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Karim Hyatt

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Product Manager

Brighton, United Kingdom
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September 19, 2019

Karim is a seasoned business and technology specialist with 20 years of executive experience growing and developing businesses using a systematic approach—quickly and positively impacting the bottom-line. Focused and insightful with acute business acumen in a broad array of functions, Karim's worked cross-culturally and operated in complex environments while helping businesses reach objectives by finding solutions.

Project Highlights

Sustainability Reporting Platform (Cloud)
Delivered a new SaaS (Azure) product under budget launching two months earlier than agreed.
Asset Management Trading System
Led the team which released the very first asset management (fund) trading system for Schroders (2000).
X-ray Cargo Scanner Business Turnaround
Transformed a company making high-tech x-ray machines operating in 75 countries from loss-making (-10%) to profitable (+20%).


Work Experience

Executive-level Due Diligence Expert

2017 - PRESENT
  • Oversaw, audited, and ran pre-and post-deal due-diligence engagements on behalf of Intuitus for various private equity clients in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • Compiled a detailed report on business strategy, tech strategy, roadmap, development operations, and financial plans/financial health; also presented the results to potential investors.
  • Advised on post-acquisition risks, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Helped a number of companies improve their technology product operation prior to exiting.
  • Delivered value to private equity clients, potential investors, and targets on how to leverage their tech operations and derive value post-deal.


2015 - PRESENT
Cogneum Ltd
  • Delivered version 1 on time and 20% under budget.
  • Established strategic partnerships with major technology firms to help fund initial development.
  • Oversaw the development and deployment of product and ran company operations.
  • Developed SaaS (Azure, AWS, and private cloud) platform supporting the process of creating corporate sustainability reports using different frameworks such as GRI and UN Global Compact (sustainable development goals).
  • Developed a consultancy with a focus to help organizations achieve faster growth by aligning areas of function to work more efficiently.

Executive VP

2018 - 2018
ESW Capital
  • Improved business operational engagement across 120 software products operationally active in over 40 countries worldwide.
  • Produced a business transformation plan which spanned the whole organization with prospective cost savings of up to 40% in some areas.
  • Delivered a massive business transformation program in six months across a vast array of operational levels for an organization spread across multiple geographies.

Management Consultant

2014 - 2016
  • Consulted a facilitating company to formulate and develop a product strategy.
  • Conducted a product and capability investigation and strategy review of multivendor initiatives.
  • Developed and implemented the overall vendor management strategy.
  • Performed a cost analysis for cross border Scandinavian R&D programs achieving a modest 10% saving across four countries.
  • Investigated and analyzed company projects which allowed Energinet to meet government targets within the set budget.
  • Developed strategies to strengthen partnerships with third parties to track cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Managing Director

2012 - 2014
Smiths Detection (Smiths Group Plc)
  • Revamped a high tech manufacturing site in Paris with a £100 million turnover.
  • Renegotiated contracts with the main clients and accelerated payment terms to improve cash flow by 70%, reduced financial risk by 80% and like-for-like stock levels by £20 million.
  • Led a major R&D restructuring by introducing new agile processes across the component information system.
  • Developed new engineering and software solutions by leveraging existing component design elements and information databases,.
  • Made changes so that the major outsourcing program achieved four releases a year instead of one and implemented continuous development processes across the department.
  • Delivered improved quality, decreased costs, reduced design cycle times, and increased flexibility which produced a 20% increase in current gross margins and projected gains of 10% for 2014.
  • Made changes that made it possible for the company to post the first operating profit in four years and first net profit in six years, delivering a £10 million turnaround in contribution and the basis for further growth in 2015-16.
  • Took the business from loss making (-10%) to profit making (+15%) in two years.

Group COO

2011 - 2012
Innovo Network
  • Created four new disruptive tech subsidiaries across several verticals (telephony, L&D, and tech consulting).
  • Outsourced major operational areas to multiple vendors.
  • Worked with emerging healthcare technology companies to provide commercial capability and developed new business travel product.
  • Delivered first revenues and first investment into the group securing five blue chip clients.
  • Enabled a multimillion-pound (£) deal at the board level between Pearson and Hitachi consulting.
  • Turned the company from a startup with no revenues into a successful business with outside investment and a stable recurring revenue stream.

Sustainability Reporting Platform (Cloud)

Delivered a new SaaS (Azure) product under budget launching two months earlier than agreed.

Sustainability Suite helps organizations identify, track, and collect required information—from inside and outside the organization—and to create sustainability, compliance, regulatory, and risk management reports. It can also be used by stakeholders, including regulators and investors, as an efficient and transparent way to define requirements and collect and review statements from reporting institutions.

It is a secure-and-scalable platform to boost efficiency and accuracy in reporting and information management and ensure organizations can actively manage reputational and financial risk. It saves time and drives transparency and accountability within organizations and between organizations and their stakeholders.

Asset Management Trading System

Led the team which released the very first asset management (fund) trading system for Schroders (2000).

At the time, asset trading was carried out by fax. Each trade cost around, and the number of human errors was high. Although automated trading was the norm for stocks, funds had no support in the market, and there were no specialized SWIFT messages to handle this sort of trading.

We built the system in C++. It first imported a consolidated trade file in the client's format and then processed it into an early form of AI. Next, it created an automated map template for future imports, completed all the trades, and finally returned the file in the client's preferred format.

The cost of development was $500,000 over six months. In the first six weeks of operation, it produced $25 million in new revenue, and the cost of trades went from $5 to $0.30.

X-ray Cargo Scanner Business Turnaround


Transformed a company making high-tech x-ray machines operating in 75 countries from loss-making (-10%) to profitable (+20%).

This project involved a cross-organizational approach, and I was asked to look at a company that produced high-tech x-ray machines for vehicles (trucks, trains) and cargo (containers) and help restructure it.

The product development process was broken and needed reorganizing from the product management team through to engineering and R&D and software development.

We implemented an agile process that involved the whole product organization and dramatically improved quality.

The project management group was reviewed to consider challenging geographies and we built a cost model for all the sub-contractors so that margins were protected.

Financial reporting was reviewed to give an understanding of where the largest financial risks were for every project. The sales department was also restructured to make it proactive and have it able to move into new markets.

We also implemented a digital marketing strategy with a close view on return on investment (RoI) which improved visibility and sales in the private sector.

Gaming Practice Creation and Development

Created a new gaming practice for Sierra Atlantic which delivered over $10 million in revenue in less than two years.

Sierra Atlantic delivered technical teams to gaming and other software product companies around the world. I was responsible for creating, hiring and building this business, first in Europe, then in the rest of the world.

This business was acquired by Hitachi Consulting in 2010.
1984 - 1987

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Studies

University of East London - London, UK


Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD)

Institute of Directors


Fellow of the British Computer Society

British Computer Society


Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Engineering Council


Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

British Computer Society