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Víctor González

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Valencia, Spain
Toptal Member Since
June 19, 2018

Víctor has been working with GIS software for more than 15 years. He has worked on various projects, from driving and developing mainly geospatial components at Xarvio to leading the development and training of a dissemination platform for FAO or developing websites with the latest technology. Along that ride, Víctor has adapted to working in teams ranging from one or two people to dozens, organizing across different subteams, and being productive while working with different technologies.


GeoTools, PostGIS, GeoServer, Spring, Java, Apache Maven, Kubernetes...
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations
Webpack, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Linux, Bash, Python, Apache Tomcat, SQL...
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Webpack, Apache Maven, Python, JavaScript...




Preferred Environment

Apache Maven, Spring, Java, Kubernetes, PostGIS

The most amazing...

...thing I've done is to drive and develop geospatial solutions for Xarvio Field Manager, an application to aid and optimize crop production.

Work Experience

GIS Software Engineer

2018 - 2022
  • Designed and developed a multistep geoprocess to convert satellite imagery into classified vector data ready to be visualized, including coding specific steps from scratch with GeoTools and JAI.
  • Built and deployed high-availability microservices for obtaining data from multiple sources, processing, and publishing it meaningfully so users can understand their fields better, make decisions, and plan tasks based on that information.
  • Built a library of added functionality, fixes, and abstractions on top of GeoTools to be used by virtually all the microservices in the project.
  • Performed geospatial data migrations regularly with zero downtime.
  • Deployed GeoServer in a horizontally scalable setup with Kubernetes, enhanced by a Sidecar Spring service with REST endpoints to act on the GeoServer data and catalog directly.
Technologies: GeoTools, PostGIS, GeoServer, Spring, Java, Apache Maven, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GDAL/OGR, JTS Topology Suite, Linux, Bash, SQL, PostgreSQL, QGIS, Git, Spring Boot, GraphQL, GIS, Microservices, REST, Microservices Architecture, Back-end, Message Queues, REST APIs, Hibernate, AWS Lambda, RDBMS, CI/CD Pipelines, API Gateways

GIS Consultant

2017 - 2018
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations
  • Developed and maintained the dissemination platform for the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS).
  • Generated documentation for the platform to be used by specialists in workshops in Latin America.
  • Provided training for specialists in Latin America.
  • Supervised and provided support to specialists in Latin America.
  • Implemented administration tools for non-technical users to manage the platform.
Technologies: Webpack, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Linux, Bash, Python, Apache Tomcat, SQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Git, GDAL/OGR, GIS, Front-end, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Back-end, RDBMS, CI/CD Pipelines

Software Lead Engineer

2014 - 2018
  • Developed web applications to visualize and edit alphanumeric spatial data using Leaflet and OpenLayers.
  • Created reusable web components and webpack loaders for a workflow that allows us to decouple entirely from specific solutions like React or Vue.
  • Designed and maintained PostGIS databases. I also created queries for spatial analysis and supported the rest of the company.
  • Deployed and optimized GeoServer in production scenarios (contributing to the oscarfonts/GeoServer Docker image). I also have given training courses about it.
  • Deployed complete spatial data infrastructures (including PostGIS, GeoServer, and web apps) to virtual machines with VMWare and AWS in high availability.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Webpack, Apache Maven, Python, JavaScript, Java, Git, HTML, CSS, GDAL/OGR, PostGIS, SQL, PostgreSQL, OpenLayers, Leaflet, QGIS, GeoServer, GeoTools, JTS Topology Suite, Linux, Yarn, NPM, Node.js, GIS, Front-end, React, Full-stack, REST, Full-stack Development, Back-end, RDBMS, CI/CD Pipelines

GIS Specialist

2012 - 2018
  • Developed web-based applications for visualizing geospatial data.
  • Built mobile applications for Android to share geospatial data.
  • Served as the core developer of some desktop GIS applications (gvSIG CE, GearScape).
  • Developed a new domain-specific geoprocessing language (GGL2).
  • Contributed to open source projects such as GeoServer and the PostGIS Raster driver for GDAL.
  • Contributed to QGIS plugins such as XyTools and Animove.
  • Installed, configured, and managed production servers for geospatial data and applications.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Webpack, NPM, Apache Maven, Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, PostGIS, GeoTools, GeoServer, GDAL/OGR, Linux, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Git, GIS, Front-end, Full-stack, REST, Full-stack Development, Back-end, RDBMS, CI/CD Pipelines

Software Developer

2009 - 2011
Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Cleaned and refactored existing parallel code for simulation of computational fluid dynamics.
  • Implemented new methods for simulations of computational fluid dynamics.
  • Added testing based on result value comparison to avoid regressions.
  • Launched simulations to supercomputing centers in Spain.
  • Validated simulation results against known experiments such as viscoelastic periodic channel flow.
Technologies: MPI, Bash, Linux, C++, C


A dissemination platform for building modular applications.

It has been developed as part of the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) of the REDD+ programme of the United Nations

It is aimed at technicians in Latin American countries for them to publish and analyze their forestry data easily.


Lead developer of a GIS desktop application.


Lead developer of a GIS desktop application and geoprocessing language.

GDAL PostGIS Raster driver

Contributed to a performance improvement in the driver.

Google Summer of Code: OSGeo

Integration of a geoprocessing language (GGL2) in a GIS (gvSIG).

2nd Prize of the 52º North Student Innovation Prize for Geoinformatics

Designed and developed the integration of a geoprocessing language (GGL2) in the WPS implementation of 52º North, according to the OGC standards.

Lightweight JavaScript Dependency Injection Library

This lightweight JavaScript library is designed for Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control (DI/IoC) with no external dependencies. It is well-suited for both Node.js and browser environments.

This library provides a clean and simple API and it is written strictly in ES2015.
2005 - 2011

Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - Valencia, Spain


JTS Topology Suite, GDAL/OGR, REST APIs, Node.js, OpenLayers, Leaflet, React, MPI


Apache Maven, GeoTools, Git, GIS, Webpack, NPM, Apache Tomcat


Spring, Spring Boot, Yarn, Hibernate


Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Python, Bash, C, C++, GraphQL


Microservices, REST, Microservices Architecture


GeoServer, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, RDBMS


Docker, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, AWS Lambda


Back-end, QGIS, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Message Queues, CI/CD Pipelines, Front-end, API Gateways

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