Simarjeet Kaur, Quality Assurance Developer in San Ramon, CA, United States
Simarjeet Kaur

Quality Assurance Developer in San Ramon, CA, United States

Member since September 13, 2019
Simarjeet is a test automation architect and full-stack automation engineer with nearly a decade of experience designing and building automation frameworks(BDD,TDD,data Driven, Visual AI) for native mobile, browser, and desktop applications using open source tech stack (Selenium, Applitools, TestNG, Maven, Java, and more). A skilled team leader, she has led teams of all sizes and defined and built the QE process and strategies from the ground up.
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  • Juvo
    Java, Maven, TestNG, Selenium, Appium, Postman, JMeter, QTest, Allure Reports...
  • Kaiser Permanente
    Java, Apache Ant, TestNG, Robotil, Sikuli, Selenium, Appium, Postman,...
  • Beta Soft Systems
    Java, Apache Ant, TestNG, Robotil, Sikuli, Selenium, Appium, Postman,...



San Ramon, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

MacOS, iOS, Android, Java, IntelliJ, Postman

The most amazing...

...thing I've worked on was automating biometric features (fingerprint and face ID) for mobile apps, automating desktop applications, and building CI/CD in DevOps.


  • Engineering Manager Quality and Test Architect

    2018 - 2019
    • Developed a Maven-based automation framework for mobile native, hybrid, browser applications using Selenium, Appium, Java, and TestNG. Extended its capability to desktop browser applications. The single framework is compatible with the local execution environment and cloud automation solutions (browser stack).
    • Implemented the automation engine in the local test lab for automation execution environment and integrating the same framework to cloud solution.
    • Integrated the CI/CD pipeline from application code to the automation code using TeamCity in AWS.
    • Evaluated the API testing tools like SoapUI and Postman, and developed the automaton test scripts using JavaScript in Postman for Juvo API-based deployment. Used the Postman automation scripts collection to run from TeamCity in CI/CD pipeline process.
    • Built the quality engineering process from blank slate across the Juvo organization and contributed to streamlining the application delivery process.
    • Designed test cases, and the test plan from requirements defined by the business.
    • Worked with design and business to provide a customer-centric experience. Accountable for quality engineering in scrum, integration, regression, UAT cycles of functional and API testing.
    • Worked with upper management to provide resource planning and allocation on various deployments in company roadmap.
    • Hired the quality engineer. Onboarded, trained, and mentored the team members on various projects and automation solutions.
    • Worked with engineering, partner services, and business teams to make sure all pre-requisites were met in the integration phase.
    • Worked with scrum masters and leadership on the Scrum process and ongoing improvements.
    • Performed static code analysis on Android app code using Quark and Rails, back-end code using Brakeman, and publishing the vulnerabilities report from scanning results to developer leads.
    Technologies: Java, Maven, TestNG, Selenium, Appium, Postman, JMeter, QTest, Allure Reports, MacOS, Teamcity, Jenkins, iOS, Android, BrowserStack
  • SQA Engineer (PQE Mobile Automation Test Lead)

    2014 - 2018
    Kaiser Permanente
    • Oversaw and managed the automation development process of test scenarios, feasibility, coverage, approaches and ensure the automation development meet established standards across all testing phases Scrum, SIT, maintenance, etc.
    • Worked on different tools and doing POC to identify the set of tools/technologies which can meet the project need to have better coverage in automation so that manual effort in regression/SIT can be reduced.
    • Identifying and bridge the gaps in old automation scripts so that automation execution can be more efficient and scripts can be robust enough to replace the manual work.
    • Worked on developing CI/CD delivery process in mobile automation via Git and Jenkins.
    • Hired the best QA automation engineers to clear the backlog manual work which can add more value in cost reduction in the future.
    • Provided the justification for hiring the QA automation engineer backlog in terms of dollar saving amount in long run by automating those backlog features.
    • Explored and implemented the different options by which MCOE mobile – physical mobile devices inventory can be utilized in the automation when scrum teams are expanding so that mobile test cloud cost be intact.
    • Designed the test plan and test strategy for overall release delivery by PQE for mobile which defines the entry and exit criteria according to the Kaiser Product quality engineering standards. managed and reviewed the validation process of test execution, test data and test environments for the mobile app project.
    • Managed teams as a team leader to ensure all protocols and procedures are being followed by different teams in different phases of the release cycle, starting from Scrum, automation, hardening phase, SIT, production validation. took the accountability for the overall mobile QA test strategies, methodologies and standard process for IT in the assigned area by reviewing the business and technical requirements.
    • Worked closely with leadership to Identify the obstacles in advance while working on the PQE deliverable so that risk mitigation plan to overcome/remove the obstacles and Resource allocation can be identified to keep the release milestone Intact.
    • Reviewed and published the project status reports e.g. test plans, test execution, defect reports, release certification for FCAB with IT and business leadership.
    • Hired the best candidates onshore/offshore to form strong teams for KP mobile projects in product quality engineering. Managed and drove the onshore/offshore modal for mobile PQE. Starting from working with vendors, writing SOW, identifying the resources, hiring the resources, training the resources and working very closely so that product can be delivered in the highest quality without any hidden gaps.
    • Worked closely with management on yearly budget/ financial plan in terms of resource hiring, need/project demand, funding for backlog items.
    • Worked in partnership with people of other domains (services, AEM, API) to get/give necessary support which can increase the overall quality in the project delivery across channels. Empowered Team members so that they can pursue professional growth and feel motivated/valued while working on the project as an individual.
    • Worked with leadership for deliverables and triage impediments to meet DoD.
    • Ensured availability of all required resources (S/W and H/W) for project execution.
    • Analysis of technical and economic automation feasibility and ROI calculation.
    • Migrated automation framework from SVN to Stash.
    • Integrated Selenium framework with Ant build tool and Git/Stash as version control.
    • Involved in Perfecto in-house set up in KP infrastructure and training.
    • Integrated with SQL server database to validate the values with UI.
    • Extensive knowledge on developing Jenkins job portal which is a one-stop stopper for all Jenkins jobs.
    • Implemented best practices in automation framework to meet all quality factors.
    • Automated EPS payment processing use cases within KP application.
    • Identified possible payment processing functions and mapped to test cases and automate the regression suite.
    • Expertise in designing the page object model framework integrating with Jenkins.
    Technologies: Java, Apache Ant, TestNG, Robotil, Sikuli, Selenium, Appium, Postman,, Quality Center., Allure Reports, MacOSJenkins, iOS, Android, Perfecto Cloud, Appitools
  • Software Automation Engineer - WhiteBox

    2012 - 2014
    Beta Soft Systems
    • Prepared automation test strategies, test plans and test schedules for the automation projects.
    • Involved in preparing status reports and attending daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings to update the automation status, challenges, and efforts.
    • Understanding the requirements and identify different test scenarios.
    • Coordinated with the functional team to make sure that all the functionality is covered, all the evidence is proper.
    • Provided support to different teams like UAT and production.
    • Functional testing of various trade functionalities through automation.
    • Implemented industry best practices and quality factors during test automation scripts creation.
    • Extensively used quality center for manual and automation scripts execution, results analysis, and defect reporting.
    • Prepared and reviewed automation test scripts.
    • Prepared checklists for application testing.
    • Conducted KT sessions to the team.
    • Involved in database testing.
    • Understanding functional requirements and analysis.
    • Created a test plan and the strategy documents and participated in code walk-troughs.
    • Analysis of technical and economic automation feasibility and ROI calculations.
    • Design and development of test cases to test the total functionality of the feature.
    • Created and combined use cases and test cases.
    • Involved in build verification testing (BVT) and functionality testing (full test pass).
    • Verify bug fixing and regression.
    • Performed bug analysis and triage.
    • Raised defects in the quality center and tracking them to closure.
    • Participated in defect tracking meetings with the development team.
    • Involved in regression testing.
    Technologies: Java, Apache Ant, TestNG, Robotil, Sikuli, Selenium, Appium, Postman,, Quality Center., Allure Reports, MacOSJenkins, iOS, Android, Perfecto Cloud, Appitools
  • Software Engineer( Web Developer )

    2011 - 2012
    Alpha IT Solutions
    • Designed, coded and modified websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications.
    • Designed visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.
    • Strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions, and standards.
    • Experienced in planning and delivering software platforms used across multiple products and organizational units.
    • Expertise and hands-on experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J2EE, and APIs.
    • Extensive functional knowledge or hands-on design experience with web services (REST, SOAP, etc).
    • Wrote Junit test cases for unit testing which covers 70-80% of unit use cases before delivering the build to QA.
    Technologies: Java, Servlets, Benas, HTML, CSS, Rest APis, JSON


  • Kaiser Permanente (Development)

    This mobile application is designed to help patients to get digital records of their health information. To speak to doctors, order prescriptions and pay medical bills in most accessible digital way.

    I worked on this feature where we delivered message center, appointment center, medical bill pay, and biometric features to the consumers to have easy access for them when health comes as a priority.

    Hired as a first automation engineer on a mobile project to build the automation for near about 6,000 test cases sitting in the test case management tool.

    Performed various duties and growing with time to lead a team of 37 people in 3 years where they were part of 4 different scrum and 4 SIT teams.

    Optimized the test cases to reduce the count by 30% to bring the regression timelines down, not just using automation.

    Performed the POC on various new tech stack of automation to evaluate which meets the needs best in such a big project.

  • Built Quality Organization from Ground Zero (Other amazing things)

    1. Joined a startup with leaders who had no idea where to start with quality engineering. Worked with upper management on a daily basis to define and establish the quality and release process.

    2. Brought every individual software or DevOps engineer to this new change and process.

    3. Built very own test lab engine using physical infrastructure to run the automation seamlessly.

    4. Developed a single framework where automation can be flexible enough to run on emulator, simulator, native devices or any cloud solution platform like Perfecto, browserStack, or SauceLabs.

    5. Came from a functional tester background and kept on pushing myself to learn and perform security test on different code bases being used in the organization using Rails, Java, Node.js, and Python to make sure any of the source code is not exposing any vulnerabilities to the production.

    6. Built quality engineering organization having no one to a team of 9 people.


  • Languages

    Gherkin, Java, Python
  • Frameworks

    Selenium, Appium, Allure Testing Framework, TestNG
  • Tools

    Cucumber, Charles Proxy, Maven, Postman, qTest Manager, Rally, Jira, HP Quality Center (QC), Atlassian Confluence, Perfecto IDE, BrowserStack, Azure Active Directory B2C (ADB2C)
  • Paradigms

    Page Object Model (POM), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Test-driven Development (TDD), Agile, Test Automation, Behavior-driven Development (BDD)
  • Platforms

    Android, iOS, Unix, Mac OS
  • Other

    Selenium Automation, REST API Clients, Release Management, Ant, Quality Management, Mobile App Testing, Desktop Automation, Sauce Labs, LDAP
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Storage

    MongoDB, MySQL


  • Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics And Communication Engineering
    2008 - 2012
    Punjabi University - Patiala, Punjab, India

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