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Timofey Bugaevsky

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Lisbon, Portugal
Toptal Member Since
March 23, 2021

Timofey is a multi-stack software engineer with over 20 years of experience. He's excellent at sustaining, enhancing, and optimizing performance for existing in-house systems. He can handle the technical needs of an entire information system by selecting simpler ways to solve problems. Timofey respects the work of previous programmers and has experience restoring systems that were left unmaintained for five years. He has developed PoC, MVP, and enterprise products with budgets up to $1 million.


PHP 7, JavaScript 6, jQuery, Vue, Laravel, Videos, Video Editing, Linux...
1C:Enterprise, Agile, Internalization, Translation, APIs, 1C Bitrix, PHP 7...
Prologics Group
NetSuite, JavaScript, 1C:Enterprise, PHP 5, Linux, Windows...




Preferred Environment

Linux, Docker Compose, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Laravel Livewire, SQL, Phoenix LiveView, Vanilla JS, Vanilla CSS

The most amazing...

...project I've made is a complete CAT product for a large IT company. I also made the ERP add-on, which was named the best by a leading oil company.

Work Experience

Software Engineer | CTO | Producer

2017 - PRESENT
  • Upgraded technologies from 2000 to 2020, making a more robust, fast, and complete online hypermarket with over 350,000 products and over 3,000,000 requests handled daily. Did everything as the sole developer.
  • Brought back to life and provided sustaining and new feature development services for a multi-database and multi-server project with over 300GB of databases and over 3TB of files for a large real estate company.
  • Created a high-load-ready distributed application as a proof of concept for a DIY startup with infrastructure managed with self-hosted Kubernetes and GitLab instances.
  • Sustained and upgraded a ceramic tile online store by integrating the Data Import Wizard, online store, and office integration. Extracted and packed all changes in a single extension and made a relocation to a more reliable server.
  • Participated in developing an app store optimization (ASO) system under a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Created the initial proof of concept for Entourage, an online store for branded clothes.
  • Produced, directed, and edited video production. Successfully managed to create several complex projects with multiple decision-makers for large companies.
  • Rewrote the code of a C++ desktop application for a startup to make it work as a PHP web application. Created a private cloud, split monolith applications into microservices (some with Python or Elixir), and added several new features.
Technologies: PHP 7, JavaScript 6, jQuery, Vue, Laravel, Videos, Video Editing, Linux, Cloudflare, MySQL, Sustainability, IT Support, Agile, CSS3, Kubernetes, GitLab CI/CD, 1C Bitrix, PHP, Web Scraping, Yii, Symfony, APIs, Maps, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Git, Back-end, PostgreSQL, DevOps, SQL, NGINX, Apache, Elixir, Phoenix, CouchDB, Python, Django, OpenCV, Django REST Framework, Docker, Docker Compose, GitLab, Lumen, Database Replication, Real Estate, eCommerce, Video Production, Video Processing, Multitenancy, WordPress, Query Optimization, Performance, SQL Performance, PHP Performance, Azure, Memcached, LAMP, LEMP, Bash, Jira, Trello, Servers, Load Balancers, DNS, Dusk, Integration Testing, Headless Browser Testing, Vite, Vue SSR, Vuex, Pinia, Middleware, Node.js, Stripe, PayPal, Gimp, Image Manipulation, Image Generation, FFmpeg, Video Encoding, Educational Videos, ImageMagick, Nuxt.js, Image Processing, Shotcut, API Integration, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Domain DNS Setup, Elasticsearch, Elastic Email, SendinBlue, SSL, SSL Certificates, SSL Configurations, HTTPS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pusher, PubNub, Agora, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Vanilla JS, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, Mobile Web, WebSockets, REST, REST APIs, PhoneGap, Responsive UI, Algorithms, XML, JSON, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Drupal, Joomla, Leadership, Multiple Listing Services (MLS), Real Estate Development, Residential Real Estate, VoIP, Microservices, Back-end Architecture, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Business Intelligence (BI), Architecture, JavaScript, Web Applications, Data Visualization, Stripe Checkout, Stripe API, UX Design, UI Design, Django CMS, Microservices Architecture, Test-driven Development (TDD), Full-stack Development, CSS, HTML, Sass, Twilio, Twilio API, AWS Lambda, Rust, Ajax, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Express.js, Data Structures, Databases, Scrum, Marketplace Platforms, B2B, Webhooks, CI/CD Pipelines, Test Automation, JavaScript Charting, Mailchimp, Stripe Payments, Web Video, Video Chat, React, Next.js, Software Design, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Server-side Rendering (SSR), OAuth 2, Security, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Foreign Function Interfaces (FFI), Slack, Redis, API Development, Web Technologies, MariaDB, Chart.js, Figma, Authentication, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Marketplaces, Communication, Bugsnag, Google Maps API, CTO, Technical Writing, Charts, Mapping, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Video.js, Streaming, Video on Demand (VOD), Swipe, OpenAI, Serverless, Trongate, AWS DevOps, ChatGPT, Product Management

Head of Software Development and Localization Department | Software Developer

2011 - 2017
  • Created 1C: Translator, the computer-assisted translation and documentation application. It includes features for project planning, task distribution, and remote work. 1C is a company with over 2,000 employees and more than 10,000 partners.
  • Built customer-oriented support for international users and partners. We got many testimonials claiming it's the best support in the company.
  • Managed and published 1C: Subsystems Library and 1C: small business apps and managed the application demo, among other products.
  • Oversaw translation and published training courses, platform documentation, and other documents.
  • Rebuilt and made most features of the 1C: DN site for international users and partners. The website contains the online store, CMS, documentation, education, and partner support.
Technologies: 1C:Enterprise, Agile, Internalization, Translation, APIs, 1C Bitrix, PHP 7, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloud, SaaS, Mobile Apps, Documentation, Management, Planning, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), SOAP, REST, Camtasia, PHP, PostgreSQL, DevOps, SQL, Apache, IIS, Plesk, Parallels Plesk Panel, Software, Bing Translate API, Google Translate API, Software Development, Software Deployment, Multitenancy, SQL Performance, Performance, Query Optimization, DNS, Gimp, FFmpeg, Image Manipulation, ImageMagick, Video Editing, Video Encoding, Educational Videos, Mobile, Leadership, Technical Documentation, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Business Intelligence (BI), Architecture, JavaScript, Web Applications, Data Visualization, UX Design, UI Design, Full-stack Development, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Ajax, Data Structures, Back-end, Databases, Scrum, B2B, Webhooks, Test Automation, API Integration, Software Design, Mobile Web, OAuth 2, Algorithms, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), API Development, Web Technologies, Authentication, Communication, Android, iOS, CTO, Technical Writing, Charts, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Product Management

IT Project Manager | Software Developer

2008 - 2011
Prologics Group
  • Built a needs assessment and fulfillment process for over 50 users, including accountants, recruiters, managers, executives, three remote offices and warehouses, and 50 supervisors.
  • Made different contributions to the IT infrastructure, including office relocation, finding cheaper suppliers of hardware and consumables, preparing workplaces and hardware replacements, and supporting hardware servers.
  • Planned and coordinated work for specialists who develop accounting applications powered by 1C: Enterprise. Wrote project requirements and provided support for different company apps, such as 1C: Accounting, 1C: HR, 1C: Trade, and 1C: Auto transport.
  • Developed reports and original ERP features, set up NetSuite, provided corporate site support and communicated with English-speaking corporate heads.
  • Joined several accounting applications and removed odd applications. This prevented employees from duplicating input in several applications.
  • Implemented remote access for remote employees via VPN, thin client, and distributed info bases.
  • Integrated 1C applications with counterparty applications, including SAP R/3 of Lukoil company and websites.
Technologies: NetSuite, JavaScript, 1C:Enterprise, PHP 5, Linux, Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Cisco, Integration, Reports, IT Support, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory Programming, PHP, SQL, Gimp, Leadership, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Transportation & Logistics, Management Systems, TMS, Business Intelligence (BI), Architecture, Web Applications, Data Visualization, UX Design, UI Design, Full-stack Development, CSS, HTML, Ajax, Data Structures, Back-end, Databases, Webhooks, API Integration, Software Design, Algorithms, Web Technologies, Authentication, Communication, Google Maps API, Charts, Mapping, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Product Management

Team Leader

2007 - 2008
Active Web Services, LLC
  • Contributed to the development of a web application and accounting automation application for heavy equipment claims. Assisted in the development of document flow forms, controls, and PRD error fixing. I also created English documentation.
  • Acted as the team lead, managing my team to deliver projects for different clients of this 50-employee company. Some of our clients were Hustler Turf and Mopar.
  • Developed a claim application for the company's client, Hustler Turf.
  • Developed an official online store for Mopar parts and accessories.
  • Created a training course for new employees who worked on the same kind of applications.
  • Trained several new employees with the standard company workflow.
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, TFS, SQL, IIS, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Workflow, Process Flows, SQL Performance, Query Optimization, Leadership, JavaScript, Web Applications, TypeScript, Full-stack Development, Ajax, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Data Structures, Back-end, Databases, B2B, Test Automation, Software Design, Algorithms, Web Technologies, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), AspDotNetStorefront


2003 - 2006
The Research Institute of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Created two working mobile robots and wrote two publications together with the team.
  • Modeled, developed software, traced PCB, purchased components, and created documentation for the mobile robot.
  • Developed the low-level control system for the mobile robot. The set of applications for testing and logging was developed as well.
Technologies: Delphi, Pascal, Altium Designer (PCAD), MATLAB, C++, Embedded C, C, Data Visualization, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Data Structures, Software Design, Simulations, Algorithms, LiDAR, Monte Carlo Simulations, Charts, Mapping

Sustaining and Enhancements of Multi-tenancy Learning Portal for Sideline Learning, Inc.

• Fixed and simplified Docker Compose, Dockerfile, certificate generation, and initialization routines for the simpler running of multi-tenant project with cron jobs on the local development environment, and updated onboarding documentation.
• Fixed architectural inconsistencies and made the project simpler to upgrade. Upgraded from Laravel 8 to Laravel 9, and upgraded Node.js libraries until closed all vulnerabilities, and updated architecture documentation.
• Performed manual testing, fixed bugs in legacy functionality, adaptive design, JavaScript and CSS loading order, and duplicates. Merged migrations and updated feature implementation to make the code consistent with newer parts.
• Made integration with AWS Route 53 API; sub-tenant creation from inside tenant administrator interface; background tenant initialization; fields, columns, filters, validations, multi-language captions, and other small enhancements.

1C:Translator CAT System

1C:Translator application designed for automation of translation, writing, and publishing of books, articles, help, translation of sites, and Java/C++ application interfaces, including initial data for SQL databases. It also supports the translation of 1C:Enterprise application sources and interfaces.

General business functions are:
- The translation of texts.
- Translation quality assurance and staff development.
- Estimation of work amount and employee workload balancing.
- Accounting of finished work and time expenditure.
- Data storage and versioning with sharing of access rights.
- Text writing.
- Text publishing.

Vstroyka-solo Online Store

Online hypermarket with over 150,000 goods and over 3,000,000 requests handled each day. It included an in-house developed system, online store, CRM, WMS, reports, KPI, categorial management, role-based authentication, partners, and integrations.

IT Asset Management System

Developed an IT asset management system with a map that automatically detects where in the shared workspace an employee logged in to let IT support come to a specific workplace. It also enumerated computer characteristics and helped with upgrade planning, contained local network sockets, phones, and more.

Full-stack Developer for an Adults Entertainment Company

• Upgraded Node.js from 12 to 18 and Nuxt.js from 2 to 3, replaced Axios with fetch, rewrote pages with Composition API, and improved Docker Compose settings for local development for two AWS Lambda projects.
• Sustained in-house built CMS for video production and publishing, including integration with third-party MS SQL-based application and synchronization made with SQL triggers, restored missing information on how this integration works.
• Improved a complicated query for the TV schedule site to run three times faster, fixed the database to search queries five times faster, and updated obsolete URLs for video trailer previews.
• Maintained AWS notifications and informed management and server support team about these notifications. Upgraded AWS ElastiCache for Redis from an obsolete version to a recent version.
• Created several weekly newsletter layouts for the marketing department and improved email layout built with Google Apps Script. Also, created reports and updated banners on sites monthly.

PHP/Vue Full-stack Developer for a Hosting Marketplace

• Debugged, optimized, and enhanced procedures and configurations for local development with and without Docker environment and improved development documentation.
• Fixed problems preventing starting applications after the production server was restarted. Configured automatic AWS backups. Found, researched, and moved to git undocumented Traefik configuration from the production server and enhanced deployment and system requirements documentation.
• Migrated databases to Amazon RDS.
• Assisted in collecting and replacing missing passwords and made security recommendations.
• Created a staging copy of a project, anonymization script, and Bitbucket CI/CD to streamline the development process.
• Found out how a custom in-house built content management framework works. Fixed bugs and completed tasks, including signing in as a user for admin and improvements for Autohost API integration.
• Fixed bugs and completed tasks for Laravel 8 and Nuxt 2 applications, including moving configuration constants from code to .env files and replacing the outdated library for sign-in with Google to support the new SDK.

Full-stack Laravel/Vue Developer for a Marketplace Platform

• Created integration tests with Laravel Dusk, covering core features important for running a business, including sign-in, sign-up, purchasing, and providing an electronic product.
• Upgraded front-end application from Vue 2 to Vue 3. Improved build-time three times, upgrading Webpack to esbuild. Replaced obsolete libraries to have 0 vulnerabilities found by npm. Lowered application with libraries size from 1.6GB to 300MB. Made a more readable project structure, increased the amount of reused code and cleaned up code.
• Fixed problems causing unstable system operation and made interface improvements, including using the application on mobile devices.
• Improved full page load time from 6.5 seconds to about 1 second, improved CLS and other PageSpeed scores, and fixed server-side rendering issues to improve SEO.
• Optimized complicated SQL queries to lower the total execution time of scheduled jobs from several minutes to several seconds.
• Added Stripe payment and withdrawals for marketplace utilizing Stripe Connect, added a sign-in with Google, Apple, and Facebook, and added Facebook Conversions API integration.
• Added audio and video streaming chat features and an option to provide another type of service as another product.

Custom DIY Startup MVP

I did the following for this project:

• Created a set of custom algorithms for image processing and creating DIY online products.
• Created an on-premises deployment infrastructure with CI/CD and Kubernetes cluster with custom Docker images and multi-server architecture, including load balancing, spreading replica pods into multiple work nodes, and DDoS protection.
• Optimized performance by rewriting critical code with Rust-based PHP extension.
• Ordered and managed content creation for the website, including drawing images to showcase how the application works and writing explanatory articles.
• Made a website, a blog, and a gallery fast enough to pass Google PageSpeed assessment.
• Multi-language interface and website content (18 languages).

Association of Free Russians in Portugal

• Created an anti-war community of Russians living in Portugal from 0 without grants.
• Organized over 90 anti-war and pro-democratic rallies, including international.
• Brought this community into relations with several international organizations and with over 100 other similar communities.
• Managed website and social networks in three languages.
• Made PR and advertising, leading to over 3,000 subscribers, over 40 publications in media, and over 500,000 views of our content.
2014 - 2016

Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Moscow Business School - Moscow, Russia

2000 - 2006

Engineer's Degree in Robotics

Moscow Bauman State Technical University - Moscow, Russia

1996 - 2000

Professional Degree in Finance

Moscow College of City Building and Management - Moscow, Russia


Domain Driven Design: Complete Software Architecture Course



Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms in Rust



Ultimate Rust 2: Intermediate Concepts



Rust & WebAssembly with JS (TS) - The Practical Guide



Web GIS development course



JavaScript and Ruby on Rails with React, Angular, and Vue



React Native - The Practical Guide [2023]



Ultimate Rust Crush Course



Software Architecture Security - The Complete Guide



Software Architecture Case Studies



User Experience Design Fundamentals



Elixir and Phoenix: Real World Functional Programming



The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp



Learning Path: Elixir: Web Development with Elixir



Laravel 8 Vue.js and RESTful API Course With Complete Project



Learn NoSQL Database Design With CouchDB



Functional Programming for Beginners With JavaScript



GitLab for Auto DevOps using GitLab CLI



Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide



Vue, jQuery, Node.js, Stripe, REST APIs, API Development, OpenCV, Bing Translate API, Google Translate API, OpenSSL, Vuex, FFmpeg, ImageMagick, Pusher, PubNub, Stripe API, SDL, Twilio API, JavaScript Charting, React, React Redux, Chart.js, Dotenv, Vue 2, Vue 3, Facebook API, Google Maps API, Leaflet, OpenLayers


ChatGPT, Atom, GitLab CI/CD, Docker Compose, Subversion (SVN), GitLab, Camtasia, TFS, Altium Designer (PCAD), MATLAB, Microsoft Exchange, Git, Visual Studio, NGINX, Apache, Plesk, Parallels Plesk Panel, Jira, Trello, Webpack, Cron, GitHub, SendinBlue, Agora, Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS), Multiple Listing Services (MLS), RabbitMQ, Stripe Checkout, Mailchimp, Expo, Slack, Figma, Bugsnag, Bitbucket, Traefik, Jenkins, Wix, Envoyer, Canvas, GIS, Web GIS, Swipe, AspDotNetStorefront, Facebook Business Manager, Rally


Laravel, Bootstrap, OAuth 2, PHPUnit, PHP MVC, ASP.NET, Laravel Livewire, Yii, Symfony, Phoenix, Django, Django REST Framework, Lumen, Vue SSR, Nuxt.js, Vanilla JS, Tailwind CSS, PhoneGap, Express.js, Next.js, React Native, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Angular, Materialize, Eloquent, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Serverless Framework, Video.js, Trongate


MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Databases, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Database Replication, CouchDB, PouchDB, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Performance, JSON, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), GeoServer, Firebird


PHP 7, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, JavaScript 6, PHP 5, CSS, HTML, Sass, Rust, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), CSS3, C#, Delphi, Pascal, C++, Embedded C, Elixir, Erlang (OTP), Python, Bash, SCSS, HTML5, C, XML, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), TypeScript, Ruby, PHP 8, HTM, WASM, Vanilla CSS

Industry Expertise



Agile, REST, Test Automation, Management, BPMN, Functional Programming, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, DevOps, Testing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Microservices, Back-end Architecture, Interface Design, Business Intelligence (BI), UX Design, UI Design, Microservices Architecture, Test-driven Development (TDD), Role-based Access Control (RBAC), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Scrum, Marketplace Platforms, B2B, Automated Testing, Desktop App Development


1C:Enterprise, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, Linux, Kubernetes, 1C Bitrix, Windows, OTP, WordPress, Azure, LAMP, LEMP, Mobile, Drupal, Joomla, Django CMS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Twilio, AWS Lambda, Android, iOS, Firebase, Heroku, Alpine Linux, Spinnaker, Apple, Mapbox, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter)


Web Scraping, APIs, Online Shops, Back-end, Cloudflare, Payment APIs, Documentation, Integration, Sustainability, Full-stack, eCommerce, API Integration, Algorithms, Web Applications, Full-stack Development, Ajax, Webhooks, Web Technologies, Charts, Mapping, OpenAI, AWS DevOps, Robotics, Analytics, Reports, High-load, Internalization, Product Ownership, Translation, Cloud, SaaS, Mobile Apps, Planning, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), SOAP, NetSuite, Cisco, IT Support, Videos, Video Editing, Finance, Vue Router, Laratrust, Active Directory Programming, Maps, Regression Testing, Front-end, IIS, Workflow, Process Flows, Material Design, Real Estate, Video Production, Video Processing, Software, Software Development, Software Deployment, Multitenancy, Query Optimization, Performance, PHP Performance, Servers, Load Balancers, DNS, Dusk, Integration Testing, Headless Browser Testing, Amazon Route 53, Vite, Pinia, Middleware, PayPal, Gimp, Image Manipulation, Image Generation, Video Encoding, Educational Videos, Image Processing, Shotcut, Domain DNS Setup, Elastic Email, SSL, SSL Certificates, SSL Configurations, HTTPS, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Mobile Web, WebSockets, Responsive UI, Phoenix LiveView, Leadership, Real Estate Development, Residential Real Estate, Technical Documentation, VoIP, Style Guides, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Management Systems, TMS, Architecture, Data Visualization, Secure Web Development, Web Security, Data Structures, CI/CD Pipelines, Stripe Payments, Web Video, Video Chat, Software Design, Simulations, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Server-side Rendering (SSR), Security, LiDAR, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Foreign Function Interfaces (FFI), Events, Broadcasting, Semantic UI, Monte Carlo Simulations, Authentication, Marketplaces, Communication, Amazon RDS, Autohost, Symphony, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Performance Optimization, Git GUI, Google Sign-in, SSH, Facebook, Real-time Communication (RTC), Audio Chat, Live Chat, Mobile UI, Responsive Web Apps, Backups, Automated UI Testing, PHP Extensions, Email, Web Content, CTO, Technical Writing, Transportation & Logistics, Verification, OpenStreetMap, Amazon API Gateway, Benchmarking, Game Development, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Streaming, Video on Demand (VOD), Serverless, Public Relations (PR), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Voice Over, Media, Advertising, Websites, TikTok, Press Releases, Community Growth, Research, Content Writing, Audio Editing, VPS, Instagram, Startups, Product Management

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