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Timothy Vladimir Hobbs

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Prague, Czech Republic
Toptal Member Since
October 3, 2022

Timothy is a second-generation software developer, deeply experienced with projects such as Docker, Django-helpdesk, and subuser.org. Specializing in Python development, he also has a taste for Rust, Haskell, and many other languages. Timothy is passionate about graph algorithms, especially those involving graph mutation, traversal, and topology. He is also fascinated by Merkle DAGs and Rabin fingerprinting, used in efficient data storage and transmission.


gradesta s.r.o.
Rust, Docker, NixOS, Python 3, ZeroMQ, WebSockets, Cap'n Proto, Protobuf, Cloud...
APIs, Django, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Swagger, Back-end, Tax Systems...
Python, Django, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Git, CircleCI, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)...




Preferred Environment

Linux, NixOS, Spacemacs, Emacs, Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS), Docker

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a system for estimating the rough time of software development project completion.

Work Experience

Lead Software Developer

2022 - PRESENT
gradesta s.r.o.
  • Designed a novel algorithm for selecting and synchronizing subgraphs of dynamic non-finite graphs over the network.
  • Produced a complete prototype for the protocol with clients in Python and Go.
  • Built a system for recording and documenting screencasts of the development work.
  • Collaborated with an external graphics designer to create wireframes for a consumer-ready product, leveraging the protocol.
  • Created a self-hosting, graph-based text editor and domain-specific language.
  • Devised an interactive visualization of the protocol and algorithms using Three.js.
  • Developed an interactive Qt desktop application for working with trees of audio snippets.
Technologies: Rust, Docker, NixOS, Python 3, ZeroMQ, WebSockets, Cap'n Proto, Protobuf, Cloud, Compilers, Code Generators, Go, Three.js, APIs, HTML, CSS, GitHub, JSON, SDKs, Software Architecture, JavaScript, Unit Testing, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), MVP Design, Architecture, Solution Architecture, SaaS, Design Patterns, Data Modeling, Qt, Async/Await, CI/CD Pipelines, Technical Documentation, Technical Writing, PIP, Distributed Systems, Algorithms, Project Consultancy, No-code Development, Cloud Infrastructure

API Middleware Engineer | API Wrapper MVP

2022 - 2023
  • Developed and deployed an MVP that integrates a legacy XML API with a modern JSON API.
  • Provided modern authentication features (JWT) to enable secure API use with mobile apps.
  • Deployed the MVP on Digital Ocean, providing a full CI/CD pipeline.
  • Implemented a nearly 90% test coverage across the entire stack.
  • Provided the client with an accurate time estimate, missing the mark by only a half hour.
Technologies: APIs, Django, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Swagger, Back-end, Tax Systems, Consulting, Project Consultancy, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Cloud Infrastructure

Lead Software Developer and DevOps Engineer

2018 - 2021
  • Managed the deployment and monitoring of the Bike to Work event with over 20,000 participants.
  • Transitioned the stack from AWS with EC2, auto-scaling groups to Kubernetes.
  • Handled code maintenance to deliver 20,000 t-shirts, including the transition from in-house packing to an external warehouse and the fulfillment service.
  • Composed REST endpoints and collaborated with an external team to build the mobile app.
  • Supported the code to invoice over 900 corporate customers.
  • Oversaw and maintained an internal CRM system and integrated Django-helpdesk.
  • Created a web scraper for collecting changes in automotive traffic patterns in Prague.
  • Secured web assets using S3, identity and access management, and time-limited tokens.
  • Maintained a multi-layer, nationwide map of bicycle infrastructure. Prepared route data for analysis and supported external data analysts in analyzing trip data.
  • Generated heatmap data and maintained an interactive heatmap for use by the public and policymakers in improving transportation infrastructure.
Technologies: Python, Django, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Git, CircleCI, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, Amazon EC2, PostGIS, Web Scraping, REST, Vue, NoSQL, RabbitMQ, Cloud, Code Generators, TypeScript, APIs, HTML, CSS, GitHub, JSON, MySQL, SDKs, Software Architecture, API Integration, Webpack, Full-stack Development, JavaScript, Bootstrap, DevOps, System Administration, Server Administration, DigitalOcean, NGINX, Apache, GIS, Unit Testing, Heroku, Web Development, REST APIs, Full-stack, Hosting, Databases, Deployment, Leaflet, Architecture, Solution Architecture, Design Patterns, SaaS, Data Modeling, QGIS, GeoServer, Geocoding, HTML5, GPG, OAuth, OAuth 2, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Role-based Access Control (RBAC), Async/Await, CI/CD Pipelines, Technical Documentation, Technical Writing, PIP, RDBMS, Back-end, Tax Systems, Consulting, Content Management Systems (CMS), No-code Development, Communities, Membership Sites, Project Consultancy, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Cloud Infrastructure

Technical Writer

2014 - 2014
  • Composed the manual for the first open source hardware wallet.
  • Analyzed the system's security and provided feedback on the recovery code mechanism.
  • Used restructured text to generate both Web and PDF documentation.
Technologies: Blockchain, HTML, GitHub, HTML5, CI/CD Pipelines, Technical Documentation, Technical Writing, RDBMS, Project Consultancy

Bike to Work Challenge

This project was about a Django application encouraging people to ride their bikes to work. I managed the entire process and added new back-end and front-end features, except for CSS design work and graphics. I also collaborated with external data analysts to provide insights into the GIS data that the project generated.


Subuser is a system to run securely desktop applications in Docker on Linux. I designed and created the entire project, collaborating with the Docker team to add POSIX device support to Docker. I made a secure bridge between Docker and X11 using the Xpra protocol.
2010 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy

Charles University - Prague, Czechia

2006 - 2008

Associate's Degree in Math Education

Bellevue College - Bellevue, WA, USA


REST APIs, Leaflet, ZeroMQ, Protobuf, Vue, Three.js


Git, Celery, GitHub, GPG, Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS), Geocoding, Spacemacs, Emacs, CircleCI, RabbitMQ, Webpack, NGINX, Apache, GIS


Django, OAuth 2, Qt, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Bootstrap, Swagger


Python, SQL, HTML, HTML5, Python 3, Go, JavaScript, Rust, TypeScript, CSS


DevOps, Unit Testing, Design Patterns, REST, Hosting, Role-based Access Control (RBAC)


Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Kubernetes, Blockchain


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), JSON, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, RDBMS, Redis, Redis Cache, NoSQL, MySQL, Databases


APIs, SDKs, Software Architecture, Architecture, Solution Architecture, Data Modeling, OAuth, Async/Await, CI/CD Pipelines, Technical Documentation, Technical Writing, PIP, Back-end, Algorithms, Membership Sites, Project Consultancy, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Cloud Infrastructure, IPFS, Web Scraping, Cloud, Compilers, Code Generators, API Integration, Full-stack Development, Web Development, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Full-stack, MVP Design, Deployment, SaaS, QGIS, Consulting, Content Management Systems (CMS), Communities, NixOS, Linear Algebra, Pedagogy, WebSockets, Cap'n Proto, System Administration, Server Administration, Distributed Systems, Xpra, Tax Systems, No-code Development

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