Mustafa Süleyman Çiftçi, Software Developer in Istanbul, Turkey
Mustafa Süleyman Çiftçi

Software Developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Member since October 16, 2015
Süleyman is a full-stack software engineer with strong problem solving skills and educational background. He primarily works as a software architect on projects, but also develops front-end and back-end code depending on the compexity of the projects. He strives for efficiency, simplicity, and the best possible user experience. He is an extremely talented and versatile developer, and switching to a new platform is not a problem for him.
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Istanbul, Turkey



Preferred Environment

Git, Visual Studio, Windows, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've undertaken was SPL, where I took over a failed project and developed it from scratch in a short period of time.


  • Founder, Full-stack Developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Developed two start-up projects in Java EE.
    • Developed custom web applications for customers in Java EE, .NET, and PHP.
    • Consulted for Cardtek in their financial software solutions (Ocean Framework, C#, C++, Oracle).
    • Handled contract work for the Cordis Network in their Transportation Card Project (Web Application development, .NET MVC5).
    • Developed a web application for a human resources company to collect and preprocess resumes (.NET MVC5, Web API).
    Technologies: jQuery, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, iOS, Android, PHP, .NET, Java EE
  • Founding Partner and Software Architect

    2011 - 2014
    91 Software - Istanbul - Turkey
    • Took responsibility in management, business development, and software development activities as a founding partner.
    • Analyzed, designed, and developed the proprietary development agencies project application and monitoring software (Java EE, DB2).
    • Developed a web application for a human resources start-up in Java EE and DB2.
    • Developed other web applications for contractors in Java EE, .NET, and PHP.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM Db2, Oracle, .NET, PHP, Java EE
  • Researcher

    2010 - 2011
    TUBITAK - Defense Industries Research and Development - Ankara - Turkey
    • Developed .NET desktop and web applications.
    • Technologies used were .NET and Oracle.
    Technologies: Oracle, .NET
  • Software Developer - Non Teaching Graduate Assistant

    2005 - 2009
    Texas A&M Uniiversity
    • Developed software for various departments on campus.
    Technologies: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Visual Basic, PHP


  • Custom eCommerce Web Application

    Custom-tailored eCommerce web application for a startup. Architected a multi-tenant application that can also serve as a market place. Initially started with .NET MVC and later converted to .NET Core WebApi and Angular. Integrated with several third-party APIs, including payment, invoicing, and shipment services.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Web Application

    I architected and developed a web application for a local cryptocurrency exchange in Angular 6 and TypeScript. I mainly developed the front end and also took part in back-end development.

    I architected a highly modular solution with reusable components. I used a JWT authentication scheme with a claims based access management to different components. I used web sockets for displaying the instant changes in market prices and order books. I also implemented complex validation scenarios using directives and pipes.

  • SPL Online and Written Examination Application System

    The client came to us after the contractor before us failed to deliver the product, and they had little time before the announced launch date. I convinced the client to develop the product from scratch and we successfully delivered the product on time. The project involved integrations with a payment system, email and SMS integrations, e-invoice integration, and the other systems that the client currently uses. We developed a client web application, an administrator web application, and Windows services for scheduled integration tasks along with Windows form application for other administrative integration tasks. The project is developed in .NET with MVC5 and EntityFramework and MS SQL. For the front end, we used Semantic-UI and jQuery.

  • Ocean Banking Framework Consulting

    I worked as a consultant in a banking project for CardTek. Cardtek is an industry leader in Turkey in chip and payment technologies and has customers from all over the world. I participated in an implementation project of the Ocean Banking Framework for a bank in Azerbaijan. I took part in almost all parts of the project and developed Windows Forms, web services, stored procedures, and multithreaded server-side applications (uisng TCP/IP protocols and MSMQ).

  • Sınavarena

    Sınavarena was a startup idea of our own. We envisioned a social daily test solving web application for a variety of curricula. I designed the system architecture and the database and developed the front and back ends in Java EE and DB2.

  • CloudClientManager

    I developed a product for a Toptal client that consists of back-end API clients (.NET Web API), a web application (.NET MVC) as the front end, and Windows services and Windows Forms applications to be run on client machines. We used Azure SQL DB and Azure File Storage for database and file storage, and the web projects are deployed in Azure. I also integrated with PayPal and Braintree for receiving payments.

  • Toptanemtia

    Toptanemtia was another startup idea of ours that we developed a prototype of. It was a marketplace for commodity producers and wholesale where they can list their commodities using the detailed specification forms we create on the administrator side. I developed the system architecture, database, and front and back ends for both customer and administrator applications. I developed the project in Java EE and DB2.

  • Comeat

    I took part in the development of a startup project developed in Angular (TypeScript), .NET Core Web API, and NativeScript for mobile applications. The project consisted of an SPA front end developed in Angular, a .NET Core Web API project for the web and mobile front ends, and a .NET Core MVC project for the admin web application.

  • PAHMed Mobile Apps

    I developed mobile apps for a customer in Android and iOS for a leading Turkish pharmaceutical company. The audience for the application was medical and pharmaceutical professionals. The project consisted of an administration web application CMS for user and content management, and the mobile clients for the delivery of content to the audience.

  • Admin App for a Toptal Client

    I developed an admin application for a client from scratch in .NET Core and Aurelia. The back end was a .NET Core API project communicating with both the front end and the devices in the network. The front end was developed as a single-page app in Aurelia (using TypeScript).

  • Business Portal

    Worked as a full-stack web developer for a Toptal client. Developed, tested, and maintained .NET core web APIs for several projects within the organization. Developed front end in React. Wrote unit tests for both back end and front end.

  • Fuskey

    I took part in developing a human resources web application for a client that targets university students. The most complex task I undertook in this project was a business card designer tool using JavaScript and Java Image libraries in the back end. The project was developed in Java EE and DB2.

  • AWS Lex Bot

    I integrated a chatbot to the client's core business product to be used internally by the sales team. I extended the Vue.js codebase provided by Amazon to reflect the business needs of the client. In the back end, I developed a serverless API endpoint (AWS Lambda) that was handling the inputs from the user. In the serverless JavaScript code, I called internal APIs of the client and queried a DynamoDB database.

  • Marketing Tool for a Toptal Client

    Joined the team right before a significant release and helped deliver several new features in a short period. Took part as a front-end developer. Translated designs into HTML code and developed custom components in Angular Material.

  • Finding a Better Framework than Vue.js, React, and Angular (Publication)
    For seasoned veterans and newcomers alike, even navigating the state of mainstream front-end options takes considerable time. Exploring alternatives can be a fun way to take a break from that while getting a glimpse of the future. Whether or not these approaches stick around, the ideas within them are what will doubtless live on.


  • Languages

    SCSS, Sass, TypeScript, CSS, C#, HTML5, SQL, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C++, C, Visual Basic, Solidity, Lisp, Objective-C
  • Frameworks

    Angular, Entity 6, Bootstrap 3+, .NET Core, .NET, ASP.NET MVC 5, Bootstrap 3, Angular Material, Aurelia, Redux, Serverless Framework, CodeIgniter
  • Libraries/APIs

    Windows Forms (WinForms), jQuery, Node.js, Braintree API, PayPal API, Azure Blob Storage API, Joda-Time, Twitter API, Facebook API, React, Vue, RxJS, EJS, Web3.js
  • Tools

    Amazon Lex, Braintree SDK, Git, Subversion (SVN), Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio, JetBrains, MS Silverlight
  • Paradigms

    Database Design, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Design (OOD), REST, Scrum, Azure DevOps
  • Platforms

    Windows, Java EE, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), UWP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Azure, Oracle, AWS Lambda, MacOS, Android, iOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash
  • Storage

    JSON, Azure Websites, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, MySQL, Azure SQL, Redis Cache, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Semantic UI, BrainTree, Windows Services, Serverless, Chatbots, Azure WebJobs, CI/CD Pipelines, Payment APIs, Payment Gateways, Litecoin, Bitcoind, Bitcoin, UWP UI Design, Core, Artificial Intelligence (AI)


  • Progress towards a Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science
    2004 - 2009
    Texas A&M University - College Station, TX
  • B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science
    2000 - 2004
    University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX
  • Freshman Year of Coursework towards a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Engineering
    1999 - 2000
    Boğaziçi University - İstanbul - Turkey

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