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Duje Ančić

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Serverless Developer

Split, Croatia
Toptal Member Since
July 15, 2020

Duje is a back-end software engineer focused on building scalable and innovative solutions to meet business needs. He's always trying to write reusable code following conventions, principles, and patterns to get high-performance software. Working closely with all stakeholders to deliver high-quality products in a given time.


ASP.NET, C#, SQL, JavaScript, Redux, Amazon API Gateway, AngularJS...
My DNA Life Australia Pty Ltd
.NET Core, .NET, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB...
Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Git, ASP.NET Core, .NET, Amazon Kinesis...




Preferred Environment

.NET, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, Git, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is asset tracking software for hospitals that has helped hospital staff save lives.

Work Experience

.NET Back-end Developer

2021 - 2024
  • Developed different microservices using AWS Serverless services.
  • Worked on syncing data from multiple sources including data stores and Kafka.
  • Automated business processes using AWS StepFuntions.
Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, SQL, JavaScript, Redux, Amazon API Gateway, AngularJS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Snowflake, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, .NET, .NET 5, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Step Functions, REST APIs, Docker, Entity Framework, Back-end, LINQ, Serverless, APIs, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Lambda Functions, Web Development, Architecture, C#.NET, API Integration

AWS Serverless .Net Developer

2021 - 2021
My DNA Life Australia Pty Ltd
  • Developed AWS Lambdas used to communicate with third-party applications using FHIR standards.
  • Created and maintained existing unit tests using xUnit.
  • Analyzed and fixed existing FHIR ServiceRequest contracts and created a generic parser for FHIR ServiceRequest.
Technologies: .NET Core, .NET, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, REST APIs, Entity Framework, Back-end, LINQ, Serverless, APIs, Lambda Functions, Web Development, C#.NET

Back-end Software Engineer

2018 - 2021
  • Developed highly scalable web applications using AWS Serverless stack.
  • Enabled AWS Lambda to stream data from AWS Kinesis to DynamoDB.
  • Worked on a SaaS application for viewing recipes in restaurants all over the world.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained a relational database in MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Arranged and implemented key-value and document database in DynamoDB.
  • Established and maintained a .NET Web API on Azure App Service and a .NET Web API on AWS Lambda.
  • Set up AWS Cognito for web application access control.
  • Created a Git repository on GitHub and utilized a GitFlow workflow.
  • Implemented an AWS S3 file storage and implemented AWS Lambda with API Gateway to store files in it.
Technologies: Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Git, ASP.NET Core, .NET, Amazon Kinesis, AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, ASP.NET Web API, .NET Core, C#, REST APIs, Docker, Vue, Entity Framework, React, Back-end, LINQ, Serverless, Azure Search, APIs, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Lambda Functions, Web Development, C#.NET, API Integration

Software Engineer

2014 - 2018
Human Resources Cloud
  • Developed highly scalable SaaS web applications for HR.
  • Designed and implemented APIs used by the web application.
  • Applied an in-house testing tool based on Selenium WebDriver.
  • Developed more than 1,000 Selenium end-to-end automated tests.
  • Implemented the .NET MVC app and web APIs. Worked as a full-stack developer on both the back end and the front end.
  • Maintained the SQL Server database and wrote Transact-SQL scripts.
Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Git, .NET, Selenium WebDriver, TypeScript, JavaScript, AngularJS, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, C#, gRPC, Entity Framework, Back-end, LINQ, APIs, Web Development, C#.NET, Web Forms

Student Internship

2013 - 2014
Siemens CVC
  • Managed the Oracle DB and detected issues from logs.
  • Developed an Android application and PHP web service for managing data from a remote database.
  • Tested porting mobile numbers after merging two telecom operators.
Technologies: Git, PHP, SQLite, Android, Java, Oracle Database

Smart Healthcare Platform

An IoT platform that uses Wi-Fi access points with built-in Bluetooth support for hospital asset tracking. As a back-end software engineer, I am responsible for constructing platform architecture, building REST API endpoints, and modeling database. One of the challenging solutions I've worked on lately is creating AWS Lambda Function, which processes real-time data from AWS Kinesis. The technologies I used on this project are mostly AWS serverless services.


A SaaS application for viewing restaurant recipes with all ingredients and steps to prepare a meal. Application is used in La Place restaurants all over the world including Google canteens. My responsibilities in this project were to build REST API and create an application that keeps old MS SQL database synced with new Azure SQL until all clients switch to the new application. The important part was to build a custom search endpoint using Azure Search.

iTAS (Intelligent Test Automation Solution)

An in-house test automation framework based on Selenium WebDriver and CI/CD integration. The framework included integration with Test Rail so QA engineers could observe test reports generated in Test Rail.
2012 - 2014

Master's Degree in Computer Science

University of Split - Split, Croatia

2009 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Split - Split, Croatia


Selenium WebDriver, REST APIs, Entity Framework, LINQ, Vue, React


Git, Azure App Service, Amazon Cognito, Azure Search, Visual Studio, AWS Step Functions, Amazon CloudWatch


ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET, .NET, gRPC, AngularJS, Redux, .NET 5


C#, SQL, C#.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, PHP, Snowflake


AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS IoT, Windows, Oracle Database, Android, Docker, Azure


Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, MySQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), SQLite, PostgreSQL, Web Forms




Selenium IDE, APIs, Back-end, Lambda Functions, Web Development, Serverless, Amazon API Gateway, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Architecture, API Integration, Amazon Kinesis

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