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Gabriel Ignacio

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Marketing Expert

Toronto, ON, Canada
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April 18, 2022

Gabriel is an entrepreneurial expert-generalist (polymath) with diverse experience and a reputation for getting things done. He has worked at global, regional, and C-suite levels as CEO and COO in four early-stage startups, two top global banks (RBC and Citi), and a multinational consumer packaged goods company (Nestlé). Gabriel is passionate about leveraging digital and account-based marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and technology to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Project Highlights

Project Merida | NESCAFÉ Creamy White Product Marketing Launch
Led the marketing sampling for the NESCAFÉ Creamy White product launch in four major channels linked to above-the-line and digital platforms projected to yield an overall 20% increase in consumer trial and an ROI of around 171%.
Citi | Project Arrow
Led APAC-wide concepting, marketing, selling, and replication of an online traditional insurance sales platform that shortened the sales process to less than three minutes and generated incremental revenue of roughly $300,000 in year one.
Citi | Qualified Buyers Program
Launched the qualified buyer's program that achieved almost 300 client registrations with around $7 million in AUM in less than six months.


Work Experience

Founder and CEO

2020 - PRESENT
  • Acted as CEO for VeXempt, leading E2E development of this blockchain-based platform with a projected revenue of CAD 1.5 million in year one. Conducted quantitative research and desk research to tailor the product for specific user bases.
  • Served as Halo COO, handling all business-related aspects of launching a platform that redefines podcasts by enabling experts to share their insights on pressing topics and in-demand skills in today's world.
  • Acted as the chief business officer for Loop Network, performed Instagram marketing and internet marketing, marketing collateral development (e.g., direct mail), and commercialized the autonomous news platform to SMEs, students, and investors.
  • Ran marketing and executed brand strategy as COO for Ukrators. Handled brand activation and growth, SEO, and ad optimization for a pre-sales ordering campaign using Google Ads, AdMob, Google AdSense, Facebook, mobile advertising, and Product Hunt.
  • Served as a CPO for ChangeBlock, a trading platform for green assets and carbon tokens in decentralized finance to democratize the net zero vision by 2050. Employed SurveyMonkey to conduct market research and surveys for a 3D food printing company.
  • Acted as the product manager for Wrote a development plan, including a roadmap, user stories, technical architecture and resources, content management plan, and budget for MINTangible's NFT license generator and registry product.
  • Defined the JustProtect risk assessment tool's positioning, backlog prioritization, product vision, and roadmapping tools. Boosted product reach and sales as CEO at Alteryx via marketing communications, Marketo, and Amazon Vendor Central for growth.
  • Acted as an AI product consultant for Sandbox AQ. Built the go-to-market strategy and value proposition for each offering and worked on social media management and campaign management using campaign monitoring to analyze campaign performance.
  • Performed business intelligence (BI) and quantitative research for Naoo to refine products: data segmentation, pattern recognition, and hypothesis testing. Created data visualization and productized data into SEO and voice search optimization.
  • Led Mediflix app creation and improved UI/UX. Boosted engagement and traffic via health education blogs and video marketing, including narrative screenwriting. Conducted user interviews to drive features and secured support for key updates.

Head of Crypto Assets, Digital Assets, and AI Products

2019 - PRESENT
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  • Launched RBC's bitcoin ETF fund, a bitcoin crypto custody platform, and a bitcoin execution management system, also known as an EMS trading platform.
  • Designed the automation of database reconciliation across different internal bank databases using RPA by codifying rules of independent data changes to increase operational efficiency by 50% and reporting accuracy to 100% with an audit trail.
  • Initiated and developed market sizing and go-to-market strategy for early-stage startups (pre-seed and seed-stage) with a projected goal of at least $18 million.
  • Forecasted and identified top-tier VCs for RBC to invest as limited partners with a projected goal of at least $55 million in three years.
  • Underwrote technology lending deal sizes between $10 and $25 million for series A and beyond tech startups.
  • Simplified tech startup lending criteria for clients, account managers, venture capital firms, private equity firms, and the underwriting team to achieve 8-week deal approval, from submission to delivery, versus the 3-month standard.
  • Developed the overall business case for a partnership with a digital escrow startup service, from financial modeling to getting management buy-in for projected revenue of $14 million in five years.
  • Co-developed RBC's accounting data integration services for its business clients' dynamic pricing prediction modeling, cash flow prediction, and financial product next best offer (NBO). This involved E2E product development, including technical.
  • Synthesized the overall business case for a supplier-payee database and virtual room for RBC's commercial and mid-market clients.
  • Coded, simplified, and documented the regulatory reporting process for RBC's $280 billion home equity financing business to ensure audit readiness and reduce regulatory risk via SAS and Tableau.

Digital Product Manager and Sales Head

2014 - 2017
  • Developed a new collections strategy through risk-based segmentation using SAS for delinquent Citibank credit card accounts, which ensured customer success and resulted in a net benefit of $408,000 (PHP 20.4 million) on a full-year rollout.
  • Spearheaded lead-generating partnerships for the Citi Personal Loans product with companies in industries where loans are needed through a referral program with a projected potential of $670,000 in sales volume.
  • Proposed and implemented an RPA-based check writer program that automates writing on post-dated checks (PDCs) and is projected to save $440,000 (PHP 22 million) from delinquency due to PDC discrepancies.
  • Initiated and executed a qualified buyers program for high-net-worth clients for an investment that added offshore funds and alternatives to the portfolio, projecting $864,000 in revenue. Strategized email marketing automation tools like GetResponse.
  • Led the launch of a new online channel for mutual funds projected to deliver $240,000 in annualized revenue. I worked on cold calling as an essential strategy for our investment-linked insurance products.
  • Developed the strategy and business plan with a total insurance business goal of $8 million in revenue, $32 million in annual net premium, and $12 million in new business volume. Used SMS marketing to drive conversions for insurance products.
  • Launched an online platform for traditional insurance with a projected annual revenue of $300,000 and ongoing P&L ownership. Used landing page optimization techniques for Project Arrow to enhance the online application process for financial products.
  • Managed a sales team of five direct reports and developed and launched APAC's first mobile insurance specialist channel with a revenue goal of $300,000 in 2017, leading to the replication of best practices across the region within Citi.
  • Received Citi Country Officer Individual Star Awards on Innovation for opening STP-OTP, a new digital channel for insurance projected to deliver $75,000 in revenue by the second half of 2017.
  • Diversified fixed-income product offerings by launching a qualified buyers (accredited investors) program for high-net-worth clients, which added high-yield bonds and structured notes to the product portfolio with projected revenue of $288,000.

Brand Manager

2011 - 2014
  • Launched the Maggi Extra Sightings project that contributed 26.37% year-on-year incremental brand sales for Puregold Sucat and 123.57% for Puregold Alabang and addressed a competitor's (Knorr) paid shelf space.
  • Implemented a freeze bag project that increased the daily tubs sold by 25-50%. Optimized logistics and supply chain strategies to complement Amazon FBA's offerings.
  • Co-managed packaging development, product relaunch, and TV ads to maximize reach and impact with target markets for Nestea and Nesfruta while co-managing the national sales convention for finance-procurement handling.
  • Managed below-the-line selling and multimedia awareness events for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto (NDG), accumulating NDG Piccolo machine sales equivalent to four months of selling activation in 18 days with a projected ROI of 156%.
  • Acted as chief marketing officer (CMO) and led cross-functional, nationwide sampling for the NESCAFÉ Creamy White product launch in four channels linked to above-the-line and digital platforms—casting a 20% increase in consumer trial and 171% in ROI.
  • Led and cross-functionally managed office sampling and selling for NESCAFÉ Cappuccino with a projected yield of $146,000 (PHP 7.3 million) in sachet sales by the end of the year, equivalent to a 239% ROI.
  • Exceeded three consecutive sales targets while selling trucks in Pangasinan, where sales targets are rarely achieved: 102% in February, 105% in March, and 2% ahead of theoretical sales achievement in April.
  • Spearheaded online reputation management and brand promotion initiatives, leveraging social media optimization and viral multimedia marketing campaigns that resonated with our target audience, driving substantial user engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Engaged in planning and executing outdoor advertising strategies and campaigns that synergized with our overall marketing efforts, contributing significantly to Nescafé's market presence and consumer outreach.

Project Merida | NESCAFÉ Creamy White Product Marketing Launch

Led the marketing sampling for the NESCAFÉ Creamy White product launch in four major channels linked to above-the-line and digital platforms projected to yield an overall 20% increase in consumer trial and an ROI of around 171%.

NESCAFÉ Creamy White was a new coffee variant launched by Nestlé Philippines in 2014 in response to a local competition's "white" coffee variant. This is a one-of-a-kind coffee mix, made delicious and creamy with NESTLÉ milk. I used my skills as a chief marketing officer (CMO) to lead the marketing sampling for the product launch.

Citi | Project Arrow

Led APAC-wide concepting, marketing, selling, and replication of an online traditional insurance sales platform that shortened the sales process to less than three minutes and generated incremental revenue of roughly $300,000 in year one.

I led the end-to-end lifecycle of an online insurance sales platform for traditional insurance products through an online straight-through-payment mechanism. This first-of-its-kind product in the country and the APAC region spans stakeholders, markets, and regulators in APAC for Citi. The initiative required extensive innovation and collaboration.

Citi | Qualified Buyers Program

Launched the qualified buyer's program that achieved almost 300 client registrations with around $7 million in AUM in less than six months.

The Philippine Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) qualified buyers (QB) program allows high net worth clients with a specified financial capacity and sophistication to invest in non-registered securities to meet their wealth objectives. QB is equivalent to Canada's accredited investors program (
2017 - 2019

Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Rotman School of Management | University of Toronto - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2010 - 2011

Master's Degree in Industrial Economics

University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) - Manila, Philippines

2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities

University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) - Manila, Philippines


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

University of Toronto


Sales, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Marketing, Google SEO, Email Marketing, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Customer Segmentation, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Ads, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Funnel Optimization, Lead Generation, Funnel Marketing, Keyword Research, Digital Marketing Best Practices, Digital Campaigns, SEO Tools, Facebook Ads, Online Marketing, Branding, Writing & Editing, Content Strategy, SEO Content, Content, SEO Audits, Social Media Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Social Media Optimization, A/B Testing, B2C Marketing, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Content Creation, Email Campaigns, Performance Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Campaign Management, Google AdWords, Market Research & Analysis, YouTube Ads, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Paid Advertising, Advertising Campaigns, Social Media, Landing Pages, Campaign Monitoring, Audience Targeting, Go-to-market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Content, Marketing Technology (MarTech), LinkedIn Marketing, Social Media Management, Blogging, Organic Social Media, Public Relations (PR), Marketing Communications (MarCom), Inbound Marketing, Ads, Organic SEO, Funnel Analysis, Influencer Marketing, Growth Hacking, SEO Marketing, Google AdMob, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Marketing Analytics, Creative Advertising, App Store Marketing, Product Positioning, Email Marketing Automation, Local SEO, Social Media Posting, Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Design, SEO Keyword Research, Social Media Platforms, Marketing Leadership, Cold Emailing, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Mix, Community Management, Social Media Analytics, Content Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Account-based Marketing (ABM), Omnichannel Marketing, Customer Engagement, Google Paid Ads, Marketing Research & Analysis, Link Building, Marketing Campaigns, Desk Research, Campaign Strategy, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), AdMob, Agile Marketing, Instagram Growth, Backlinks, Channel Strategy, Customer Success, SMS Marketing, Marketing, Agile, Brand Activation, Marketing Collateral Development, Out-of-home (OOH) Advertising, Reddit Ads

Platforms & Tools

Digital Advertising Platforms, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, X (formerly Twitter) Marketing, Meta Platform, Marketing Platforms, BigQuery, Content Management Systems (CMS), Advertising Tools & Platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mobile Platforms, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Yelp, Amazon Vendor Central, GetResponse, Marketo, Amazon FBA, Adobe Campaign


Web3, Google Search Console, SQL

Business Models

Business Models, Business to Business (B2B), SaaS, B2B, B2C, Business to Consumer (B2C), SaaS Product Marketing, Software as a Service (SaaS)


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Economics, Startups, Consulting, Product Management, Events, Growth Strategy, Content Management, Growth Marketing, Business Intelligence (BI), Channel Management, Customer Journeys, eCommerce, Microsoft Excel, Web Analytics, Website Traffic, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Keyword Analysis, New Product Development, Crypto, Fintech, Project Management, Strategy, B2B Partnerships, Community Development, Distributed Team Management, EMEA, Renewable Energy, Seos, Go-to-market Plans, Digital Media, Marketing Plans, User Experience (UX), Optimization, Communication, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Market Entry, Product Launch, Brand Building, Launch Strategy, Marketplaces, Content Writing, Culture Management, Storytelling, Brand Positioning, Customer Acquisition, Direct to Consumer (D2C), Digital Marketing Product Manager, Retail & Wholesale, Landing Page Optimization, Data Analysis, Design, Leads, Websites, Advertising, Market Research, Monetization Models, Revenue Strategy, Web Content, Advisory, Logistics, Website Optimization, Management Consulting, User Research, Interviewing, User Journeys, Customer Research, Competitive Analysis, User Engagement, Paid Media, Product Growth, Video Production, Business Development, B2B Lead Generation, Marketing Attribution, Conversion Rate, Google Optimize, Monetization, Conversion, Python, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Food & Beverage, Growth, Google Maps, Fashion, Partnerships, Data Analytics, Agency, Brand Guidelines, Web Design, Law, Promotion, People Management, Program Management, Remote Team Leadership, Statistics, Analytics, Data Management, Data Visualization, Econometrics, Machine Learning, YouTube, Product Strategy, Website Audits, Digital Product Management, Website Redesign, Market Segmentation, Product Design, Gig Economy, Sales Enablement, Business Strategy, Sales Growth, Sales Strategy, Sales Support, Pricing Strategy, Pricing, Product Roadmaps, Multimedia, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Market Fit, Social Ad Design, Digital Agencies, Calendars, Travel & Leisure, Strategic Planning & Execution, Instagram, Branded Content, Programmatic Marketing, Team Management, Editorials, Revenue Modeling, Salesforce, Banking & Finance, Paid Search, Medical Equipment, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Subscription Pricing, Subscriptions, Digital Asset Management, Website Management, Jira, Financial Modeling, Business Proposals, Client Presentations, Competitive Strategy, Growth Strategy Consultants, Partnership Analysis, Pricing Models, ROI, Cryptocurrency, Email Delivery, Niche Email Marketing, Blockchain, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Community, Community Growth, Latin America (LATAM), Onboarding, Awareness Campaigns, Value Creation, Data Collection, Customer Data Platform (CDP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Client Relationship Management, Presentations, Research, Technology Solutions, Reputation Management, Brand Management, Thought Leadership, Competition Research, Customer Experience, Sales Funnel, Healthcare, E-learning, Finance, Bid Management, Team Development, Go-to-market Optimization, Integrated Marketing, Integration, Blogs, Data, Contract Negotiation, Scaling, System Integration, Demand Generation, Creative Direction, Digital Storyboards, Messaging, Visual Storytelling, Media, Research Methods, Dashboards, Data Reporting, Spreadsheets, Direct Response, Agile Project Management, Business Transformation Program Management, Ad Optimization, B2B Marketing, Multichannel Marketing, Figma, Mobile UX, UX Writing, Cohort Analysis, Customer Retention, Buyer Personas, Outbound Marketing, Team Leadership, MarTech Solutions, Process Improvement, Value Proposition, Performance Analysis, Media Relations, Human Resources (HR), Workshops, Design Thinking, Consumer Insights, Product-led Growth (PLG), SaaS Sales, Shopify, Video Editing, Consumer Behavior, User Stories, Google AdSense, Blog Posting, Internet Marketing, Online Reputation Management, SurveyMonkey, Cold Calling, Outdoor Advertising, Communication Planning, Spotify Ads, Video Marketing, Voice Search Optimization, Multi-level Marketing, Presales Consulting, Web Trends, Post Sales Consulting

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