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Tugba Demirci Kasarci

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Database Developer

Istanbul, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
June 14, 2022

Tugba is a seasoned BI developer and data analyst with a decade of experience in leading firms. Her expertise spans DWH, SQL, and data visualization tools like MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Power BI. She excels in project management and has spearheaded integration and reporting projects for a major domain in a top airline. Tugba ensures accuracy in data-driven decision-making by delivering top-notch data environments and reports. She's known for her swift, proactive problem-solving approach.


Zoetis - Main
SQL, Data Analysis, Tableau, Data Analytics, Financial Data, Data Modeling...
BI Reporting, SAP BusinessObjects (BO), SQL, Oracle, Dashboards...
Turkish Airlines
MicroStrategy, Teradata, Qlik Sense, SQL, Data Governance, Dashboards...




Preferred Environment

SQL, Agile, Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboard Design, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Databases

The most amazing...

...thing was leading an end-to-end project involving the transfer of data to a data warehouse, reporting for one of the main domains of a company.

Work Experience

Data Analyst and Engineer

2022 - 2023
Zoetis - Main
  • Synthesized complex analytics-derived insights into easy-to-understand, actionable recommendations for business users.
  • Managed the migration of the old data warehouse, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. Recreated more than 10 main scripts. Uncovered previously unnoticed errors and deficiencies within the source data by testing report outputs.
  • Proactively organized regular meetings with the data warehouse owners to address errors and fulfill their needs.
  • Prepared documentation that mapped the new data warehouse tables to their counterparts in the old system, facilitating a smooth transition for the team to the new environment.
  • Developed reports enabling analysis and tracking of store performances, as well as facilitating comparison of fees with competitor firms for decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Utilized data visualization tools like Tableau to present and explain complex data sets.
  • Transformed a monthly PowerPoint presentation at the company—which contained sales analysis for a specific group and was used in strategic decision-making—into an interactive dashboard encompassing approximately 50 graphs.
  • Analyzed system tables and their relations by using Databricks SQL and Python.
  • Collaborated with business unit leaders to identify and prioritize problems and recommended data standardization and documentation for the Net Revenue Management team.
Technologies: SQL, Data Analysis, Tableau, Data Analytics, Financial Data, Data Modeling, Azure Databricks, Dashboards, Business Intelligence (BI), Analytical Thinking, Azure, BI Reports, Reports, PySpark, Python, Databricks, BI Reporting, Dashboard Design, Microsoft Excel, Data, Financials, Tableau Desktop Pro, Database Migration, Requirements Analysis, Data Transformation, GitHub, Data Reporting, Data Manipulation, Analytics, Data Management, Dashboard Development, Excel Expert, Excel 365, Data Structures, Teamwork

Business Intelligence Specialist | DWH Analyst

2021 - 2022
  • Managed client meetings to determine requirements and data mapping sessions to understand business needs.
  • Analyzed source system tables using SQL, documented detailed business rules and requirements, and modeled the DWH database following standards and reporting processes.
  • Played a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the data warehouse dictionary, a valuable resource for internal stakeholders.
  • Developed database objects using SQL for reporting, including tables, views, and materialized views.
  • Leveraged Power BI reporting tools to design, create, and manage dashboards and reports for data visualization.
  • Authored comprehensive user guides for projects, conducted end-user training, and provided real-time support for optimal system utilization.
Technologies: BI Reporting, SAP BusinessObjects (BO), SQL, Oracle, Dashboards, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Visualization, Documentation, Data Analysis, Agile, Relational Database Design, Databases, PostgreSQL, Database Design, Data Integration, Database Architecture, Reporting, Microsoft SQL Server, Database Modeling, BI Reports, Reports, Data Architecture, Dashboard Design, Microsoft Excel, Data, Data Warehousing, DAX, Financials, Pricing, Data Lakes, Data Pipelines, Warehouses, Requirements Analysis, Data Transformation, Data Reporting, Data Manipulation, Analytics, Data Modeling, IT Project Management, Data Management, Dashboard Development, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Excel Expert, Excel 365, Data Structures, Microsoft Power BI, Data Analytics, Teamwork

BI Specialist | DWH Analyst | Team Lead

2017 - 2020
Turkish Airlines
  • Led the integration project of the check-in system (two million records per day) into the DWH. Leveraged to analyze passenger trends and the number of no-show passengers and optimize ticket sales, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.
  • Designed a relational data warehouse and meticulously determined all business rules, ensuring comprehensive data modeling and accurate representation of business processes.
  • Conducted detailed tests using SQL to validate the functionality and accuracy of the data warehouse, ensuring that it met the specified requirements and business needs.
  • Developed database objects, including tables, views, materialized views, and 500+ attributes and metrics in MicroStrategy for reporting purposes, providing stakeholders with comprehensive insights into key performance indicators and business metrics.
  • Prepared thorough documentation of all rules and mapping documents between the source system, the data warehouse, and the report environment, ensuring transparency and clarity for all stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Managed and analyzed report requests from 6+ business units with a deep understanding of the data within the data warehouse. Effectively directed business users to the most accurate, relevant data sources and offered new KPIs.
  • Developed reports and dashboards using MicroStrategy and QlikSense to support managerial and operational objectives by ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Managed and completed over 300 projects, each delivered on time and within scope, utilizing project management tools such as Jira and Trello.
  • Played a pivotal role as an analyst in the data governance project, leading to significant improvements in data quality, increased regulatory compliance, and enhanced trust in organizational data, utilizing Informatica EDC, Axon, and IDQ.
Technologies: MicroStrategy, Teradata, Qlik Sense, SQL, Data Governance, Dashboards, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Visualization, Documentation, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Statistics, Data Engineering, Relational Database Design, Databases, ETL, Database Design, Data Integration, Master Data Management (MDM), Database Architecture, Reporting, Microsoft SQL Server, Database Modeling, BI Reports, Reports, Data Architecture, BI Reporting, Dashboard Design, Microsoft Excel, Data, Data Warehousing, Architecture, Financials, Pricing, Jira, Database Migration, Data Lakes, Data Pipelines, Warehouses, Requirements Analysis, Data Transformation, Data Reporting, Data Manipulation, Analytics, Data Modeling, IT Project Management, Data Management, Data Science, Dashboard Development, SharePoint, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Excel Expert, Excel 365, Data Structures, Oracle, Teamwork

Business Intelligence Specialist | DWH Analyst

2015 - 2017
Turkish Airlines
  • Received and analyzed reporting requests from business units, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and proposing new metrics to meet evolving business needs.
  • Developed reports in MicroStrategy for the company's reservation system, which contained over 1000 attributes and metrics to meet the diverse reporting needs of over 2000 users across the organization.
  • Researched source systems to identify necessary data for reporting and analysis, facilitating the integration of new data sources into the data warehouse.
  • Led the integration of data from various sources into Teradata using IBM DataStage, ensuring seamless and efficient data transfer and consolidation.
  • Provided training and support to users on how to leverage MicroStrategy reports effectively, empowering them to access and analyze reservation system data independently.
  • Designed and implemented SQL stored procedures to extract and manipulate data from the reservation system database, ensuring efficient data retrieval and processing.
  • Worked on CRM project and provided expertise and guidance on the extraction rules and procedures for acquiring data from various applications, ensuring data integrity and consistency.
Technologies: Teradata, SQL, Data Analysis, BI Reporting, Data Structures, MicroStrategy, Documentation, Dashboards, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, Relational Database Design, ETL, Data Architecture, Reporting, Data Modeling, BI Reports, Reports, Dashboard Design, Data, Data Manipulation, Analytics, Excel Expert, Dashboard Development, Data Management, Requirements Analysis, Warehouses, Data Lakes, Data Pipelines, Jira, Microsoft Excel, Teamwork

Business Analyst

2014 - 2015
Aydinli Group
  • Gathered and documented report and application requirements from allocators and merchandisers, ensuring alignment with business objectives and priorities and translating requirements into actionable deliverables.
  • Provided guidance and advice to business unit stakeholders to help clarify their needs and objectives, ensuring alignment with strategic priorities and resource availability.
  • Maintained documentation of analysis and developed screen designs and prototypes to illustrate user interfaces and interaction flows, ensuring alignment with business needs and user experience best practices.
  • Developed test plans and scenarios to assess the functionality, usability, and performance of applications and ensure compliance with requirements and specifications.
  • Performed SQL database tests to validate data integrity, consistency, and accuracy in accordance with business rules and requirements.
  • Provided training sessions and offered ongoing support to users and business units on the usage and functionality of applications and reports, ensuring effective tool utilization.
  • Developed comprehensive and user-friendly training materials, including user guides and manuals to support the learning process and facilitate self-paced learning.
  • Led the analysis and design of 9 out of 17 application screens in the development of an application aimed at automating the tasks of merchandisers and allocators.
  • Developed reports using Power Query and Tableau to analyze sales data and store performance, enabling data-driven decision-making for company-wide shipment, pricing, and discounting strategies.
Technologies: SQL, Tableau, Power Query, Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboards, Data Visualization, Documentation, Data Integration, Reporting, Microsoft SQL Server, BI Reports, Reports, BI Reporting, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, DAX, Pricing, Requirements Analysis, Data Transformation, Data Manipulation, Analytics, IT Project Management, Dashboard Development, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Excel Expert, Excel 365, Data Structures, Teamwork

Merchandise Planner

2013 - 2014
Aydinli Group
  • Utilized sales trends analysis to identify stock levels and store shipment needs.
  • Developed strategic shipment plans to increase store revenue by identifying high-potential selling products.
  • Analyzed store sales data to determine the amount of various product types sold and identify trends in consumer behavior.
  • Utilized market trends and sales performance metrics to identify optimal pricing strategies for various product categories.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement effective discount strategies, balancing sales objectives with profit margins.
  • Presented performance updates on my assigned product group to senior executives during weekly meetings.
  • Worked cross-functionally with IT professionals to identify technology solutions that support merchandising objectives and enhance customer experience.
  • Assisted new hires in familiarizing them with their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.
Technologies: Excel 2013, Reporting, Reports, Microsoft Excel, Excel Expert, Excel 365, Teamwork

Extracting a Main System to a Data Warehouse

I led the migration of a departure control system (DCS) to a data warehouse, transforming an open system without a relational database. Utilizing SQL, I analyzed systems, collaborated with developers and analysts, and gathered business requirements. Building on this, I devised rules and designed the data warehouse (DWH). Leveraging a domain with a daily data volume exceeding two million records, I generated reports on MicroStrategy encompassing over 500 metrics and attributes. This allowed numerous departments to access crucial data for strategic decisions, such as passenger check-in trends, aircraft occupancy rates, baggage volumes, and passenger profiles.

The documentation system I established throughout the project laid the foundation for data governance. The user guides I created resulted in an 80% reduction in the need for business unit support for report usage.

Seamless Data Warehouse Transition

The organization faced the complex task of transitioning from an outdated data warehouse to a new, modern system, necessitating the recreation of existing report codes without disrupting strategic decision-making processes.

I meticulously compared old system tables with new ones, creating detailed data mapping documents. I identified discrepancies and accounted for them when preparing report scripts, ensuring alignment with business needs.
I scrutinized existing report scripts, aligning each with the precise business requirements in the new data warehouse. I proactively addressed source data errors, significantly improving data quality and reporting accuracy.
I achieved 100% accuracy in migrated data, confirmed through extensive testing. This precision ensured the continuity of analytics and reporting functions, which are vital for ongoing business operations.

The project went beyond simple migration by re-confirming report needs with owners, leading to updated and more relevant reports. The successful on-time delivery of the project minimized business disruption.

Transforming Monthly Reports into an Interactive Dashboard for Strategic Decision-making

I revamped the company's monthly sales analysis presentation, previously in PowerPoint, into an interactive dashboard with Tableau. Collaborating with my team, I elucidated the business rules for each graph and crafted scripts accordingly. The dashboard, comprising around 50 graphs, enhanced flexibility by introducing filters for weekly, quarterly, and annual data, with provisions for accessing data from previous years.

Recognizing the critical need for data accuracy, I proactively addressed inconsistencies during the dashboard's development. Liaising with data source owners, I identified and resolved issues, ensuring users had reliable and precise data for strategic decision-making.

Optimization of Excess Baggage Revenue for Airline Company

Developed a script to recalculate excess baggage fees for an airline company, utilizing pre-flight weight data instead of manually entered baggage weights. I identified significant revenue loss due to excess baggage mishandling through the project, prompting corrective measures. I implemented a data transfer system to streamline the collection of pre-flight weight data, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Daily reports on staff and missing baggage entries were generated, fostering awareness and reducing fee losses. I contributed to minimizing revenue loss by optimizing excess baggage fee calculations and collaborated with personnel across multiple stations to ensure the effective implementation of corrective measures and ongoing monitoring.
2008 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering

Uludag University - Bursa, Turkey




Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Jira, Tableau Desktop Pro, Microsoft Power BI, Excel 2013, Power Query, Qlik Sense, GitHub


SQL, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Python


PostgreSQL, Data Integration, Master Data Management (MDM), Database Architecture, Microsoft SQL Server, Database Modeling, Data Lakes, Data Pipelines, Teradata, Databases, MySQL, Azure SQL, Database Migration


Business Intelligence (BI), Database Design, Requirements Analysis, ETL, Agile, Data Science


Oracle, Azure, Databricks, SharePoint


MicroStrategy, BI Reporting, Data Analysis, Documentation, IT Project Management, Dashboards, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Relational Database Design, Data Architecture, Reporting, Data Modeling, BI Reports, Reports, Dashboard Design, Data, Data Warehousing, Architecture, Financials, Pricing, Warehouses, Data Transformation, Data Reporting, Data Manipulation, Analytics, Data Management, Dashboard Development, Excel Expert, Excel 365, Data Structures, Teamwork, Analytical Thinking, Data Engineering, Azure Databricks, Financial Data, DAX, SAP BusinessObjects (BO), Data Governance, Statistics, Azure Data Factory

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