Surendran Mahendran, Software Developer in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Surendran Mahendran

Software Developer in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Member since June 2, 2014
Surendran is an entrepreneur (an alum of YCombinator) and developer (ex-Yahoo! employee) with versatile experience in full-stack web development. He is very adaptable and quick to pick up new technology. He enjoys working closely with product functionality to build and evolve the technology stack to meet business requirements.
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  • Stripe
    Ruby, Java, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Architecture, Microservices
  • Curefit
    Ruby on Rails (RoR), Java, Kubernetes, CI/CD Pipelines, Git...
  • Qubole
    Ruby on Rails (RoR), Kubernetes, DevOps, Big Data, Ruby, Python...



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



Preferred Environment

Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ubuntu, RubyMine, Docker Compose

The most amazing...

...product I have worked on is my startup, which involved hacking the Photoshop file format and automatically generating an HTML output for the files.


  • Tech Lead

    2021 - PRESENT
    • Integrated onboarding of merchants to various financial partners and handled compliance, risk analysis, and self-serve.
    • Worked on a payment method integration for a regional payment method.
    • Worked on evaluating an ML model to analyze its performance for regional effectiveness.
    Technologies: Ruby, Java, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Architecture, Microservices
  • Project Lead

    2020 - 2021
    • Worked as a technology lead and engineering manager for a team of 10-15 folks.
    • Managed the eCommerce and marketplace business verticals. Worked on spree commerce (Ruby on Rails) as part of this.
    • Cut the overall cost of engineering operations by 50%.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Java, Kubernetes, CI/CD Pipelines, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Architecture, System Design
  • Senior Staff Engineer

    2016 - 2020
    • Architected and implemented the overhaul of core middleware to handle 10x throughput at 1/5th cost. This was on ruby on rails stack.
    • Architected and led the native k8s deployments in all three clouds - AWS, GCP, and Azure which lead to 30% new customers. Also architected the revertible and controllable software release models which improved stability of the platform by over 100%.
    • Built the internal dev and test stacks that improved the developer productivity/efficiency by 10x.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Kubernetes, DevOps, Big Data, Ruby, Python, CI/CD Pipelines, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Data Science, Architecture, Microservices, System Design
  • Senior Software Developer

    2015 - 2016
    • Designed and developed a data warehousing solution to collect campaign stats monitoring, aggregation, and analytics reporting.
    • Worked on Python and Redshift-based in-house built system.
    • Implemented a Snowplow-based data platform software which was used for both batch and real-time data pipelines for the warehousing solution.
    Technologies: Python, AWS, Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, Redshift, Git
  • Software Consultant

    2013 - 2014
    Optmyzr Inc
    • Built the geo performance report, which involved working with the Google Gaps API in depth.
    • Gained a lot of experience with Google AdWords API and with manipulating data in real time.
    • Performed Data visualization and optimizations around Google AdWords use cases.
    Technologies: Backbone.js, jQuery, C#, PHP, Git
  • Co-founder | Chief Developer

    2012 - 2013
    • Was responsible for product prototyping, building MVP, and evaluating product cycles.
    • Worked on automatically converting Photoshop designs to HTML.
    • Performed scaling using Resque, Redis, and MongoDB.
    • Hacked into complicated Photoshop File format to extract components like layers, layer comps, and other data.
    • Built an HTML5 Canvas app that makes Photoshop files interactively accessible from the browser.
    Technologies: HTML5 Canvas, Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit, Resque, Heroku, MongoDB, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Full-stack Developer

    2011 - 2012
    • Worked as a full-stack developer and early employee at YC startup.
    • Worked on Codechecker - an online programming judge that runs code in a secure environment.
    • Worked with ZeroMQ queueing systems for high-availability queue processing.
    • Performed Scaling Web servers, using MySQL on AWS.
    • Worked closely with customers and co-developed the product.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, ZeroMQ, C++, MySQL, jQuery, Python, PHP
  • Senior System Engineering

    2009 - 2011
    Yahoo! Inc
    • Commissioned and maintained Yahoo! production clusters for internal platforms.
    • Built deployment systems, package management and scaling services.
    • Performed performance analysis, load testing.
    • Worked with cross-functional teams including developers and QA, to release product to production.
    • Performed HDFS performance evaluation in Yahoo! cluster nodes.
    Technologies: Hadoop, Bash, DevOps, PHP, Python


  • IndiaInmybag

    I worked as a Technology consultant for this eCommerce shop, on a 2 month contract to setup shop, processes for their orders, invoicing and delivery systems and processing payments.

  • Markupwand

    I co-founded this startup, building a product to automatically convert Photoshop designs to HTML. We built an HTML5 Canvas app that makes Photoshop files interactively accessible from the browser, and I hacked the Photoshop File format to extract components like layers, layer comps and other data.

  • InterviewStreet

    I was an early employee and first developer hire at this YC startup. I was the primary person responsible for scaling their web services to handle growing customer base, a full-stack web developer who worked closely with customers co developing features that were required

  • Psd.rb

    Open source contribution to psd.rb

  • Disk benchmarks

    I built this to benchmark production systems for IO quality at Yahoo!
    I worked on a low-level disk benchmark suite to analyze performance of all disks on a machine and analyze IO throughput for given system.

  • Codebin

    A Ruby on rails docker integration that sandboxes and runs user submitted code in a secure environment

  • Simple WebRTC chat

    A Node js web application to handle WebRTC real time peer to peer video chat


  • Languages

    Ruby, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, CSS3, Python, Bash, PHP, C++, C#, Java, Elm
  • Frameworks

    Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Hadoop
  • Libraries/APIs

    Backbone.js, WebRTC, Sidekiq, Google Maps, Facebook API, jQuery, ZeroMQ, Resque, HTML5 Canvas, React, Node.js, Google AdWords
  • Tools

    Git, Sublime Text 2, Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit, Sublime Text, Vim Text Editor, RubyMine, Docker Compose
  • Platforms

    Heroku, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ubuntu, LAMP, OS X, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Jupyter Notebook
  • Storage

    MySQLdb, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Redshift
  • Other

    Ajax, Software Engineering, Architecture, System Design, AWS, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Data Warehouse Design, CI/CD Pipelines
  • Paradigms

    DevOps, Microservices, Agile Software Development, Distributed Programming, Data Science


  • Training Programme Degree in Computer Science
    2014 - 2014
    Hackerschool - Newyork
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    2005 - 2009
    National Institute of Technology Trichy - Trichy

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