Bahadir Efeoglu, Product Manager in Berlin, Germany
Bahadir Efeoglu

Product Manager in Berlin, Germany

Member since December 18, 2018
Bahadir is an experienced product manager with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry especially on digital wallets and payments. He's skilled in Agile Scrum methodologies, growth hacking, and lean startup practices. Bahadir is also a self-starter and entrepreneur who holds the winning position (#1) in a global hackathon.
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Project Highlights




  • Head of Product

    2018 - PRESENT
    LIQID Investments GmbH
    • Built strongly connected but autonomous teams at LIQID.
    • Conducted dozens of interviews in order to hire the perfect fit for our organization; designed the hiring funnel from zero to one.
    • Introduced Scrum to the whole company and trained engineers and stakeholders for operating in a proper Scrum framework.
    • Often put on my product owner hat in Scrum ceremonies and closely worked with engineers and tickets they are working on.
    • Conducted various types of end-to-end UATs in order to ensure quality; included bug reporting.
    • Grew the team to three members and onboarded each to thrive in product development and the organization; besides their HR management, I was also responsible for their career development.
    • Worked with stakeholders from various backgrounds and departments as an inseparable part of the product management role; the most challenging stakeholder management was over operations and financial product domains. However, today, almost all stakeholders at LIQID are acting as individual product owners for their domains.
    • Reported directly to the CEO.
    • Worked with various compliance cases and developments throughout my career.
    • Led big projects end-to-end at LIQID, starting from ideation and design until the development and marketing of the specific features or products.
    • Created many user stories based on our user interviews, stakeholder input, and surveys; included writing technical tickets for engineering teams.
    • Incorporated the game changer approach of design thinking to LIQID; this included conducting three design sprints which resulted with new key features and product offerings in the meantime.
    • Prepared and conducted user interviews together with my UX specialist—both remotely and on site.
    • Valued data and treated it as my North Star guiding my way; relied heavily on reporting of web and product analytics to inform my work.
    • Treated financial products as being fundamentally different than other retail products; taking into consideration the monetary risks, compliance and confusing laws.
  • Co-founder | Product Manager

    2017 - PRESENT
    • Conducted user interviews and collected data.
    • Designed user journeys.
    • Created UI/UX designs.
    • Amassed the data, analyzed it, and wrote up reports summarizing the data and the conclusions drawn.
    • Worked with web analytics and sale.
    • Worked with sales and online marketing.
    • Developed content while always keeping in mind of SEO.
    • Hired and built teams while working remotely.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2016 - 2018
    ING Bank Turkey
    • Developed mobile software and shaped the marketing to go along with it.
    • Generated user stories.
    • Implemented Scrum team management.
    • Took product ownership.
    • Reported to the executive management.
    • Held design sprints.
    • Tested the UX/UI.
    • Worked with mobile analytics.
    • Created offline and online marketing campaign strategies.
    • Managed offline sponsored events.
    • Ensured compliance.
    • Conducted competitor and market analyses.
  • Project Coordinator

    2015 - 2016
    Istanbul Tour Studio
    • Designed user journeys.
    • Shaped content marketing.
    • Built up communities.
    • Wrote profit-&-loss reports.
    • Worked in accounting.
    • Managed partnerships and ensured that the relationships thrived.
    • Implemented G Suite administration.
    • Oversaw the digitalization processes.
    • Worked on B2C sales and provided customer care.
    • Recruited and fufilled hiring needs.
  • Business Analytics Specialist

    2014 - 2015
    • Built prediction models.
    • Conducted market research.
    • Worked with SAS Enterprise.
    • Mined text.
    • Gave management presentations.

Project History

  • ParaMara | Digital Wallet
    Led product development for two years and doubled the customer base of ING Bank's first digital wallet, ParaMara.

    ParaMara is a digital wallet which enables individual users to easily and freely make payments, money transfers, gift items and more. This is a bank-agnostic mobile wallet platform which welcomes all smartphone users.

  • Fabrikatö | SaaS for SMEs
    Built a product and company with a strong proposition in less than six months and still maintaining sustainable growth today.

    In 2017, I founded Fabrikatö with my fellow co-founders as a solution to a small middle enterprise's production and cost tracking problems.

    It is a SaaS product running on the cloud and ready to use within a minute even for non-digital businesses. Today our startup is growing with a solid customer base, most of them are subscribed for a year in advance and we keep improving the experience and our core offerings.

  • Istanbul Tour Studio | Online Travel Agency
    Led the digital transformation of the company and increased the internal efficiency together with financial success.

    Istanbul Tour Studio is an online travel agency targeting A+ FIT travelers all around the world and offering exclusive services and experiences to them in Turkey. I completed the digital transformation of this young startup by deeply analyzing the offline and manual processes and digitalized each one of them. Today, ITS still uses the systems I built and is running smoothly without any problems.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems
    2010 - 2015
    Bogazici University - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Spent a Year Studying as an Exchange Student in Management Information Systems
    2011 - 2012
    North Central College - Naperville, IL, USA

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