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Jamie McDaniel

Jamie McDaniel

Lexington, KY, United States
Member since December 4, 2013
Jamie is an iOS developer working with Xcode, Objective-C, UIKit, and Core Data on a daily basis. He stays up to date on best practices that are being adopted by the iOS community and implements them into his work. He strives to provide an excellent user experience via clean, maintainable code.
Jamie is now available for hire
  • Objective-C, 2 years
  • iOS SDK, 2 years
  • Git, 2 years
  • Xcode, 2 years
  • Core Data, 2 years
  • Core Location, 2 years
  • UI Kit, 2 years
  • Parse SDK, 1 year
Lexington, KY, United States
Preferred Environment
Xcode, Git
The most amazing...
...UIKit component I have coded was a subclass of UITableViewCell which could be slid left or right to reveal 0-4 buttons underneath each side.
  • Contract iOS Developer
    2013 - 2013
    MWM Digital
    • Hired to code and deploy an iPad app to promote the city of Houston, Texas for a global conference that Houston was a finalist to host.
    • Created a UIPageViewController subclass for navigating between articles.
    • Utilized a UICollectionView to efficiently display large 768 x 4000 pixel JPG images sliced into 768 x 100 pixel tiles.
    • Worked around a major bug with UIPageViewController and filed a report with Apple.
    • Implemented video playback throughout the app.
    Technologies: iOS, UIKit, Objective-C
  • Contract iOS Developer
    2013 - 2013
    SightPlan, Inc.
    • Coded an equivalent to Apple's NSFetchedResultsController for use with Couchbase Lite.
    • Created a subclass of UITableViewCell which could be slid left or right to reveal 0-4 buttons underneath each side.
    • Coded a UIViewController that allowed the user to manually change the location of a work order using a draggable custom marker on a map.
    • Utilized the UIViewController containment API to cleanly solve some custom UI challenges.
    • Made use of the custom UIViewController transitions API introduced in iOS 7 to modify how a UINavigationController animates when pushing or popping a view controller.
    • Coded a SPLocationManager wrapper class that centralized all the CLLocationManager logic.
    • Created a Date Picker control that matched the look of the one used in the popular Mailbox app.
    • Refactored a complicated and fragile UIView into a UINavigationController that would push separate UIViewControllers
    Technologies: iOS, UIKit, Objective-C, Core Location, Couchbase Lite, Mapbox
  • Contract Flex Developer
    2012 - 2012
    Parker Smith Software
    • Furthered the development of an Adobe AIR desktop application for General Electric.
    • Enhanced the UI and fixed display bugs using ActionScript 3.
    • Cleaned up the code base.
    Technologies: ActionScript 3, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR
  • Mobile AIR Developer
    2011 - 2012
    Tribune Technology
    • Contracted by Tribune Technology to code a set of iPad apps for their broadcasting stations using Adobe Flex 4.6 and Adobe AIR.
    • Worked through issues with trying to recreate the feel of native iOS components in Adobe AIR.
    • Used SQLite for persistence of app data.
    • Set up the code base to use a Flex Library Project so that 95% of the code between apps could be easily shared.
    • Worked with Tribune's video department to get their video resources in compliance with Apple's HTTP Live Streaming requirement.
    Technologies: Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, ActionScript 3
  • Contract Adobe Flex Developer
    2009 - 2011
    SecureAlert, Inc.
    • Hired as the primary Flex developer for SecureAlert, Inc. to take their TrackerMap Flex application to completion.
    • Built software that would run in the browser and be used by law enforcement personnel for the electronic monitoring of offenders.
    • Utilized Google Maps for Flash API.
    • Greatly increased the responsiveness of the application from the state it was in when I was brought onboard.
    • Used the Action Message Format (AMF) protocol for efficient data transfer between client and server.
    Technologies: Adobe Flex, ActionScript 3
  • SightWalk (Development)

    SightWalk is an app that addresses a need of the multi-family real estate industry. The app is used to take pictures of maintenance issues on the property, tag the location, assign the work to a team member, and set a due date. SightPlan is a subscription service. The company's founders have expertise in the multi-family real estate industry and plan to further polish the app and add many more features.

  • Cornhole Easy Score (Development)

    Cornhole Easy Score is an app I originally designed and developed to showcase my skills with the iOS SDK. The app provides a polished, modern way of keeping score when playing the physical game of cornhole.

  • Languages
    Objective-C, ActionScript 3
  • Frameworks
    iOS SDK, Core Location, Core Data, MapKit
  • Tools
    Xcode, Charles, Git, Adobe Photoshop
  • Platforms
  • Other
    UI Kit
  • Libraries/APIs
    Parse SDK, Couchbase Lite iOS SDK, Facebook iOS SDK
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering
    1992 - 1996
    University of Kentucky - Lexington, Kentucky
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