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Madiyar Kaskabayev

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Berlin, Germany
Toptal Member Since
March 17, 2020

Madiyar is a results-driven software engineer with experience building scalable web applications across diverse industries. He has a proven track record of increasing performance metrics, migrating CI/CD pipelines, and boosting code coverage. Madiyar is an expert in back-end development, distributed systems, database technologies, and full-stack capabilities. His work is driven by a passion for clean code, efficient architectures, and user-centric design.


HelloFresh SE
APIs, Go, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Docker, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git...
The VisionLink Advisory Group, Inc.
PHP, JavaScript, Kohana, PostgreSQL, Spreadsheets...
Kolesa Group
HTML5, CSS, PHP 7, PHP, Git, Jira, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL...




Preferred Environment

Git, Terminal, Linux, Go, IntelliJ IDEA, Apache Kafka, Docker, Event-driven Architecture, Elasticsearch, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a discount wallet back-end component. I developed it from scratch and controlled the launch in all markets, including the US.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

2021 - PRESENT
HelloFresh SE
  • Migrated the CI/CD pipelines from Concourse CI to GitHub Actions and increased TTM by 50%.
  • Introduced DB replicas for the need of the DWH team to support consuming voucher data from the DB.
  • Implemented and maintained a new wallet project (C-level) that introduced new flexible customer benefits and executed and controlled migrating existing benefits from vouchers to the wallet system.
  • Owned initiatives across multiple teams, facilitated stakeholder communications, collected requirements, documented discussion outcomes, and wrote ADR and RFC documents.
  • Moved applications with common business and domain logic and codebase into two separate monorepos using Bazel, increasing TTM by 40%.
  • Discovered, designed, and implemented applications that emit wallet domain events using CDC for the marketing data platform so they can build data pipelines and business dashboards to identify business metrics issues.
  • Unblocked one of the C-level initiatives and improved the API performance by introducing a cache that decreased the latency by 80%.
  • Unblocked one of the C-level initiatives and one Tribe-level initiative by discovering, designing, and delivering an application that consumes domain events of the different domains.
  • Improved the code coverage reporting of the monorepos by improving code coverage collecting using Bazel, increased the code coverage by 50%, and achieved technical KRs.
Technologies: APIs, Go, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Docker, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Event-driven Architecture, Jira, NoSQL, MongoDB, SQL, API Integration, REST APIs, GitHub, Bazel, Architecture, Integration, Back-end, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), MongoDB Atlas, Kubernetes, Request for Comment (RFC), Postman, Data Structures, Algorithms, Agile, CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end Performance, Back-end Development, Back-end Architecture, Unit Testing, JSON, gRPC, Protobuf, Microservices, Distributed Systems, Redis, Migration, PyCharm, DataGrip, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Terraform

PHP and JavaScript Software Developer

2021 - 2022
The VisionLink Advisory Group, Inc.
  • Upgraded the version of PHP from 5.6 to 7.3 and the corresponding dependencies, thus increasing the web application's performance by 50%.
  • Implemented several Excel spreadsheets importing, editing, and exporting features using JavaScript, Twig, and PHP, increasing the variations and flexibility of existing and new bonus plans for the clients.
  • Improved the application's development by Dockerizing the application itself and automating tools.
  • Maintained and developed new features for creating, communicating, and managing clients' bonus plans and their employees.
  • Fixed bugs and increased the quality of the existing features by refactoring and upgrading the logic, leading to increased usage.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Kohana, PostgreSQL, Spreadsheets, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Web MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, Docker, Architecture, Back-end, Kubernetes, Postman, jQuery, Data Structures, Algorithms, Agile, CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end Performance, Back-end Development, Back-end Architecture, Front-end Development, Unit Testing, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, JSON, Bitbucket, Migration, PhpStorm, HeidiSQL, DataGrip, PHP 5

Back-end Developer

2018 - 2021
Kolesa Group
  • Developed Kazakhstan's largest online classified advertisement service with 1.8+ million monthly active users.
  • Increased ToM by 60% by implementing a virtual phone number feature to protect users.
  • Improved an auto-moderation queue management microservice that increased decision-making quality by 80%.
  • Implemented feature toggles, a feature delivery tool for the product, from scratch. This feature was beneficial for running experiments on production. Simultaneously, 20 different experiments were running.
  • Increased the speed of typeahead autocompletion by 100% by optimizing the indexes and full-text Elasticsearch architecture.
  • Increased service usage by 50% through research and modification of payment services.
  • Scaled and modified a new peer-to-peer messaging microservices system based on WebSocket technology by adding picture and audio file sharing. This dramatically improved the communication experience of the customers.
  • Implemented microservices on Python that were liable for providing decisions based on machine learning models. Also, I improved them by introducing the cache, so applications were starting up 90% faster.
Technologies: HTML5, CSS, PHP 7, PHP, Git, Jira, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, JavaScript, Go, Event-driven Architecture, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), PhalconPHP, Web MVC, NoSQL, SQL, Python 3, API Integration, REST APIs, HTML, Architecture, Integration, Back-end, Laravel, MariaDB, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), LAMP, MongoDB Atlas, Kubernetes, Request for Comment (RFC), Postman, jQuery, Data Structures, Algorithms, Agile, Back-end Performance, Back-end Development, Back-end Architecture, Front-end Development, Unit Testing, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, JSON, Microservices, Bitbucket, Apache, Distributed Systems, Redis, WebSockets, PhpStorm, PyCharm, HeidiSQL, PHP 5

Full-stack Developer

2016 - 2018
  • Developed and maintained the front and back end and REST API for a sports news blog platform that has 200,000+ monthly active users.
  • Developed a management dashboard for the content control system and real-time editing of live matches.
  • Increased the number of news sources for the end user by integrating a telegram bot for posting news telegram channels.
  • Increased the usability of posting and entertainment value of blog posts by implementing TinyMCE plugins for Instagram and Twitter posts and videos.
  • Developed a new version of, a search engine for the best flight offers in CIS that has 400,000+ monthly visits.
  • Increased the usability of the search page and helped people pack appropriately with a weather API and flight date filter integrations.
  • Developed the front and back end of, a sports betting players’ rights protection platform, from scratch using MVC patterns.
  • Developed and designed a system for complaints and reports that helped gather feedback from users.
Technologies: HTML5, CSS, PHP 7, PHP, TinyMCE, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Python, JavaScript, PhalconPHP, Web MVC, SQL, API Integration, REST APIs, HTML, Back-end, MariaDB, LAMP, Postman, jQuery, Data Structures, Algorithms, Agile, Back-end Performance, Back-end Development, Back-end Architecture, Front-end Development, Unit Testing, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, JSON, Apache, CodeIgniter, PhpStorm, HeidiSQL, PHP 5

The Compensation Design Company
The Visionlink Advisory Group has a product aimed to simplify the employee's bonus plan management; it consists of around 100 people. It is a PHP-based web application that allows customers to create, control, and modify bonus plans for companies and employees. The project size is medium and aimed for internal use by the managers of the participating partner companies.
As a full-stack engineer, I maintained and improved existing features and developed new ones. I have upgraded the PHP version and improved the performance of the application. – A Modern Way to Advertise, Sell or Buy Anything from Ordinary People
Kolesa Group is a big company that employs around 1,000 people.
The company owns four classifieds, and one of them is horizontal classified – aims to provide people with a platform to sell, buy, or exchange goods or services, including clothes, cars, smartphones, cleaning, etc. The revenue was about $2 million. My team comprised a product owner, a project manager, four back-end engineers, and two front-end engineers.
We developed a PHP-based horizontal classified platform application with a convenient classification, intuitive and convenient form of ad submission, the ability to instantly exchange messages between seller and buyer, and freedom from a geographical location. These are only some advantages of the modern online market that help ordinary people sell and buy without wasting time and effort. I was a back-end developer working closely with front-end and mobile developers. Implemented many features that increased ToM, user activity, etc., performed refactoring, and increased the application's stability.

Sports News Blog Web Platform
A PHP-based application for journalists of the newspaper of the same name. I was a full-stack developer responsible for developing the front-end side in collaboration with the designer and combining it with the back-end side. This web platform was used to create blogs and add sports news for users interested in sports.

Sports Betting Players’ Rights Protection Platform.
A PHP-based web application for sports betting players, they can get a cashback for their bets and create reports and complaints if something is gone wrong. I was a full-stack developer that created the application from a scratch using MVC pattern. Also, I developed and designed a system for complaints and reports.

Cheap Flight Tickets Searching Engine
A PHP-based application for searching for cheap flight tickets. I was a full-stack developer and collaborated with the designer to create a new website version because the design was old and slow enough to rank in search engines such as Google and Yandex.
2017 - 2019

Master's Degree in Computer Science

International IT University - Almaty, Kazakhstan

2012 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Suleyman Demirel University - Almaty, Kazakhstan


REST APIs, jQuery, Protobuf


Postman, Git, Kafka Streams, GitHub, MongoDB Atlas, Spreadsheets, Bazel, Apache, PhpStorm, PyCharm, HeidiSQL, Robo 3T (Robomongo), Terminal, RabbitMQ, Jira, IntelliJ IDEA, DataGrip, Bitbucket, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Terraform


PhalconPHP, gRPC, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Kohana


PHP, CSS, HTML5, PHP 7, Go, SQL, HTML, Python, PHP 5, JavaScript, Python 3


Event-driven Architecture, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Agile, Back-end Architecture, Unit Testing, Microservices


Linux, Apache Kafka, MacOS, Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), LAMP


MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, JSON, Elasticsearch, MariaDB, Redis


APIs, Web MVC, API Integration, Architecture, Integration, Back-end, Request for Comment (RFC), Data Structures, Algorithms, Back-end Performance, Back-end Development, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end Development, Distributed Systems, TinyMCE, Networking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Migration, WebSockets

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