Pablo Lalloni, Developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Pablo Lalloni

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Architecture Developer

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
December 17, 2012

Pablo is an architect and developer with extensive experience in a wide range of techniques and technologies and a strong ability to understand and solve problems efficiently while keeping in mind the big picture. He consistently achieves very high quality and has successfully led several projects with small teams.



Preferred Environment

Zsh, Git, Sublime Text, Linux, GNU

The most amazing... I've recently built is a web app for graphically exploring and researching deep (millions of arcs) graphs of formal relationships between people.

Work Experience

Corporative Software Architecture Chief

2015 - PRESENT
Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos
  • Helped to solve systems architectural problems across the organization.
  • Helped to determine best technology stacks to apply to new solutions across the organization.
  • Led the development team to design and build a new cross-organizational, technology agnostic (http proxy based), middleware stack handling all cross-cutting concerns such as security, logging, tracing, load balancing, failover, audit, styling, elasticity, configuration, service location, etc., for web applications.
  • Led maintenance teams to keep up with requirement changes on previously developed systems.
Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, Spark, HDFS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Java, Scala, Docker, Go

Architecture Team Lead

2009 - 2015
Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos de Argentina
  • Created a system for conducting analysis and research of formal and informal relationships (legal, fiscal, familiar, banking, geographic, etc.) between several million people. Used Scala, Akka, Neo4J, Unfiltered, ExtJS, ScalaQuery, Oracle, etc.
  • Created centralized service-oriented big-data object repository with business driven addressing. Used Java, HDFS, JAX-RS, etc.
  • Created centralized service-oriented big-data audit track registry. Used Java, HBase, JAX-RS, etc.
  • Created a web application for audit data forensics research with Java, GWT, JAX-RS, etc.
  • Created a web application for the survey and visualization of corporate IT assets and features (systems, modules, interfaces, technologies, common patterns, etc.) for IT governance support. Used Python, Django, SmartClient, PlantUML, etc.
  • Created a set of common libraries for easing integration and general use of corporative services and assets targeting a wide development organizational area using many underlying libraries and technologies based on Java and Scala using many technologies.
  • Advised & supported architecture and design decisions of a wider development area in the organization comprising approximately 50 developers.
Technologies: Hadoop, Akka, JavaScript, Java, Scala

Technical Lead

2004 - 2009
Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos de Argentina
  • In charge of architectural, design, and technological decisions in the construction of the core business system for monitoring taxpayers' obligation compliance (tens of millions of taxpayers, billions of obligations), monitoring and managing collections and defaults, exposing information for all stakeholders including taxpayers, public service staff (tens of thousands) in (hundreds) of decentralized agencies and mid & top management levels staff (hundreds) to support decision making.
  • Created various web based user interfaces for the aforementioned system. Used Java, Groovy, Tapestry, HiveMind, Hibernate, Oracle, etc.
  • Created various components which together implemented the business processes and base frameworks of the afore mentioned system and components. Used Java, Groovy, HiveMind, Hibernate, Oracle, JMS, etc.
Technologies: Oracle, Hibernate, Tapestry, Apache Hive, Java

Senior Developer

2003 - 2004
  • Created various software components in a big-sized multi-platform project (200 to 300 persons) devoted to the green-field reimplementation of the commercial and industrial processes management systems in the metallurgic industry. Used Java, BCFJ, Oracle, etc.
Technologies: Java


2000 - 2002
Integral Software
  • Created and/or supported modules for a small to medium business management system, touching code in accounting, payroll, POS, ERP & CRM modules. Used PowerBuilder.
  • Created and/or supported customization modules for aforementioned system for specific clients' industries including: dental practices, dental insurance organizations, textile manufacturing, gas stations, fuel distribution, and legal firms. Used PowerBuilder.
  • Created a specific dental practice management software system, integrated with centralized dental insurance company system. Used Delphi.
Technologies: PowerBuilder, Delphi, Java

Various GitHub Projects

Various projects I've created for use in different jobs, as well as contributions made to known open source initiatives.
1996 - 2004

Engineer (Unfinished) Degree in Information Systems Engineering

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Argentina


spray, Unfiltered, Joda-Time, Mesosphere, D3.js, Slick, ScalaQuery, Node.js, Scalaz, jQuery, Guava


Eclipse IDE, Jetty, Apache Maven, Scala IDE, NGINX, Zsh, Sublime Text, GitHub, Apache, Vim Text Editor, Trac, SBT, Git, Subversion (SVN), ScalaTest, Apache Ant


Hibernate, Play Framework, Akka, Hadoop, Ext JS, Guice, JUnit, TestNG, SmartClient, Tapestry, Spark, Apache Spark, AngularJS, Android SDK, OSGi, Spring, Django


Go, JavaScript, Scala, Java, Python, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Bash, Julia, SQL, Groovy, Ruby


Functional Reactive Programming, Top-down Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, Distributed Programming, Actor Programming, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Concurrent Programming, Asynchronous Programming, Test-driven Development (TDD), Aspect-oriented Programming, Agile Software Development, MapReduce, Reflective Programming


Docker, DigitalOcean, Linux, Java EE, JSE, OpenStack, Oracle, Apache Pig, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Elasticsearch, JBoss AS, Neo4j, HDFS, MongoDB, Apache Hive, JBoss Infinispan, MySQL, CouchDB, HBase, PostgreSQL


Software Architecture, Cascading, Apache Commons, GNU

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