Taras Mykhailovych, Software Developer in Ternopil, Ternopil's'ka oblast, Ukraine
Taras Mykhailovych

Software Developer in Ternopil, Ternopil's'ka oblast, Ukraine

Member since November 15, 2013
Taras aims to make all of his development optimal, fast, secure, and reliable. He analyzes tasks deeply and applies only the technologies which best fit and comply with the project goals.
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  • Assembler 10 years
  • C 10 years
  • HTML 8 years
  • PHP 8 years
  • JavaScript 8 years
  • ECMAScript (ES6) 8 years
  • OpenCL 4 years


Ternopil, Ternopil's'ka oblast, Ukraine



Preferred Environment


The most amazing...

...things I've explored are unlimited precision number binary transitive data types.


  • Back-end Developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Handled REST API web back-end development.
    • Handled virtualization, sandboxing, and porting of NGINX PHP to run e2e tests on Codeship.
    • Developed algorithms for time business events auditing and stats.
    • Handled the solution architecture for project management automation.
    • Implemented REST API specification documents and demos with Swagger UI.
    • Handled scaling with Docker Containers.
    • Integrated Node Harmony ES6 functional programming-based models/middleware to Mongoose and Express.js.
    Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Node.js
  • Gimbal API Expert

    2015 - 2016
    Tactify (via Toptal)
    • Developed a Gimbal API callback endpoint.
    • Built a merging algorithm for tracking pings and sightings.
    • Created an importing system for tracked data from a CSV.
    • Developed an API for management of users, devices, beacons, and reporters.
    • Developed a front-end with a statistics charts view via API and management with live updating.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mongoose, MongoDB, ECMAScript (ES6), Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, AWS, AWS EC2, PM2, Socket.IO
  • Freelance Developer

    2015 - 2015
    Fluent Software Solutions Ltd (via Toptal)
    • Developed authentication control.
    • Integrated service API logic into mockup HTMLs.
    • Developed HTML control of education-specific data tree structure with ability to add/delete/edit/drag-n-drop.
    • Fixed the service API, including adding error handling and optimizing and making it extensible for planned features.
    • Developed an item crowd rating system.
    Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node.js
  • Senior Back-end Developer

    2014 - 2014
    Jobpath (Clevertech)
    • Led a team as a senior back-end developer, making use of a wide variety of back-end technologies.
    Technologies: Web, Mocha, LibreOffice, AddThis, LinkedIn, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Node.js
  • Project Manager, Software Architect, Team Lead

    2014 - 2014
    Centrum Doradztwa Biznesowego
    • Worked in a variety of roles for this finance management company, all of which involved extensive responsibilities.
    Technologies: OpenShift, Recaptcha, WebRTC, MongoDB, Node.js
  • Systems Engineer

    2013 - 2014
    Nufern (Frontex)
    • Was responsible for web engineering.
    • Was responsible for high-load real-time data management.
    • Was responsible for algorithm development and engineering.
    • Scripted data processing through Windows / Linux / iOS.
    • Worked with measuring and operating hardware.
    Technologies: DTS, Subversion (SVN), C#.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Command Prompt (CMD), Sh, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Web
  • Team Lead

    2011 - 2014
    Ternopil National 'Ivan Puluj' Technical University
    • Handled systems architecture.
    • Handled web and network security.
    • Conceived and developed a Node.js DMR ("Dependency-Middleware-RESTful").
    • Developed a web/Node.js embedded audiovisual scientific conference platform.
    • Developed a web/Node.js real-time research presentation platform.
    Technologies: SVG, WebRTC, WebSockets, MongoDB, Node.js, Web
  • PhD Student

    2008 - 2014
    Ternopil National 'Ivan Puluj' Technical University
    • Focused on water consumption modeling.
    • Researched processing real-time statistical data from water pump consumption audit hardware.
    • Was responsible for periodic autoregression model development.
    • Developed a water consumption forecasting and its software implementation.
    Technologies: Node.js, C
  • Java Developer/Engineer

    2013 - 2013
    LRN (Clevertech)
    • Was responsible for Oracle database management.
    • Worked with UI/UX.
    • Developed software architecture improvements.
    • Was responsible for database query optimizations.
    Technologies: Oracle, JSP, Java, Web
  • Systems Engineer

    2005 - 2007
    GainCapital Group (Magnis)
    • Worked as Database Architect.
    • Developed a web chart component.
    • Developed real-time tick data processing.
    • Handled statistics and data aggregation.
    • Handled mobile web development.
    Technologies: Database Modeling
  • C#/M4 Developer

    2004 - 2005
    Modulus Financial Engineering (Magnis)
    • Customized an M4 Trading Platform.
    • Customized a StockChartX Trading Charts component.
    • Developed a real-time tick chart providing proxy servers.
    • Developed a trading emulation system.
    • Developed C10k web applications.
    Technologies: ActiveX, C, C++, StockChartX, Microsoft SQL Server, M4, C#.NET


  • Asynchronous JavaScript Class Frameworks (Development)

    4 generations of Node.js frameworks aiming asynchronous class philosophy designed for different generations of ECMAScript. They are esfunctional, samfic, es7frame, and clasync. Esfunctional is emulating co-routines with promises-on-generators, while clasync is using the latest ECMAScript features of async and functionals.

  • Mongoose-Hook (Development)

    Abstract Mongoose plugin allowing usage of "pre" and "post" hooks on internal direct wrappers to database API for all (including static) Mongoose operations. Along with this, there are four mongoose-hook-based plugins in the GitHub repository: created-modified, adding "createdAt" and "modifiedAt" timestamp fields to the document; ensure-indexes, allowing deletion of unused indexes and reindexing with changed options; custom-id, using 16-char base64 string representation instead of ObjectId; and revision, adding a revision field to documents supporting raw MongoDB methods.

  • Tntu-schedcap (Development)

    Parse a timetable from the official site and apply custom views.

  • CDB-Lingvo (defunct) (Development)

    Online foreign language learning platform with live audio, video, text, and file messaging.

  • JobPath (Development)

    A job seeking site for US Veterans.

  • TestLab (Development)

    A Node.js Mocha + PhantomJS E2E testing module.

  • TestLab-Angular (Development)

    TestLab plugin for AngularJS web applications.

  • Slack Web Info (Development)

    A Slack bulk information provider highly-scalable Node.js module

  • Algorithms and Templates (Other amazing things)

    Some of the optimal useful algorithms/templates that I've written.

  • Dependency-Middleware-RESTful Node.js Framework (discontinued) (Development)

    The earliest predecessor of Asynchronous Classes philosophy for ECMAScript utilizing imperative code structure. A framework to expand the Node.js "Express" and "EJS" modules to support hierarchical structure of middleware for RESTful web development.


  • Languages

    HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C, Assembler, PHP, Clojure, C#, ECMAScript (ES6), ARM Assembler, HTML, Assembler x86, XML, Machine Code, Pascal, SQL, Sh, C#.NET, M4, C++, HaXe, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), VBScript, Java
  • Frameworks

    OpenCL, Unity, .NET, ActiveX, JavaScript MVC, Unity3D, JSP, AJAX.OOP, Media Player, ADO.NET
  • Libraries/APIs

    OpenGL, Node.js, EJS, DirectX, WebRTC, WebGL, VK API, Mail.Ru API, Facebook API, pcap, LibC, HTTP API, HTML5 Canvas, Web Worker, LocalStorage, jQuery, Socket.IO
  • Paradigms

    Model View Controller (MVC), Distributed Computing, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, Parallel Computing, Cross-platform, Extreme Programming, Asynchronous Programming, Class-based OOP, Prototype-based OOP, Dataflow Programming, Event-driven Programming, Logic Programming, MapReduce, Distributed Programming, Procedural Programming, Rapid Application Development
  • Platforms

    Linux, LAMP, Embedded Linux, Win32, Oracle Database, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, CUDA, Windows, Web, Oracle, OpenShift, LinkedIn, AWS EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce
  • Storage

    NoSQL, SQL Anywhere, Redis, PostgreSQL, Vertica, Firebird, Oracle SQL, InnoDB, Database Performance, Database Modeling, Azure Active Directory, MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Cloud, Elasticsearch
  • Industry Expertise

    High-frequency Trading (HFT), Video Streaming, Web Development, Web Design
  • Other

    Ajax, GNU, Math, Software Development, Single-page Applications (SPA), Illustration, 3D Modeling, Unix Shell Scripting, Network Programming, WebSockets, 3D Animation, Game Development, g++, Game Design, Icon Design, Image Processing, Regression Testing, Scientific Computing, TCP, UDP, Web Services, Web Server Development, WebKit, ICMP, Windows Services, AI Programming, Virtualization, X11, LDAP, Video Compression, Video Editing, Back-end Development, SVG, Command Prompt (CMD), SSH, StockChartX, Recaptcha, AddThis, AWS
  • Tools

    Bitbucket, GDB, Terminal, Blender, Windows Installer, Vim Text Editor, Redmine, Make, Canvas 2D, Git, C++Builder, Subversion (SVN), DTS, LibreOffice, Mocha, Geany, RabbitMQ, Mongoose, PM2, V8


  • Post Graduate / PhD degree in Mathematical Modeling
    2008 - 2014
    Ternopil National 'Ivan Puluj' Technical University - Ternopil, Ukraine
  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    2007 - 2008
    Ternopil National 'Ivan Puluj' Technical University - Ternopil, Ukraine
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2003 - 2007
    Ternopil National 'Ivan Puluj' Technical University - Ternopil, Ukraine

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