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Tomas Puricelli

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Front-end Developer

Alicante, Spain
Toptal Member Since
January 5, 2022

Tomás is a senior software engineer with experience in building systems from the ground up. As a software engineer in Devborn, he played a key role in the greenfield rewrite of Extracker, a cost communication platform, which later raised $5.3 million in funding in a series A round. You will find Tomás to be a team player, always eager to help, learn and teach, and a focused engineer looking to write clean and maintainable code and build strong relationships with his teammates.

Design Patterns, React, Next.js, Vue, Python, Solidity, Web3, Jest, TypeScript...
React, Gatsby, Next.js, Shopify, GraphQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Cypress, Jest...
JavaScript, Node.js, React, SQL, MUI CSS




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Slack, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is an eCommerce site builder that gives companies the freedom to really brand their sites.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Joined as a senior front-end engineer but soon faced the unexpected departure of the CTO. Stepped up to tackle lead front-end developer duties. After nine months, I gained the trust and assumed the responsibility of managing two team members.
  • Took on the lead role in Web 3.0 R&D, focusing on researching, prioritizing, and developing state-of-the-art Web 3.0 functionality. Single-handedly researched and developed an architecture for automating on-chain operations.
  • Stabilized a buggy Vue front-end application and developed a plan to migrate the app to Next.js, providing better technology to match the needs of the company's roadmap. Did this single-handedly a month after joining the company.
Technologies: Design Patterns, React, Next.js, Vue, Python, Solidity, Web3, Jest, TypeScript, Unit Testing, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, MUI CSS

Senior Front-end Engineer

2019 - 2022
  • Helped the company build an easily reproducible Jamstack website to create performant and original eCommerce sites for our clients in record time.
  • Designed an architecture that transformed our Jamstack site into a versatile site builder, ultimately evolving into a startup.
  • Led the charge to incorporate testing in our codebase, using Jest for unit tests and for E2E testing.
Technologies: React, Gatsby, Next.js, Shopify, GraphQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Cypress, Jest, TypeScript, Unit Testing

Full-stack Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
  • Worked on migrating a preexisting web app from PHP to React and Node.js.
  • Led a small front-end team to develop a complete web app from scratch.
  • Acted as the main point of contact with our client for the whole duration of the project.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, SQL, MUI CSS

Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2018
Greencode Software
  • Worked on the development of a large-scale distributed system to monitor truck fleets.
  • Created microservices for CRUD truck drivers. Added a front end implemented with Vue.js to interact with the microservices and integrated them to the distributed system managed with Apache Kafka.
  • Created an MVP for a package delivery monitoring app with React Native.
Technologies: Design Patterns, C#, JavaScript, React Native, Vue, Microservices, Apache Kafka

Software Developer

2016 - 2017
NEOTEL - Call Center Technology
  • Prepared and presented a proposal to implement a new and updated architecture for the company’s product suite. Led the project’s implementation.
  • Improved the company’s sales pitch by developing an application to simulate VoIP traffic during the product’s live demos to better show its functionality.
  • Reduced time needed to develop the application’s UI by putting together a template after redesigning the front-end code structure of both products.
Technologies: JavaScript, C#, CSS, HTML

Extracker is a cost communication platform. As the lead front-end developer, I played a key role in the greenfield rewrite of the application. To accomplish this, I collaborated with a back-end developer to migrate the preexisting PHP application to a React and Node.js stack.

Nyla App
Beautiful, fast, and modern front end for the most ambitious Shopify brands.

An eCommerce builder developed with NextJS to provide Shopify brands with a unique and branded website they can easily update with no code needed.


Megatrans is a real-time distributed fleet management system implemented with a microservices architecture. As a full-stack engineer, I worked both on creating microservices to implement business logic and front-end applications to interact with different aspects of the platform. One of the most gratifying and challenging tasks was the implementation of a map to track the fleet in real-time.
A no-code platform to create automation with a strong focus on Web3. The back end is coded in Python. We used Next.js for the front end and have on-chain through a bespoke delegation contract that allows our users to automate on-chain actions on Ethereum and Polygon.


JavaScript, C#, CSS, HTML, Solidity, TypeScript, SQL, GraphQL, Python


React, Node.js, Vue


Design Patterns, Agile Software Development, Unit Testing, Microservices


Software Engineering, Web3, Smart Contracts, Gatsby


Next.js, Jest, Cypress, MUI CSS, React Native, Material UI


Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Blockchain, MacOS, Apache Kafka, Shopify





2016 - 2018

Master's Degree in Information Systems

University of CEMA - Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Systems Engineering

University of CEMA - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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