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Vuk Djapic

Vuk Djapic

Belgrade, Serbia
Member since July 14, 2016
Vuk has a decade of experience developing various Java and JavaScript projects. He's worked on the rich client front-end apps, various server-side frameworks with web and app servers, components and architecture in a clustered environment, middleware, and integrations. With a strong mathematical background, he also has analytical and problem-solving skills and always works in accordance with technology standards and best practices.
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  • Seavus
    Java, MongoDB, JPA, JGroups, Spring, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Seavus
    Java, Jax-WS, JavaScript, jQuery, Firefox Add-ons, SWT
  • Infobip
    Java, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, SOA, JBoss, EJB, SOAP
  • Java, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 9 years
  • Spring, 8 years
  • HTML5, 8 years
  • jQuery, 8 years
  • JPA, 5 years
  • MongoDB, 3 years
  • Node.js, 3 years
Belgrade, Serbia
Preferred Environment
Ubuntu, Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA/NetBeans, Git, JIRA
The most amazing...
...thing I've built is an HTML5 maze/flipping picture puzzle game—including algorithms for maze generation and matrix operations for endless playing possibilities.
  • Software Development Consultant
    2015 - 2016
    • Developed from the ground-up components on a clustered platform for collecting, processing, and producing various types of financial data.
    • Integrated various APIs with sources of financial data like Thompson, Reuters, and Bloomberg.
    • Built components by using Java, Spring Container, JGroups cluster management, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and a Quartz scheduler.
    • Developed the front-end administration panel; used JavaScript with Angular and jQuery.
    • Managed the entire component development from the design of classes and choice of technologies to the integration testing with real data.
    Technologies: Java, MongoDB, JPA, JGroups, Spring, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Senior Lead Developer
    2012 - 2015
    • Led small teams of two-to-four developers.
    • Coordinated communication with the client and their business analysts, project managers and QA.
    • Managed the analysis of requirements, solution proposals, time, estimations, the division of work, implementation, and code review.
    • Worked with large Swiss and US software companies and their leading developers.
    • Developed the server-side and JavaScript client-side of web applications; using Java and Tomcat.
    • Worked on the core platform modules.
    Technologies: Java, Jax-WS, JavaScript, jQuery, Firefox Add-ons, SWT
  • Senior Java Developer
    2012 - 2012
    • Worked on online payments and a mobile billing system components for the Centili project.
    • Developed services for communication and integration with mobile operators platforms worldwide.
    • Used the JBoss application server as a production platform.
    • Created both web service server endpoints and client components for web services and other integration points provided by mobile operators.
    Technologies: Java, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, SOA, JBoss, EJB, SOAP
  • Senior Java Developer
    2011 - 2012
    • Developed middleware and mission-critical components in large software system for online gaming and sports betting.
    • Working for SportingBet, a leading British online betting provider.
    • Created Lucene-based components as a middle layer between heavily-loaded database and regional websites.
    • Supported the integration of subsystems with Oracle Enterprise Service Bus.
    • Used Oracle Coherence as a distributed cache and processing layer.
    Technologies: Java, Oracle Coherence, Lucene
  • Java Enterprise Software Developer
    2009 - 2010
    European Dynamics
    • Maintained and developed enterprise web applications.
    • Worked for the European Commission and other EU governing clients.
    • Worked as full-stack developer.
    • Developing a rich client side, MVC server layer, EJB business layer, DAO and DB mappers, SQL queries, and managed the deployment on the application and web servers.
    Technologies: Java, JavaScript
  • Software Developer
    2007 - 2009
    • Created a web administration panel for a 3G VPN router device with all the business logic on the client side in JavaScript.
    • Developed a web application to track vehicles with GPS and a GPRS device installed, using Java, JSP, and JavaScript.
    • Created desktop Java applications for testing different devices and communicating with them through serial connection.
    • Used Google and Microsoft Maps, and other regional maps for display of vehicles online. Created a similar functionality as in Google and Microsoft Maps, in JavaScript Canvas on top of real maps.
    Technologies: Java, JavaScript
  • Flipico Game (Other amazing things)

    This is an original picture puzzle game with flipped image parts. Your goal is to reveal the original image. Some parts of it are flipped horizontally or vertically, making it a jumble. Use your mouse to select parts that don't fit and flip them, until the whole picture is intact again.

  • Maze Game (Other amazing things)

    An online maze game and it uses a personal algorithm for maze generation, so countless mazes are possible to play with. The game runs in JavaScript Canvas, with special attention paid to player movement and his current focus in the game.

  • File Searcher (Development)

    This is a desktop application to search local file systems. Using Lucene, it can combine search queries and fuzzy names, and split files and directories into categories. It was developed as a standalone Java application.

  • Cirilicar (Development)

    A Firefox add-on for transforming Latin letters from web pages to Cyrillic. This is useful for the Serbian language. It's been downloaded more than a thousand times. The transformation is done in place, with a single click on add-on button. The DOM is traversed to find all the places where letters should be transformed (with care taken not to transform links, enter infinite loops, and so on).

  • Getting Started with the Elm Programming Language (Publication)
    Elm is a purely functional, strongly typed, reactive, and event-driven web client language. It takes a step back from the norms and really changes the way you reason about and program web application front-ends. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Vuk Djapic takes you through the exotic concepts of Elm and its pros and cons in real world use.
  • Languages
    Java, JavaScript, Java 8, HTML5, CSS, SQL, Elm, WSDL, XQuery, ECMAScript (ES6)
  • Frameworks
    Spring, AngularJS, Spring MVC, Bootstrap, JUnit, JPA, Spring Boot, Express.js, Hibernate, Apache CXF, Jersey, Mockito, JMockit, Apache Velocity, Swing, JSP, Jasmine
  • Tools
    Eclipse IDE, FreeMarker, Apache Tomcat, Java Concurrency, Apache Maven, Mercurial, Jetty, IntelliJ IDEA, Subversion (SVN), Sonar, Cobertura, Git, Solr, Jenkins, AWS ECS, Gulp.js, Docker Compose, Webpack
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Apache Lucene, Java Servlets, JGroups, Eclipse SWT, JAX-WS, JAXB, SAX, MyBatis, JMS, JMX, React, Backbone.js, Node.js
  • Paradigms
    REST, Design Patterns, Refactoring, Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development, BEM
  • Platforms
    Ubuntu, NetBeans, CentOS, Windows, Docker
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JSON, MySQL, NoSQL
  • Other
    Data Structures, Regular Expressions, Web Services, HTTP, Chrome Extensions, Algorithms, EJB 3, Unix Shell Scripting, Scalability, Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP), EhCache, Firefox Extensions
  • Master's degree in Information Systems and Technologies
    2003 - 2007
    University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Belgrade, Serbia
  • Diploma in Mathematics, Algorithms
    1996 - 2000
    Mathematical Grammar School - Belgrade, Serbia
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