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Steven Kryskalla

Steven Kryskalla

Millbrae, CA, United States
Member since September 22, 2014
Steven is a full-stack software engineer and web developer with nearly a decade of experience working on large consumer projects for some of the world's most easily recognizable companies. Recently focused on DevOps, he is a smart and personable professional who can tackle solo or team challenges with equal ease.
Steven is now available for hire
  • Dropbox
    Python, Puppet, Jenkins, VMware vSphere, Trac, Bitten, Bash
  • CommandIQ
    Python, AWS (EC2, Redshift, S3, boto), Python, Redis, RQ
  • Lumosity (Lumos Labs)
    Ruby on Rails, Chef, MySQL, Redis, Python, Nagios, Graphite, HAProxy, CentOS
  • Linux, 15 years
  • Python, 13 years
  • JavaScript, 8 years
  • Git, 5 years
  • Redis, 5 years
  • Flask, 4 years
  • DevOps, 3 years
  • Ruby, 3 years
Millbrae, CA, United States
Preferred Environment
Vim, Chrome, Git, Linux, and a terminal.
The most amazing...
...hard and fun problem I've worked on was a live migration and resharding of a single large Redis instance to 30 shards.
  • Software Engineer, Release Engineering
    2015 - 2017
    • Operationalized and automated manual processes related to desktop client builds (Windows, Linux, and OSX).
    • Maintained and improved the existing build system (Trac, Bitten, py.test) for desktop clients.
    • Designed and deployed a new desktop client build system using Jenkins, VMware vSphere, and Python.
    • Participated in on-call rotation for build issues.
    • Wrote custom puppet modules for OS X and Linux to provision build infrastructure.
    Technologies: Python, Puppet, Jenkins, VMware vSphere, Trac, Bitten, Bash
  • Senior Back-end Engineer
    2014 - 2015
    • Improved the reliability and functionality of back-end systems (data processing pipeline).
    • Used auto-scaling groups for deployment (Netflix-style red/black deploys of new AMIs).
    • Integrated Rollbar for better visibility of platform errors and exceptions.
    • Added monitoring via CloudWatch.
    • Managed a Redshift data warehouse cluster (data loading, unloading, monitoring, cluster resizing, etc.).
    Technologies: Python, AWS (EC2, Redshift, S3, boto), Python, Redis, RQ
  • Senior Software Engineer, Operations
    2012 - 2014
    Lumosity (Lumos Labs)
    • Fixed hardware failures, network failures, MySQL and Redis crashes, bad deploys, DDoS attacks, failed maintenance windows, and more at all hours of the day.
    • Managed 150 dedicated servers (dedicated hardware from SoftLayer).
    • Sharded and scaled clusters for MySQL, Redis, and Memcached.
    • Added automation and monitoring for all levels of the stack.
    • Managed configuration with Chef and Ansible.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Chef, MySQL, Redis, Python, Nagios, Graphite, HAProxy, CentOS
  • Software Engineer, Operations
    2011 - 2012
    • Rewrote copy-pasted Bash deployment scripts as clean, re-usable Python code (with Fabric).
    • Migrated internal Subversion repos to Git and GitHub.
    • Set up a continuous integration and deployment system using Jenkins.
    • Implemented automated rolling of MySQL table partitions to safely rotate out old data on live database servers.
    • Helped manage 200+ dedicated servers in many capacities including provisioning, automation, and maintenance.
    Technologies: Python, Pylons, Fabric, Bash, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, HAProxy
  • Software Engineer
    2008 - 2011
    • Built online promotions for top brands such as Xbox, Disney, Gap, Condé Nast, Dell, and Coca-Cola.
    • Led development on Xbox Live Rewards.
    • Built custom CMS and internationalization functionality on top of Django.
    • Did back-end engineering work for large scale email marketing campaigns via ExactTarget.
    • Developed Facebook applications.
    • Integrated and built data exchanges for clients using a broad range of technologies (SOAP, REST, SFTP, Java, C#, Perl, Python, etc.).
    • Created custom reports and dashboards for clients to help them visualize their programs' metrics.
    Technologies: Perl, JavaScript, Python, Django, Web services (REST, SOAP), MySQL, Facebook Graph API, Twitter API
  • Robotics Lab Assistant
    2005 - 2007
    Lawrence Technological University
    • Built software to generate thousands of pages of printed material for Robofest competitions (certificates, name badges, signs, etc.).
    • Did web development for using Java, JSP, and Python.
    • Taught classes and led workshops on robotics for people of all ages (grade school through adult).
    • Helped organize and run Robofest events.
    • Conducted systems administration for robotics and computer labs on campus (Linux, Windows, Solaris).
    Technologies: Java, Python, C, C++, Robotics, SVG
  • Journal of Brief Ideas (Development)

    An open access journal (like arXiv) for scientific ideas. Winner of the Communications category at Science Hack Day SF 2013.

  • OpenXC Taximeter (Development)

    A program that shows drivers the real-time cost of their trip using data from OpenXC. Winner of Best Use of Data at BoingBoing Ingenuity 2013.

  • Xbox Live Rewards (Development)

    Microsoft's loyalty program for Xbox Live members. I built out the back-end (integrating with Xbox Live and partners), CMS functionality and internationalization, and front-end features (surveys, data visualization, other interactive functionality).

  • Disney Movie Rewards (Development)

    Disney's movie rewards program. I performed maintenance and built out custom functionality including custom reporting, promotions, and integration with Disney and other vendors.

  • My StackOverflow profile (Other amazing things)

    Rated top 10% for Python development.

  • Languages
    Python, SQL, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl
  • Frameworks
    Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Pylons
  • Tools
    Git, GitHub, Nagios, Mercurial, Audacity, Subversion (SVN), Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Paint.NET
  • Platforms
    Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Mailgun
  • Storage
    Redis, Memcached, MySQL, RedShift, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Other
    Graphite, Tornado
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), DevOps, Concurrent Programming, Scrum, Asynchronous Programming, Agile Software Development, Functional Programming
  • Libraries/APIs
    Twilio API, Twitter API, Facebook API, jQuery, Underscore.js
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics
    2003 - 2008
    Lawrence Technological University - Southfield, Michigan
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