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Girolamo Santoro

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Algorithms Developer

Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
February 18, 2022

Girolamo has written thousands of programs and worked as a system analyst and project manager on hundreds of projects using several languages and frameworks. After recently finishing all the necessary credits, Girolamo is now working on his thesis to get a master's in computer science with a major in algorithms and combinatorics.


Python 3, Web Scraping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Selenium
SOFT Consultoria
Windows, SQL, API Development, Database Analytics, Databases, Parsers...




Preferred Environment

Linux, Python, SQL, C++, Back-end

The most amazing...

...project I've managed is the DIALOG product line, similar to dBASE and Clipper, including RDBMS, Interpreter, and Compiler. I led a team of 40 analysts.

Work Experience

Senior Back-end Developer

2015 - PRESENT
  • Developed a Python program called from a WordPress portal menu to customize a specific report, accessing a MySQL database table and creating a dynamic HTML report presented to the portal user.
  • Created a Python program to handle the web scraping of several restaurants' web pages to get the prices of popular dishes, enabling customers to check and analyze competitors' prices.
  • Built a Python back-end platform to support a WordPress eCommerce portal, using MySQL database to store purchase orders and follow up all the sales and delivery processes through a workflow using e-mail and WhatsApp.
Technologies: Python 3, Web Scraping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Selenium

Software Development Director

1975 - 2021
SOFT Consultoria
  • Developed a software family of DIALOG products, similar to dBASE and Clipper, with an interpreter and compiler. Led 40 system analysts in C language for MS-DOS, Unix, and Xenix. We sold around 40,000 copies of DIALOG during the 1980s.
  • Developed an RPG II compiler for the Brazilian minicomputer COBRA-500 compatible with IBM RPG II. The Brazilian company Cobra Computadores was able to compete with the IBM machines. The languages were LPS, similar to PLM, and Assembler Cobra-500.
  • Developed an integrated CRM for contracts, billing, accounts, receivable, and accounts payable. Fradema's revenue went from $.25 million to $2 million monthly revenues in three years with our system.
  • Led a team of five system analysts and programmers working in PHP to develop CRM, billing, accounts receivables, contracts administration, and other systems.
  • Led a team of ten system analysts and programmers in several business intelligence and data warehousing projects, using the SAS System, Seagate Holos, Crystal Reports, and QlikView.
  • Used Python, MySQL, and Excel sheets. The APÌ used was Google Matrix Distance API. CO2 Emissions - This system aims to calculate the distances of the transportation of products from the client company to its customers and vice-versa.
Technologies: Windows, SQL, API Development, Database Analytics, Databases, Parsers, Data Warehousing, Data Science, MySQL

Presidential IT Assistant

2017 - 2019
Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Rio de Janeiro | CREA/RJ
  • Developed a study to migrate the internal data center to the cloud, comparing the IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon cloud options. During this study, I made a capacity planning for the current workload and an estimative for five years of growth.
  • Specified and was the project manager for a mobile app so the engineers registered at CREA/RJ could access their technical responsibility annotations (ARTs) and other information about their profiles and professional life.
  • Specified a web system for the sectoral councils to support the councilors, collect their votes in processes, and judge the conduct of engineers and engineering companies. Sessions and voting could be done remotely, and votes were digitally signed.
Technologies: Requirements Analysis, Design Specifications

Senior System Analyst

1972 - 1974
Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange | Now BOVESPA
  • Maintained the online stock exchange transactions system. A complete change of the visual interface was made by me when we moved from video terminals IBM 2260 to IBM 3270.
  • Developed the registered shares control system to keep track of the owners of these types of shares, processing all purchases, sales, and transfers of property inside the stock exchange and keeping track of outside events that affected ownership.
  • Developed the forward market control system to monitor transactions, and due to market fluctuations, it had to control the minimum guarantee margins to ensure the settlement of operations.
Technologies: COBOL Batch, Business Systems Analysis

Senior System Analyst

1970 - 1972
Laboratórios Roche ( Hoffmann - La Roche)
  • Developed a payroll and RH system for the Brazilian Hoffmann La Roche subsidiary. I was the team leader, and we developed the system in a very tight schedule, less than three months, to substitute an old system that had been phased out.
  • Developed a CRM and Invoicing system to substitute the old one. My role was to specify and to develop the most important part of the system, which was the Billing part. Due to the complicated Brazilian tax rules this was a challenge.
  • Developed an Accounts Receivable system to be integrated to the CRM and Invoicing system, to keep track of the receivables from Roche customers. I was responsible for the system's management reports including the key indicators of the system.
Technologies: COBOL Batch

CO2 Emissions in the Transport of Products

The purpose of this system is to calculate the total distances of the transportation of products between the warehouses of a company to the customers and vice-versa.

With all the distances computed, the system can calculate the CO2 emissions. The system is programmed in Python using MySQL and Excel spreadsheets.

I was the designer and developer of the system. I used the Google Matrix Distance API to calculate the distance between the origin and destination of the products.

The system is now being updated to be used as a SaaS in Amazon's cloud.

A Network Model to Analyze the Correlations of COVID-19 Incidence in Brazilian Municipalities
This project aims to study the evolution of COVID-19 in Brazilian municipalities.

First of all, we built a network model to study correlations in the dynamics of COVID-19 in Brazilian counties. The vertices represent the counties, and the edges connect counties with a high correlation in their time series of daily incidence of disease cases.

We then analyzed structural properties like degree distribution, distance, clustering, closeness centrality, similarity, and assortativity. We observed the network was not scale-free, and the spaces in the network had a weak correlation, but not negligible, with the physical distance among the counties.

Still, the assortativity of counties in relation to region, population, and HDI is low but not despicable. On the other hand, assortativity concerning GDP per capita is very low. We then concluded that although the constructed network model's limited and straightforward, it's still interesting.

I managed the project's specifications and almost all the calculations of the network metrics and showed them in a graphical format.

Soft WebSite

Soft WebSite is a web app to help users create, publish, and maintain content on their websites.

It has been tailor-made for a specific customer, and after the deployment, it has been changed to be a general-purpose app sold to several customers.

I was the project manager of a systems team with five analysts and programmers.
2019 - 2024

Progress Toward a Master's Degree in Computer Science (Algorithms and Combinatorics)

Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering (Coppe/UFRJ) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1967 - 1971

Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Google Workspace

IPNET Google Partner


Lotus Notes Certified Developer

Lotus Brasil


Building Operational Data Store (ODS)

The DataWarehousing Institute


Assembler 370, COBOL, IMS DB and CICS

IBM Brasil


Data Communication System Analysis

IBM Brasil


REST APIs, Google API, NetworkX, API Development, PySpark


Python, Python 3, SQL, CICS, C++


Jupyter Notebook, Linux, Windows


Databases, JSON, MySQL


Data Science, Requirements Analysis


Flask, Spark, Hadoop, Selenium


Algorithms, APIs, Back-end, Parsers, Web Scraping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Database Analytics, API Integration, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Graph Theory, Theory of Computation (TOC), Complex Networks, Data Modeling, Design Specifications, BTAM, TCAM, Business Systems Analysis

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