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Frank Ji

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Back-end Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada
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October 26, 2022

Frank is a seasoned professional currently working as the VP of engineering at Penfield.AI. His background includes serving as the senior engineer at Meta's enterprise trust organization, helping to build Facebook's privacy and compliance software infrastructures. Frank spent seven years at IBM working on the IBM WebSphere Java Runtime and other cloud offerings and has also been a part of engineering teams at International Financial Data Services, Symantec (now NortonLifeLock), and Blackberry.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, DYNAMO, Amazon Athena...
Node.js, Python, React, Azure, Kubernetes, Microsoft Teams, Architecture...
Back-end, GraphQL, MySQL, Presto DB, Hack Language, PHP, React, Data Pipelines...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Slack, Distributed Systems, Back-end, Full-stack Development

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is the data classification pipeline at Facebook.

Work Experience

Software Development Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Redesigned the Amazon Author API back end using AWS stacks. The newly improved service can send internal communication to millions of Amazon employees and alumni with a much improved peak TPS of 50,000 from the previous 2,000 TPS.
  • Designed and developed the Amazon internal CMS tool in React and Next.js that is used to author internal communications.
  • Streamlined deployment to AWS using AWS CDK scripts.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, DYNAMO, Amazon Athena, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Java, TypeScript, React, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Next.js, AWS Cloud Architecture, Software Architecture

Vice President of Engineering

2022 - PRESENT
  • Launched a fully featured Penfield.AI security solution in five months from a demo project.
  • Demonstrated product repeatability with multiple customer deployments of different integrations and cloud environments.
  • Led the team to create the monitoring and on-call strategy for the product.
  • Worked with the sales team to create the product roadmap to support the sales goal and long-term product vision.
Technologies: Node.js, Python, React, Azure, Kubernetes, Microsoft Teams, Architecture, Software Design, System Architecture Design, Web Development, Project Planning, CTO, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, APIs, TypeScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DevOps, DevOps, Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, SQL, Angular, HTML5, AWS Cloud Architecture, Software Architecture

Senior Enterprise Software Engineer

2021 - 2022
  • Scaled the Facebook risk management application from one internal customer to seven customers.
  • Extended the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance controls to internal teams.
  • Built the data classification feature that scans and reports the presence of personal identifying information (PII) data in the Facebook internal databases.
Technologies: Back-end, GraphQL, MySQL, Presto DB, Hack Language, PHP, React, Data Pipelines, Risk Assessment, Architecture, Software Design, System Architecture Design, Web Development, Project Planning, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Graph Databases, APIs, TypeScript, DevOps, PostgreSQL, SQL, HTML5, Laravel, Software Architecture

Staff Software Engineer

2013 - 2021
  • Migrated IBM WebSphere observability features to the Red Hat OpenShift platform.
  • Created and delivered new features for open-source Java Runtime Environment technologies.
  • Designed and developed the diagnostic plans feature to assist developers in resolving intermittent runtime problems in web containers.
Technologies: Java, Java EE 8, Microservices, Logging, Monitoring, Metrics, Dynatrace, C#, Software Design, System Architecture Design, Web Development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, APIs, Firebase, Ansible, DevOps, PostgreSQL, SQL, HTML5, Software Architecture

Software Engineer

2012 - 2012
International Financial Data Services
  • Developed multiple iOS MVP apps that helped the team win new contracts.
  • Prototyped a banking MVP app that utilizes speech recognition to perform daily banking activities.
  • Prototyped a WPF application to demonstrate client activities across the globe using Bing Map API.
  • Designed and developed an MVP receipt scanning iOS application using OpenCV.
Technologies: C#, iOS, Objective-C, JavaScript, Software Consulting

Open Liberty Space Sentry
Open Liberty Space Sentry Challenge is an interactive Internet of things (IoT) game designed to showcase microservices with modern Java technologies in a fun way. The player can take control of a spaceship made of Lego and 3D printed model using a PlayStation 4 controller and shoot lasers. The goal is to shoot down as many random popup targets as possible within a minute. Since the game's debut, it has become an instant attraction at various developer conferences and local developer meetups. People loved the game's mechanics as it's easy to pick up but also challenging to master.

Moreover, the idea behind the game is to have different technologies working together with the addition of Legos that helped to reach out to audiences and developers of diverse technical backgrounds. We decided to open-source the entire project starting this year, so it can reach out to more people who want to learn Java and microservices using a different approach. We'll document every bit required to run the project, including Lego assembly instructions, Arduino codes, and, most importantly, Java microservices code.

Additional information can be found in a more recent blog post:

Facebook Risk Assessment Tool

The internal risk assessment portal used by Facebook's Privacy, HR, Global Security, and a dozen other internal teams to manage controls and risks using supported frameworks like NIST, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc. The tool is developed using the same tech stack as the Facebook website and is part of the Facebook Enterprise suite.

IBM WebSphere Prometheus Support
I designed and developed the Prometheus endpoint for WebSphere® Application Server runtimes to display PMI metrics in Prometheus format.

The feature performs two operations:
Retrieves the WebSphere PMI data objects by using the JMX Perf MBean.
Renders the data from the PMI data objects into Prometheus format output.


Python, GraphQL, Java, Java EE 8, JavaScript, SQL, DYNAMO, Hack Language, PHP, C#, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, HTML5, Objective-C


Node.js, React, SQLAlchemy


Logging, Slack, Dynatrace, NGINX, Microsoft Teams, Ansible, Servlet, Amazon Athena, IBM Watson


Microservices, REST, DevOps


MacOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Azure, Kubernetes, Arduino, Firebase, Amazon EC2, iOS


Data Structures, Distributed Systems, Algorithms, Back-end, Full-stack Development, Monitoring, Metrics, Architecture, Software Design, System Architecture Design, Web Development, Project Planning, APIs, Cloud, AWS Cloud Architecture, Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Networks, Design, WebSockets, Deep Learning, CTO, Prometheus, Software Consulting, AWS DevOps, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Risk Assessment, 3D Print Design, Visualization, VoIP


Presto DB, Angular, Next.js, Laravel


Databases, MySQL, MongoDB, Graph Databases, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Data Pipelines

2007 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


IBM AI Skills Academy Technical Role Practitioner



IBM AI Skills Academy Deep Learning Explorer