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Edward Grigoryan

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Back-end Developer

Yerevan, Armenia
Toptal Member Since
March 2, 2021

Edward is a Python back-end developer with profound knowledge of algorithms and data structures. With five years of industry experience, he has expertise in many back-end technologies, including Flask, Django, SQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, and CircleCI. He excels at identifying and fixing system bottlenecks. Edward has a strong passion for AI, space, and gene editing, a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and computer science, and several prestigious technology awards.


Deckers - Retail
Python, Serverless, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), SQL...
Python, Django, Testing, Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines...
Form Energy (via Toptal)
Python, AWS Lambda, MySQL, Pytest, SQLAlchemy, CircleCI, Docker...




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, Bash, SSH, Linux, Slack, Jira

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a database for AI with ingestion, training, inference, and UI support.

Work Experience

Python Engineer (via Toptal)

2022 - 2024
Deckers - Retail
  • Developed and maintained the app's back end, allowing users to watch and manage retail inventories.
  • Created three integrations with 3rd-party back-end services to ingest automatically, process automatically, and store necessary data daily. Implemented redundancy to cope with regularly failing 3rd-party services.
  • Implemented performant SQL queries to analyze and process one million rows with complex joins, returning summarized results to user queries in real time.
  • Developed a pipeline that ingests user-generated Excel files to the system.
  • Improved existing code structure to make the code more reusable and testable.
Technologies: Python, Serverless, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), SQL, PostgreSQL, Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, Pandas, Spreadsheets, Object-relational Mapping (ORM)

Senior Python Developer

2022 - 2022
  • Migrated a large portion of the project from Python 2 to Python 3.
  • Fixed unit and functional tests caused by Python 2 to Python 3 migration.
  • Handled most of the CI/CD (CircleCI) changes required when transitioning from Python 2 to Python 3. Made sure it worked well with the existing CI/CD systems.
Technologies: Python, Django, Testing, Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines, Python API, Object-relational Mapping (ORM)

Back-end Developer

2021 - 2022
Form Energy (via Toptal)
  • Developed and maintained the app's back end, allowing users to search, track, and log hundreds of multiphase experiments with dynamically changing specifications.
  • Connected the app to Slack and Asana by using their APIs. Created bots to notify app users about their tasks and overall progress. Synchronized the data between the database, Slack, and Asana.
  • Developed the CI/CD that ran tests and database migrations and deployed the back end to AWS Lambda.
  • Optimized SQL queries containing dozens of joins. In some cases, query performance improved from one minute to one second.
  • Co-designed the SQL schemas and developed custom migrations, ensuring that database schemas met the project's demands.
  • Used the Google Sheets API to regularly ingest experiment templates from Google Sheets to the database using Amazon EventBridge.
Technologies: Python, AWS Lambda, MySQL, Pytest, SQLAlchemy, CircleCI, Docker, Google Sheets API, Slack API, CI/CD Pipelines, Git, Bitbucket, Serverless, REST, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bash, Jira, Confluence, Back-end, Sentry, Docker Compose, HTML, Jinja, SQL, Databases, Lambda Functions, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Linux, Middleware, Python 3, CSS, Back-end Development, Testing, API Integration, Python API, Slack, Slackbot, Object-relational Mapping (ORM)

Software Developer

2019 - 2021
  • Designed and developed the "dataset format for AI" and played a key role in getting the project from zero to 2,400 stars (Github.com/activeloopai/hub).
  • Co-developed the back end of the app that visualizes AI datasets and allows users to zoom in/out, batch, and more.
  • Developed a pipeline for ingesting datasets, training models, and running inference in a multimachine, parallelized environment using Kubernetes-like technology.
Technologies: Python, Flask, MongoDB, Redis, Pytest, Pandas, Dask, Docker, Git, GitHub, REST APIs, REST, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon EC2, CircleCI, Docker Compose, Jira, Bash, Back-end, Databases, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), CI/CD Pipelines, APIs, Python 3, NumPy, NoSQL, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blobs, Linux, Middleware, Back-end Development, Testing, Google Cloud, Cloud, Python API

Software Developer

2018 - 2019
Innovative Solutions
  • Developed a C++ back end, co-developed a Python back end, and took part in all stages of project development.
  • Designed and developed a custom, real-time database for aerial heatmaps with zoom-in-and-out support. The database and its Python back end allowed users to view 80 GB of data in real time despite strict I/O limitations.
  • Modified an open-source DSD project: created a cross-language interoperability layer between LabVIEW and C++, allowing LabVIEW developers to access the DSD functionality. The original project is available at Github.com/szechyjs/dsd.
Technologies: Python, Django, SQL, Django REST Framework, C++, Django ORM, Docker, Docker Compose, REST APIs, REST, Databases, Python 3, LabVIEW, PostgreSQL, Bash, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), NumPy, Linux, Windows, Back-end, Middleware, Standard Template Library (STL), CMake, C++11, C++14, C++17, C, Back-end Development, Testing, JavaScript, Python API, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Asyncio

Software Development Intern

2018 - 2018
  • Ran a big data analysis to determine which components of the system should be optimized.
  • Refactored a portion of the code to make it more readable and fixed bugs in the system.
  • Ran fuzz tests on one component of the system, ensuring its stability and reliability.
Technologies: C++, Big Data, Python, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Linux, Back-end, Python 3, C++11, C++14, C++17, C, Back-end Development, Testing, Python API

Sudoku Image to Text Parser

A university project with the goal to parse photos of Sudoku into their digital form.
I used OpenCV and open-source algorithms to crop the Sudoku grid from the background. Next, using breadth-first search (flood fill), I separated each digit from the grid into separate images. My optical character reader labeled each digit image. I used the handwritten MNIST dataset and a known convolution network to train the model to develop the OCR. After that, I fine-tuned it with programmatically generated (Pillow) printed digits with a dozen fonts. Resulting OCR had a 99% accuracy which translated into 90% accuracy for the entire Sudoku grid.

Drone Position Tracking Through Aerial Imagery

A research project to detect a drone or plane's location by tracking changes in surface images beneath the drone. This was a backup in case GPS navigation failed for any reason. Using linear algebra and OpenCV algorithms, my position detection algorithm got good results. While it could not detect the drone's precise position, it was enough to direct it to the desired place. The performance of the analysis was also acceptable enough to run on an onboard Raspberry Pi.

Silver Medal | International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

I started learning to program when I was 12. After rigorous and persistent training, I became exceptionally skilled at algorithms and data structures and won the silver medal at IOI 2014, Taiwan.

From the IOI website:
"The IOI is one of five international science olympiads. The primary goal of the IOI is to stimulate interest in informatics (computing science) and information technology. Another important goal is to bring together exceptionally talented pupils from various countries and to have them share scientific and cultural experiences."

LabVIEW API for HackRF

The client, a signal processing company, needed a LabVIEW API allowing them to listen and transmit on a wide range of radio frequencies using HackRF devices. I developed a cross-language interoperability layer between LabVIEW and HackRF C++ drivers, allowing LabVIEW developers to build seamless and low-latency communication with HackRF devices.

POC Demo Full-stack App for Startup

Developed a full-stack demo application for a 2-founder AI startup to pitch their idea.

I designed the website using Material UI. I also developed the front end, enabling users to search for data of their interest with various filtering capabilities. Finally, I developed an Elasticsearch-backed Python back end to handle incoming front-end requests.


Python, Python 3, SQL, Falcon, C++, Bash, C++11, C++14, C, Java, C++17, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript


REST APIs, Standard Template Library (STL), NumPy, Dask, SQLAlchemy, Python API, Asyncio, Pandas, OpenCV, Keras, Google Sheets API, Slack API, Django ORM, Node.js, React


REST, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, Testing, DevOps


AWS Lambda, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes


Back-end, APIs, Algorithms, Data Structures, Serverless, FastAPI, SSH, Big Data, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability Theory, Operating Systems, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Middleware, CI/CD Pipelines, Lambda Functions, Back-end Development, Cloud, API Integration, Slackbot, Full-stack


Flask, Django, Django REST Framework, Jinja, Serverless Framework, Material UI


Pytest, Docker Compose, Git, Jira, Confluence, CMake, CircleCI, LabVIEW, GitHub, Sentry, Bitbucket, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Spreadsheets, Slack


MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Databases, MySQL, NoSQL, Redis, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blobs, MNIST, Google Cloud, Elasticsearch

2015 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Russian-Armenian University - Yerevan, Armenia


AWS Certified Developer - Associate

Amazon Web Services


Silver Medal

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

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