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Maxime Franchot

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Paris, France
Toptal Member Since
August 25, 2022

Maxime is a senior app developer with experience in full-stack development. He has worked in the startup space as a co-founder and employee. He has developed and worked on multiple large-scale production iOS and cross-platform apps in Swift and Flutter. Maxime brings expertise in full-stack development, good app design, and a powerful energy and love of innovation, teamwork, and collaboration.


Muscle Mode
Flutter, iOS, Android, Firebase, Digital Payments, Google Play Store, App Store...
Games, Hardware, User Interface (UI), Lua
The Forward Thinking Company, LLC. (via Toptal)
Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Team Leadership, Manual QA, Product Management...




Preferred Environment

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Flutter, Google Cloud, Firebase, REST APIs, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Python, App Development, Mobile Development, Figma, User Interface (UI)

The most amazing...

...project that I worked on was AllAthlete. I created the "V2" for the College Athletics platform, promising to change the face of Athletics Recruitment worldwide.

Work Experience

Flutter Developer

2024 - PRESENT
Muscle Mode
  • Fixed critical bugs for performing payments, such as subscription and lifetime purchases, within the app.
  • Enhanced UI navigation in different app areas for a better experience, such as when launching the app or performing payments.
  • Led the deployment into production on both Google Play and Apple App Store for a full production release of the app.
Technologies: Flutter, iOS, Android, Firebase, Digital Payments, Google Play Store, App Store, TestFlight, User Interface (UI)

Game Designer and Developer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Developed a game from the ground up in Lua and C for the "Playdate" Console, a brand-new retro-style console with a crank for analog input. Developed the menu, features, gameplay, animations, and collisions/physics.
  • Worked with sound design company "WizzFX" for the sound design of the game. Used their SFX to heighten gameplay, menus, and transitions, responsively playing back with pitch shifting, volume control, and in-game timers.
  • Managed an advertising campaign for the game, including contacting game developers for playtesting and posting updates to forums and YouTube. The game has 50+ downloads as of the end of 2023.
  • Developed a framework, "Widgets," for the playdate SDK in Lua, allowing for modular UI objects with various capabilities such as lifecycle, parent-child relationships, and state management.
Technologies: Games, Hardware, User Interface (UI), Lua

Flutter/Firebase QA Engineer

2023 - 2023
The Forward Thinking Company, LLC. (via Toptal)
  • Conducted QA tests on weekly updates for a large-scale SaaS platform. Collaborated directly with developers to report bugs and improvements, providing detailed documentation, such as debug logs and reproduction steps.
  • Utilized to track tasks and GitHub for collaborative work with developers on their PRs. Reviewed work was categorized as passing or failing QA, effectively determining whether the work was included in the weekly release.
  • Maintained a backlog of product enhancement requests for customer review, including documentation for best practices, Figma UI/UX prototypes, and screenshots/screen recordings for customer review.
Technologies: Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Team Leadership, Manual QA, Product Management, User Interface (UI), Web UX, QA Testing

Swift and SwiftUI/iOS Developer

2022 - 2023
All Athlete, Inc.
  • Revamped the Athletics app into a "V2" based on SwiftUI, completing a full migration from the legacy UIKit systems and integrating improved technologies.
  • Improved the app's reach and user experience, going from 50 thousand users to over 150K in eight months. At the time of leaving, the app ranked in the top #100 in the Sports category of the Apple App Store in the US.
  • Collaborated with a team of engineers remotely from three continents, as well as an in-house team, coordinating with daily stand-ups, meetings, as well as collaborative tools such as Jira/Atlassian, Slack, and Google Meet.
Technologies: iOS, Swift, MongoDB, Xcode, Atlassian, Jira, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps, Python, REST, Maps, Mobile, SwiftUI, Core Animation, Figma, User Interface (UI), FastAPI

Full-stack Developer and CTO

2021 - 2022
  • Used data from various music streaming platforms' APIs and developed an algorithm for radio stations to serve only the highest popularity music to their audiences.
  • Worked with an external team of developers as project CTO, working with the Agile methodology. Designed and oversaw the development of a client-facing dashboard.
  • Built a full API with a serverless infrastructure in Firebase connected to multiple front ends, a back-end server, and various Google apps.
  • Gained over 20 clients in two months, many of which have reached number one in local rankings thanks to our algorithms.
  • Built an automated data pipeline using Google Apps Script to source data from Google Sheets to Google Data Studio and connected to our in-house API. The pipeline generated demos for prospective clients on demand.
  • Developed multiple prototypes for the front-end dashboard in Nuxt.JS (Next.js and Vue) and React.
Technologies: React, Firebase, Vue, Node.js, Google Sheets, Google Sheets API, Google Data Studio, Google Apps Script, Spotify API, HTML, CSS, Next.js, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, REST APIs, GitHub, Nuxt.js, Google Cloud, APIs, Full-stack Development, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Git, User Experience (UX), Test-driven Development (TDD), Event-driven Architecture, Web App Development, Web Development, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Cloud Functions, CTO, Architecture, REST, Team Leadership, Figma, User Interface (UI), Web UX

Full-stack Developer

2021 - 2022
Samp SAS
  • Developed a serverless API in FastAPI (Python) for AWS Lambda. Developed it using TDD and interacted with Amazon S3 and DynamoDB using Boto3 and BotoCore Python libraries.
  • Engaged in a discussion about product features, back-end architecture, and front-end design in weekly product and company strategy meetings.
  • Oversaw the platform's launch on separate AWS instances for five different clients, two in production. Connected to client infrastructure using back-end APIs, including Microsoft-hosted databases.
  • Developed an automated deployment strategy using Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and GitLab CI/CD with IaC.
  • Developed reusable components in a front-end web app with Web Components, Lit, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Worked in an Agile team of four, doing biweekly scrums and using ClickUp as a project management tool.
  • Experienced using pyenv, a Python version management tool, as well as MyPy and Flake8 as Python linting tools.
Technologies: Web Components, Python 3, FastAPI, Terraform, GitLab CI/CD, Full-stack Development, HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation, Python, REST APIs, APIs, Git, User Experience (UX), Test-driven Development (TDD), Web App Development, Web Development, REST, Figma, User Interface (UI), Web UX

Lead Mobile Apps Developer | Freelance Team Designer

2021 - 2021
Freelance Clients
  • Designed mobile apps for multiple clients on a freelancing platform. The design was made with AdobeXD. Gave special attention to the clarity of the UX, navigation, and the unique UI that stood out.
  • Managed a junior Flutter developer, organizing and assigning tasks and creating a complete app design.
  • Deployed three different apps to Apple TestFlight and Google Play Store, running several beta programs for the clients. Collected analytics on users and maintained high uptime for each app.
  • Developed K9, an app for passionate dog-owners to share information and videos of their dogs, using Swift 4 and Firebase. Developed the app interface programmatically, using UIKit, CoreAnimation, and AVFoundation.
Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, Swift, Xcode, Android, iOS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Elasticsearch, Swift 5, Google Cloud, APIs, Full-stack Development, Git, User Experience (UX), Firebase iOS SDK, Dating Apps, Mobile App Development, App Development, Dart, Mobile Development, Cross-platform, Stripe, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Functions, Mobile Apps, Architecture, REST, Mobile, Team Leadership, Figma, User Interface (UI)

Development Lead and Chief Technical Officer

2020 - 2021
  • Developed the new-generation social-media app XY in Swift for iOS with features like custom animated graphics using Core Animation and UIKit, scrolling video feed using AVFoundation, and custom haptics using Core Haptics.
  • Deployed the app on Apple TestFlight with 50 beta-test users, collecting analytics with Google Analytics and deploying multiple versions of the app, maintaining a 99% uptime. The beta ran for four months, with three major iterations of the app.
  • Worked with a junior developer, guiding them on best practices and giving them tasks to complete within the Swift language and iOS app.
  • Used Firebase Firestore as the primary database and an API in Node.js deployed to Firebase Cloud Functions. Extended the Google Cloud Platform Transcoder API to adapt the video to multiple resolutions for varying download speed requirements.
  • Prototyped a monolithic back-end in Python using Flask server framework. Implemented users and posts, authentication, forms, form validation, and routing.
Technologies: Swift 5, Xcode, Firebase, Google Cloud, Video Streaming, UI Animation, Haptics, Gamification, TestFlight, Google Analytics, Core Data, SQL, Node.js, REST APIs, GitHub, Swift, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), APIs, Full-stack Development, Git, UIKit, Objective-C, User Experience (UX), MongoDB, Firebase iOS SDK, Mobile App Development, Flask, Event-driven Architecture, App Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Functions, Mobile Apps, CTO, Architecture, Mobile, Team Leadership, Core Animation, User Interface (UI)

Audio App Developer and Founder

2019 - 2020
QDIO Music Technologies
  • Designed and developed an audio plugin editor to edit guitar effects and listen to them in real-time.
  • Deployed regular updates to macOS and Linux desktop environments with GitHub version control.
  • Collected user feedback and prioritized weekly requirements, roadmap, bugs, and issues.
Technologies: C++, C++11, MacOS, Xcode, Linux, JavaScript, GitHub, Git, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)

XY | Social Media Application

XY was a next-generation social media project with gamification, friendship levels, and challenges. The project was developed in Swift for iOS, with Firebase and Google Cloud Platform as a back-end.

The project achieved low latency video content, like TikTok, using transcoding uploaded video in the back end and content download optimizations in the mobile app.

The app had custom haptics, sounds, and animated components (cards, buttons, and text fields), developed in Swift, making for a high-end user experience.

Dice Dating | Cross-platform Dating Application

A Flutter-based dating app developed for a British client for cross-platform mobile. Similar to other dating apps, it had the unique feature of having no pictures.

Elasticsearch hosted on Google Cloud Platform was used in conjunction with Firebase for geolocalized search with extra filters, including age, age preference, gender, and gender preference.

Church Announcements | Cross-platform Mobile Application

A Flutter-based app for people to organize around their churches and their communities.

I was the lead developer, working with another developer. I managed the design, layout, and back-end design of the app. The app had a responsive UI and animations on the front end to appeal to a broader audience.
2016 - 2019

Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science

University of York - York, UK

2014 - 2016

International Baccalaureate in Math, Physics, and Visual Arts

Yokohama International School - Yokohama, Japan


Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Scrum Alliance, Inc.


Online Course – Building TikTok for iOS

iOS Academy


Online Course – iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp


JUNE 2019 - SEPTEMBER 2019

Startup Summer Accelerator Program

University of York


Node.js, REST APIs, Firebase iOS SDK, React, Spotify API, Core Animation, Vue, Google Sheets API, Stripe, W3C Widget API


GitHub, Xcode, TestFlight, Figma, Terraform, GitLab CI/CD, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, AWS CloudFormation, Git, Atlassian, Jira


Flutter, UIKit, SwiftUI, Core Data, Flask, Next.js, Nuxt.js


Swift 5, Python, Swift, JavaScript, Swift 4, C++, C++11, Python 3, Embedded C, SQL, Google Apps Script, HTML, CSS, HTML5, TypeScript, Dart, Lua, Haskell, Java, Java 7, Objective-C


App Development, Mobile Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Event-driven Architecture, Cross-platform, REST, Gamification, Management, Scrum, Agile


iOS, Firebase, Mobile, Linux, MacOS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android


Cloud Firestore, Google Cloud, Elasticsearch, MongoDB

Industry Expertise

Project Management


User Experience (UX), Firebase Cloud Functions, Mobile Apps, Manual QA, User Interface (UI), APIs, Web Components, FastAPI, Full-stack Development, UI Animation, Haptics, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Web Development, Google Cloud Functions, Team Leadership, Web UX, QA Testing, Embedded Java, Video Streaming, Google Data Studio, Emojis & Emoticons, Audio, Dating Apps, CTO, Architecture, Maps, Scrum Master, Product Management, Games, Hardware, Digital Payments, Google Play Store, App Store

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