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Nazim Balayoglu

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Senior Full Stack Developer

London, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
April 9, 2020

Nazim is a full-stack developer with more than 17 years of C# experience. He has developed highly scalable, resilient, and robust microservices. In addition to proven back-end experience, he developed single-page applications (SPA) using the Angular framework on the front-end. He has worked on Azure Cloud-based projects, where he's used Azure Durable Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage, and Azure Cosmos DB.


Fuse by Allen & Overy
Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Azure DevOps, Azure Key Vault, REST APIs...
Vector AI
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, REST APIs...
Benchmark Capital
Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Service Bus, Storage, Microservices, OAuth 2...




Preferred Environment

Programming, Cloud, Azure, Microservices, Microsoft SQL Server, Git, RabbitMQ, Azure DevOps, Angular, .NET Core, C#

The most amazing...

...project has been to transform an app that is implemented on Azure Data Factory to Azure Durable Functions as an extension to a procurement project.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack .NET Developer (Contractor)

2019 - 2020
Fuse by Allen & Overy
  • Migrated the application implemented on Azure Data Factory to Azure Durable Functions which is a Serverless architecture.
  • Designed the application's central logging mechanism and fed it into Azure Application Insight.
  • Prepared build pipelines to create artifacts and to publish Nuget packages for the common libraries using Azure DevOps.
  • Integrated due diligence workflow with Orbis API to get company information like sector, rating, etc.
  • Managed to run Azure Functions as a Docker Container on the VM, because of the reason there was a data restriction and Azure Functions were not supported by Microsoft in that region.
  • Integrated Azure Functions with HiqhQ Collaborate Tool's REST API using OAuth2.0 authentication.
Technologies: Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Azure DevOps, Azure Key Vault, REST APIs, RESTful Development, Azure Functions, Storage, .NET Core, C#

Senior Software Developer (Freelance, Startup)

2019 - 2019
Vector AI
  • Contributed to a machine learning project for a startup company. Developed application to do text clustering, text extraction, title, and content identification of data that was coming from image OCR API using Python.
  • Developed REST API using Flask to liaise with React front-end developers.
  • Implemented utilities to test processes and wrote results back to the source image file. The result was drawn as a box with correct coordinates onto the image file like title, identified content, location, or document identity number.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, REST APIs, Flask, Python

Senior Full-stack .NET Developer (Contractor)

2019 - 2019
Benchmark Capital
  • Migrated a couple of applications to use OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism.
  • Implemented batch user and company details update on the CRM module to be used by admin users.
  • Implemented microservices to populate Azure Cosmos DB from the legacy SQL Server for the changes done via the legacy system.
  • Implemented REST APIs to be used by the React front end.
  • Refactoring, performance improvements and maintenance on ASP.NET (MVC 5) application.
Technologies: Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Service Bus, Storage, Microservices, OAuth 2, REST APIs, RESTful Development, LINQ, Entity Framework Core, .NET Core, .NET, C#

Senior Full-stack .NET Developer (Contractor)

2018 - 2019
Allen & Overy
  • Used Microservices architecture and Rabbit MQ for messaging implemented integrations of multiple legal applications from scratch.
  • Automated workflows consuming REST API of the DMS tool that was newly bought.
  • Automated management of legal documents retention for the legislation.
  • Implemented web pages, using Angular SPA architecture, for the legal departments.
  • Provided REST APIs to third party companies through the Google Apigee tool for document processing, PDF generation, and content preparation.
  • Added features to legacy MVC app to communicate with microservices and APIs.
Technologies: RabbitMQ, NServiceBus, Angular, TypeScript, REST APIs, RESTful Development, Microservices, LINQ, Entity Framework Core, .NET Core, C#

Senior .NET Developer (Contractor)

2017 - 2018
  • Prepared high level and technical design documents for the integrations of seven different HSBC global applications.
  • Implemented integrations of seven different HSBC global applications between Turkey, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and the USA using IBM MQ. Integrations had Global Payments transactions of SWIFT, EFT, Tax, Custom and Invoice payments.
  • Designed a central database and request/response logging system on MS SQL 2014 for the integrations.
Technologies: Moq, NUnit, IBM MQ, SOAP, XSLT, XML, RESTful Development, REST APIs, LINQ, C#, .NET, SQL

Software Architectural Consultant

2014 - 2017
Intertech - Denizbank
  • Migrated the core banking system of Denizbank to HTML5.
  • Designed and implemented the API to connect Oracle and MS SQL from ServiceBus.
  • Integrated credit decision and scoring system of Denizbank Turkey with Sberbank Russia using IBM MQ.
  • Helped to integrate Azerbaijan ASB Bank's new core banking system SWIFT and EFT payments with the Azerbaijan Central Bank.
Technologies: HTML5, NUnit, Internet Explorer, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), IBM MQ, JavaScript, Model View Controller (MVC), XSLT, XML, Code Review, TFS, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), .NET, C#, SQL

Software Team Leader

2011 - 2014
Intertech - Denizbank
  • Redesigned and implemented a Java-based in-house legacy risk evaluation system (ScoreCard) using .Net framework that processed 700,000 credit applications received via SMS.
  • Implemented a credit decision application using .Net framework from scratch.
  • Managed and developed an infrastructure for the web performance load test of the entire integrated core banking system with 30 virtual servers and more than 10,000 virtual users.
Technologies: jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rhino Mocks, SQL, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Web Services, Model View Controller (MVC), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), .NET, C#

Software Developer

2005 - 2011
Intertech - DenizBank
  • Maintained and tuned legacy Java-based applications, and improved performance.
  • Integrated credit bureau and intelligence systems with the Central Bank of Turkey.
  • Involved in the development of core modules of a new core banking system with .Net framework in DenizBank.
Technologies: TFS, Subversion (SVN), Resin, IIS, Windows Services, Web, JavaScript, ASPX, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), HTML, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Struts, Java, .NET, C#

Expense Commission Infrastructure

Designed and developed a highly dynamic rule-based expense commission infrastructure and integrated with core banking modules, ATM, and internet banking. With a user-friendly front end, skilled end users were able to change or add new rules based on transaction channels, the amount of the transaction, or customer CRM data.

Procurement Project

My role as a tech lead was to design and develop a serverless application to integrate with a Sharepoint-like platform used for a mega procurement project. This application needed to periodically retrieve data using REST API, process with Azure Durable Functions, and manage the state of workflows on the platform.

Machine Learning Project

I was involved in a machine learning project for a startup company. I was responsible for the development of text clustering, text extraction, title, and content identification of data that was coming from image OCR API using Python. I also developed REST API using Flask to liaise with React front-end developers.

Coronavirus Case Tracker - Chrome Extension
This Chrome extension tacks coronavirus cases by choosing the country. It gives information about the death rank of the country, the number of total infections, recovered, deaths, actives, today's cases, today's deaths, and serious cases. Users can also track worldwide stats by choosing worldwide from the list. It is developed to support multiple languages.

News RSS Reader

I developed a public-facing News/Media related web application. It was a multi-language web site where it was supporting four different languages English, Russian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani. It was consuming approximately 300 RSS feeds from 100 news sources consisting of news portals, TV channels, newspapers, and news agencies. There was a backend service that was periodically retrieving RSS content, and using internally developed customizable RSS parser was parsing RSS contents then connecting to the original news page via its link analyze web content like parse news content, find original image URL, title, and category of news and view it on the Front End.

Toptal React Academy

The Toptal React Academy is an exclusive learning program that teaches the React framework to select members of the Toptal network. After a month of study, all graduates are tasked with completing a 30-40 hour final project to build and deliver a React app from scratch. The above is a walkthrough of my final project.
2000 - 2005

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering

Bogazici University - Istanbul, Turkey


Toptal React Academy Graduate

Toptal, LLC


Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals



NServiceBus, Entity Framework, ASPX, jQuery, LINQ, Moq, REST APIs, React, Node.js


Azure DevOps Services, Visual Studio, GitHub, RabbitMQ, Git, Jira, GitLab, Subversion (SVN), TFS, IBM MQ, Azure Key Vault, GitLab CI/CD, Trello


.NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Angular, Swagger, ASP.NET, Windows PowerShell, Apache Struts, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Rhino Mocks, NUnit, Entity Framework Core, OAuth 2, Bootstrap, Flask


RESTful Development, Agile, Microservices, Azure DevOps, Scrum, REST, Model View Controller (MVC), DevOps


C#, SQL, C#.NET, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, HTML5, Java, XML, XSLT, Python 2, TypeScript, Python


Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Databases, Azure SQL


Web, Azure, Azure Functions, Internet Explorer, Docker, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Programming, Full-stack, Cloud, Finance, Chrome Extensions, APIs, Serverless, Windows Services, IIS, Resin, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web Services, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Code Review, SOAP, Storage, Azure Service Bus

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