Mike Maguire, iOS and Firebase Developer in Chicago, IL, United States
Mike Maguire

iOS and Firebase Developer in Chicago, IL, United States

Member since November 25, 2020
Mike began his career at Microsoft as a program manager on the Xbox Live team. He went on to pursue a mobile app startup, UpnUp, and then moved into fintech. His first role was as a Lead iOS developer at BLUECHXP, a stock market app for which he was the sole developer and built the app from scratch. He is currently a senior iOS developer for M1 Finance, a mid-stage startup. In addition to a breadth of hands-on experience, Mike has a bachelor's degree in computer science.
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  • M1 Finance
    iOS, Swift, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase...
  • UpnUp
    iOS, Swift, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Firebase...



Chicago, IL, United States



Preferred Environment


The most amazing...

...thing about my career is the breadth of my experience—from being a sole developer at a startup to a program manager at Microsoft.


  • Senior iOS Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    M1 Finance
    • Refactored outdated code into reusable components and modularized the project organization.
    • Spearheaded and implemented a new client analytics pipeline.
    • Implemented new features, created new components, and fixed bugs.
    • Collected and analyzed over 10 million daily client events in BigQuery.
    Technologies: Swift
  • Lead iOS Developer

    2017 - 2019
    • Completely rebuilt the v2 of a two-and-a-half-year-old iOS app (front and back end) in four months.
    • Ran SQL query analyses on 3,000+ v1 users’ data to inform v2 design decisions.
    • Reduced operational cost by 85% by architecting and optimizing the app for Firebase.
    Technologies: iOS, Swift, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase, Express.js, Node.js, TypeScript
  • Lead iOS Developer

    2016 - 2017
    • Designed and developed a group social app for iOS.
    • Integrated the app with Google’s Firebase BaaS and Facebook’s Graph API.
    • Managed the planning and execution of release cycles and user feedback.
    Technologies: iOS, Swift, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Firebase, Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase Realtime Database
  • Program Manager

    2015 - 2017
    Microsoft | Xbox Live
    • Directed the project to integrate Xbox Live (XBL) with non-XBL PC titles.
    • Wrote Python scripts to scrape, format, and supply valuable data for the title integration project.
    • Discovered, formalized, and executed a business opportunity with third-party data providers.
    Technologies: C#, Python



    A Swift-based project for simulated, gamified stock market trading. I developed the v2 of this app from the ground up, using the Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Cloud Functions as the back end to support very real-time trading simulations using real market data. The application integrated with third-party data providers and involved a subscription business model for advanced features.


  • Languages

    Swift, TypeScript, SQL, Python, C#
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Firebase iOS SDK
  • Tools

    Firebase Analytics, BigQuery
  • Platforms

    MacOS, Firebase, iOS
  • Storage

    Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore
  • Other

    Firebase Cloud Functions, Google BigQuery, Computer Science
  • Frameworks



  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2010 - 2015
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Champaign, IL, USA

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