Tony Cooper, Software Developer in Auckland, New Zealand
Tony Cooper

Software Developer in Auckland, New Zealand

Member since November 5, 2020
Tony has been developing software before he had facial hair, but it only became the main function of his career in 1997 while working in counterintelligence. Over the next 23 years, he's been involved in a large variety of projects run in quite diverse management styles. Tony started his own company in 2011, so he could work for two main clients while taking on a number of small contracts and freelance work.
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  • Balsa
    Mac OS, Windows, Subversion (SVN), Git, SQLite, Firebird, MySQL, Python 3...
  • Invenco Group
    Windows, DCOM, PVCS, Perl, Firebird, Delphi, Relational Databases
  • W.H Software
    Subversion (SVN), Linux, Windows, Free Pascal, C#, SQLite, MySQL, Firebird...


  • HTML 20 years
  • Delphi 20 years
  • Firebird 19 years
  • PHP 14 years
  • CSS 14 years
  • Lazarus 14 years
  • JavaScript 14 years
  • Free Pascal 14 years


Auckland, New Zealand



Preferred Environment

PHP, Laravel, SQLite, Firebird, MySQL, Delphi, Subversion (SVN), Git, Visual Studio, Lazarus

The most amazing...

...project I've run from end to end is MK Express, a multilingual desktop app available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry PI (it's built to cut support calls).


  • Senior Developer | Owner

    2011 - PRESENT
    • Designed and developed MK Express, a multilingual desktop application written in Free Pascal and available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry PI; included were antipiracy measures and the website it is sold from.
    • Developed E-TS, a large enterprise desktop application written in Delphi for service industries such as locksmiths, electricians, and plumbers; including FIFO stock control, double-entry journals, Xero integration, and job scheduling.
    • Implemented DevOps for a number of SaaS PHP websites such as and; including online payments and Xero integration.
    • Designed and developed PinCalc, a mobile application written in Dart on the Flutter framework.
    • Designed, developed, deployed, and maintained several PHP websites from my own simple to more complex management tools like
    • Built libraries providing an interface for applications to control key-cutting machines over RS232.
    Technologies: Mac OS, Windows, Subversion (SVN), Git, SQLite, Firebird, MySQL, Python 3, Flutter, Dart, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Laravel, Lazarus, Delphi, PHP, LAMP, Apache, Vue.js, Stripe Payments, Payment APIs, PayPal, Payment Gateways, Stripe, Responsive, Relational Databases, REST APIs, Responsive Coding
  • Senior Developer

    2011 - 2013
    Invenco Group
    • Developed an extensive point-of-sales system for the petroleum industry written in Delphi.
    • Created and maintained an automated build script.
    • Added and maintained custom features for each client.
    Technologies: Windows, DCOM, PVCS, Perl, Firebird, Delphi, Relational Databases
  • Senior Developer

    2006 - 2011
    W.H Software
    • Developed, maintained, and deployed a number of PHP websites.
    • Created several desktop applications written in Delphi and Free Pascal.
    • Constructed libraries providing a standard interface to key cutting machines over RS232.
    • Developed anti-piracy code with remote activation.
    Technologies: Subversion (SVN), Linux, Windows, Free Pascal, C#, SQLite, MySQL, Firebird, PHP, Delphi, LAMP, Apache, Payment APIs, PayPal, Payment Gateways, Responsive, Relational Databases, REST APIs, Responsive Coding
  • Senior Developer

    2005 - 2006
    • Developed an engine that handles the calculations and updates to insurance policies on file and those being quoted on.
    • Built a briefcase desktop application that enables insurance brokers to quote on new insurance policies as well as make quotes on modifications to existing policies.
    • Implemented a layer to translate the insurance policies to and from XML.
    Technologies: Firebird, PVCS, Delphi, Relational Databases
  • Senior Developer

    2002 - 2005
    • Developed a point-of-sales (POS) desktop application written in Delphi for the toll gate industry.
    • Integrated the POS app with the hardware used in the toll gate environment such as traffic lights, ticket issuers, coin machines, ETC tag readers, and Touch 'n Go readers.
    • Built a server to record activity and prevent fraud by staff members.
    • Developed software to manage the toll gate from the control room along with displaying live metrics and faults.
    • Installed on-site the software systems and servers in South Africa, India, Ireland, and Germany.
    Technologies: Paradox, PVCS, Assembly, IBM Informix, Firebird, Delphi, Relational Databases
  • Senior Developer

    2001 - 2002
    Tenders On-Line
    • Built a server that stores and processes tender documents in XML form. This server then allows invited parties to tender and handles their responses.
    • Developed a client desktop application to create tender documents or to respond by entering prices and variations. This application also allowed for adjudication.
    • Installed and managed the online server.
    Technologies: InterBase, Delphi, Relational Databases
  • Developer

    1999 - 2002
    Department of Water and Forestry
    • Developed a Delphi client-server desktop application to allow for the management of water and GIS features.
    • Created an application to port data from the old database structure to the new one.
    • Built an engine to generate letters and statements to the public in any of the 11 official languages along with a front end to author the documents.
    Technologies: PVCS, IBM Informix, InterBase, Delphi, Relational Databases
  • Sergeant | Intelligence Handler

    1997 - 1999
    South African Police Services
    • Developed software to aid covert communications and management of covert assets.
    • Looked into tactics employed in circumventing network security.
    • Investigated breaches in network security and identified attempts.
    Technologies: Turbo Pascal, C++, C, Paradox, Visual Basic, Assembly, Delphi, Relational Databases


  • MK Express

    MK Express is a Free Pascal-based desktop application which runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry PI.

    It generates complex asymmetric master key systems for the locksmithing industry. In addition, we can record the production and supply of the hardware. It has another feature where a user can alter the master key system without creating phantoms. MK Express will also import master key systems create by other software or even on paper and safely calculate expansions.

  • E-TS

    E-TS is an enterprise-level shop and service management application with a focus on job management for tradespeople in industries like plumbing, electricians, and locksmiths.

    The project consists of a server and client written in Delphi. The server also provides an API used by mobile applications and several single-page HTML5 applications.

  • provides locksmiths with a simple web application to create and manage a master key system. The website is designed to be used from a desktop browser or mobile phone. It also comes with a pinning calculator.

  • allows members of the public to find certified tradespeople. The certification is managed by the various trade associations.

    The underlying data is exposed as a REST API for the accompanying mobile applications.


    The Armstrong website provides a public interface into locksmithing franchises and is designed to lead customers into taking action.

    The site has been optimized for search engines while being clear and appealing to the customer. It also has a private interface for the staff at Armstrong Locksmiths to manage personal, franchise details, training, and a number of offerings like the Key Retriever.

  • PinCalc Mobile Application

    PinCalc is a simple mobile app for the locksmithing industry that will calculate pinning charts for most inline and small form interchangeable core lock hardware.

    Built with Flutter, it has an elegant look and feel while being light and smooth to run.


  • Languages

    Delphi, PHP, HTML, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, XML, Dart, Python 3, Perl, C#, Assembly, Visual Basic, C, C++, UML
  • Libraries/APIs

    Lazarus, REST APIs, Xero API, Vue.js, Stripe
  • Tools

    Free Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Subversion (SVN), Apache, Visual Studio, Git
  • Storage

    Firebird, SQLite, InterBase, Relational Databases, MySQL, IBM Informix, Paradox
  • Other

    HTTP, PVCS, Double-entry Bookkeeping, APIs, Payment APIs, DCOM, Stripe Payments, PayPal, Payment Gateways
  • Paradigms

    Responsive, Responsive Coding, Design Patterns
  • Platforms

    Windows, LAMP, Linux, Mac OS
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Flutter


  • Object-oriented Analysis and Design Using UML
  • Delphi 5 Internet Applications Development
    Inprise | Borland Southern Africa
  • Borland Delphi 4 Client | Server Techniques
    APRIL 1999 - PRESENT
    Real Systems

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