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Filip Sladek

Filip Sladek

London, United Kingdom
Member since May 21, 2016
Filip is passionate about anything related to computer vision and machine learning. These include bottom-up projects from image sensor design to firmware, driver, control up to mobile-client and server-side video processing, visual odometry, SLAM, machine learning, augmented reality and large scale distributed systems on top of it.
Filip is now available for hire
  • Augmented Reality, 3 years
  • C++, 3 years
  • OpenCV, 3 years
  • Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM), 3 years
  • Python, 3 years
  • Neural Networks, 1 year
  • ECMAScript (ES6), 1 year
  • WebGL, 1 year
London, United Kingdom
Preferred Environment
C++, Python, ES6
The most amazing...
...was working in a team of 4 implementing a complete real-time AR app —API, web app, iPhone app, and preprocessing tons of data (C++, Node.js, Amazon Cloud).
  • Computer Vision Research Engineer
    Blue Vision Labs
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Developed a TypeScript/Python pipeline using the Amazon stack—processing tons of data with S3, computing on E2, and storage with PostgreSQL.
    • Coded optimized Three.js (JavaScript) and the WebGL viewer—showing millions of objects in the browser.
    • Analyzed and optimized SQL queries over a large PostgreSQL database.
    • Dug into the SLAM system and adapted various open-source projects for internal usage, mostly using C++.
    • Reconstructed a dense point cloud; also did the comparing and tweaking (Python/C++).
    Technologies: C++, Python, ES6, PostgreSQL, WebGL
  • Research and Development
    2014 - 2016
    • Designed and wrote C++ highly optimized firmware for a 3D camera.
    • Wrote core computer vision algorithms in CUDA on Tegra TX1 in the firmware.
    • Designed and wrote a Qt user interface for a 3D camera.
    • Helped the Bonjour/Avahi network to discover connected devices; also designed and implemented the API and aided in the communication between the driver and firmware.
    • Created Gazebo physics simulations of bin-picking.
    • Designed the multi-platform (Ubuntu, Windows), built it (CMake), and deployed it (CPack installers).
    • Wrote the C++ programming for a real-time 32-bit Teensy microchip controlling mirror.
    • Designed and implemented various real-time APIs using C#, ROS, C++, and Halcon.
    Technologies: C++, Python, CUDA, ROS
  • Scala Developer
    Avitech GmbH
    2014 - 2015
    • Designed a large import/export system.
    • Tackled various challenges that originated in the above project like how to make an easier, less error-prone system with lots of branches.
    • Came up with ideas how to reduce the amount of manual work by abstraction and parsing the XML to Scala objects automatically.
    • Wrote nice, full-test covered Scala code.
    • Gained hands-on experience with smooth, pure, functional code.
    Technologies: Scala
  • C++ Developer
    2014 - 2014
    • Implemented C++ parallelization of hidden Markov models.
    • Worked with machine learning-decision trees.
    • Wrote Python scripts for preprocessing data.
    • Worked with machine learning training.
    Technologies: C++, Python
  • Languages
    C++, ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, TypeScript, Bash, Scala, Python, SQL, Swift, C#, Java
  • Libraries/APIs
    OpenCV, WebGL, PCL, OpenGL, React.js, Google API, VTK, REST API, Vue.js
  • Tools
    Git, CMake, Halcon, MATLAB, Jenkins
  • Paradigms
    Augmented Reality, Concurrent Programming, Agile Software Development, Functional Programming
  • Platforms
    CUDA, Arduino, Linux, AWS EC2, Windows
  • Other
    Point Clouds, Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM), Random forests, ROS, Bonjour, Machine Learning (ML), Ceres, Neural Networks, ARM
  • Frameworks
    Boost, Qt, Express.js, Django
  • Storage
    AWS S3, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS
  • Master's degree in Algebra and Math Structures
    Comenius University—Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics - Bratislava, Slovakia
    2013 - 2015
  • Ph.D. (withdrawn) in Mathematics
    Mathematical Institute, Oxford University - Oxford, UK
    2013 - 2014
  • Bachelor's degree in Math and Computer Science
    Comenius University—Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics - Bratislava, Slovakia
    2010 - 2013
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