user-related data to secure tables (encrypted columns).
  • Coded the back end for MercadoClics, the MercadoLibre in-site advertising project. Including links generation, clicks, impressions counting, ads selection algorithms, and charges generation.
  • Made use of his seniority, took the role of coach as well, assisted other members of his teams.
  • Ensured MercadoLibre security, made pages secure through SSL and implemented a new login page.
  • Updated MercadoClics.
  • Coached other developers.
  • Implemented new ads positions and user dashboards.
  • Implemented, as a member of the customer service development team, web tools based on to provide services for customer representatives.
Technologies: HTML, PL/SQL, Oracle, Servlet, Java
2007 - 2007

Java Developer

VISA Argentina (via FirstSystems Consulting)
  • Supported an internal product for corporate accounts management; mostly involving web development.
  • Maintained the existing implementation of 3D-Secure (named Verified by Visa) with fixes in corner cases.
  • Implemented a logistics-oriented version of the system applying specific functions like expenses category management, reports and security features such as login, CAPTCHA, and blocked accounts.
Technologies: XLST, HTML, Java EE, Servlet, Java
2006 - 2007

Java Developer

  • Maintained the finance, stock, and purchasing modules of the proprietary ERP System.
  • Implemented reports generation for different business needs.
  • Made a scheduled jobs for different reporting goals, like daily sales reports and stock quantities alarms.
Technologies: JasperReports, SQL, AWT, Swing, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java


High Fidelity | Live VR Experiences

With High Fidelity’s mobile app, you can join real, live experiences with other people in virtual spaces right from your phone.

As an Android engineer, I worked on this Google Daydream-compatible app; specifically on a port that allows entering the same worlds accessible from the desktop (and Oculus or Vive) but from Android devices.

Dasher Messenger

A messaging app for Android that includes cool features like GIFs, location sharing, payments, and pools in group chats. There are versions for iOS and the web.


A motel guide with photos gallery, location, prices, and discount coupons.



Java, SQL, JavaScript, Bash, HTML, XLST, C++, HTML5, PHP, Bash Script, CSS, Kotlin


Android API, Firebase Android SDK, AWT, JasperReports, PubNub, Facebook SDK


Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Git, Servlet, CMake, GitHub


Android, Google Daydream, Eclipse, MacOS, Oracle, Java EE, Java ME, OS X, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase


REST, Scrum, Design Patterns


Swing, Qt, JUnit, Symfony 2


PL/SQL, MySQL, Redis


Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)


2004 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Engineering

National Technological University - Buenos Aires, Argentina


JUNE 2019 - JUNE 2022

Associate Android Developer

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