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Nicolas Girardin

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Strasbourg, France
Toptal Member Since
December 28, 2021

For the last ten years, Nicolas has brought his web and mobile technologies expertise to help companies transform digitally. He has worked with a range of clients, from small startups to international companies and organizations, both in Europe and the US.


Next.js, GitLab CI/CD, PostgreSQL, Prisma, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Node.js...
TypeScript, Material UI, Node.js, React, APIs, Responsive UI, Digital Kiosks...
NestJS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), TypeScript, React, MongoDB, Material UI...




Preferred Environment

Next.js, React, Node.js, TypeScript, Jest, Testing, CI/CD Pipelines, Full-stack

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is the website, which was enjoyable and challenging.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Developer

2022 - 2023
  • Led the migration of a responsive subscription funnel and created a new one.
  • Implemented the Figma design using Tailwind CSS. Ensured that the app was responsive and worked on both Android and iOS.
  • Designed the Postgres database schema. Built and tested the back end using Next.js and Prisma.
  • Built the CI/CD pipeline on GitLab and the test suites.
  • Monitored the production platform performance and stability.
  • Trained the internal developers on the tech stack and app development.
Technologies: Next.js, GitLab CI/CD, PostgreSQL, Prisma, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Node.js, Back-end, Docker, APIs, Responsive UI, Redux, Redux Thunk, Technical Architecture, Front-end Development, UI Design, User Interface (UI), CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end

Senior Full-stack Developer

2022 - 2022
  • Maintained existing features, fixed bugs, and develop new features on Resamania, an all-in-one gym management software SaaS.
  • Ported legacy, class-based JavaScript React components to modern React with TypeScript and hooks.
  • Migrated legacy components from Bootstrap to MaterialUI.
  • Collaborated actively with the rest of the organization, especially with the back-end and QA teams.
Technologies: TypeScript, Material UI, Node.js, React, APIs, Responsive UI, Digital Kiosks, Front-end Development, UI Design, User Interface (UI), CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end

Senior Full-stack Developer

2022 - 2022
  • Built a greenfield web project as part of a team to let Altavia's customers manage their pre-print process.
  • Collaborated with the tech team to build the front app using React and the REST API using NestJS. Both apps were written in TypeScript.
  • Wrote queries and schemas, using Mongoose to interact with the MongoDB database.
Technologies: NestJS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), TypeScript, React, MongoDB, Material UI, REST APIs, GitHub, Full-stack Development, Docker, HTML, Front-end Development, UI Design, User Interface (UI), CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end, Node.js

Senior Freelance Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2021
Merck Life Science
  • Helped Merck's R&D team explore and build innovative web applications that advance biopharma manufacturing.
  • Built a web app to launch and manage scientific simulations, then analyze the results.
  • Worked on an app that ingested and processed data from live sensors.
Technologies: React, Web Development, AWS Lambda, TypeScript, Lambda Functions, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon Cognito, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Express.js, GitHub, Full-stack Development, Docker, Bootstrap, HTML, Ant Design, Front-end Development, UI Design, User Interface (UI), CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end, Node.js


2019 - 2020
  • Worked closely with the CPO and the rest of the team. I planned, developed, tested, and maintained new features on the web and mobile apps.
  • Rewrote the mobile app from scratch in React Native, with the help of a few interns, that I onboarded and managed.
  • Researched and implemented the new Auth flow using Auth0, on the React web app and the React Native mobile app.
Technologies: HTML5, Next.js, Responsive UI, CI/CD Pipelines, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Vercel, React, React Native, GraphQL, Auth0, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), SQL, Cypress, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitHub, Monorepos, Full-stack Development, Bootstrap, HTML, Front-end Development, UI Design, User Interface (UI), Front-end, Node.js

Co-founder | CTO

2019 - 2019
  • Helped a sporting goods wholesaler create a dropshipping marketplace.
  • Developed back end and front end using TypeScript. The back end was using the serverless framework and is connected to a PostgreSQL database.
  • Worked on the back end exchanged information with the marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten, and La Redoute by using their REST or SOAP API.
  • Built front end using React with the Hooks API and the Material UI library.
Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Serverless Framework, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon CloudWatch, Material UI, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitHub, Full-stack Development, Identity & Access Management (IAM), HTML, Front-end Development, UI Design, User Interface (UI), CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end, Node.js

Senior Full-stack Developer

2016 - 2019
  • Was the first developer joining the web team, that transitioned from an external company to an internalized team in Romania. We migrated the website from Ruby on Rails to a mix of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Node.js and React.
  • Received a great multi-cultural experience, the company being split between California, Paris, and Romania.
  • Worked closely with the marketing, shop, and QA team, especially during the holiday season where the new models of the camera were released.
  • Localized the site in several languages, since it had to be mobile-first, fast, and accepts traffic spikes during product launches, without leaking assets, which proved challenging.
  • Built a robust CI/CD pipeline on CircleCI that let us quickly and safely deploy features.
Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Redux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CircleCI, CI/CD Pipelines, MySQL, Full-stack Development, Bootstrap, HTML, Front-end Development, User Interface (UI), Front-end

Freelance Developer

2011 - 2016
  • Helped the Council of Europe web team adopt AngularJS to build interactive applications on top of the Liferay platform.
  • Developed a native Android app connected to an IOIO board, controlling a robotic arm. It allowed recording movements sequences and replaying them back.
  • Built a mobile and desktop app in JavaScript, using the Sencha Touch framework, to help the warehouse workers of a local retailer prepare the orders and replace paper-based workflows.
  • Created a SaaS ERP to help a Californian first aid training center manage their classes and trainer schedules, and their students' certifications.
Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Dart, Scala, Java, Play, Play 2, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AngularJS, Liferay, Android, eCommerce, Mobile, Sencha Touch, Full-stack Development, Bootstrap, HTML, Front-end Development, User Interface (UI), CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end

GoPro Website

With the help of the web team, I've ported GoPro's website from Ruby on Rails to React and Adobe Experience Manager.

Before each holiday season, we had to update the website to reflect the new products lineup and ensure that it could handle traffic spikes on launch day.

Before the big launch event, we had to be careful not to leak any info about the new model.

AirCampus Website and Mobile Apps

AirCampus is the leading discount and cash-back app for French students.

As a CTO, I was involved in building new features and evolving the existing ones. I onboarded and managed a team of a few interns, with whom I rebuilt the React Native app from scratch.

Tip Me Baby

Tip Me Baby is the easiest cashless tipping app. It's built to allow businesses in the service industry to accept tips just by displaying a QR Code. It's a app that has been in active development for a few months.
2007 - 2010

Master's Degree in Information Technology

SUPINFO International University - Strasbourg, France


React, Node.js, REST APIs, Stripe


CircleCI, GitHub, Amazon Cognito, Auth0, Amazon CloudWatch, GitLab CI/CD, Prisma, Redux Thunk


Redux, Express.js, Bootstrap, Next.js, React Native, Serverless Framework, Material UI, Cypress, Play, Play 2, Ant Design, AngularJS, Sencha Touch, NestJS, Jest, Tailwind CSS


TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, GraphQL, SQL, PHP, Dart, Scala, Java


App Development, UI Design, Testing


Vercel, Mobile, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Google App Engine, Android, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB


Web Development, Responsive UI, CI/CD Pipelines, eCommerce, Full-stack Development, Front-end Development, User Interface (UI), Front-end, Lambda Functions, Monorepos, Liferay, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Full-stack, APIs, Digital Kiosks, Back-end,, Chakra UI, Technical Architecture

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