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Piotr Zduniak

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Łódź, Poland
Toptal Member Since
August 17, 2016

Piotr is an expert back-end software engineer, based in Poland, who specializes in the development of scalable Go servers and security protocol implementations and designs. He has worked for several security, IoT, and data processing-related startups as a lead engineer.


Nucleos, Inc.
Internet of Things (IoT), Node.js, Linux, Go
PHP, Couchbase, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, AngularJS, React...
REST APIs, Google Cloud, MySQL, Go




Preferred Environment

Sublime Text, Zsh, Git, Windows, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project that I've worked on was an open-source zero-knowledge encrypted email platform that significantly helped people living under oppressive regimes.

Work Experience

Vice President of Engineering

2017 - PRESENT
Nucleos, Inc.
  • Developed a complete IoT platform for education from scratch.
  • Architected protocols that work in low-connectivity environments.
  • Developed a scalable remote device management solution using customized OpenVPN.
  • Created a safe, sandboxed, Docker-based architecture for running third-party apps using shared resources.
  • Developed a safe OTA update system for low-power devices that prevented "bricking" of the devices if they restarted during the process.
Technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), Node.js, Linux, Go

Freelance Developer

2013 - PRESENT
  • Completed many projects for a variety of clients, ranging from small businesses, universities, to large corporations.
  • Dealt with clients from different backgrounds, skillfully communicated with both experts and novice users.
  • Mastered various technologies over the course of the company's existence.
  • Deployed software to many platforms, from public clouds, private clouds to small one-dedicated server deployments.
  • Much of the various types of software created were used internally at various institutions—from education to major IT companies.
Technologies: PHP, Couchbase, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, AngularJS, React, JavaScript, Node.js, Go

Project Lead

2016 - 2017
  • Designed a public-facing API for the product.
  • Made significant recommendations regarding the whole project's architecture.
  • Reviewed other developers' work.
  • Created a full test suite for the application.
  • Designed highly scalable project architecture.
Technologies: REST APIs, Google Cloud, MySQL, Go


2015 - 2016
  • Founded Pgp.st which was built upon the ideas that I came up with during my work in Lavaboom that were too radical to be implemented there.
  • Innovated even more in the field of zero-knowledge email systems; all based on the hybrid cloud approach.
  • Implemented a hybrid cloud approach—a local device handled the messages first, with the cloud as a fallback.
  • Developed one of the first implementations of Daniel Kahn Gillmor's Memory Hole OpenPGP proposal.
  • Designed a service in a mobile-first approach; used ChaCha20 & Poly1305 for a supreme mobile performance.
  • Ported Argon2 to Go which increased security where possible.
Technologies: OpenPGP, Internet of Things (IoT), RethinkDB, Go

Project Lead

2014 - 2015
Lavaboom GmbH
  • Developed the service's whole API.
  • Implemented a high-performance, pipeline-based mailer server.
  • Created a real-time notification system that synchronized over a whole cluster.
  • Proposed improvements to the OpenPGP spec that might be implemented in 4480 bis.
  • Deployed a private cloud platform (a combination of IaaS and PaaS) for our own purposes.
Technologies: Docker, OpenPGP, RethinkDB, Go

Go Developer

2013 - 2014
Null Pointer, Inc.
  • Created a JSON manifest to HTML transformer.
  • Wrote a Go SVG to PNG rastifier.
  • Used a queue-based architecture to achieve the highest possible throughput.
  • Applied OOP design principles to HTML/CSS/JS sites.
  • Achieved 95% test coverage using unit and end-to-end behavioral tests.
Technologies: CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, Go

Lavaboom's SMTPD Server

I developed a sample simple mail transfer protocol daemon (SMTPD) server framework in Go while working for Lavaboom, a secure email startup. This project involved creating a server framework in the Go programming language to implement an SMTP functionality.

Argon2 Implementation in Go

A conversion of the C implementation to Go with some API changes, threaded code converted to the goroutine model and some tests.

Nearly All of Lavaboom's Open Source Libraries

I was responsible for almost every non-front-end component of Lavaboom, an open-source email service.

PGP Manifest Format

This was later merged with Memory Hole—this speeds up the parsing of encrypted emails on mobile. It also could be implemented in RFC 4880.


Go, GraphQL, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, D, C, C#, C++, SQL, PHP, Ruby


Swagger, Redux, Django, AngularJS


NSQ.io, Vue, React, Node.js, REST APIs, jQuery


Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, High-performance Computing, DevOps, Concurrent Programming


Docker, iOS, Linux, Blockchain, MacOS, Windows


Redis, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, Memcached, NoSQL, Couchbase, Google Cloud, SQLite, MySQL


NGINX, Git, Zsh, Sublime Text, Adobe Photoshop


Bitcoin, HAProxy, OpenPGP, Internet of Things (IoT)