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Michael Schramm

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Leadership Developer

Vienna, Austria
Toptal Member Since
March 21, 2018

Michael focused on internet security and coding theory at the TU Vienna. At his first corporate job, he was in charge of application security and later managed part of the development team. His main areas of expertise are PHP, Node.js, and DevOps. Michael loves to forge unique solutions that provide value to his clients and their customers.


Tucan.ai GmbH
Cloud Infrastructure, Next.js, NestJS, Web Development, Architecture...
mymarket.io Gmbh
Cloud Infrastructure, Marketplace Platforms, Web Development, Architecture...
Web Development, Architecture, PHP, JavaScript, REST, REST APIs, APIs, Mapping...




Preferred Environment

Docker, Linux, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OS X

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was a platform to aggregate the purchasing of a distributed company, providing them with a tool to improve pricing on a global scale.

Work Experience

CTO | Co-founder

2018 - PRESENT
Tucan.ai GmbH
  • Built, tested, and deployed services automatically after approval, using CI/CD with AWS pipelines and later GitLab CI.
  • Used ASR with a custom model with a CI pipeline to build new models on partial data with verification.
  • Mentored new developers to help them improve their skills.
  • Migrated from a classic CMS to an API CMS to provide a multichannel presentation of the company with a central data source.
  • Built a knowledge graph with a vector database and LlamaIndex, as well as embeddings with both OpenAI API and custom fine-tuned models.
Technologies: Cloud Infrastructure, Next.js, NestJS, Web Development, Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Prismic, Stripe, Voice Recognition, Terraform, Python, React Native, React, Artificial Intelligence (AI), GraphQL, Full-stack, REST APIs, Jira REST API, Jira Administration, CSS, HTML, RabbitMQ, APIs, Messaging, CTO, JSON, SQL, CockroachDB, FusionAuth, HTML5, GitLab CI/CD, CI/CD Pipelines, Information Security, Web Security, Technical Design, Technical Hiring, ChatGPT, Google Tag Manager, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, REST, Docker, TypeScript, Slack App, Slackbot, OpenAI GPT-3 API, OpenAI GPT-4 API, Front-end Development, Figma, Redux, Jest, PWA, Payment APIs, Mapping, .NET, iOS, Android, Swift, Kubernetes, Redis, Fastify, Llama 2, LlamaIndex, OpenAI, Tailwind CSS, Prisma

Co-Founder | CTO

2014 - 2018
mymarket.io Gmbh
  • Co-founded the company, determined the proper software structure, and managed customer integrations.
  • Utilized a REST API to provide carts, orders, customer management, syncing of article data, payments, and much more needed to create a marketplace without the hassle of building one.
  • Designed a tree-based decision engine with hooks into external NLP tools for chats.
  • Created Cordova plugins to add the ability to share content to the app.
  • Implemented real-time information sharing to enable rich chat applications through WebSockets and push notifications.
Technologies: Cloud Infrastructure, Marketplace Platforms, Web Development, Architecture, Nuxt.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cordova Plugins, Ionic, Symfony, PHP, JavaScript, Web Architecture, Vue, Cordova, Node.js, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, REST, REST APIs, APIs, CI/CD Pipelines, Docker, CSS, React, Chatbots, Express.js, Front-end Development, Redux, Jest, AWS Amplify, Payment APIs, Mapping, iOS, Android, Swift, Distributed Systems

Lead Developer Sourcing

2012 - 2014
  • Directed the sourcing development team, including auctions, RFQs, e-procurement portal, group sourcing, and RFIs.
  • Crafted solutions with the product department to satisfy the client's demands that would, in turn, be implemented by his development team.
  • Created a dependency injection system to ease the development of the new modules system.
  • Designed a queue logic built on MongoDB that handled preconditions to simplify workflow development.
  • Developed the MVS for the group sourcing module combining the RFQs for many plants into a centralized solution.
Technologies: Web Development, Architecture, PHP, JavaScript, REST, REST APIs, APIs, Mapping, .NET, Redis

Co-founder | CTO

2010 - 2012
  • Aggregated energy usage from various sources into a central data stream to simplify monitoring.
  • Decentralized storage to support customers to have data located in-house. This was done through storage adapters that could be enabled on-demand. The data had to be migrated manually if it's already existing. This was done mainly in PHP and Node.js.
  • Forecast the energy usage based on historical data.
  • Generated a formula-based input for customers that would be evaluated server-side to calculate thresholds for alerts.
  • Built a Cordova-based mobile app to visualize a given sensor's energy consumption and active alerts.
Technologies: Cloud Infrastructure, Web Development, Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ionic, MySQL, JavaScript, Web Architecture, NoSQL, Node.js, Google Analytics, REST, REST APIs, APIs, CI/CD Pipelines, Docker, CSS, Vue, Front-end Development, Jest, iOS, Android, Distributed Systems

Security Developer

2007 - 2011
Selected Services
  • Built the tool to manage long-term vendor declarations.
  • Synchronized the existing data structures with SAP through WSDL and IDOCS.
  • Created an IDS system and set up a framework to improve application security.
  • Implemented account auditing to aid the approval for ISO 27001.
Technologies: Web Development, PHP, APIs, C#

Knowledge Retrieval API

A REST interface that stores data within a vector database (Qdrant) and the back end was built with Rust and used a fine-tuned model to generate embeddings for search and tree-based answering through LlamaIndex. In addition, this has a mail endpoint to process incoming emails as search requests to provide a curated answer to the email content.

Custom Annotations for PHP Projects

I extended Dependency Injection capabilities: Built the functionality into JMSDIExtra (https://github.com/schmittjoh/JMSDiExtraBundle/pull/209) and an example into SonataAdmin (https://github.com/sonata-project/SonataAdminBundle/pull/3183)


I built the mobile app for iOS and Android, including native extensions. The app uses React Native and communicates with a REST back end. The design was provided. The focus moved over time from a geolocation-based application to a podcast streaming app with a focus on suggestions.


Meintier is a social network for pet owners that is built with Ruby on Rails. I was in charge of maintaining the infrastructure and adding new features, as well as integrating the platform into Shopify. Maintaining also included the migration between regions on AWS and improving performance for an ever-growing user count.


Ogame was a popular browser game where players could group into alliances but were pretty limited in the scope of what to do on the platform. This spurred the idea of a unified tool for all members to work together better.

It started small and grew into a tool that was used by more than 10000 players. It was all combined by a server-based tool that also had a Firefox extension to collect data while playing. The technologies used were PHP, MySQL, XUL (Firefox plugins), and JavaScript.

Click & Reserve App

The app was built for merchants on ionic2. A merchant managed orders through the interface and communicated with customers. Technologies were Cordova with Ionic2, WebSockets, and Node.js to map and aggregate external APIs.

Tool Core

The initial alliance I played within Ogame switched over to Revorix that year. Since Revorix was a lot more complex, a new tool was written to accommodate the specific need of the new game. Because of the new size, other players started contributing, and an MVC structure and VCS were used.

Technologies used were SVN, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.


The initial idea for PointOfUs was an event platform. I rebuilt and changed the platform to a social network for sports. The tricky part was the connection between online and offline to have a seamless experience. QR codes connected the mobile app with courts; people could follow those and other teams.

The back end was a mix of Node.js and PHP and data stored in MongoDB. The mobile app was initially built in Java for Android and later rebuilt in Cordova to have a single stack for both Android and IOS.


Michael built the initial mobile app for iOS, Android, and the back-end. The mobile apps are based on Cordova with Ionic and include custom plugins to extend the functionality.

PHP7 with Symfony was used and connected to several APIs for the back end. Since GoSEPP also provided a chat, a tree-based decision engine was written that was supported by an external NLP tool. The most challenging parts were the decision engine and a Cordova plugin to handle a native share-to functionality.


I built the WordPress extension that connects Popcoins with WooCommerce and provides a simple Chrome browser extension API. The implementation was done with PHP and SCSS for WordPress, VueJS, and SCSS for the Chrome extension.


Vue, React, Node.js, Vue 2, REST APIs, AWS Amplify, Twilio API, Stripe, Doctrine 2, Jira REST API


Git, Cordova Plugins, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Expo, Atlassian Suite, Chef, NGINX, Google Analytics, Figma, Prisma, Terraform, RabbitMQ, GitLab CI/CD, ChatGPT


Next.js, NestJS, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Symfony, Ionic, React Native, Nuxt.js, LlamaIndex, Express.js, Redux, Jest, .NET, AngularJS, Zend Framework, Fastify, Tailwind CSS, GPT Index


PHP, Ruby, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Scala, C#, Swift, Kotlin, Python, Haskell, GraphQL, SQL, HTML5, Rust


Web Architecture, Web App Design, REST, Marketplace Platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Docker, WordPress, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, iOS, Android, Kubernetes, Apache2, Blockchain, OS X, Linux, Web


MySQL, CockroachDB, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, NoSQL, JSON


Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture, Web Development, Cordova, Open Source, APIs, CI/CD Pipelines, Chatbots, OpenAI GPT-3 API, OpenAI GPT-4 API, Front-end Development, PWA, Payment APIs, Mapping, Software Development, Sourcing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Sourcing & Procurement, Leadership, Google Tag Manager, User Interface (UI), Slack App, Slackbot, Distributed Systems, OpenAI, Voice Recognition, Prismic, Full-stack, Jira Administration, Messaging, CTO, FusionAuth, Information Security, Web Security, Technical Design, Technical Hiring, Llama 2, Qdrant, SMTP

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