Michael Valasanyan, Developer in Yerevan, Armenia

Michael Valasanyan

Software Developer

Yerevan, Armenia
Toptal Member Since
July 7, 2015

Michael loves designing complex solutions that require a creative and analytical approach combined with the adoption of new technologies and methodologies. He enjoys traveling and working in a culturally diverse and global environment, communicating with international teams and creating real value for customers.

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MySQL, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, CppCMS, C++, CodeIgniter, PHP, Java, iOS...
RiderLevel (via Toptal)
MySQL, Java, AngularJS, CodeIgniter
Tidy App (via Toptal)
PHP, Android, iOS


Yerevan, Armenia



Preferred Environment

Git, Subversion (SVN), IntelliJ, Xcode, MVS, Linux, MacOS, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've implemented is the AI behind the games that we were working on.

Work Experience

2013 - PRESENT

Software Developer and Team Lead

  • Implemented a REST API for a mobile payment system in C++ using CppCMS.
  • Developed an iOS demo client and corresponding FE library using Swift and Objective-C.
  • Utilized a Java-based FE library for Android.
  • Contributed to the implementation of a demo POS and mobile wallet application for Android.
  • Collaborated on a PHP-based layer implementation on BE for admin interface and reporting system.
Technologies: MySQL, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, CppCMS, C++, CodeIgniter, PHP, Java, iOS, Android
2016 - 2017

CodeIgniter Developer

RiderLevel (via Toptal)
  • Created a PHP based multi-process task running mechanism with corresponding synchronization capabilities to be able to run huge amount background tasks.
  • Migrated ra eally complicated RL calculation algorithm from Java to PHP.
  • Added different chart based reporting capabilities.
  • Implemented Authorize.Net based payment support.
  • Integrated effectively with Strava with their API.
Technologies: MySQL, Java, AngularJS, CodeIgniter
2016 - 2017

iOS + Android + BE Developer

Tidy App (via Toptal)
  • Collaborated extensively with the Indian outsourced team.
  • Implemented Drupal-based back-end features.
  • Integrated a payment gateway working locally in Dubai.
Technologies: PHP, Android, iOS
2010 - 2013

Software Developer and Technical Lead

Crossroad.com, LLC
  • Developed process organization.
  • Communicated with product management and marketing teams.
  • Automated CM processes.
  • Researched and implemented an advanced rating engine.
  • Managed and synchronized a database between Elasticsearch and MySQL servers.
Technologies: MySQL, Elasticsearch, CodeIgniter, PHP, Flex
2011 - 2011

Software Development Consultant

Questrade, Inc.
  • Defined architecture for a mobile client.
  • Implemented a core networking module in Objective-C.
  • Integrated and implemented PhoneGap.
  • Ported a C++ library to use with the native iOS portion of the app.
  • Contributed to the implementation of the Android version.
Technologies: C++, PhoneGap, Android, iOS
2008 - 2010

Software Developer & Technical Lead

IconApps, LLC
  • Implemented a customized UI for iOS.
  • Implemented a REST API for Java-based BE communication.
  • Added a complex push notification-based engine for different calendar events.
  • Utilized a Java-based engine for importing events from different calendars and notifying the user.
  • Implemented a complex ad serving engine for in-house and third-party ads.
Technologies: Hibernate, flydb, Spring, Objective-C, Jersey, Java
2008 - 2008

Senior Software Developer

Mentor Graphics
  • Supported command language for CAA Engine integration with Calibre.
  • Implemented a Tk-based UI for different parts of Calibre.
  • Passed Calibre training.
  • Supervised junior engineers.
  • Worked in a distributed and international team.
Technologies: Tk, Tcl, C++
2004 - 2008

Software Engineer

Ponte Solutions CJSC
  • Architected TCL-based command language.
  • Defined and implemented software.
  • Implemented and supported FlexLM-based licensing.
  • Provided object model support for a TCL-based command language.
  • Implemented the middle layer for DB - GUI communication.
  • Contributed to the development of a distributed engine for cluster-based testing.
Technologies: Boost, Standard Template Library (STL), Tk, Tcl, C++



Helped on implementing the UI and implemented the bot AI based on a modified Nim algorithm.


Architected this site. It's a C++ based high performance BE implementation with universal in-memory chat engine implementation.

Standard Cell Generator

Implemented a routing algorithm based on a given net-list information. Helped in the implementation of placing algorithm.


Implemented FE and BE from the scratch. BE was implemented based on Codeigniter web framework. FE was AngularJS based. There was a huge algorithmic component in Java which was translated to PHP.



Objective-C, C++, SQL, Java, PHP, Tcl, Swift, C, JavaScript, Python, Bash, UML, C Shell, XML, C#, Lua, Flash ActionScript


Mach-II, Oracle ADF, OpenXava, AngularJS, iOS SDK, CodeIgniter, Cocoa Touch, Boost, PhoneGap, iOS Frameworks, Bootstrap, Hadoop, Jersey, Hibernate, Spring, Corona SDK, Flex, JSON Framework for Objective-C


WaveMaker, Apache Sling, OpenUI5, Xcode, IntelliJ, Shell, CppCMS, Subversion (SVN), Gcov, Valgrind, PHPEdit, GDB, GCC, Apache, GitHub, Git, CVS, Microsoft Visual Studio, Cron, Eclipse IDE


PHPixie, Takes, User Interface (UI), flydb, Clustering, Multithreading, Ajax, HTTPS, HTTP


Standard Template Library (STL), Node.js, Log4cpp, jQuery UI, jQuery, CocoaPods, Tk


REST, MapReduce


MySQL, Cassandra, MVS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, JSON, Titan Graph, HBase, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL


iOS, Apache Pig, MacOS, Ubuntu Linux, Android, Ubuntu, Unix, Linux, Windows, Java EE


2004 - 2007

Partially Completed PhD Degree in Random sequence generation

Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems - Yerevan, Armenia

2002 - 2004

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Yerevan State University, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics - Yerevan, Armenia

1998 - 2002

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Yerevan State University, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics - Yerevan, Armenia