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Yiğit Akkök

Verified Expert  in Engineering

C++ Developer

Ankara, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
January 10, 2022

Yiğit has been a software developer for 20 years, specializing in C++ to build large, complex training simulators related to air traffic control radar and other domains for aerospace and defense. In addition to developing many simulations, prototypes, and novel systems from the ground up, he has customized and added features to existing systems. Yiğit creates value in software development projects by leveraging his broad hands-on experience and versatility.


C++, Qt 5, GeoJSON, Windows 10, Raspberry Pi, Qt, Windows, Android, RFID...
Hospitality Construction Services Inc
Raspberry Pi, Python, Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO
David Miller
C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Windows XP, Windows Driver Kit (WDK)...




Preferred Environment

Linux, C++, CMake, Git

The most amazing...

...simulation I've developed was of an air traffic control radar, visually and functionally identical to the real device, with 100+ available user commands.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - PRESENT
  • Developed a module that added a tutorial mode into a real-time training simulator, describing the simulated device and showing the user, step by step, how to use it.
  • Built simulations of the complete user interface and functionalities of six marine radar devices for a training simulator.
  • Prototyped a system for automating the process of checking the quality of a concrete block. I set up Raspberry Pi to read an RFID tag, manage an external mechanical device, and post results on a web page, developing an Android app as the interface.
  • Created a map module that reads GeoJSON files and constructed an interactive visual map with related tools and services, such as zoom, pan, layers, and measurements.
  • Designed and implemented a front-end C++ application for a communication simulator using gtkmm on Linux.
  • Developed a daemon that several computers on a network poll for the existence of a software protection dongle. Took measures against several ways in which the software protection dongle could be misused.
  • Prepared a software package installation disk as a Linux distro to ensure problem-free installation at the remote overseas customer location.
Technologies: C++, Qt 5, GeoJSON, Windows 10, Raspberry Pi, Qt, Windows, Android, RFID, Prototyping, Simulators, User Interface (UI), RC522, gtkmm, Software Protection Dongle, Simulations

Embedded Software Developer via Toptal

2024 - 2024
Hospitality Construction Services Inc
  • Designed a hardware/software system that activates speakers and lights at the press of a button.
  • Designed and implemented, in Python, an incredibly easy-to-use configuration system that works by putting some information on a USB stick and plugging it in.
  • Prepared a robust setup script to install the software and make all the necessary configurations on the Raspberry Pi with minimal user interaction.
  • Provided extensive documentation on how to set up and use the system, aimed both at administrative and user levels.
Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Python, Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO

Visual C++ 6 Developer via Toptal

2023 - 2023
David Miller
  • Inspected a Windows XP system running as a virtual machine to find out why a particular piece of software couldn't be built and managed to build the software by configuring this legacy setup correctly.
  • Went through some legacy code that uses TAPI to check for any problems.
  • Configured the environment variables of the legacy system correctly so that it is able to build the required software without any problems.
Technologies: C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Windows XP, Windows Driver Kit (WDK), Legacy Software, TAPI

Raspberry Pi Developer via Toptal

2023 - 2023
Team Kolibri UG
  • Developed software, and prepared configuration for a clocking system running on a Raspberry Pi with an RFID card connected to it. The system will be placed at building entrances and will register personnel as they scan their RFID tags.
  • Prepared a robust installation script so the software installation and system configuration are handled by running a single command.
  • Prepared detailed documentation for the hardware and software installation of the system so anyone can easily set it up and get it operational.
Technologies: Raspberry Pi, RFID, Documentation, Python

Developer (via Toptal)

2022 - 2022
Valley Forms, Inc.
  • Revived a legacy project where the designated hardware did not function anymore. Built a modern application that simplified a complicated workflow to a standard, user-friendly process of opening, editing, and exporting files.
  • Analyzed a 20-year-old Turbo Pascal code to understand how the data files for the project were processed.
  • Developed Python code that processes custom data and creates directly printable PostScript files, which meticulously replicate the style and layout of 10 given printed sheets.
Technologies: Turbo Pascal, Pascal, PostScript, Python, Tkinter, Desktop App Development

Software Developer

2017 - 2019
Functor Inc.
  • Developed a system that parsed logic predicates to determine if a given argument composed of a set of predicates was valid using a modified version of a mathematical algorithm.
  • Built a preliminary front end where the interactive results of a semantically enhanced custom search engine were visualized and presented to the user.
  • Performed programming tasks with a fast-moving team on a product that was being developed and had frequently changing interfaces and requirements.
Technologies: C++, Python, D3.js, JavaScript, Data Mining, Graphviz, CSS, PHP, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Visualization, Algorithms

Lead Software Engineer

2015 - 2017
Hacettepe Senkro
  • Picked up a half-finished, late project started by another team, completed it, and achieved acceptance within the promised time.
  • Built a dynamic snow simulation for a snow-fighting vehicle simulator. The simulated snow could be swept, plowed, and blown.
  • Developed a realistic fire module for a firefighting vehicle simulator. The simulated fire could spread and be extinguished.
  • Built an autonomous traffic module for a driving simulator. The module simulated traffic on an airport apron and state roads.
  • Helped to integrate the two software simulators, snow and fire fighting, built using the Unigine game engine, with physical truck cabins made by converting actual vehicles over the computer and electronic interfaces.
  • Oversaw the last phase of a speed train simulator project and coordinated activities between the customer and a foreign team of programmers while they closed 453 bugs that were failing the final acceptance test.
Technologies: Unigine, 6DOF Motion Platforms, Simulators, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Python, Integration, Microsoft Visual C++, Simulations, Simulation Engines, Game Physics

Lead Software Engineer

2011 - 2015
  • Led a team in building a customized ship bridge simulator on top of a proprietary engine. Implemented several software-software and software-hardware interfaces.
  • Implemented S-57 and S-63 standard nautical maps in an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) interface simulation.
  • Assisted in setting up and calibrating a multiple projector system for a 330-degree cylindrical screen.
Technologies: C++, Simulators, Hardware/Software Interaction, Interactive Charts, Electronics, Navigation, Windows 7, Windows, Integration, Simulations


2010 - 2011
  • Developed a 3D world game for an entertainment-oriented flight/shooting simulator on a 3-DOF motion platform, where the 3D graphics were outsourced. Built this system from scratch without using a game engine.
  • Interfaced a 3-DoF motion platform with a game world.
  • Designed and developed AI targets for the 3D game.
Technologies: C++, OpenSceneGraph, Linux, 3DOF Motion Platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Games, Simulators, Game Engine Programming, Game Physics, Game Development, Game Design

Software Engineer

2007 - 2010
Aksa Technology
  • Developed a training simulator for an air traffic control (ATC) radar interface, replicating its complete UI and functionality, including a custom window manager system and 100+ typed commands with several parameters each.
  • Built, from scratch, a tactical scenario module that could manage 200+ simulated aircraft and apron vehicles—some controlled by AI and some by role players—and an ATC radar for 20 students. Also implemented recording and synchronized replay.
  • Developed a physics engine module for an ATC training simulation, providing simplified, purpose-oriented dynamics for aircraft and apron vehicles.
  • Built a network communication module, enabling the 30+ computers running a real-time simulator to exchange game data, voice, and commands.
  • Prepared the entire MIL-STD-98 documentation of a military training simulator project, including requirements, design, and testing.
Technologies: C++, Distributed Systems, User Interface (UI), Documentation, wxWidgets, OpenSceneGraph, Simulators, Linux, Solaris, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Unix, Simulations

Software Developer

2002 - 2006
Satek Ltd.
  • Built an underwater acoustic environment module that simulated the path of underwater sound waves, taking into account factors like depth, temperature, and salinity, and calculated if a sonar ping could reach and return from a target.
  • Developed a simulation of the complete UI and functionality of a military-use sonar device for training purposes.
  • Worked in a team developing a tank driving simulator interfaced with mock tank-driving hardware placed on a 3-DOF motion platform.
Technologies: C++, Acoustics, Simulators, 3DOF Motion Platforms, Borland C, Windows XP, Windows, User Interface (UI)

Air Traffic Controller Training Simulator

The ATC training simulator was a big, distributed system that had a bit of everything—a physics engine, user interfaces, complicated device simulations, and a 3D display.

The contract to develop the simulator required meticulous implementation of strict requirements. I was on the small team that wrote the project from scratch without using a game engine. I coded, maintained, and later rewrote a central module that eventually became 90% of the codebase.

The whole training simulator was written with C++ and included the following:
• Radar simulator—1-to-1 simulation of an actual ATC-Radar.
• Tower simulator—120-degree screen that displayed the view and simulations of various tower devices.
• Interfaces for role players to control the aircraft and apron vehicles.
• Scenario editor for the instructor.

The radar, which I took on by myself, had an interface with its own window manager. It accepted mouse input and 100+ typed commands with several parameters each—some optional. Replicating the complete look and behavior of the device after briefly inspecting it was a complex manual task. I also coded the game engine that would fly the aircraft and make them crash. The scenarios could be recorded and played back.
1994 - 2001

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Middle East Technical University - Ankara, Turkey


wxWidgets, D3.js, TAPI


Turbo Pascal, Microsoft Visual C++, CMake, OpenSceneGraph, Borland C, Unigine, Graphviz, Git, Windows Driver Kit (WDK), gtkmm


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Desktop App Development


Qt 5, Qt


C++, Python, Pascal, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Lisp, Delphi, PostScript


Linux, Windows XP, Raspberry Pi, Unix, Solaris, Windows 7, Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO


Simulators, Distributed Systems, User Interface (UI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hardware/Software Interaction, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Structures, Tkinter, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Acoustics, 3DOF Motion Platforms, Documentation, 6DOF Motion Platforms, Data Mining, GeoJSON, Electronics, Navigation, Windows 10, Simulations, RFID, Prototyping, 3D Games, Visualization, Game Engine Programming, Machine Learning, RC522, Interactive Charts, Integration, Algorithms, Legacy Software, Software Protection Dongle, Simulation Engines, Game Physics, Game Development, Game Design

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