Dmitri Zamysloff, Developer in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
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Dmitri Zamysloff

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Toptal Member Since
August 31, 2015

Dmitri is a software development professional with more than 20 years of experience. He started to learn programming languages with System/360 and was able to stay up to date all over these years. He has profound knowledge in Java with more than 14 years of extensive experience. His first HTML page was designed in the mid-90's. Whether a solo player or part of a team, the result is his main focus.


AGFA HealthCare
Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, WildFly, Oracle, Java EE
Ernst & Young
Microsoft BI Stack, jQuery, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, VB, C#.NET...
Java SE, Sockets, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, REST, JAX-RS, WildFly




Preferred Environment

Git, IntelliJ IDEA

The most amazing...

...thing I've experienced is the development of software techniques over time. I started with Assembler, PL-1, and Fortran back in the day.

Work Experience

Senior Developer/Architect

2015 - 2018
AGFA HealthCare
  • Developed solution strategies, concepts, and architectural blueprints.
  • Implemented POCs.
  • Designed and implemented REST services.
  • Designed and implemented UI.
  • Coached the team and technical lead.
Technologies: Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, WildFly, Oracle, Java EE


2015 - 2015
Ernst & Young
  • Carried out interviews and workshops with stakeholders.
  • Manually extracted the architecture and did reverse engineering.
  • Analyzed the architecture according to quality attributes.
  • Created a final presentation and report.
  • Consulted on project management for following steps and roadmap.
Technologies: Microsoft BI Stack, jQuery, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, VB, C#.NET, Active Server Pages (ASP)

Project Developer

2014 - 2014
  • Designed a technical concept on hand of customer requirements.
  • Designed software architecture.
  • Implemented GPS tracker plugins.
  • Implemented a web UI using Google Maps.
  • Deployed the project to a hosting provider/rollout.
Technologies: Java SE, Sockets, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, REST, JAX-RS, WildFly

Assessment of the Software by an Airline

2014 - 2014
Ernst & Young
  • Carried out interviews and workshops with stakeholders.
  • Extracted architecture decisions.
  • Created a tool to support static source code analysis.
  • Conducted manual analysis and reverse engineering.
  • Created a final presentation and report.
  • Consulted on project management.
Technologies: Java EE, WebLogic, Oracle, REST, jQuery, JavaScript, Spring

Support for Architecture and Design Department

2012 - 2014
AGFA HealthCare
  • Conducted technical research and coaching.
  • Supported an introduction of REST and WS interfaces for hospital information system (HIS) ORBIS. Developed concepts and prototyped software as well as coaching the development team.
  • Supported the team design and implementation of the framework in context of the development of a new basis for architecture for ORBIS-NG (next generation), based on using JBoss 7, Java FX, and other new technologies and custom know-how.
  • Designed and developed an IHE ATNA framework for HIS.
  • Designed and developed an IHE XDS.b document the consumer framework for HIS.
  • Integrated embedded Tomcat into the existing EAI application. Extended the embedded Tomcat with CDI and JAX-RS technologies.
Technologies: Mockito, EasyMock, Apache CXF, JAX-WS, Jersey, RESTEasy, JAX-RS, CDI, Apache Tomcat, Jakarta EE, J2SE, JUnit, Subversion (SVN), Apache Maven, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, JavaFX, Swing, Spring, JBoss, BouncyCastle

Senior Consultant

2007 - 2012
Corporate Quality Consulting GmbH
  • Conducted project assessments with CMMI and eSCM.
  • Conducted software assessments with SEI ATAM and CBAM.
  • Served as Chief Architect in PMO for a huge German Autoclub product. Central technical contact.
  • Served as Technical System Manager at the German Autoclub Kolumbus project. Central technical contact.
  • Architected and prototyped software.
  • Outsourced projects.
Technologies: UML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Java

Senior Developer (Technical Lead)

2005 - 2007
AGFA HealthCare
  • Conducted requirements analysis of new components and business processes.
  • Maintained and deployed software architecture.
  • Implemented core components.
  • Designed GUI and tools of web and Swing components and internal GUI framework.
  • Managed project configurations, including creation and management using SubVersion, ClearCase, Maven, Proximity, Ant (development of plugins), and SourceForge Enterprise.
  • Designed and developed an installation framework.
Technologies: Java SE, RMI, Sockets, JBoss, Swing

Senior Developer

2002 - 2005
  • Developed a mail server for secure communication for healthcare.
  • Conducted requirements analysis of new components and business processes.
  • Designed software architecture and oversaw server and plug-in development for VCS and D2D interfaces.
  • Designed and implemented systems for encrypted communication using PKI.
  • Designed GUI and tools of web and Swing components and the internal GUI framework.
  • Contributed as an expert to the pilot project on healthcare card (region Essen/Bochum). Technical frame architecture and infrastructure work group.
Technologies: RMI, LDAP, PKCS, Servlet, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript, HTML, Java SE


2000 - 2002
Softlution WebTechnology GmbH
  • Developed customer relationship management (CRM) software based on Intershop Enfinity, including modules for core and sales force automation.
  • Analyzed requirements.
  • Designed, architected, and implemented software.
  • Did object design from requirements analysis.
  • Managed teams in Trivandrum (India, 10 employees) and St. Petersburg (Russia, five employees).
Technologies: JSON, Oracle, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Java SE

Team/Project Lead

2000 - 2000
Emagisoft Corp.
  • Managed projects and a team of six employees.
  • Designed a CRM subsystem called Quick Transact.
  • Developed a web client and web server for integration and secured transactions with online services such as online payment and logistics systems (for example Cybercash, FedEx).
  • Analyzed requirements.
  • Designed the database.
  • Architected the software for both client and server.
  • Developed the server software.
  • Developed an XML-based communication platform with pluggable structure.
  • Connected payment and logistics systems: Cybercash, VISA, and FedEx.
Technologies: XSL, XML, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Delphi

Head of IT

1996 - 2000
JV BelFixemer
  • Developed software and infrastructure projects for transport and personal management.
  • Managed an IT department of five employees.
  • Oversaw budget and purchasing.
  • Analyzed requirements.
  • Defined and optimized business processes.
  • Designed the database and and software architecture.
  • Implemented core components.
Technologies: Borland Database Engine (BDE), Microsoft SQL Server, C++, Delphi

Administrator/Computer Operator

1992 - 1996
  • Maintained the computer network.
  • Created programs for stock control, bookkeeping, etc. using VBA and Paradox.
  • Integrated MS Office programs.
  • Communicated with foreign suppliers and contractors.
  • Repaired computers.
Technologies: Paradox, Turbo Pascal, Clipper, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Administrator/Computer Operator

1991 - 1992
Amkador-Trans, Ltd.
  • Maintained the computer network.
  • Created programs using VBA, Pascal, and Paradox.
  • Integrated MS Office programs.
  • Created logos using CorelDRAW.
  • Repaired computers.
Technologies: Paradox, Pascal, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
For this project, I was chief architect in PMO. I had to take technical decisions and manage several teams of developers.

AGFA HealthCare - ORBIS Me

For healthcare information system ORBIS, and mobile site ORBIS Me, I designed a complete framework for REST services using CDI, JAX-RS, and WADL. This framework is now used for other AGFA REST services.
1991 - 1996

Engineer's Degree in Telecommunications

Belarusian State University for Radioengineering and Computer Science - Minsk, Belarus


JAXB, JAX-RS, BouncyCastle, JGroups, jQuery, Sockets, RESTEasy, JAX-WS, EasyMock, Dojo Toolkit, Google API


Apache Tomcat, WildFly, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Apache Maven, Subversion (SVN), Turbo Pascal, Servlet


JUnit, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Netty, Spring Boot, Angular, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Spring, Swing, Jersey, Apache CXF, Mockito, ASP.NET, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP)


JSE, Java EE, NetBeans, JavaFX, Oracle, Microsoft BI Stack, JBoss, Eclipse, J2SE, Jakarta EE, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker


Java, SQL, XSLT, XML, HTML5, JavaScript, JavaScript 6, Active Server Pages (ASP), C#.NET, VB, Java SE, UML, Delphi, XSL, C++, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Clipper, Pascal, HTML, C#, CSS


Waterfall Development, Scrum, Microservices, REST, PKCS, Agile Software Development


JBoss AS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Paradox, JSON, PostgreSQL


IIS, WebLogic, Ajax, CDI, RMI, Borland Database Engine (BDE), LDAP, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

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