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Teimuraz Tutberidze

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia
Toptal Member Since
September 28, 2021

Teimuraz is an experienced web developer with a master's degree in computer science from Tbilisi State University. He has 5+ years of experience working as a React developer and two years of experience working as a full-stack developer with Node.js, MySQL, and React. Teimuraz has successfully worked with numerous clients to define requirements, design new system elements, implement new features, and optimize the existing codebase.


Sweeft Digital Agency
JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize, MongoDB, React, Redux, Redux-Saga...
University of Georgia
HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, Front-end Development, Front-end, Web Development...
Sweeft Digital Agency
JavaScript, Node.js, React, TypeScript, Angular, Redux, Redux-Saga, Antd...




Preferred Environment

Windows, WebStorm, Slack, Git, Visual Studio, React

The most amazing...

...project I've ever done is a car wash booking service application, allowing users to choose a washer on the map, pick available time slots, and book the service.

Work Experience

React Team Lead

2020 - 2022
Sweeft Digital Agency
  • Created eye-catching and optimized UI components using React, Redux, and TypeScript.
  • Worked on developing a private npm package for internal use with the most frequently used functionalities in different projects.
  • Spearheaded web developers on following best practices and using the newest technologies in their projects.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize, MongoDB, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, TypeScript, Antd, Bootstrap, Angular, RxJS, Next.js, Git, NPM, Private NPM Modules, Lint, CSS, HTML, SCSS, Less, Redux Thunk, Redux-observable, Moment.js, Lodash, Front-end Development, Front-end, Recharts, GitHub, API Integration, REST APIs, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), APIs, Figma, HTML5, Web Development, Web App Development, Single-page Applications (SPA), Responsive Design, Tailwind CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), MERN Stack, Full-stack, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Full-stack Development

Invited Lecturer

2017 - 2022
University of Georgia
  • Taught students the fundamentals of web development with HTML and CSS.
  • Provided detailed explanation of JavaScript capabilities and core principles.
  • Outlined the advantages of the React library and demonstrated its power.
  • Explained core React principles, demonstrated main React capabilities, and gave practical knowledge of web development with React.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, Front-end Development, Front-end, Web Development, Web App Development, Single-page Applications (SPA), Next.js, ECMAScript (ES6), Full-stack

Senior Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2020
Sweeft Digital Agency
  • Developed front end of several web applications with React, Next.js, and Redux.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira, ClickUp, and Trello as task management tools.
  • Worked on developing REST APIs for different projects using Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize (MySQL), MongoDB, and TypeScript.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, TypeScript, Angular, Redux, Redux-Saga, Antd, Next.js, RxJS, Express.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Sequelize, Git, NPM, Bootstrap, Lint, HTML, CSS, Less, SCSS, Redux Thunk, Moment.js, Lodash, Front-end Development, Front-end, Recharts, GitHub, API Integration, REST APIs, React Router, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), APIs, Figma, HTML5, Web Development, Web App Development, Single-page Applications (SPA), Responsive Design, Tailwind CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), MERN Stack, Full-stack, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Full-stack Development

Full-stack Web Developer

2015 - 2017
Everesti Ltd.
  • Developed an animated UI where users can register, log in, complete test assignments, view their personal information, and track public announcements.
  • Built an administrator dashboard to manage tests and registered users and their results.
  • Created a Laravel and MySQL-based back-end application for handling both the client website and the admin dashboard. Integrated three payment methods into the system.
Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Laravel, Front-end Development, Front-end, GitHub, Web Development, Web App Development, Full-stack

World Privilege Plus

A JavaScript-based web application that offers exclusive benefits, discounts, or perks to its members.

As a full-stack developer, I was responsible for building the back end using Sails.js and MySQL. Simultaneously, I worked on the front end, utilizing Next.js and TypeScript to achieve the best SEO experience. Additionally, I took charge of creating an advanced administration panel, leveraging the powerful combination of React and TypeScript.

Online Marketing Dashboard

A React-based dashboard for managing and monitoring advertising and marketing information. Application has multiple modules, which are independent React apps and are used in different applications.

I was working as a senior React developer, aiming to develop all modules and create a shared private npm library for all of the modules to avoid code duplication and ease the development process.

Suntek | Freight Forwarding Software

A designated logistics software for freight forwarding, based on React on the front end and C# on the back end.

As a front-end React developer, my main objective was to clone an existing desktop application into the React app with optimized components and the look and feel of a desktop app. Since the app was not a typical web application and required managing a significant amount of data, I had to work closely with caching mechanisms in the browser.

Financial Management System

A designated investment management SaaS solution for real estate investment firms and funds, with a React-based front end and a Node.js and Express.js back end.

This web platform allows users to register and manage assets in different currencies and make funding requests for new investments. Companies are allowed to add management investors, who will be able to access their personal pages and view their investments.

Brick | Power Bank Sharing Dashboard

A JavaScript-based dashboard application for managing and monitoring shared power banks in different countries.

As a React developer, I developed complex React components for the display of rich information from the back end, including tables, forms, and charts.

ERP System

A React-based system for managing business processes of a leading internet provider company, from getting customer requests to service delivery.

The system included multiple modules—stock, HR, billing, order tracking, and more— and was able to generate new requests from clients. Besides, it allowed seeing the current location of any agent (the employer responsible for selling the product) and the number of products sold in any date range. It also generated monthly reports, which was the source for the agent's bonus and more.

I worked as a senior front-end developer, and my duties were to develop React components, manage other developers' tasks, perform code reviews, and advise them.

Wash Service Booking Platform

A JavaScript-based application for booking car washing service. The project consists of four parts: a back end with multiple applications, a dashboard for admins, a dashboard for washer companies, and a React Native mobile application.

As a senior full-stack developer, I was mainly working on the back end and dashboard.

The system had the following key features:
- Register users
- Allow users to choose a washer on the map, check free timeslots, and book the service
- Allow washers to see all requests and accept or deny them
- Users can pay for the service from the mobile app with a single click
- Washer can view the report by any date range

Transport Company Process Automation

A React-based web platform that allows a transportation company to manage tons of goods from the target country to the client using trucks.

The idea of this project was to keep the company up to date on packages, keep clients up to date on their packages, and generate documents and reports needed at the border of different countries.

Acted as a front-end developer, aiming to create optimized components and integrate them with the back end.

eCommerce Platform

An online shop based on Angular 8+ that includes B2B and B2C interactions with an expansive catalog and a vast item selection database.

As a part of the front-end development team, I created optimized and responsive UI components and integrated front- and back-end applications.

The application uses server-side rendering to optimize the website for crawlers.
2016 - 2018

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Tbilisi State University - Tbilisi, Georgia

2012 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science

Ilia State University - Tbilisi, Georgia


React, Redux-Saga, Antd, Redux Persist, Context API, LocalStorage, Moment.js, REST APIs, React Router, Lodash, Recharts, Node.js, Socket.IO, RxJS, NgRx, jQuery, Redux Form


Redux Thunk, Slack, Git, NPM, JSX, Jira, WebStorm, Docker Compose, GitHub, Figma, Sequelize, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Webpack, Visual Studio


Redux, Next.js, Material UI, Bootstrap, Jest, Sails.js, Express.js, Angular, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, React Native


JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), SCSS, Less, HTML5, PHP, GraphQL, SQL


REST, Scrum


IndexedDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Google Cloud, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), NoSQL


Docker, Windows, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Axios, Styled-components, Front-end Development, Front-end, API Integration, Web Development, Web App Development, Private NPM Modules, Lint, Storybook, Redux-observable, APIs, ClickUp, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Single-page Applications (SPA), Responsive Design, MERN Stack, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Universal, JSON REST APIs

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