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Nurullah İkinci

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Android Developer

Istanbul, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
August 16, 2022

Nurullah's decade-long expertise as a software engineer is affirmed by successful applications accommodating millions of users. He specializes in Android development via Kotlin, Java, and Jetpack Compose and is proficient in iOS app and API development. Highly adept at performance tuning, managing intricate codes, and dealing with legacy code, Nurullah possesses commendable technical leadership skills with experience leading project teams and determining technical direction.


Android, Android SDK, Push Notifications, Deep Linking, Dagger 2, Hilt...
Inomera Research
Android, SDK Development, Push Notifications, Geolocation, Butterknife...
Marmara University IT Center
Android, Volley, Android UI Design, HTML Parsing, Android Studio, MacOS, Git...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Slack, Git, Android Development, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose

The most amazing... I've done is leading the Digital Operator app team for Turkey's leading telecom company with 16 million monthly users, ranked #1.

Work Experience

Android Team Lead | Senior Android Developer

2015 - PRESENT
  • Developed a consumer Android application from scratch: the app now has 16 million monthly users, with a 99.89% crash-free rate.
  • Built several applications for various customers. Built some SDKs.
  • Developed an Android SDK for the login with Turkcell account, used by many apps.
  • Created a bug reporting SDK, where the testers can easily create a Jira task of the bug through the SDK.
  • Mentored junior engineers who sought to accelerate their skills and responsibilities.
  • Worked with other research and development teams to ensure the best practices, high quality, and stability of deliverables.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs and crashes and made improvements using Jira, Firebase Crashlytics, Sonar, and Fortify as reporting tools.
Technologies: Android, Android SDK, Push Notifications, Deep Linking, Dagger 2, Hilt, MVP Design, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), RxJava, Retrofit 2, KOIN, Glide, Analytics, Android Animations, Jetpack Compose, REST APIs, Sockets, Geolocation, Firebase, Android Jetpack, Android Material Design, Coroutines, Flow, Zeplin, Android Studio, MacOS, Slack, Spring Boot, Git, Agile Software Development, Android API, Encryption, User Permissions, SDKs, Kotlin, Mobile Applications, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps, Application Security, Jira, Jenkins, Model View Presenter (MVP), Scrum, SonarQube, Material UI, Over-the-top Content (OTT), Fastlane, WebView, Microservices

Android Developer

2013 - 2015
Inomera Research
  • Got an active role on rewrote Netmera Android SDK. In addition, I added geolocation and custom push notification features.
  • Developed an Android app that shows Netmera SDKs features. It was a deal-sharing application published on Google Play.
  • Contributed to the development of an eCommerce app for LC Waikiki, a leading clothing brand in Turkey.
  • Developed a base project structure for future projects.
Technologies: Android, SDK Development, Push Notifications, Geolocation, Butterknife, MVP Design, Volley, Zeplin, Android Studio, MacOS, Slack, Git, Android API, User Permissions, SDKs, Mobile Applications, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps, Jira, Jenkins, Model View Presenter (MVP)

Android and PHP Developer

2011 - 2013
Marmara University IT Center
  • Started the official Android app of the university.
  • Published an unofficial lite version of the university app to the Play Store.
  • Maintained and added new features to the university website.
Technologies: Android, Volley, Android UI Design, HTML Parsing, Android Studio, MacOS, Git, Android API, Mobile Applications, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps

Sicak Firsatlar App
I engaged in a rewarding side project where I developed native Android and iOS applications as well as a website using Next.js, aimed at individuals who are passionate about hot deals. By exploiting the functional prowess of Spring Boot, Kotlin, and Gradle, I was able to design a robust API for this venture. The platform encourages users to share, follow deals, and have access to promotional codes and discounts, creating an interactive community for deal lovers.

Turkcell Android App
As the lead and developer of the Android development team, I played a substantial role in the successful development of a Kotlin-based utility and self-account management application for Turkcell, Turkey's largest mobile operator.

The highly robust application, benefiting from a 99.8% crash-free rate, effectively satisfies the needs of over 16 million monthly active users, making it one of the top three most downloaded apps in Turkey. My responsibilities encompassed the end-to-end management of the software development process, from conception and design to coding, testing, and maintenance, ensuring its continuous functionality and adaptability to user needs. I utilized my team leadership capabilities and advanced technical expertise in Kotlin and Android development to successfully map out project scopes, tackle complex problems, drive quality assurance, and achieve project goals within stipulated timelines.

Bidsee Android App
As an integral part of the development team, I dynamically contributed to the successful creation of a sophisticated online auction app meticulously built on the Kotlin platform.

This app engages AWS Kinesis to facilitate live streaming, a feature that greatly enhances user experience. Spearheading its Android variant, my involvement branched out to several crucial areas. I strategically utilized WebSockets to take charge of messaging and receiving bids, emphasizing smooth, real-time communication across the platform. My expertise was also employed in the implementation of in-app purchases for credit acquisition, further simplifying user engagement. Each of these elements was galvanized towards generating a transformative, seamless, and interactive application that revolutionized online bidding in the Android environment. By constantly synchronizing the interactive, monetary, and communication components, I effectively drove the project's successful development.

Login SDK

I was instrumental in developing a comprehensive Kotlin-based Android SDK for Turkcell, a robust telecommunications provider. This project encompassed the design and implementation of an integral login feature widely utilized across numerous Turkcell applications. The SDK was conceptualized with a unique chaining feature, automating the login process for applications within the same category, greatly enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. A defining aspect of this project was creating customizable UI elements, which were dynamically adaptable to meet the varying design and functionality needs of different applications. This ensured a flexible and versatile toolkit for designing uniquely differentiated applications under the Turkcell brand. This SDK played a pivotal role in bolstering user engagement across multiple applications through streamlined login processes and enhanced UI personalization.

Feed Up SDK

I was instrumental in the successful development of a bug report SDK for Turkcell. Drawn from the Android platform, I leveraged the power of the Kotlin language to create an Instabug-inspired tool aimed at enhancing efficiency for system testers.

The SDK integrated seamlessly with project management platforms such as Jira and Trello. This integration allows testers to effortlessly commence a task with indispensable information like images and priority level among others. The process initiation is quite user-friendly and intuitive, necessitating merely a screenshot to set in motion. Optimizing simplicity, quality, and productivity were at the core of this project. I ensured these by playing a key role in all the development stages, from conceptualization and design to the successful implementation of this modern and efficient bug report SDK.

Platinum Android App
In my role at Turkcell, I functioned as the lead developer on a distinctive project, crafting a Kotlin-based app intended for elite users. The app, with over 3 million downloads and over 500 thousand monthly active users, was designed to provide special promotions, discounts, and exclusive offers wrapped in a sophisticated UI design, seamlessly integrated with engaging animations. My responsibilities encapsulated not only leading the project execution but also expressing myself in the capacity of the chief Android developer. A pivotal part of my role was to incorporate essential features that empower users with complete oversight over their account management. Through my leadership, we successfully launched an app that pushes the boundaries of customer satisfaction, distinguishes its users, and sustains a robust following. The success of this project stands as a testament to my dedication and proficiency in software development.

Turkcell Sirketim App
As the sole Android developer for a sophisticated Java-based application designed for Turkcell's corporate clientele, my focus was on streamlining the management of the company's communication lines. The core architecture of the project was implemented using Java. I had the exclusive opportunity to drive the project and demonstrate my expertise in Android development throughout the process.

As part of our tech evolution initiative, the inclusion of modern features was necessitated. Thus, I extended my role to not only maintain the existing Java codebase but also complement it by adding new features using Kotlin. This included assessing the needs of our corporate customers, designing features accordingly, and seeing them through to successful integration. Overall, my instrumental role managed comprehensive app design to successful deployment, highlighting my ability to work independently and effectively weave together multiple programming languages to accomplish the project goals.

Parking Locator Service | iOS Widget App
I successfully developed an advanced iOS widget application, leveraging the SwiftUI framework, designed to simplify vehicle tracking and parking. This intricate app provides users the ability to effortlessly record and save their parking locations, either via direct location data or through photographic references.

The utility of this app stands out with an additional feature of tracking the elapsed parking duration, ensuring careful adherence to potential parking time restrictions. More complex yet user-friendly, the app comes with a customizable widget available in three different aesthetically pleasing sizes, which aids users in visually locating their parked vehicles without entering the app. This meticulously designed functionality incorporates a seamless amalgamation of precision location tracking and visual photo references, thereby providing an unmatched user experience for vehicle park tracking. This app stands as a testament to my technical prowess in iOS app development and user-centered design approach, with a focus on delivering practical, intuitive solutions for everyday issues.

Edimly | A Social Media App for Android
The project revolved around the development of a sophisticated social media application based on Java and Kotlin. As the sole Android developer, I was entrusted with the full cycle of application development, from initial planning to final deployment. This dynamic app boasts a multi-module architecture framed with an MVVM design pattern, ensuring an efficient, structured, and scalable solution.

The app supports a host of different post types for display and sharing, thus enriching user interactions and engagement. To heighten the real-time experience, it also incorporates "push notifications" and "sockets," providing users with instant updates and communication abilities.

My responsibilities spanned understanding project requirements, drafting the architecture layout, writing clean, efficient code for disruptive features, and conducting rigorous testing to ensure the top-notch usability of the app. I also worked on debugging, fixing bugs, and rolling out updates as needed. The successful deployment of this application largely underscores my capabilities as a dedicated Android developer.

Music App for TOGG (Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group)

Implemented a music streaming application, similar to Spotify, using Kotlin as the primary programming language. As the lead Android developer, I efficiently drove the project from its inception to completion within a stringent timeline. Expertly engineered 80% of the application using Jetpack Compose, exhibiting superior coding proficiency and project management skills.
2008 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Marmara University - Istanbul, Turkey


Android API, REST APIs, Retrofit 2, Java Servlets, RxJava, Butterknife, Volley, Sockets, CocoaPods, Node.js, Material 2, Retrofit


Slack, Figma, Zeplin, Git, Xcode, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Jetpack, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Fastlane, WebView, Flow, Gradle, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), SonarQube, Jenkins, Jira


Java, Kotlin, Swift, SQL


Android Material Design, Mobile Development, Agile Software Development, Microservices, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Scrum, Model View Presenter (MVP)


MacOS, Android, iOS, Firebase, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


Spring Boot, Dagger 2, SwiftUI, Android SDK, KOIN, Glide, Material UI, Thymeleaf


Push Notifications, Hilt, User Permissions, SDKs, Mobile Applications, Mobile Apps, Jetpack Compose, Encryption, App Store, APIs, Application Security, Over-the-top Content (OTT), SDK Development, Geolocation, MVP Design, Android UI Design, HTML Parsing, Deep Linking, Analytics, Android Animations, Coroutines, Amazon Kinesis, WebSockets, In-app Purchases

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