Orsolya Belasitz, OpenFin Developer in London, United Kingdom
Orsolya Belasitz

OpenFin Developer in London, United Kingdom

Member since September 30, 2019
Orsolya has been working as a full-stack developer for several years on both smaller and larger-scale projects. She has a strong detail-oriented mindset, loves solving exciting problems, and enjoys working both independently and as part of a team. While Orsolya considers herself language-agnostic and always eager to learn new technologies, she is most experienced in HTML/CSS, React, Node.js, REST APIs, C#, Docker, SQL, and NoSQL.
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  • Adoptech
    React, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL
  • Redkite
    Microsoft SQL Server, Web API, C#, TypeScript, Redux, React
  • Irisium
    Java, Docker, Cassandra, Electron, TypeScript, React



London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

GitHub, Visual Studio Code

The most amazing...

...website I've worked on was a popular auction site. It's amazing to work on something that millions of people use every day and I can see the impact of my code.


  • Contract Software Engineer

    2020 - PRESENT
    • Developed a web app from almost the beginning to deliver a platform for business users.
    • Delivered regular bug fixes through regular testing of the application.
    • Collaborated with the design team to improve user experience.
    Technologies: React, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL
  • Full-stack Software Consultant

    2019 - 2020
    • Improved the UI of existing platforms working with no design team involved.
    • Implemented third-party authentication with Okta and Microsoft Azure.
    • Added unit tests to existing projects, improved the test coverage and overall project stability to get fewer bugs.
    • Integrated dashboards into a data analytics platform.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Web API, C#, TypeScript, Redux, React
  • Software Engineer Consultant

    2018 - 2019
    • Contributed to the build of a greenfield front end for a trading surveillance platform.
    • Designed the coding patterns for front-end development.
    • Performed frequent code reviews and peer programming.
    • Designed and implemented a cross-window authentication framework via OpenFin.
    • Collaborated with back-end developers on API designs.
    • Implemented a graph visualization of large historical data.
    Technologies: Java, Docker, Cassandra, Electron, TypeScript, React
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    • Contributed to the build of a client-facing application for an AI startup.
    • Delivered full-stack features with unit testing.
    • Gathered user feedback on front-end functionalities.
    • Performed frequent code reviews and peer programming.
    • Developed large multi-page forms.
    Technologies: Cassandra, Node.js, React
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2017 - 2018
    • Developed the main software for a global logistics company.
    • Researched and analyzed data deduplication algorithms.
    • Improved processes by giving feedback to the wider team.
    • Performed code reviews and peer programming.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, C#
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    Trade Me
    • Participated in the full-stack development of the top New Zealand auction website.
    • Performed frequent code reviews and peer programming.
    • Delivered full-stack functionalities in a strongly Agile manner.
    • Developed secure payment flow processing credit card and balance payments.
    Technologies: Mercurial, SQL, C#, .NET, REST APIs, TypeScript, AngularJS
  • Software Development Engineer Consultant

    2016 - 2016
    • Consulted on continuous deployment for a New Zealand bank.
    • Developed a PowerShell script library to support continuous development across multiple teams.
    • Advised on best practices.
    • Consulted on improving inter-team collaboration processes.
    Technologies: Windows PowerShell, TFS
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2011 - 2015
    Morgan Stanley
    • Collaborated with an international team on the operation, support, and troubleshooting of an in-house built configuration management system and related tools.
    • Worked in a scrum development team on a custom configuration management system.
    • Performed frequent code reviews and peer programming.
    Technologies: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows PowerShell, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, C#


  • Choose Your Dog Website

    This is a full-stack project that I made in order to experiment with a variety of technologies. I developed the website using the following technologies: React, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Google Cloud.

  • Chat Application Using Socket.IO

    A chat application built with Socket.IO, Node.js, Express, React, React Context, React Hooks, and TypeScript. It can retain chat messages and re-join the chat room. Themes and user settings are saved through local storage and React Context.

  • Athena Mobile App

    Developed a mobile app for Athena, an open source festival logistic management project. The mobile app is written in React Native and is currently published live on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Python, C#, SQL, HTML5, CSS, Java
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, REST APIs, Passport.js, Web API
  • Other

    Debugging, Troubleshooting, Third-party Authentication, Authentication, OpenFin, User Authentication, APIs, Okta, Enzyme, Collaborative Design
  • Frameworks

    JSON Web Tokens (JWT), OAuth 2, Jest, Selenium, Electron, Redux, AngularJS, .NET, Windows PowerShell, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Ruby on Rails (RoR), React Native
  • Tools

    GitHub, Mercurial, Webpack 4, Keycloak, Git, Webpack, TFS, React Apollo
  • Paradigms

    Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment, Agile Software Development
  • Industry Expertise

  • Storage

    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Cassandra, MongoDB, NoSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Platforms

    Firebase, Visual Studio Code, Docker


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering
    2005 - 2011
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Budapest, Hungary

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