Hovhannes Sargsyan, Developer in Gyumri, Shirak Province, Armenia
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Hovhannes Sargsyan

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Computer Vision Developer

Gyumri, Shirak Province, Armenia
Toptal Member Since
May 2, 2017

Hovhannes has several years of experience in cross-platform and end-to-end software development—mainly focusing on complex projects related to various aspects of computer science especially in the fields of computer vision, video analytics, and machine learning. Also, he enjoys developing mobile applications and games based on augmented reality and remote human-computer interaction paradigms.


Unity, Python, MATLAB, Java, Objective-C, C#, C++, C, OpenGL ES...
Dealer Image Pro
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI)...
C++, Qt




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Unix, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a medical application that reads EEG data from the human brain and visualizes brain activity with neuron movement simulations.

Work Experience


2013 - PRESENT
  • Developed augmented reality-based mobile applications using Unity and machine learning, computer-vision-based algorithms.
  • Built a medical application to support brain activity monitoring, brain stimulation, and neurofeedback.
  • Created a face detection and recognition cloud system to scan TV channels and collect statistics of politicians during campaigns.
  • Developed a Microsoft Kinect-based augmented reality software to create random avatars that duplicate multiple user behaviors.
  • Wrote software for automated stitching and analyzing images of the blades of wind turbines.
  • Created an automated web back-end system for real-time face-to-zombie transformation.
  • Developed background and foreground subtraction iOS and Android plugins for Unity to remove the background behind a user and replace it with another augmented reality layer.
Technologies: Unity, Python, MATLAB, Java, Objective-C, C#, C++, C, OpenGL ES, Microsoft Visual Studio, Numerical Programming, GCC, C++14, C++11, GStreamer, JNI, ParaView, IntelliJ IDEA, iOS, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bash, Linux, Git, Xcode, MySQL, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, Android, Intel TBB, PCL, Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, FFmpeg, ITK, Boost, Vim Text Editor, Qt Creator, Robotics

Computer Vision Engineer

2023 - 2023
Dealer Image Pro
  • Implemented an AI-based feature set to detect and extract the 3D bounding box of the cars/vehicles using lidar sensors of iOS devices.
  • Implemented guider logic to take the best possible shots of the cars/vehicles based on the car's appearance in camera view.
  • Integrated video recorder and EXIF data storing logic to main app functionality.
Technologies: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR)

C++ Developer

2023 - 2023
  • Fixed bugs and stabilized the screen capture software system.
  • Generated cross-platform installers as well as scripts.
  • Upgraded old libraries and third-party dependencies.
Technologies: C++, Qt

C++ Developer

2022 - 2023
  • Improved network communication through Qt Network module and fixed the sign-in and sync issues.
  • Fixed System Tray availability issues on some Unix family systems.
  • Upgraded old third-party systems, fixed bugs, and stabilized the software system.
Technologies: C++, Qt, MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Cross-platform, Commercials

Senior Full-stack Developer

2019 - 2023
  • Built computer vision algorithms to simulate cameraman movements during football match recording, using a player tracker and pitch 3D reconstruction technologies.
  • Created cloud back end to support user management, schedule the recording on each pitch, and upload recorded videos to S3.
  • Built mobile apps to organize communication between computer vision servers and the analytics team to monitor and modify match recording settings.
Technologies: Python 3, FastAPI, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), C++, Computer Vision, Android, iOS

AI Developer

2022 - 2022
Fuoco LLC
  • Implemented KNIFT-based real-time reference image matching to local DB for a computer vision algorithm-based project.
  • Created real-time AR experience on iOS for matched objects.
  • Implemented fast clustering and KNN brute force matchers that outperformed OpenCV native implementation.
Technologies: OpenCV, Computer Vision Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR)

C++ Developer

2022 - 2022
Superbright Studios LTD
  • Implemented point cloud and color image pairs real-time encoding and decoding pipeline.
  • Developed 3D point cloud extraction and visualization from iOS True Depth Sensor.
  • Implemented AR appearance of decoded point cloud and manipulation operations.
Technologies: C++, OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Graphics

Mobile Vision specialist [R&D]

2022 - 2022
Swift Medical Inc.
  • Sped up a reconstruction algorithm on mobile platforms. Used multithreading with ARM NEON optimizations and pure algorithmic optimizations.
  • Implemented and set up a new version of SfM systems.
  • Implemented an eight times speedup factor and quality increase for ARM devices.
Technologies: C++, Computer Vision, Mobile Vision, Vulkan, Metal, Shaders, C, GPU Computing, ARKit, ARCore, Augmented Reality (AR), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Algebra, 3D Geometric Analysis, Low-level Programming, iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin

C++ Developed (Custom Solution for Medical 3D Images)

2021 - 2022
TwoPi Solutions Pty Ltd as Trustee for TwoPi Code Trust, trading as TwoPi Code
  • Developed VTK and DICOM-based 3D rendering slices. Included spline-based jaw slice views.
  • Tracked infrared retroreflective markers using NewTek NDI and SpyTrack cameras.
  • Augmented drill positions and rotations for 3D views.
Technologies: C++, Python, Qt, 3D, VTK

macOS Objective-C Muiti-threaded Code and Performance Tuning for a Marine Navigation App

2021 - 2022
Mainsail Holding LLC
  • Optimized heavy maps rendering routine for the marine navigation software system on macOS.
  • Reimplemented circularity support and S-57 rendering using Qt/GDAL/C++.
  • Re-implemented UI/UX using a Qt/C++ cross platform library. Supported windows macOS and other Unix like systems.
Technologies: Objective-C, Performance Tuning, Multithreading, MacOS, Xcode, C++

Senior C++ Developer

2021 - 2022
TwoPi Code
  • Developed an app for dental surgery where the Dicom volume of the patient's jaw has been 3d reconstructed and mapped to real-life metrics.
  • Tracked Drill position and rotation and visualized in Dicom level with real-time response.
  • Rendered implants positions in Dicom and visualized correspondency between drill top and implants.
Technologies: C++, Qt 5, VTK, 3D, Linear Algebra, Computer Vision, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Concurrent Programming, C++14, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Git, Vim Text Editor, Qt Creator

Swift/Java/AR Developer

2019 - 2019
Glasshouse Global Ltd. (Toptal Client)
  • Supported AR development and GPS accuracy improvement in dense building environments.
  • Mapped data from google map and related public resources to AR world using Arkit and an in-house build location through vision algorithms.
  • Designed data flow and backend to control smoother user experience.
Technologies: GPS, ARKit, iOS, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Git, Xcode

Senior iOS Developer

2019 - 2019
  • Conducted 3D mesh/point cloud processing obtained from structure sensor.
  • Performed mesh alignment and keypoint detection for lower body part PCL.
  • PCL noise reduction and smoothening to generate a realistic 3d model.
Technologies: Computational Geometry, SDKs, Structure, OpenGL, Swift, Numerical Methods, iOS, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bash, Git, Xcode, PCL

Image Resizer and Auto Crop Developer

2018 - 2018
Dealermade LP
  • Automated cropping of the car images and image size or MB reduction.
  • Extraction of the interior of a car based on 360 camera with AI elements to support.
  • Created cloud service and designed REST API to support automated processing of images.
Technologies: HTTP Server, Cassandra, Qt, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), You Only Look Once (YOLO), C++, GCC, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bash, Linux, Git, Boost

Software Engineer

2011 - 2013
  • Stabilized and bug-fixed electronic design automation tools.
  • Added new GUI layers on electronic design automation tools.
  • Added Qt Patching to support specific features set for design automation tools.
Technologies: Qt, C++, C, GCC, Bash, Linux, Git, Boost, Vim Text Editor, Qt Creator

Computer Vision Developer

2009 - 2011
  • Conducted scientific research and development of complex scientific articles.
  • Optimized and improved an existing codebase on all platforms using vectorization techniques like SIMD and NEON.
  • Implemented the parallelization and the speed-up of complex algorithms like optical flows, natural binarization, and others using OpenCL, OpenGL, Cuda, and IPP.
  • Developed C/C++ plugins for different mobile platforms for face detection and recognition logic.
  • Improved and sped up the real-time local desktop streaming software using FFmpeg and Qt.
Technologies: Intel MKL, Intel IPP, NVIDIA CUDA, Eigen, OpenGL, OpenCV, MATLAB, C++, C, SQLite, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Concurrent Programming, GCC, C++11, IntelliJ IDEA, iOS, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bash, Linux, Git, Xcode, MySQL, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, Android, Intel TBB, PCL, Parallel Computing, FFmpeg, ITK, Boost, Vim Text Editor, Qt Creator

Mente Suite

This software was developed as a multi-channel EEG data collection and brain-mapping for performing therapies for conditions such as tinnitus, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy. These various therapies were meant to be offered through software modules available in Mente Suite.


PriceForce® works on both Mac and Microsoft environments and is an effective, intuitive way to not only improve a company’s top line but help
manage the orientation and focus on the customers.

If you divide your customer base into small, medium, and large accounts with low, medium, and high margins or profitability, the program will create an individually tailored 9-box matrix with distinct action plans. With one chart for multiple businesses, certain product lines or projects can be easily mapped to the respective customer side. A straightforward graphic display delivers transparent results on areas where the focus is needed and where resources need to be deployed.

Mente Android

Mente Autism is a clinical-quality EEG device that uses patented neurofeedback technology to help children with autism. Designed for home use, Mente Autism helps relax the minds of children on the spectrum, which helps them focus better and engage positively with their environment.


Tenistik is a mobile app that allows you to:
• Record a video of a shot, like service, forehand, backhand, volley, smash, and more when a tennis player is training or playing a tennis match
• Watch the video back once is recorded and analyze the tennis player's game; do it in slow motion and get all the details of the tennis shot
• Draw shapes such as lines, circles, or squares on the top of the video to analyze the tennis player's game

iOS Development for ORIS Development (via Toptal)

I worked as the senior iOS developer on this project and built an iOS app from scratch that connects to an out-of-the-box implementation of BLE for Raspberry Pi 3 and how the data comes from the device on the main screen. I also built additional UI components.

C Development and Software Infastructure for Pixit Media (via Toptal)

Pixit Media creates highly scalable, efficient, and enterprise-class storage, network, and archive solutions for the post-production, broadcast film, and television industries. Due to being used by a plethora of industry entities like BAFTA and Oscar-winning TV, film VFX, CGI, commercials, and music promos, Pixit Media’s platform has quickly become the de-facto standard.

On this project, I worked as a software infrastructure developer, where my strong and proven background in C was instrumental.

This work required a high proficiency in C with specific experience in:
• Multi-threading and sub-processing.
• Memory management.
• S3, Swift, Azure, and similar Cloud Container APIs.
• libcurl
• HTTP protocol.
• TCP/IP network sockets.

Have proven knowledge of:
• Prototyping and test-driven development.
• Algorithms and functional programming.

And have the following qualities:
• An appreciation for clean design and accuracy.
• An ability to prioritize and deliver to deadlines.
• An ability to communicate ideas clearly and voice opinions formulated on real-world experience and testing.

Auto Cropping and Image Resizing Active Service for Dealermade (Toptal Client)

I worked on this project as a senior expert developer for machine learning, YOLO, Cuda, and C++ on active service for auto-cropping and image resizing for car images. I used pure C++, S3 to upload/download, Cassandra database communication, Qt offscreen rendering, ultra-fast image resizing, and Qttp-based listeners.

Augmented Reality Unity Mobile App

A Unity-based cross-platform mobile app with rich interaction interfaces, procedural mesh and objects trace generation. A Pokémon Go-like environment with dynamic user object interactions, collision detections, and more.
2011 - 2014

PhD Degree in Graph Theory

Yerevan State University - Yerevan, Armenia


OpenCV, PCL, FFmpeg, Eigen, Intel MKL, Intel TBB, VTK, OpenGL ES, OpenGL, Vulkan


Intel IPP, You Only Look Once (YOLO), Microsoft Visual Studio, ParaView, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, GCC, Git, Vim Text Editor, Xcode, ITK, Qt Creator, MATLAB


ARKit, Qt 5, GStreamer, Boost, Qt, JNI, Unity, Metal


C, C++11, C++14, C++17, Bash, Swift, Python, Java, C++, Objective-C, C#, Kotlin, Python 3


Distributed Computing, Concurrent Programming, Parallel Computing, Cross-platform


Unix, NVIDIA CUDA, MacOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, Linux, Android, iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ARCore, Ubuntu, AWS Lambda


Cassandra, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL


SDKs, Computational Geometry, GPS, Augmented Reality (AR), Probability Theory, Numerical Optimization, Numerical Programming, Numerical Methods, Graph Theory, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Networks, Computer Vision, Optimization, Game Theory, Virtual Reality (VR), 3D, Linear Algebra, Robotics, HTTP Server, Structure, GPU Computing, 3D Modeling, 3D Games, Performance Tuning, Multithreading, Mobile Vision, Shaders, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Algebra, 3D Geometric Analysis, Low-level Programming, 3D Graphics, Graphics, Computer Vision Algorithms, FastAPI, Commercials

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