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James Cole

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Data Modeling Developer

Victoria, BC, Canada
Toptal Member Since
June 18, 2020

James has been an independent consultant for 25 years employing a wide range of technologies and languages. He is passionate about software, consistently upgrading his skills and staying on top of new technologies while leading teams, conducting JADS, and giving presentations.


CNA National Warranty
Rancher, Agile, Confluence, Apiary API, Kubernetes, Spring, Java, Oracle
Angular, MySQL, PHP, REST, Swift, iOS, Kotlin, Android
BRU Life, Co.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, PHP, Swift, iOS




Preferred Environment

Angular, Swift, Kotlin, Java, PHP, MySQL, Oracle

The most amazing...

...project I've built is a delivery app similar to Uber that uses maps and tracks orders and drivers delivering to the public.

Work Experience

Microservice Designer and Developer

2018 - 2019
CNA National Warranty
  • Designed Microservice APIs in Apiary and Confluence based on user GUI requirements.
  • Developed the Backend For Frontend (BFF) full-stack microservice servlets using Java and Spring on an Oracle database underneath.
  • Created unit test cases for every service.
  • Deployed the servlets to Kubernetes using Rancher.
Technologies: Rancher, Agile, Confluence, Apiary API, Kubernetes, Spring, Java, Oracle

Full-stack Mobile App Designer and Developer

2017 - 2019
  • Designed and built a RUSH delivery database in MySQL on AWS.
  • Wrote a code generator in Java that produces PHP DAOS, iOS DTOs, and Kotlin DTOs.
  • Built a PHP microservice layer to serve Android, iOS, and Angular clients.
  • Built the Tap2Deliver iOS app that uses Apple Maps and APNS.
  • Built the tap2Deliver Android Kotlin app that uses Google Maps, Google Directions, and FCM.
  • Built the Angular 8 Admin app for Tap2Deliver.
  • Connected both Apps to the Stripe payments platform.
Technologies: Angular, MySQL, PHP, REST, Swift, iOS, Kotlin, Android

Full-stack App Designer and Developer

2015 - 2019
BRU Life, Co.
  • Designed the KEENr data model and database. Created the database in MySQL.
  • Created a code generator that produced PHP DAOs and Kotlin and Swift DTOs.
  • Built PHP REST services for the apps to connect to.
  • Built the iOS app in Swift.
  • Created in app chat functionality.
  • Interfaced with Facebook.
  • Built the Java Android Kotlin app.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, PHP, Swift, iOS

Web App Design, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Tuner

2013 - 2017
Alberta Blue Cross
  • Designed web app page prototypes using Oracle ADF.
  • Built PL/SQL business model packages.
  • Built a PL/SQL data access layer.
  • Built data generators for performance testing.
  • Tuned SQL for performance.
Technologies: Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle ADF

Architect and Developer

2015 - 2015
ROMBIS Auto Telemetry
  • Designed an automobile diagnostic app.
  • Connected to an OBD2 monitor with Bluetooth from iOS swift.
  • Connected to an OBD2 monitor with Bluetooth from Android Java.
  • Transmitted data to an AWS Cloud with Restful web services.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), On-board Diagnostics II (OBD-II), Bluetooth, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, PHP, Java, Android, Swift, iOS

Developer and Architect

2012 - 2012
BC Ministry of Social Development
  • Designed and built the ELMSD data model and datbase using Oracle SDDM.
  • Created a code generator that created Fluent NHibernate DAOs and DTOs.
  • Created a .NET application that maintained the ELMSD data.
Technologies: .NET, NHibernate, Oracle

Developer and Engineer

2011 - 2011
Applied Bottling
  • Designed and maintained Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems for the beer filling machines. These controllers synchronized bottle feeds, fill heads, product flow valves, CO2 injection, bottle crowning, and can seaming.
  • Designed and built circuit boards and wired controllers.
Technologies: Ladder Logic, Electronics, Controls, PLC

Developer and Architect

2003 - 2010
BC Ambulance Service
  • Oversaw as technical architect the development of the Patient Care Information System (PCIS) application on a team of five with dedicated resources using NetBeans, CVS, and GlassFish V2.
  • Developed the BCAS Message Broker, a Java system that routes system data event messages throughout BCAS corporate applications.
  • Developed the web portal in ASP to provide a central access point to BCAS applications for the provinces' paramedics.
  • Created a DSDM time-boxed iterative development project. This was an Oracle Designer 6 generated data mart. It employs MOD_PLSQL generated screens for dimension maintenance and PL/SQL for ETL of XML documents used to transmit data from Computer Aided Dispatch system RightCAD and Alteris CAD. I studied the NEMSIS National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Uniform Pre-Hospital Dataset so that future data mart enhancements may follow these guidelines.
  • Developed a multi-platform application using Transact SQL, DTS, and PL/SQL to determine air ambulance flight plans from patient trips.
  • Created a financial extension of the data mart to include Payroll and Human Resource information. This involved T-SQL, DTS, PL/SQL, MicroStrategy, and Crystal Reports.
  • Created an ASP and Crystal Reports framework that allows efficient development of web screens, menus, and reports. I created 31 reports and 88 ASP screens for the various BCAS applications.
  • Synchronized OTIS HR to Payroll. OTIS scans the two systems and determines changes in the HR system that need to be applied to the Payroll system.
Technologies: GlassFish, Oracle, PL/SQL, DTS, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Crystal Reports, Active Server Pages (ASP), MicroStrategy


1999 - 2005
  • Developed the PCAIRE Predictive Code for Aircrew Radiation Exposure. PCAIRE uses world-leading computational models to determine the solar radiation exposure commercial airline crews endure. PCAIRE is written in Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, and SQL Server.
  • Developed FLYER which is a similar product to PCAIRE and allows frequent flyers to track their solar radiation exposure. FLYER is written in Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, and SQL Server.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Active Server Pages (ASP), VB

Developer and Architect

1998 - 2003
BC Vital Statistics Agency
  • Led a team of Ministry developers, none of which had any experience with Oracle Designer or generating applications in a project that had a legislated and short time frame. Vision is deemed as one of the most successful provincial projects ever completed.
  • Designed a Star model and ETL PL/SQL for a Production AFS Management System (PAMS) data mart that provides decision management reports through Oracle Express Cubes and Briefings.
  • Designed and built a dial-up web service interface between the Vision application and NeBanko credit card processing. This was to integrate the online ordering of vital records from the VitalChek eCommerce site.
  • Led the re-design of British Columbia’s Vital Records system Vision to meet the State of Ohio’s business needs. This was a large-scale project taking over one year to complete. The system was 100% generated using Oracle Designer 2.1.2 and Forms 5.0. The system also employed OAS, PL/SQL, Cartridge, and HTML screens. OHIO had Y2K problems, and this project was intended to solve them as well as provide superior workflow management. James also established a systems development infrastructure using MKS Source Integrity and MS Project. He used JAD techniques and prototyping to clearly define the user’s business requirements.
  • Created a large-scale re-work of Vision for the Michigan Department of Health. This project was similar to the OHIO project only this time for the State of Michigan.
  • Re-worked Vision for the Florida and Alaska Departments of Health. This was the re-write of Vision into a web application. Over ninety web screens were written using Java Servlets. Web online help, security, and reporting and batch scheduling infrastructures were created. It took four months to complete employing thirty developers.
Technologies: PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Designer


2000 - 2000
VitalCheck Network, Inc.
  • Designed and developed Permit Wizard for VitalChek Network, Inc. Permit Wizard is an online truck permit application and credentialing system. Permit Wizard was written using Oracle MOD_PLSQL.
Technologies: MOD_PLSQL, Oracle


1989 - 1998
Stellar Systems Group
  • Developed the Attorney General help desk tracking system PRAIS.
  • Led the Attorney General application tuning.
  • Responsible for RPF creation and contractor administration for the project as well as the implementation and data conversion of the delivered system.
  • Built the Ministry of Transportation & Highways Bridge inventory system.
  • Wrote a C++ tandem mainframe to a Sun Oracle gateway.
  • Wrote a large portion of the BC Ferry ETL PL/SQL that feeds BC Ferries data warehouses.
  • Provided support for the BC Ministry of Health's multiple Unix Oracle servers and developed standards for their care and maintenance.
  • Developed a C++ code generator for Rational Rose for the BC Motor Vehicle Branch Driver Service Centre System support team.
  • Developed Speed Loop Data Acquisition and Statistical Reporting for the BC Motor Vehicle Branch. I used SQL Loader and PL/SQL to determine the effect of speed enforcement policies.
  • Drove the re-design project as the team leader ADP/VI PowerBuilder for the BC Motor Vehicle Branch. Led a team of five ministry developers, that had no experience with PowerBuilder, on the emergency rewrite of ADP/VI. Legislation dictated the system be completed in an extremely short time frame. My team and I worked unbelievable hours to roll out the system successfully.
Technologies: IBM Rational Rose, PowerBuilder, C++, Oracle Forms


A mobile app that allows customers to order RUSH deliveries with a credit card. Tap also tracks the customers' orders and navigates the driver during the order.

KEENr Social Media App

KEENr is a social media app for outdoor adventures. You can build a profile, meet other KEENrs, chat, and plan outdoor activities.

CNA National Warranty Corporation

CNA National is a leader in vehicle warranty products. I built the microservices tier that powers CNA's online insurance apps.

Alberta Blue Cross

Alberta Blue Cross is Alberta Canada's largest health insurance provider. I built the Oracle ADP screens and PL/SQL services.

BC Ambulance Patient Care System

The PCIS (Patient Care Information System) tracks an ambulance patient's experience from the time of the call, pickup, procedures performed, and medication provided. I was the technical architect and helped develop the PCIS application with a team of five dedicated resources using Java, Spring, and Glassfish V2.

Vision - BC Vital Statistics

Vision is British Columbia's vital statistics system. It tracks all vital information about the province's residents. Vision stores birth records, death records, marriage licenses, and also prints certificates. I was the technical lead on the Oracle Designer generated application.
1984 - 1989

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science

University Of Victoria - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


jQuery, Stripe API, Apiary API, Facebook API, Google APIs, OpenCV, OpenGL


Oracle Designer, Microsoft Visual C++, Confluence, Crystal Reports, DTS, Oracle Forms, IBM Rational Rose, Crashlytics


SQL, Java, Swift, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, PowerBuilder, Kotlin, C#.NET, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Groovy, VB, Active Server Pages (ASP)


PL/SQL, MySQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server


Oracle, Android, iOS, Kubernetes, Rancher, Amazon Web Services (AWS)




Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Spring, Oracle ADF, NHibernate, Angular, .NET


Back-end Development, Push Notifications, Data Modeling, Performance Tuning, Oracle Forms & Reports, MicroStrategy, PLC, Controls, Electronics, Ladder Logic, GlassFish, MOD_PLSQL, On-board Diagnostics II (OBD-II), Jakarta EE Design Patterns, Game Development, Bluetooth

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