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Ramiz Raja

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Senior Android App Developer

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Toptal Member Since
February 15, 2021

Ramiz is a senior Android developer with over nine years of experience working with Java and Kotlin. He is a Google-certified associate Android developer. He contributed to the Plume B2B Android app, which has different flavors used by ten businesses, and the Unified Remote Android app, which has 1.5 million installs. Ramiz recently added iOS development with Swift to his skills and enjoys delivering high-functioning, stable apps that users love.


Augustine Institute, Inc.
React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Cross-platform App Development, Native Mobile Apps...
Andrew Wong
Android, Kotlin, API Integration, React Native, JavaScript, TypeScript, ML Kit...
VEGA Global Corporation
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, Swift, Android Jetpack...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Slack, Jira, Android Studio, GitHub, Jenkins, CircleCI, Firebase

The most amazing...

...app I have contributed to is the Plume B2B app using Kotlin multiplatform and MVVM with clean-code architecture. The app's flavors are used by over ten OEMs.

Work Experience

Mobile Developer

2024 - 2024
Augustine Institute, Inc.
  • Developed three MVP versions of the same streaming app in native Android (Kotlin), native iOS (Swift, SwiftUI), and React Native.
  • Compared the three MVPs' performance, load time, and memory usage and shared my results in text and graph forms with the client.
  • Helped the client choose the right development technology (native vs. React Native) to continue developing their streaming app.
Technologies: React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Cross-platform App Development, Native Mobile Apps, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps, iOS, Mobile App Development, Android, SwiftUI, TypeScript, JavaScript, Deployment, Redux, Context API, UIKit, Jetpack Compose, Brightcove, Streaming, Media3, Brightcove API, Banuba

Android and React Native Developer

2023 - 2023
Andrew Wong
  • Used Firebase ML kit to extract text from images and let the user edit it before moving forward to the next phase.
  • Translated text between English, Chinese, and Mandarin using Firebase ML kit translation API.
  • Used Google's text-to-speech API to read the translated texts in the user's preferred language between English, Chinese, or Mandarin.
  • Helped the client deploy the app to his local devices.
Technologies: Android, Kotlin, API Integration, React Native, JavaScript, TypeScript, ML Kit, Firebase, Text to Speech (TTS), Photo to Text, UIKit, Jetpack Compose, Coroutines, Room, Jetpack Room, Dagger 2, Hilt, Android Jetpack, OCR

Mobile Developer

2023 - 2023
VEGA Global Corporation
  • Helped fix many critical bugs in the app onboarding flows.
  • Added the functionality of user token management and automatic logout on session expiry.
  • Wrote many UI components using Jetpack Compose, including user profile and edit user profile flows.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, Swift, Android Jetpack, Jetpack Compose, Cross-platform App Development, Mobile Apps, Google Analytics 4, UIKit, Auth0

Android Developer

2021 - 2023
Yahoo, Sports
  • Added new features to the Daily Fantasy module without doing any major refactoring in the existing old codebase.
  • Fixed countless bugs tracked by Jira and reported by Embrace, Sentry, and the QA team. As a result, the crash and ANR rates were down significantly following each subsequent release.
  • Worked on multiple new features, UI redesigns, and many extremely hard-to-fix bugs that were part of many successful app releases on the Google Play Store downloaded by millions of users.
Technologies: Java, Android, Kotlin, Android Development, JUnit, Agile, Agile Software Development, Android Jetpack, Dagger 2, Retrofit, Retrofit 2, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Model View Presenter (MVP), Room, RoomDB, Git, GitHub, Jira, Zeplin, Figma, Debugging, Automated Testing, Collaboration, TypeScript, Clean Code, Jetpack Compose, OkHttp, Unit Testing, Gradle, API Integration, APIs, Performance, Mobile, Requirements Analysis, Native Mobile Apps, Cloud Firestore, Agile Practices, CI/CD Pipelines, RxBindings, Mobile Development, JavaScript, WebView, React Native, Mobile Apps, Redux, Context API, SDK Development, Software Development Toolkits (SDK), SDKs

Native Mobile Developer

2021 - 2021
Carpenters Code Inc
  • Refactored the entire app to fix major bugs and performance issues.
  • Updated the app theming and localization to prepare it for white-labeling.
  • White-labeled the app by applying a new theme and design suited for the new organization.
  • Helped in its deployment and approval from the Google Play Store.
  • Worked with their existing team to transfer the domain knowledge of how I white-labeled the app and what the essential parts are to take care of once I am gone.
Technologies: Android, Kotlin, Swift, Agile Practices, Agile, Android Jetpack, Jetpack Room, Room, RoomDB, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Coroutines, Flow, Audio Streaming, Retrofit, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, Refactoring, Code Refactoring, White Labeling, Agile Sprints, Agile Software Development, Java, Dark Mode, Android Theming, Android App Development, Deployment

Senior Android Developer

2020 - 2021
  • Led a team of four members, out of five teams and 30+ mobile developers, to bring a new Plume B2B app, WorkPass, to life using Scrum and Jira to manage sprints.
  • Maintained and fixed bugs in the old Plume B2B app, HomePass, using Jira as a bug tracking tool.
  • Collaborated with the company leadership for requirements, design validation, and sprint planning.
  • Validated code PRs by working as a GitHub code owner for the Android UI layer.
Technologies: Android, Android Jetpack, Android Architecture Components, Android Studio, Ktor, Hilt, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, Kotlin, Java, Coroutines, Flow, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM), JUnit, Mockito, GitHub, Agile, Scrum, Testing, Firebase, GitFlow, Jenkins, Push Notifications, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Clean Code, REST APIs, Navigation, Roboelectric Testing Framework, Espresso, Figma, Agile Sprints, Room, RoomDB, Multithreading, Algorithms, Processing & Threading, Google Analytics API, Android SDK, Stateflow, Agile Software Development, Jira, Android Development, Kotlin Multiplatform, Debugging, Automated Testing, Collaboration, OkHttp, Unit Testing, UI Testing, Clean Architecture, SwiftUI, Swift, Gradle, A/B Testing, MySQL, API Integration, APIs, Mobile, Leadership, Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Native Mobile Apps, Cloud Firestore, Networking, TCP/IP, Agile Practices, CI/CD Pipelines, Test-driven Development (TDD), Mobile Development, WebView, Mobile Apps, OneSignal, SDK Development, Software Development Toolkits (SDK), SDKs

Senior Android Developer

2018 - 2020
  • Led a team of four members and two Android apps at Jirah, the Jirah Sitter app, and the Jirah Parent app.
  • Brought a clean codebase into existence by using MVVM and the latest libraries such as Kotlin Coroutines, Dagger2, retrofit2, Android Navigation Component, WorkManager, Room, ViewModel, LiveData, Android Paging, and other Android JetPack libraries.
  • Delivered the Jirah Sitter app from inception to deployment in under six months, so the Jirah Sitter Android app is my baby!
  • Took over the Jirah Parent app after finishing the Jirah Sitter app. The app was unstable and janky. Fixed all the major bugs, improved UI rendering performance, and eliminated all UI janks in under one month.
  • Streamlined the deployment process by setting up an automatic build and deployment pipeline using Bitbucket Pipeline and Google Play API.
  • Wrote a custom chat SDK using Sendbird SDK and published it as a private repository, now used by both Jirah Sitter and Jirah Parent Android apps for chat functionality.
Technologies: Android, Android Jetpack, Jira, Android Studio, Kotlin, Retrofit 2, Dagger 2, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Agile, Android Architecture Components, Android SDK, Bitbucket Pipelines, Bitbucket, Clean Code, Java, Git, GitFlow, Navigation, REST APIs, JSON REST APIs, Sockets, Socket Programming, Socket.IO, Coroutines, Multithreading, Room, RoomDB, Paging, Push Notifications, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Zeplin, User Permissions, RxJava, RxAndroid, Flow, Debugging, Collaboration, OkHttp, Unit Testing, Gradle, MySQL, API Integration, APIs, Mobile, Leadership, Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Native Mobile Apps, Google Pay, Cloud Firestore, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Agile Practices, CI/CD Pipelines, Mobile Development, WebView, Fastlane, Mobile Apps, Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Functions, OneSignal, SDK Development, Software Development Toolkits (SDK), SDKs

Android and iOS Mobile Application Developer

2017 - 2018
Unified Remote
  • Handled the Unified Remote Android and iOS apps already written and had an extensive user base (one million+). Collaborated closely with the original developers for effective transfer of the domain knowledge.
  • Upgraded the app’s aging codebase rapidly from a minimum API 9 to 14 to take advantage of newer APIs. Removed duplicated and dead code in under three months.
  • Eliminated UI janks due to slow rendering by using GPU and memory profilers to locate code blocks, optimizing them to bring the frame rendering time and memory usage under Android vitals limits, resulting in a 3x improvement.
Technologies: Android, Android Architecture Components, Android Jetpack, GitHub, Java, Swift, Objective-C, C++, Android NDK, Socket Programming, Multithreading, Sockets, Socket.IO, GitFlow, Git, Android SDK, Agile, iOS, Mobile App Development, App Development, Xcode, iPhone, iPhone SDK, Android Studio, Encryption, Data Compression, User Permissions, AdMob, Debugging, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Collaboration, OkHttp, Unit Testing, UI Testing, iOS SDK, Algorithms, Gradle, MySQL, API Integration, Data Encryption, APIs, Performance, Mobile, Requirements Analysis, Native Mobile Apps, Cloud Firestore, Networking, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Mobile Development, WebView, Fastlane, Cross-platform App Development, Mobile Apps

Android Developer

2015 - 2017
Chat Sports
  • Delivered the chat sports Android app from inception to development in less than a year. Collaborated with the designers to validate designs and back-end developers to finalize the API endpoints and their responses.
  • Deployed the app, participated in brainstorming, and validated new features after the app release.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Asana as a reporting tool.
Technologies: Android, Java, GitHub, Asana, Firebase, Crashlytics, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Firebase Cloud Functions, Android SDK, Android App Design, Git, Branch.io, Kahuna, AdMob, Google Analytics, Facebook SDK, Facebook Login, Facebook Ads API, Facebook Android SDK, Google Maps, Google Login, Google Location API, Deep Linking, Agile, Model View Presenter (MVP), MoPub, Google Cloud Messaging, Debugging, Collaboration, OkHttp, Unit Testing, UI Testing, Algorithms, Gradle, A/B Testing, MySQL, API Integration, APIs, Mobile, Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Native Mobile Apps, Networking, TCP/IP, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps, Google Cloud Functions

Android and iOS Mobile Developer

2013 - 2015
  • Assisted the team by working on the Heya dating app and contributed to real-time chat, user profile, and onboarding flows.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using GitHub as a reporting platform.
  • Managed maintenance and improvements, including image downloading optimization after the app's release.
Technologies: Android, Java, PubNub, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), GitHub, Android SDK, Eclipse, Eclipse IDE, ADT, Retrofit 2, Retrofit, Picasso, Glide, Firebase, Apple Push Notifications, iOS, Xcode, Objective-C, iPhone, iPhone SDK, Git, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Maps SDK, Crashlytics, Debugging, OkHttp, Unit Testing, iOS SDK, MySQL, PHP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), API Integration, APIs, Performance, Mobile, Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Native Mobile Apps, Google Pay, Networking, TCP/IP, Mobile Development, WebView, Cross-platform App Development, Mobile Apps

MDacne Android App

A Java and Kotlin-based Android app scans and analyzes your facial skin and sends you a personalized acne treatment kit.

I refactored the critical components of the MDacne app to stabilize them in under one week, added social features, such as posting recovery progress to the MDacne community, deleting posts, and analyzing skin differences of side-by-side comparisons.

I wrote the selfie upload and sync feature by working with the back-end developer to prepare the APIs and added Google Sign In/Up as an alternative onboarding option. I also guided junior developers in writing clean code that follows MVVM.

SKEDit Android App

SKEDit is a Java and Kotlin-based scheduling app that lets you schedule WhatsApp messages, schedule SMS, send emails later, schedule posts, and set call reminders.

I took over the SKEDit app with an existing, unstable, and underperforming codebase rapidly. I worked closely with the original developer for a smooth and quick transfer of the domain knowledge. I moved all the duplicated code into relevant repositories to ensure the code is centralized and adheres to the MVP architecture. I also improved the main screen load and rendering time by 4x by separating the unnecessary bundling of five tabs and UI load. I then maintained it by tracking and fixing crashes.

Android Analytics SDK

A Kotlin-based analytics SDK for collecting screen views, app launches, and custom events.

I developed the analytics SDK and deployed it as a private Maven repo, exceeding all client expectations in one week. SDK supports automatic screen views, global app events collection, and custom events combined with users' identities. I used Kotlin Coroutines for effective asynchronous logic and Kotlin Flow to manage the stream of events. I also used events buffering for backpressure management.

I wrote a sophisticated event uploading logic by using two adaptive event uploaders, one for uploading important events immediately when the app is in the foreground, the other for uploading the remaining events in the background.

React Native Listings App

A fully functional post listings app for iOS and Android written using React Native. The app allows users to sign up and sign in to sync user data and provides them to create their own listings or browse through other users' listings to buy or favorite them.

Ethereum Wallet

An Ethereum wallet written in different languages and for different platforms, which allows users to:

• Import an existing wallet using mnemonic phrases.
• Create a wallet from scratch and give users phrases to remember to import it elsewhere.
• Send Ethereum to other wallets and give users the transaction hash to verify the transaction on EtherScan.

Object Classifier

A general object classifier that uses iOS MLCore and MobileNet model to classify objects in a live video and shows the name of the object along with confidence right into the live video feed.

The app relies on CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation, and Combine frameworks.

SpaceX Launch Tracker

This is a cross-platform mobile application written for iOS and Android that displays past and upcoming SpaceX rocket launches, their details, and their success status, such as whether the launch was a success or a failure.

It uses SpaceX REST API to fetch launch information. The data and domain layers are written in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM), and the UIs are native, written in Compose and SwiftUI.

Work Log Tracker

An Android app written in Kotlin that is used as a company work log tracker. Users can add what work was done, for how long, and on which date. Users can also set their preferred working hours and delete and update their work logs within 24 hours.

The app has three roles:
1. User (can add work logs)
2. User manager (can manipulate all user data)
3. Admin (can manipulate manager and user data).

The app's complete back end consists of Firebase, Firebase Cloud/Storage, and Firebase Cloud functions.

Document Scanner

This is an Android app written in Kotlin and using Jetpack Compose. It allows users to scan and share documents very easily and does not ask for any permission, such as camera or internet permission. Users can scan documents, adjust corners, and apply filters like grayscale and crop. Once done, users can share the documents with other apps like WhatsApp and Gmail.

The Android Document Scanning API of the Firebase ML kit is used to achieve this.
2009 - 2013

Master's Degree in Computer Science

University of the Punjab - Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Associate Android Developer



Data Structures and Algorithms Nanodegree



iOS Developer Nanodegree



Android Developer Nanodegree



Self-driving Car Engineer Nanodegree



Android Architecture Components, Retrofit 2, REST APIs, Retrofit, Google Maps, Facebook SDK, Facebook Login, Firebase Android SDK, LiveData, Camera API, Node.js, Context API, Camera2 API, RxJava, RxJava 2, OpenCV, TensorFlow, PubNub, Sockets, Socket.IO, Google Analytics API, Picasso, Google Maps SDK, Facebook Ads API, Google Location API, RxKotlin, RxBindings, TensorFlow Deep Learning Library (TFLearn), Web3j, Web3.js, Brightcove API, Jetpack Room


Android Studio, GitHub, Android Jetpack, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Git, Xcode, Crashlytics, Flow, Gradle, WebView, Fastlane, Firebase Authentication, OneSignal, Auth0, Slack, Jenkins, MATLAB, Asana, Bitbucket, Figma, Zeplin, Android NDK, Eclipse IDE, ADT, Apple Push Notifications, Google Analytics, Branch.io, Kahuna, Facebook Android SDK, MoPub, Google Cloud Messaging, Microsoft Visio, RxAndroid, Jira


Dagger 2, JUnit, Mockito, Android SDK, Roboelectric Testing Framework, Glide, Dagger, SwiftUI, React Native, Redux, UIKit, Espresso, Core Data, Ktor, iOS SDK, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Core ML, iPhone SDK, TensorFlow Lite, Alchemy, Combine


C++, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, PHP, HTML, Python 3, Python, Objective-C, C


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Agile, Scrum, Testing, Clean Code, Mobile Development, Automated Testing, Unit Testing, Clean Architecture, Requirements Analysis, Design Patterns, Model View Presenter (MVP), Model View Controller (MVC), Socket Programming, App Development, Agile Software Development, Software Testing, Database Design, Human-centered Design (HCD), Human-computer Interaction (HCI), Test-driven Development (TDD), REST, Refactoring, Code Refactoring


Firebase, Android, iOS, Mobile, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), MacOS, Eclipse, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ethereum, Blockchain, Blockchain Platforms, Brightcove, Banuba


SQLite, RoomDB, Cloud Firestore, MySQL, Oracle SQL, JSON

Industry Expertise

Network Security


Room, Coroutines, Hilt, Push Notifications, GitFlow, Navigation, Multithreading, JSON REST APIs, Paging, Processing & Threading, Mobile App Development, Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Login, Deep Linking, Android Testing, Native Mobile Apps, Android Development, Debugging, Collaboration, UI Testing, Agile Practices, API Integration, APIs, Performance, Mobile Apps, Google Cloud Functions, Telephony, SDK Development, Software Development Toolkits (SDK), SDKs, Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM), Kotlin Multiplatform, Jetpack Compose, OkHttp, A/B Testing, Low-level Programming, Leadership, Software Design, Architecture, Google Pay, Networking, TCP/IP, Cross-platform App Development, Google Analytics 4, Computer Vision, Linear Algebra, Operating Systems, Bitbucket Pipelines, Agile Sprints, iPhone, Android App Design, AdMob, Android Camera App, Encryption, Data Compression, User Permissions, Software QA, Software Modeling, Project Planning, Confidentiality, Data Compression Algorithms, Sensor Fusion, Bayesian Inference & Modeling, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Neural Networks, Cost Estimation, Autonomous Robots, Classification Algorithms, Classification, Regression, Self-driving Cars, Autonomous Navigation, ML Kit, Stateflow, CI/CD Pipelines, Bluetooth, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Encryption, Deployment, Text to Speech (TTS), Photo to Text, Web3, Ethers.js, Ethernet, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Mobile Vision, AVFoundation, MobileNet, Kotlin Serialization, SQLDelight, Material Design, Streaming, Media3, OCR, Audio Streaming, White Labeling, Dark Mode, Android Theming, Android App Development

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