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Sercan Aktan

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Game Development Developer

Madeirã, Portugal
Toptal Member Since
October 23, 2019

Sercan is a Unity expert with more than eight years of experience in mobile game development. He's very knowledgeable on the front- and back-end programming of 2D and 3D games or AR/VR projects. Sercan also has an entrepreneurial background, contributing to every part of the game development process, including programming, modeling, rigging, animating, illustration, advertising, and marketing.


2D Games, Unity, Android, MVC Design, Architecture, Multiplayer
BrandKnew, INC
Unity, C#, State Pattern, .NET, C#.NET, Gaming
Beam inc
Unity, Java, Xcode, Android, iOS, Video Chat, .NET, C#.NET...




Preferred Environment

StrangeIoC, Git, JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio, Unity, GitLab, GitHub, MVC Design, Mobile

The most amazing...

...thing I have coded was an AI that tried to steal the other developed AIs' flags in a 3D environment. My AI was the winner of the race.

Work Experience

Software Architect

2022 - 2023
  • Moved a live project with 1,500-2,000 concurrent users to an entirely new MVC architecture, solving existing problems and limitations. The architecture also supports dependency injection and provides modularity for all future projects.
  • Implemented and managed a highly scalable, testable, and updatable turn-based board game with different modes.
  • Led a team of up to four members, including juniors and seniors. Planned and assigned tasks, keeping the new system clean and secure.
Technologies: 2D Games, Unity, Android, MVC Design, Architecture, Multiplayer

Unity Developer

2022 - 2022
BrandKnew, INC
  • Developed a player controller for a 2D platformer.
  • Created a state machine infrastructure for the player controller.
  • Added adjustable in-game settings for behaviors like jump speed and threshold, etc.
Technologies: Unity, C#, State Pattern, .NET, C#.NET, Gaming

Unity Developer

2022 - 2022
Beam inc
  • Developed a mobile video call application with API, which works with another desktop application to log in to the app.
  • Created a native Android plugin to access and activate the back and front camera simultaneously, depending on the device support.
  • Built a desktop application where users can share files with a unique animation.
Technologies: Unity, Java, Xcode, Android, iOS, Video Chat, .NET, C#.NET, Unity3D Native Plugin Interface

Unity Developer

2021 - 2021
  • Updated the user interface according to related tasks.
  • Fixed required bugs and problems to publish a new store version.
  • Added new features like custom messages inside game cards.
Technologies: Unity, User Interface (UI), C#, .NET, C#.NET, Gaming

Unity Developer

2020 - 2021
Kyoso Interactive
  • Refactored the all-animation management logic to solve the UI bugs and make the game ready for publishing.
  • Built a new UI structure used for the company's all-new games to prevent potential issues faced before.
  • Helped the team create a modular software infrastructure compatible with Unity and the company's back-end partner, Nakama.
Technologies: Unity3D, C#, Game Development, JSON, Mobile Game Development, Git, Unity, 2D Games, .NET, C#.NET, Gaming, Multiplayer

Unity Developer

2019 - 2020
The Make-It Co. (via Toptal)
  • Fixed complex bugs in baking textures logic, custom keyboard panels, and positioning printings in 3D objects.
  • Reorganized the user interface for notched devices support and fixed screen transition issues.
  • Refactored code and improved stability for mobile devices.
Technologies: JSON, REST, SourceTree, Visual Studio, Git, C#, Unity, Game Development, Unity3D, .NET, C#.NET

Full-stack Developer

2018 - 2019
Beyn Technology
  • Managed the entire flow by working on both sides.
  • Used Node.js and JavaScript to implement Cloud Functions for Firebase.
  • Generated an efficient database with NoSQL.
  • Kept the app stable in a highly complex structure.
  • Implemented a lot of editor tools to communicate with the server.
Technologies: JSON, REST, Model View Controller (MVC), JetBrains Rider, MVC Design, SourceTree, Visual Studio, Git, JavaScript, Node.js, StrangeIoC, NoSQL, Firebase, C#, Unity, Game Development, Unity3D, .NET, C#.NET, Gaming, Multiplayer

Back-end Developer

2017 - 2018
Oyun Studyosu
  • Contributed to a complex project with single and multiplayer mode support that also contains chat between users.
  • Developed the back end from beginning to end without any knowledge about back-end programming at first.
  • Contributed to the socket programming part for both multiplayer (SmartFoxServer) and chat features of the game.
  • Used an MVC structure both in Unity (StrangeIoC) and Server.
Technologies: JSON, JetBrains Rider, Trello, MVC Design, SourceTree, Visual Studio, MongoDB, MySQL Workbench, Xcode, Git, REST, MySQL, Model View Controller (MVC), Spring Boot, Java, Eclipse, StrangeIoC, Unity, Game Development, Unity3D, .NET, C#.NET, Gaming, Multiplayer

Game Developer

2016 - 2017
From The Bench Games
  • Learned programming with JSON data and services.
  • Improved debugging skills for programming to find the relevant bugs.
  • Collaborated with an international team for the first time.
  • Worked in English on an international team while also learning a new language (Spanish).
Technologies: REST, Trello, Mobile Game Development, C#, JSON, SourceTree, Git, Visual Studio, Unity, Game Development, Unity3D, 2D Games, C#.NET, Gaming, Multiplayer


2015 - 2016
Indimo Games
  • Experienced operating a startup company with my colleague.
  • Improved communication skills with clients to make some business contracts.
  • Managed all processes of mobile game development including programming, modeling, illustration, advertising, and marketing.
  • Improved polishing standards, making more detailed and qualified products.
  • Kept the games up-to-date with bug fixes and new features.
Technologies: Trello, Ads, Mobile Game Development, Visual Studio, Xcode, C#, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Game Development, Unity3D, 2D Games, C#.NET, Gaming


2012 - 2015
  • Developed a variety of simple applications and games for mobile stores.
  • Integrated different advertisement platforms to game.
  • Improved programming skills: C# for game development and Java for native Android applications.
  • Improved performance and used Profiler and the Frame Debugger in Unity.
Technologies: Ads, Mobile Game Development, Blender, C#, MonoDevelop, Xcode, Eclipse, Java, Unity, Unity3D, 2D Games, C#.NET, Gaming

Merge Chef

It is a merge game that enables you to prepare orders by combining elements. I was in charge of the UI and screen management of this project. I also created a generic UI structure for the company to use in all their games.

Flash Poker
A real-time multiplayer poker game with virtual currency. The game had lots of visual bugs, which prevented publishing. I joined the team to refactor the code and solve those bugs before release. After the release, the project continued for a while with new features.

Make-a-Bag is a free app to design and order fully customized handbags with text and image printings, materials, straps, handles, and more. Use your imagination to create the bag you have always wanted—and make it a reality.

Strike Force Troopers
It is the official mobile game of Soz, a record-breaking television series with each episode broadcasted. Your team is waiting for you to join operations based on the exact scenarios with the series. Become the team commander, upgrade your team, and complete the levels! With each completed level, a new trooper will join your team.

Top Stars: Soccer Match League

Go beat all football clubs and become one of the card tournament champions! Train your team, win a world tournament, a cup, or a national league, and climb to the top as an online soccer star! Be a top coach, master your deck, and assemble powerful combos in this card game of strategy. Seize control over the football field and experience PvP combat. Build your deck to maximize the power of your amazing players in order to score goals and beat your rivals in real live matches! Create your competition deck with the best soccer stars and improve their stats in this multiplayer online game. Enjoy this card strategy game that brings you the best experience of a football match in real-time. Start developing your cards club and get to the major leagues by winning all the matches in this amazing sports simulator. Build your ultimate Deck and aim for the top! Download the game NOW and start your journey to become the best tactics player on the field in Top Stars!

It is a simple addictive game with a unique game style. The game was developed with every detail as a personal project but not yet published in any store.

Stingy Jupi
It is a 2D game where you control an octopus deep into the ocean. The game has endless gameplay and missions to complete. It also contains the level structure and visual effects that change according to levels.

Learning Words
It is a simple puzzle game that was developed for pre-school. It has 75 different shapes with three categories. Also, it includes English and Turkish dubbing support for each shape.

One More Color
It is a simple and addictive 2D game with endless gameplay. It contains dynamic gameplay and menu colors. There is also harmony with dynamic music added to each level, contributing to a unique gameplay experience.

Bounce is a basic platform game where you are trying to pass all the rings and finish the levels as fast as you can, but it is not that easy. Don't fall on the spines. Inspired by an old Nokia game.

Poopy Chico
Poopy Chico started as a course project and continued as my first published game on the Google Play Store. It had lots of problems programmatically and visually, but it was a real success—more than 250,000 users downloaded the game. I received great feedback that helped improve myself.

It is a mobile app that contains many mini-games inside. I contributed to the project by fixing bugs and adding new features to prepare a new store version. Most of the work I contributed to was in the UI and data-related bugs. I did not take part in the game-related parts of the projects.

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is a turn-based multiplayer board game with two to four players. It is a classic Ludo game using real money. Deposits and withdrawals are supported. The project is already live with 1,500 to 2,000 concurrent users. It supports different game modes, leaderboards, and tournaments.
2009 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Izmir University of Economics - Izmir, Turkey


Game Programming Certificate Program (7 Courses)

Izmir University of Economics




SourceTree, Xcode, Trello, Git, Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, JetBrains Rider, Blender, MySQL Workbench, Vuforia SDK, GitLab, GitHub


Unity3D, Unity, StrangeIoC, Spring Boot, .NET, Unity2D


MVC Design, Model View Controller (MVC), REST, State Pattern


C#, C#.NET, Java, JavaScript


Android, Firebase, Eclipse, iOS, Mobile


NoSQL, MongoDB, JSON, MySQL, Unity Cloud Build


Mobile Game Development, Video Games, Game Development, 2D Games, Gaming, Ads, User Interface (UI), Multiplayer, Mobile UI, Games, Video Chat, Architecture, Unity3D Native Plugin Interface

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