Pablo Sebastián Abbate, Developer in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
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Pablo Sebastián Abbate

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Architecture Developer

Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
October 28, 2013

Pablo is a results-driven, customer-focused, articulate, and analytical senior systems engineer with excellent technical and communication skills. He has over eleven years of experience and has a strong background designing high performance environments.


HATEOAS, JavaScript, Apache Maven, Elasticsearch, Hystrix, ReactiveX...
AngularJS, Apache Maven, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Spring MVC, Java
D3.js, Apache Maven, Hadoop, Cassandra, Titan Graph, Elasticsearch, Spring MVC...




Preferred Environment

Git, IntelliJ IDEA, OS X

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a service that has to crawl pages, get the internal links, audit each link, and publish the results in a high concurrent environment.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2015 - 2017
  • Implemented features across different modules of the application, such as liking, comments, friends, and profiles.
  • Implemented a new module from scratch, helping on core definitions such as notifications, mentions, and friendship.
  • Implemented lambda processes to sync data between the CMS and a new datasource, exposing the synced data throughout a new API built from scratch.
  • Designed and implemented new entities and services, while helping to build out a flexible and extensible API.
Technologies: HATEOAS, JavaScript, Apache Maven, Elasticsearch, Hystrix, ReactiveX, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Java 8

Senior Software Engineer - Team Lead

2015 - 2017
  • Designed the model to allocate location data for 150+ clients (around 100 thousand locations).
  • Designed and implemented the Hadoop jobs to crawl and fetch the listing information for more than twenty online directories such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and Yellowpages.
  • Defined the Elasticsearch entities to store the data, as well as defining and implementing the services to generate reports (Citations, Rankings, Data Accuracy).
  • Designed and implemented a strategies module to customize the data acquisition for each client by online directory.
  • Developed some UI screens and reports.
Technologies: AngularJS, Apache Maven, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Spring MVC, Java

Senior Java Developer

2014 - 2015
  • Designed and Implemented the model to allocate the visits/sharing information from 500+ campaigns (around 100 million visits each campaign).
  • Designed and Implemented the Hadoop jobs to process the campaign logs.
  • Created the web app from scratch, with a WS layer, services layer, DAO layer, and model layer.
  • Designed the DAO layer to use the Titan Graph database (connected with Cassandra) and Elasticsearch as a back-end index.
  • Implemented several reports using Elasticsearch. Some of them were also using D3 Maps.
Technologies: D3.js, Apache Maven, Hadoop, Cassandra, Titan Graph, Elasticsearch, Spring MVC, Java

Senior Java Developer

2014 - 2015
  • Created a process to tag 1+ million items based on customizable rules.
  • Defined faceted searches using Apache Solr depending on business rules.
  • Defined and implemented a payment workflow using Stripe.
  • Items ingestion using external XML, CSV, and XLSX files.
  • Defined a full continuous integration process, using Jenkins and Git in AWS EC2.
  • Integrated image services with AWS CloudFront and AWS S3.
  • Integrated production deployment with AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Defined and implemented SEO for single pages (Angular) using Prerender, Node.js, and Phantom.js.
Technologies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PhantomJS, Jenkins, JUnit, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, AngularJS, Apache Maven, Jersey, Java

Senior Developer

2013 - 2013
Nissi Group
  • Created the authentication/authorization layer using Spring Security (for both web services and login form).
  • Created the DAO layer using Hibernate/Spring.
  • Created the WS endpoints with Jersey.
  • Created the front-end with JSF 2.0 (Prime Faces).
Technologies: Git, Apache Maven, Hibernate, Jersey, Spring Core, Spring Security, PrimeFaces, JSF, Jakarta EE, Java

SR Developer

2012 - 2013
  • Implemented the back-end services related to the keywords discovery.
  • Created fully extensible services to switch implementations at any time.
  • Built a service which consumes Common Crawl Index to get the pages from a specific website (avoiding having to crawl the website itself).
  • Created Hadoop job to get pages from Common Crawl Data and then reverse the links in order to get the incoming back links for every URL.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Tomcat, Cassandra, Apache Maven, Node.js, Hadoop, Spring, Java 6, Java EE


2011 - 2013
  • Designed architecture, wrote documentation, planned, and estimated projected effort.
  • Conducted technical interviews and designed the recruitment process.
  • Created institutional processes definition like configuration management, deployments, and peer reviews.
Technologies: Apache JMeter, Spring, XSD, Ehcache, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Eclipse, Java 6, Java EE


2011 - 2012
Tarjeta Naranja
  • Handled software design, documentation, and planning.
  • Trained colleagues.
  • Made effort estimations and task assignments.
Technologies: SoapUI, XSD, Spring Web Services, Ehcache, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), MySQL, Eclipse, Java, Java EE

SR Developer

2011 - 2012
Sirius XM
  • Collaborated with a team to design and implement most the back-end services.
  • Designed the load testing and analyzed the memory usage.
Technologies: Ehcache, Memcached, Apache Maven, JSON, XML, Spring, CXF, JGroups, JBoss Cache, JBoss, Apache JMeter, MySQL, Eclipse, Java, Java EE

Technical Lead

2010 - 2011
  • Architected the front-end layer (Struts 2 - jQuery) and a back-end layer consuming REST services.
  • Made effort estimations and task assignments.
Technologies: XSL, XML, JBoss, Oracle 10g, Hibernate, JSF, Spring, Java EE

SR Developer

2010 - 2010
  • Load tested back-end services.
  • Implemented the Nimbuzz WAP (Wicket).
  • Integrated Facebook through XMPP.
Technologies: Jira, Apache Maven, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Apache Wicket, Spring, Apache Tomcat, XMPP, Cisco Jabber, MySQL, Eclipse, Java, Java EE

Senior Developer

2009 - 2010
American Airlines
  • Maintained the back-end services.
  • Handled the strict documentation process and configuration management efforts.
Technologies: AccuRev, SOA Testing, CXF, Web Services, Apache Ant, IBM WebSphere, MyEclipse, Java EE

Technical Leader

2007 - 2009
Bolsa de Santiago
  • Analyzed every functional and non-functional requirement.
  • Designed and implemented the architecture.
  • Designed and implemented the core features and the cross functional requirements.
  • Handled planning and effort estimations.
  • Trained coleagues.
Technologies: Web Services, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Apache Velocity, XSL, XML, XSD, Apache Ant, Apache Jackrabbit, .NET, Adobe Flex, Apache Lucene, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft SQL Server, Spring, MySQL, Hibernate, Apache Tiles, Apache Struts, Liferay, Java EE

Senior Developer

2006 - 2007
  • Worked with people from different countries in the same office, which gave the entire team a very special dynamic.
  • Created the public auction module, which consisted of many complex workflows to move the goods across different states.
Technologies: XSL, XML, JBoss, Oracle 10g, Hibernate, JSF, Spring, Java EE

Senior Developer, Analyst

2006 - 2006
  • Analyzed, designed, and implemented a public refund information system.
  • Defined the requirements, designed the architecture, and coordinated the team (devs and testers).
Technologies: IBM Db2, MySQL, SQL Server 2005, AS400, Web Services, XML, Hibernate, Apache Struts, Java EE


2006 - 2006
PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • Created module to integrate two back-end systems according to specific production rules.
  • Parsed and merged several XML files in order to define the current production plan.
Technologies: SAX, XML, IBM Db2, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Apache Struts, Java EE


2005 - 2006
Vates S.A.
  • Researched and designed the institutional framework.
Technologies: MagicDraw, Apache Velocity, Apache Struts, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse, Java SE
2001 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Systems Engineering

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Córdoba, Argentina


Apache Lucene, Java Servlets, JAX-RS, Apache Jackrabbit, Node.js, JGroups, SAX, D3.js, ReactiveX, Hystrix, PhantomJS, Stripe, Facebook API, JasperReports, jQuery


Eclipse IDE, Apache Maven, IntelliJ IDEA, Apache Solr, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Apache Tomcat, GitHub, Apache Ant, Git, MySQL Workbench, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Subversion (SVN), Apache JMeter, MagicDraw, MyEclipse, SoapUI, Cisco Jabber, Jira, JProfiler, VirtualBox, AccuRev, Visio, Bamboo


Spring, Spring Security, Jersey, Spring MVC, Hadoop, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, AngularJS, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Apache Struts, JavaServer Faces, Hibernate, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Apache Velocity, Apache Tiles, Adobe Flex, .NET, CXF, JSF, Apache Wicket, PrimeFaces, Spring Core, JUnit, Android SDK


JSE, MacOS, Java EE, Amazon EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Ubuntu, Windows, Eclipse, IBM WebSphere, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jakarta EE, OS X, XAMPP, JBoss, Drupal, Android, Drupal 7, Oracle, Debian Linux


Java, Java 8, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, XML, UML, Java SE, XSD, XSL, Java 6


Elasticsearch, Titan Graph, Database Modeling, JSON, MySQL, Cache, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), NoSQL, Spring Data, SQL Server 2005, IBM Db2, Microsoft SQL Server, JBoss Cache, Oracle 10g, Cassandra, Memcached


Agile Software Development, MapReduce, Concurrent Programming, Unit Testing, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, Scrum, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Model View Controller (MVC), Continuous Integration (CI), Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Cross-platform, Aspect-oriented Programming


Architecture, Liferay, HATEOAS, XMPP, Web Services, AS400, SOA Testing, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Web Logic, Spring Web Services, Unix Shell Scripting, Ehcache, Enterprise Architecture

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