Jakub Pilecki, Full-stack Developer in Warsaw, Poland
Jakub Pilecki

Full-stack Developer in Warsaw, Poland

Member since March 20, 2017
Jakub is an experienced full-stack software architect and engineer with extensive knowledge in the fields of .NET and Java, relational and NoSQL database management systems, and all types of software (cloud, web, mobile, and desktop). He is a passionate, driven, flexible, and focused developer who wears multiple hats from senior developer to CTO. He's great at tackling challenges, and he never gives up until the task is done and done well.
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Warsaw, Poland



Preferred Environment

Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, MacOS, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a table-sized multi-touch device created from scratch. I worked on both the hardware and software sides, before the iPhone era (2007).


  • API Integration and Mobile Application Developer

    2020 - PRESENT
    • Responsible for the mobile application (iOS and Android) development.
    • Worked on essential integrations with banking systems and financial rating vendors.
    Technologies: RabbitMQ, Kotlin, C#, Xamarin Forms
  • Solution Engineer | Full-stack Developer

    2019 - 2020
    Strange Fog Studios (Self-employed with a Project for Recoveri Tag What's Yours)
    • Designed and implemented the next generation of the company's software platform that will be used around the world by customers, employees and law enforcement around the world.
    • Worked closely with the client on business requirements, development timeline and technical stack.
    • Implemented the whole cloud-based, vendor-independent software ecosystem, using .NET Core, RabbitMQ, Angular 8, and Docker.
    • Configured continuous delivery pipelines, based on the Azure DevOps platform.
    Technologies: Azure, Docker, RabbitMQ, Angular, .NET Core
  • Software Engineer

    2018 - 2019
    Strange Fog Studios (Self-employed with a Project for Vegan House)
    • Designed and created handmade custom PCB for Raspberry Pi based IoT devices.
    • Wrote a type of software for the aforementioned devices that allow one to control them via a local network API.
    • Developed server software that acts as a central hub for all the IoT devices in the resort and allows configuration of them and also acts as a relay for client apps.
    • Wrote iOS and Android mobile apps that enables guests to interact with services and facilities to which access they bought.
    • Oversaw the architecture of the whole solution as well as DevOps and even down to etching custom PCBs used in this project.
    Technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), Raspberry Pi, Entity Framework Core, Xamarin, PostgreSQL, Docker, .NET Core
  • Contracted Senior Software Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    • Developed a JavaMoney (JSR-354) based microservice for currency exchange.
    • Created SendGrid and SMSApi.pl related microservices, along with abstraction layer that enables easy development of future, country related implementations of messaging providers.
    • Refined and extended core elements of this distributed application.
    Technologies: Microservices, Eureka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, Minio, Spring Boot, Java 10
  • Freelance Senior Software Engineer

    2017 - 2018
    Advanced Metrics (via Toptal)
    • Created a UWP application for Windows 10 tablets that enables a client to do data collection offline. The application reuses data collection forms from the main online app and takes care of the synchronization process when a user comes back online.
    • Refactored core parts of the existing application to conform to best architectural trends and coding patterns. That has greatly boosted the performance of the application as well as security and maintainability.
    • Created a dynamic forms tool that enabled users to create their own data collection assessments. It has become core tool of the whole application and was then reused in other project of this client.
    • Introduced microservice components to an otherwise- monolithic application by creating dedicated Windows Services responsible for synchronization API with UWP application, notifications sending (mail and SMS), and more.
    • Participated in scrum planning and teaching other team members best coding practices.
    Technologies: Windows Services, DevExpress, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, ASP.NET, UWP, C#
  • Freelance Senior Developer

    2017 - 2017
    Recoveri Tag What's Yours (via Toptal)
    • Designed and created an upload functionality for images captured from mobile device's camera. Images are stored within Azure's Blobs Storage.
    • Conducted code reviews of an existing application, pointing out and then implementing possible enhancements and fixes.
    • Refactored application parts regarding security, data flow, reliability, and user experience.
    • Integrated an application with SendGrid mailing services and created a mail-sending functionality on top of that.
    Technologies: Azure Blob Storage API, Cordova, Node.js, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services
  • Software Engineer | Full-stack Developer (Contract)

    2014 - 2017
    • Supported the development and maintance of the company's main products—a Unidoc application and the Unistore SaaS platform.
    • Created extensions and implemented new features for main clients such as Wirtualna Polska, ESV, Cubatex, and more.
    • Wrote an HTML5 application for viewing and managing PDF invoice documents.
    • Wrote learning algorithms for semi-automatic documents processing and input; based on OCR and Bayesian statistics.
    • Developed a barcode handling subsystem for documents processing.
    • Created an Android client application.
    Technologies: MySQL, Hibernate ORM, Spring, Java
  • Chief Software Engineer

    2014 - 2017
    • Worked as a core team member from the project's begining.
    • Created and implemented—as a member of a 2 person team—the core architecture design.
    • Developed an entity automatic change tracker that is the base of all the asynchronous back-end to UI communication and also the business audit log.
    • Created and maintained the application's public REST and SOAP API along with the PHP client library.
    • Created and maintained all the integrations with third-party systems (banks, accounting agencies, and more).
    • Wrote a secure smart card signing applet for signing documents and transaction dispositions.
    • Refactored an application to use MongoDB alongside PostgreSQL for fast-growing and slow-processing data.
    • Wrote an Android application that was used at shop counters to provide companies services for stationery shops.
    • Developed a Paygate API and plugins for popular eCommerce systems (Magento, Prestashop).
    • Created and maintained the reporting and printout subsystem based on BIRT.
    • Implemented many smaller additions and refactorings for current business needs and application evolution.
    Technologies: Hibernate OGM, Hibernate ORM, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Docker, AngularJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, JMS, Spring, Java
  • Founder | Chief Technology Officer | Software Architect

    2012 - 2016
    • Acted in the roles of founder, lead programmer, and IT department director.
    • Had an impact on all projects done by the company (see portfolio).
    • Managed the IT team and projects—created the specifications, designed the architecture, and led the programming efforts.
    • Chose the technology stack for each project, advised clients, and closely worked with them on the project.
    • Led the technology stack and developed the architecture for each project.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Knockout.js, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, Java, .NET, C#
  • Senior Developer

    2010 - 2012
    • Managed solely the company's projects done in .NET, Objective-C, or Java.
    • Wrote the company's signature website visits tracking software.
    • Created a UVD DataLink application that enables two-way synchronization between online services and offline local software that doesn't have sync or public API capabilities.
    • Contributed greatly to the in-house CMS system (Actualizer CMS).
    • Built dozens of websites and some web applications during that time.
    Technologies: Adobe Flash, Objective-C, Java, .NET, C#, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, PHP
  • Owner | Developer

    2005 - 2010
    • Took my first steps in commercial software development.
    • Created a PHP framework (Wendigo) along with a CMS system (Wendigo CMS).
    • Developed a local news portal, based on Wendigo CMS, that operated in five towns across Poland.
    • Built a full-sized multitouch table based on FTIR phenomena and wrote the full software stack from base drivers to the showcase demo software (IRIA project).
    • Wrote my own complex data classifier (Blaze) that is able to cope with concept drifting. In certain scenarios, it outperformed well-established algorithms (ACE, ACE2, k-NN).
    Technologies: Java, .NET, C#, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP


  • Recoveri | Tag What's Yours (2020) (Development)

    About three years after a previous successful collaboration with Recoveri, I was asked to rewrite their crucial software platform from scratch. As company is planning to expand to new markets, this new generation of software had to be created with scalable, cloud-based architecture in mind.

    Project was successfully completed in around six months, I was responsible for its every aspect—from the front-end Angular application, through .NET based microservices back end to DevOps and delivery pipelines as well as technology choice.

    Technologies: C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Project "California" for Vegan House Resort (Development)

    Vegan House is a resort in a beautiful mountainous region of Poland.

    The goal of the project was to enable the resort's guests to access and use services with a handy mobile app installed on their phones. The application serves as a key to the guest's room and the complex's facilities (sauna, camper vans terminals, and so on) so they could access services on the go and even from the distance.

    To achieve this, I started by designing and building my own hardware that is based on Raspberry Pi and custom PCB and hosts .NET Core control application. The next step was the central server's software that acts as a relay between the client apps and devices; it's written also in .NET Core and runs in Docker container. The final piece is a set of native mobile applications for iOS and Android, written in .NET with the Xamarin framework.

    I was the sole engineer on that project, responsible for designing and creating each piece—from the devices to the final software. Also, TeamCity was used here as a build server and NuGet repository of shared libraries.

    The project is written in such a way that it's possible to adapt it and deploy it in other hotels and resorts. There are also plans for extending its new capabilities and devices.

  • Payobox (Development)

    Payobox is a new startup that's located in Warsaw, Poland. It's done by the same team that is responsible for the success of the InviPay.com platform.

    Payobox's mission is to ease B2B settlements using modern technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts, coupled with an in-depth understanding of main financial blockers that every business faces.

    This is still work in progress project, but we aim to deliver MVP by summer 2018.

    Technologies: Java 10, Spring Boot, Minio, Redis, RabbitMQ, Eureka, Ribbon, Docker, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microservices Architecture

  • Maxwell Home Visiting (Development)

    Maxwell is a maternal, infant, and early childhood home visiting program carried on by the Maryland Health Department and Family League of Baltimore.

    The core element here is the online application which helps the coordination of the Maxwell program as well as collects and aggregates data from assessments and questionnaires performed during home visits. This data is then used to provide tailored help to the family, to ensure the health and proper development of children.

    On this project, I acted as a senior software engineer and later changed lanes as a lead developer. I was responsible for many core features as well as the code reviews and the refactoring of the legacy code when I joined the team.

    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Entity Framework, DevExpress

  • Maxwell Offline Application (Development)

    Maxwell is an online solution for social workers in Baltimore, MD that aims to provide aid for the families with little children (ages 0-5). Doing regular home visits is a core part of the program.

    Home visitors are equipped with portable tablets, on which they can run Maxwell Offline Application. The application gives them not only the ability to manage their caseload but also what's most important—to perform multiple assessments and questionnaires, from which they collect the data that then is used to monitor state and progress of the target families.

    The app was written for the Windows 10 UWP application and published in official Windows Store. A REST API back-end was also created to provide a synchronization interface with the main online solution.

  • Recoveri | Tag What's Yours (2017) (Development)

    Recoveri is a South African company that provides solutions for securing cars and other belongings. They use microdots technology—1 mm diameter transparent information discs sprayed on the assets, creating unique patterns by which objects can be then identified.

    My involvement in Recoveri's project was to aid the development of a mobile application that was to be used Recoveri clients in order to manage their tagged assets, report theft or damage, and more. I reviewed and refactored code, mostly on fields of security and performance, as well as created new elements of the application.

    Technologies: Azure Mobile Services, Azure Blobs Storage, Node.js, Cordova

  • InviPay.com (Development)

    InviPay has been chosen as the best fintech startup of 2016 at the FinTech Gala Awards. It is an innovative payment platform that helps companies to maintain their financial liquidity.

    I joined InviPay's team at the very beginning of the project, and contributed to or developed most of the core application's elements and architecture.

    My sole responsibility was the development and maintenance of the application's public API, integrations with third-party services (such as banks, accounting services, debtors registries, and more), development of the R&D application branches such as offline and online pay gates, and the reporting and printout subsystems.

    As the application and company matured, I earned the position of Chief Software Engineer—doing day-to-day development according to current company's development directions and needs. Notably, I introduced a NoSQL-based subsystem for collecting and processing large data obtained from remote services, refactored the subsystem for mass money collecting services, and created requested functionalities for debts and the collection department.

  • FeturaCloud (Development)

    FeturaCloud is a solution developed for the company Wesstron that is an ambitious take on an Internet of Things idea.

    In cooperation with DTM Systems, we've developed the full software and hardware solution for live stock breeding facilities—it allows the automation, monitoring, and live control over those facilities.

    The system consists of local deployed hardware elements such as automatic feeders, water pumps, box gates, and more along with local supervising SOA software that controls those elements according to preconfigured plans and/or as response to current conditions (i.e. humidity, temperature, noise, and more).

    On top of that, here is a central cloud application that gives control over the systems in those local facilities from any place and provides aggregated reports and other insights.

    In this project, I was in charge of the R&D process, core architecture design, communication protocols development, team management, and also the programming for the core elements.

  • Slingshot | Optimes (Development)

    Slingshot (rebranded as Optimes) is an application for production processes planners.

    Its core element is the sophisticated interactive Gantt diagram that presents all past, current, and future actions that makes up any production process from start to end.

    The application is created as an ASP.NET intranet central software with satellite components such as Microsoft Reporting Services node for printouts and reports, dedicated Windows Service for long running threads (schedulers, email senders, recalculations, and more).

  • CloudFlex (Development)

    DTM Systems is an automation systems manufacturer for whom I have developed a web application for their service technicians.

    The purpose of this application is to provide a remote tool for the configuration and supervision of deployed systems based on their proprietary CloudFlex hardware. Examples of such systems are automated garage doors, lights, and more that are controlled with a remote control by end users.

    The CloudFlex application provides a unified, remote access to those hardware nodes, registration and management of remote controllers (also in form of smartphone applications), the live-monitoring of events, and issuing commands from anywhere where the technician has basic internet connection.

    The scope of this project was not only the pure software architecture and development, but also required the close cooperation with the client's hardware team in developing the final devices, communication protocols, and more.

  • Flood Simulator (Development)

    Flood simulator is a module for the client's Natural Threads Prevention platform.

    The purpose of this module is to simulate a flood wave transition along a river, described as semi-graph structure, while taking into account multiple conditions along the way, such as reservoirs, river branches, and more.

    Technically the project is divided into three components. At the core is a calculations back-end that takes care of all the simulation of the semi-graph. Multiples of those calculation nodes can be deployed and are connected to API back-ends via JMS Queue. The API back-end serves as a thin entry point for commands and results sent back and forth to the front-end.

    The front-end is an HTML/JavaScript application that by using Knockout.js is able to visualize calculations on a simplified river map. The map displays fronts of the waves, the level of water at measuring points, and provides control for time-traveling and playback of the simulation.

  • Distributed Scale Monitoring Service (Development)

    In cooperation with Kalisto (a manufacturer of industrial scales) and Polskie Sklady Wegla (a coal distribution company), I created software for remote monitoring and data collecting from industrial scales deployed in coal distribution centers across Poland.

    This project consists of two parts—the local scale monitoring service that is directly connected to the scale at a distribution center and collects data about the weight of coal trucks that drives through the scales situated at the gates. The centralized web application that enables higher management to monitor all those remote locations.

  • Observer.NET (Development)

    Optiguard is a leading anti-theft electronics manufacturer in Poland. Their line of products consists of electronic devices that are used in stores to secure displayed merchandise along with proprietary software that enables shop owners to monitor those devices.

    The goal of the Observer.NET project was to introduce another layer of that infrastructure—the cloud-based intranet application that gathers data from multiple shops and their devices, aggregates it and displays it in real-time in a web browser. On top of that, it provides remote interaction capabilities with sensors and also historical data browsing and reporting.

  • Optical Questionnaire Recognition Service (Development)

    For Infosys Poland, I've developed an optical questionnaire recognition service. The main purpose of this internal tool is to handle the batch-processing of scanned hand-filled questionnaires to ease data input procedures.

    The application is created as an OWIN-based API service with a REST interface. It utilizes computer vision and layout matching techniques to provide transformation invariant processing of images. There is also experimental tesseract-based OCR functionality that serves for text recognition for open question fields.

  • Lithium (Development)

    Lithium is a WebRTC-based communication platform. Its goal is to provide teleconferencing straight from the website, without the need to install any plugins or auxiliary software.

    The software is split into two components: a back-end service (based on OWIN and SignalR that takes care of data signaling and management of users and chat rooms) and a front-end JavaScript application that needs to be embedded onto the target website by the simple importation of JavaScript scripts and initializing it with a simple function call.

  • Unistore Android Application (Development)

    Unistore Android Application is a thin client of the Unistore SaaS platform—it enables users to browse, view, and manage their documents kept in the Unistore cloud.

    The application was designed to fit tablets and smartphones and is able to cache documents for offline access when needed.

  • Optical Form Recognition Component for Unidoc (Development)

    Unidoc (and based on it, Unistore) is a document management solution for companies.

    I've developed a subsystem for semi-automatic document recognition and input—based on bar codes, optical character recognition (OCR), layout matching, and machine learning techniques.

    The goal of the project was to add the ability for semi-automatic data input from paper documents. With my module, the user is now able to scan a paper document (an invoice for example) and its layout is matched with those previously added to the system. Then the data is extracted from that document, with help of the OCR mechanism, and the electronic input form is filled with it.

  • UVD DataLink (Development)

    DataLink was a response to a need that many of my clients had where they needed to synchronize their old fashion offline applications (for example warehouse management software) with online shops and other sites.

    For that, I developed a Windows Service based application that through a plugin system was able to hook up to those closed offline apps and pull-out or push-in needed data.

    Various techniques were used here, depending on the type of target software—from plain access to offline databases to ActiveX integrations and beyond.

  • PZWL Catalog (Development)

    PZWL is one of the largest medical books publishing houses in Poland. For them, I developed a Windows Desktop Application in WPF technology that was an interactive drugs catalog for students and doctors.

    The application was distributed on the CD-ROMs added to books printed by client and also as an on-line standalone purchase.

    The main challenge here was to cope with the large database size that at the same time was encrypted, but needed to be searched in a fast and efficient manner.

  • BIG InfoMonitor App (Development)

    For one of the largest national debtors registry which was a client of UVDesign where I worked, I developed the Android and iOS application for fast contractor debts checking in InfoMonitor's databases, as a part of their Finance Credibility Certificate product line.

  • Wendigo (Development)

    Wendigo is a PHP MVC lightweight framework; written from scratch to speed up development of secure, object-oriented applications. Its main goal was to be as lightweight and modular as possible, contradictory to other frameworks of that time such as CakePHP or Symfony that were monolithic and took hours just to install them.

    On top of that there was a Wendigo CMS—a content management system, built with the Wendigo framework as a foundation. It was used then in multiple projects such as NetKurier, CentrumGSM, or Wrozka Kindergarten.

  • NetKurier (Development)

    Based on the Wendigo CMS, I developed a local news portal that was running in 5 towns across Poland. It consisted of multiple subsites, event pages, and blogs along with galleries, public bulletin boards, small advertisements, and more.

  • CentrumGSM (Development)

    For CentrumGSM, I cooperated with a team in the creation of their webstore and online warranty service.

    The application was based on the Wendigo Framework and used Microsoft SQL as a data store and data logic back-end. Microsoft's SQL use here was dictated by other applications used by client that relied on that RDBMS.

  • IRIA (Development)

    My software engineer bachelor's thesis was focused on the then-emerging multi-touch interfaces. I designed and built a full-sized multitouch table that took advantage of the Frustrated Total Internal Reflection phenomena to detect user's fingers touching the surface of the table.

    On the software side, the full low-level driver-like application was developed in Java that took care of recording, analyzing, and transforming input from a camera sensor and then translated that to standard Windows mouse cursor movements. Along with that there was also a demonstration of the photo browsing software.

  • Blaze (Development)

    My thesis for my master's degree was about complex data classifiers able to level a concept-drifting phenomenon. For that, I developed my own classification algorithm, called Blaze, which was partially inspired by Kyosuke Nishida's ACE method.

    The objective was to create an algorithm that can quickly adjust itself to the concept drifting, without waiting for cutpoints which is a main flaw of all moving window-based classification algorithms.

    Blaze, in certain scenarios, outperformed well-established algorithms such as ACE, AWE, and ADE.

  • Second Place at Microsoft's Win the Web Competition (Other amazing things)

    As a part of my activities in the .NET group, I participated with two team members, in Microsoft's Win the Web Competition. It was a 24-hour ASP.NET programming marathon carried out at Microsoft Poland HQ.

    We won second place there, missing first place just by a hair after Hewlett Packard's team.

  • .NET Group Science Club at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz (Other amazing things)

    During college, I lectured at a local .NET group. There was a science club, assisted by Microsoft, that was focused on programming technologies from Microsoft.

    I carried out multiple lectures and also was the main organizer of 2 IT Academic Days in Bydgoszcz—university events that consisted of lectures by students, professors, local IT companies, and Microsoft employees.

  • Azure IoT Hub Research Side Project (Development)

    Based on Raspberry Pi 2 and Azure IoT Hub, I've prototyped a cloud-enabled application that manages sensors connected to those computers.

    Readings from an ambient temperature sensor (DS18B20+) are sent as messages to the device's twin in the hub and from there, they are consumed via WebSockets and displayed on the sample web application.

    Also, communication from the cloud to the device was established using the twin's properties to toggle connected LEDs.

  • Home Automation System (Development)

    With Odroid C1+ and Node.js, I've created my own home automation system which exposes some equipment such as computers, lights, and so on to Apple's HomeKit. This enables me to control them via iPhone's Home app and it's widgets.


  • Languages

    HTML, HTML5, C#, PHP, JavaScript, C#.NET, T-SQL, SQL, CSS, Java, TypeScript 3, TypeScript, Perl, Objective-C, Java 10, Kotlin
  • Frameworks

    ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Hibernate ORM, ASP.NET Core, Entity, Spring, .NET, Mono, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Swagger, ASP.NET Core MVC, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Framework (WCF), AngularJS, Knockout.js, Bootstrap, Angular, OAuth 2, Entity Framework Core, Spring Boot, MOA, Cordova, Express.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, LINQ, SignalR, WebRTC, Azure Blob Storage API, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, JMS, Node.js, HTTP API
  • Tools

    Atlassian Confluence, Jira, YouTrack, TeamCity, Postman, Docker Compose, SQL Management Studio, RabbitMQ, Ninject, Visual Studio 2015, Git, Sublime Text 3, IntelliJ IDEA, LINQ to SQL, Subversion (SVN), Visual Studio 2019, Git Flow, Upsource, Grunt, Hibernate OGM, ActiveMQ, Microsoft Unit Tests, Xcode, Eclipse IDE, Azure Mobile, GitHub, GitLab, Visual Studio, Adobe Flash, Eureka, Azure IoT Suite
  • Paradigms

    API Architecture, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Model View Controller (MVC), MVC Design, Dependency Injection, CQRS, Concurrent Programming, Microservices Architecture, Microservices, Scrum, Agile, Mobile Development, DevOps, Test-driven Development (TDD), Database Design
  • Platforms

    Raspbian, Windows Desktop, Windows, Visual Studio 2017, MacOS, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Docker, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services, Xamarin, Azure, UWP, Azure IaaS
  • Storage

    Database Architecture, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Databases, SQLite, Minio, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL, Firebird, Azure Blobs, Azure SQL, SQL Azure, Azure SQL Databases, Redis
  • Other

    Internet Protocols, Internet Information Services (IIS), SSH, Windows Services, APIs, OWIN, IIS, Architecture, Full-stack, Back-end, Senior, Web Technologies, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP2, HTTP REST, HTTP Server, Xamarin Forms, Cloud Microservices, Serverless, DevExpress
  • Industry Expertise

    Internet of Things (IoT)


  • In progress in Courses: AZURE202x, AZURE204x, AZURE205x, AZURE206x, AZURE207x, DAT223.2x
    2017 - 2017
    Microsoft Learning - Remote
  • Master of Computer Science degree in Engineering (Intelligent Decision Support Systems)
    2009 - 2011
    Poznań University of Technology - Poznań, Poland
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    2005 - 2009
    The University of Computer Sciences and Skills in Łódź - Bydgoszcz, Poland

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