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Duplexe Tchoffo

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Toptal Member Since
March 29, 2021

Duplexe has over 12 years of experience in engineering and management, developing products, and overseeing onsite and offshore teams and ventures. His technological knowledge and soft skills have led him to manage teams in the development of high-quality products and platforms that adhere to approved standards, timelines, and budgets in banking, finance, blockchain, gaming, and marketing, using cloud services and relevant methodologies and architectures.

Project Highlights

Automated Fulfillment Service
Launched a service that allowed fulfillment service to manage their orders through a dashboard instead of using their existing FTP solution.
Certificate Management on Blockchain
As the first hired person, I divided the project into manageable tasks and decided which engineers would be required to meet the deadline and budget. I laid out the entire engineering stack and architecture that we had to adhere to.
Doctor-Patient Relationship Management Solution
Managed a team of three back-end developers, two mobile developers, one front-end developer, and two QA engineers. Defined and prioritized user stories and bugs based on stakeholder and user feedback and launched the project within budget and time.


Work Experience

Technical Project and Product Manager

2023 - PRESENT
Mystery Tackle Box, Inc
  • Identified the complete architecture of eCommerce and warehouse management solutions.
  • Created system documentation for all flows from scratch. This allowed easier fixes of issues and faster collaboration.
  • Served as the liaison with the vendors in search of better solutions for eCommerce management.
  • Fixed looker issues as they arrived and created relevant automation.
  • Fixed C# code issues and improvements as needed by the business.
  • Maintained the systems functional following several attacks on the eCommerce websites. This included adding some Cloudflare WAFs and additional security measures.
  • Created and updated integrations with logistic partners, GEODIS, Saddle Creek, and Encore.
  • Served as a liaison with the fulfillment partners to understand and implement data to be transferred for efficient shipping.

Technical Project Manager

2023 - 2023
Green Line, Inc.
  • Identified advances in AI that helped guide the discovery process for Kinzy.
  • Defined a base version of the AI product with the founder and engineering team.
  • Participated in grant writing by giving relevant information and reviewing documentation.

Project Manager

2022 - 2023
Boston Children's Hospital
  • Identified all the requirements and dependencies for a healthcare application based on the assumptions document.
  • Created tasks and managed their completion, identifying and removing impediments.
  • Led the deployment and the dependencies for a web solution built for medications.

Web Development Project Manager

2022 - 2022
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
  • Defined technology needs for the nonprofit organization for the 2022 year.
  • Led integrations with partners for nonprofit events.
  • Managed a team of WordPress developers, building and updating plugins.
  • Oversaw liaison with the content creation and web teams to ensure that all 12 sites were up to date.
  • Defined product needs for the 2022 year and managed the launch of these products.

Technical Project Manager

2022 - 2022
Trugreen - Main
  • Defined the tech stack needed for the monitoring project, taking into account the company's team knowledge for maintenance.
  • Led grooming, training, and demo sessions with all relevant stakeholders.
  • Reported progress weekly to the CIO and updated the company status documents.
  • Completed the set up of New Relic and its connectivity with PagerDuty for all Phase 1 internal applications.

Senior Project Manager

2021 - 2022
Fountain Life LLC
  • Built healthcare journeys for TruAge, GIMap, and Grail.
  • Created partnerships with healthcare organizations to integrate their services and journeys into the healthcare management app.
  • Defined requirements and facilitated delivery with a team of developers and designers.
  • Migrated from using GitLab for tickets to using Jira.
  • Created an internal logistic management system to send Fountainlife branded packages and the tests for GiMap and TruAge to patients.

Product Owner | Project Manager

2019 - 2022
  • Redefined the project from the ground up using the latest knowledge and skills in the blockchain arena. Translated all the defined features into user stories for the engineering team and to keep dependencies in check.
  • Defined the team skillset and hired all the engineers for the UI and back end, a mobile development agency, and a blockchain consultant.
  • Partnered with potential clients and utilized focus groups to explain the product, get them to sign up, or figure out what we need to do for them to sign up.
  • Facilitated daily standups with the teams in different geographical regions and time zones.
  • Followed up with marketing and provided reports of usage and critical paths to increase conversions and maintain users on the platform.
  • Analyzed and selected AWS as the cloud provider and set it up, including CI/CD, CloudWatch alerts, and ECS.
  • Maintained, triaged, and prioritized bugs and issues reported by both internal and external users.
  • Managed a mobile development team that developed an Android and iOS version of the CertsCentral app.

Engineering Lead

2016 - 2022
  • Participated in the design, implementation, testing, and delivery of an integrated system for all PlayStation gaming.
  • Managed a team in Russia that performs automation for our UI system. This includes ensuring they have enough work from our backlog and utilizing the team efficiently for around-the-clock development with the LA team.
  • Presented the accomplishments of the team to upper management as well as capacity planning.
  • Demoed to the team in Russia what was done by the LA team and liaised with the LA development team, explaining the bugs opened by the Russian team.
  • Developed a platform that runs tests on Jenkins every time code is pushed. This allows rapid analysis, ensuring no issues were added with that code push.
  • Built reporting solutions using AWS to view the usage of services.
  • Used ServiceNow as an entry point for all client and user issues, setting up automated notifications to relevant groups.
  • Followed SAFe methodology with each team in the Agile Release Train, planning PIs every three months.

Scrum Master

2021 - 2021
nXlvl Inc. (Toptal Projects)
  • Created user stories based on nXlvl's needs and researches performed.
  • Managed an offshore team of developers and testers.
  • Shared statuses weekly to stakeholders, with clear actions from all involved.

Technical Project Manager

2021 - 2021
Automotive Aftermarket Services LLC (Toptal Projects)
  • Analyzed the existing system the client used to sell aftermarket parts.
  • Defined new system requirements to move the client's application on the web.
  • Led a team of designers and developers to build the MVP.

Project Manager

2009 - 2019
LetsRealize Ventures
  • Managed a dev team that created over 50 web projects in one year. I achieved this through standardizations and the creation of reusable modules. I also demonstrated our product every week to get quick feedback.
  • Performed focus group activities to gather information on behalf of most of our clients and their products.
  • Analyzed and documented traffic and conversion data for multiple clients to find what could be the cause from both a business and technical point of view.
  • Found quick resolutions for team issues by constantly engaging with all the members to reduce risks on project completions.
  • Prioritized functionalities based on business value, time to market, and available funds.
  • Managed multiple mobile app development initiatives.
  • Used Asana to manage over 20 client projects and, in some cases, performed migrations from their initial project tracking tool, Google Sheets, Microsoft Project, etc.

Engineering Lead (Project Quality and Project Management)

2014 - 2016
  • Contributed to the overall design, assessing the technical impact as well as time efforts.
  • Served as the liaison between the business and developers for both onsite and offshore teams.
  • Gathered daily status from all offshore teams and handled the impediments.
  • Performed testing on all applications prior to launch.
  • Served as the initial point of contact for issues and suggestions for real-time implementations.
  • Designed automation frameworks to help reduce regression issues.
  • Analyzed the in-house marketing management web application to ensure it has the standards required, which goes from being usable to producing the expected results and experience in a timely manner.
  • Designed the system that ran on MuleSoft to run scheduled integration jobs.
  • Collaborated with other engineering leads to build integrated systems.
  • Worked on the UPS and Exel (DHL) Integrations through our fulfillment center. This required work sessions with these providers, creating and setting up processes for the fulfillment center, and following up on data transfers.

Engineering Lead (Project Quality and Project Management)

2013 - 2014
  • Joined as the only onsite member of the consulting team and got all information from onsite colleagues to transfer to colleagues offshore and facilitate the development of the ACH processes.
  • Presented progress to the onsite team and answered or prioritized all questions and suggestions.
  • Performed testing of all systems before handing them over to Bank of America. This reduced the approval time for work done and allowed us to reach an 89% defect-free platform.
  • Set up ServiceNow flows for automating the client's defect analysis.

Full-stack Developer

2010 - 2012
  • Contributed to creating the geo-localization system for regions to map out all businesses, thereby assuring exact payments are made and the businesses can be appropriately serviced.
  • Developed web platforms for small businesses using customized CMS and building proprietary templates.
  • Designed the back-end systems with on-premise solutions that were deployed on clients' servers.

Automated Fulfillment Service

Launched a service that allowed fulfillment service to manage their orders through a dashboard instead of using their existing FTP solution.

A team of developers and business analysts were given this problematic situation at a big fulfillment center. At that point, they received their orders through a manual file system and then conveyed them to UPS and DHL through an FTP system.

At the end of the analysis, we built a cron-managed system on MuleSoft that relied upon an API. The cron job pulled customer orders from the different systems at a defined frequency and sent them automatically to the fulfillment center as well as DHL and UPS through APIs to prepare themselves to fulfill them. Once the orders were packed, DHL and UPS also received notifications to pick them up and sent out notifications when they delivered the packages.

Though common in 2021, this integrated system wasn't as popular at the time of this project, and maintaining existing business roles wasn't quite easy while making such a major transition.

Certificate Management on Blockchain

As the first hired person, I divided the project into manageable tasks and decided which engineers would be required to meet the deadline and budget. I laid out the entire engineering stack and architecture that we had to adhere to.

Managed to get two developers for the UI and integration in India, a blockchain consultant in Cameroon, and a mobile development agency in Columbia. I did all the DevOps and project and product management. We succeeded in delivering the project within time and budget.

This project was challenging as no one on the project but the consultant had experience with blockchain. I quickly used my engineering background to grasp the required architecture and handled communication through APIs. Once we knew the protocols, implementation became rapid following microservice architectural patterns.

I defined the architectural structure to follow with buy-ins from the blockchain consultant. This was developed using .NET and tested with a Cucumber Selenium framework.

Doctor-Patient Relationship Management Solution


Managed a team of three back-end developers, two mobile developers, one front-end developer, and two QA engineers. Defined and prioritized user stories and bugs based on stakeholder and user feedback and launched the project within budget and time.

This project was critical as it involved heavy PII data management. I had to work with domain experts to get more knowledgeable of the medical field and its requirements. Based on the knowledge gathered, I was able to break down business requirements better and convey the needs in a technical vocabulary to the development teams.

We had to pass multiple security testing and work with the team to prioritize and quickly fix the few issues mentioned from a data security and penetration testing perspective. We launched the project on both web and mobile on time and within budget.
2017 - 2020

Master's Degree in Machine Learning

Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

2008 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Southern Polytechnic States University - Marietta, GA


Trello, Google Docs, TestRail, Postman, Microsoft Project, SQL, Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, Asana, Jira, Zoom, Slack, Bitbucket, AWS CLI, Jenkins, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), Excel 2010, NetSuite, Wix, Salesforce, Looker


Blockchain, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, Monday.com, Docker, MuleSoft, Azure, SharePoint, Mule ESB, New Relic, WordPress, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Magento 1, Shopify


Agile, Mobile App Design, Testing, Scrum, Agile Project Management, Functional Analysis, Implementation Project Management, Agile Workflow, DevOps, API Architecture, Waterfall Development, Kanban, Lean Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Acceptance Testing, Cross-platform, User Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Agile Product Management

Industry Expertise

Architecture, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Sports


QA Automation, Microsoft Teams, Client Management, WordPress Plugins, Team Management, Offshore Team Management, Product Analytics, Communication, Selenium, Employee Training, Web Project Management, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), IT Project Management, Mobile/Web Project Management, Remote Work, Time Management, Software Release Management, Technical Project Management, Startups, Early-stage Startups, Technical Product Management, Systems Analysis, System Architecture, Technical Leadership, Budgeting, Cost Estimation, Software Project Management, Cloud Architecture, Web Platforms, Platform Optimization, Engineering Management, Global Project Management, Project Management, Remote Team Leadership, Data Migration, Project Coordination, Task Scheduling, Project Scheduling, Leadership, Operations, Stripe, Online Payments, Estimation & Planning, App Development, Web Development, Code Review, Team Leadership, API Integration, Scalability, Teams, Java, Programming, APIs, Software Engineering, Cloud, Pair Programming, Project Design, Web Design, Content Creation, Project Delivery, Client Presentations, Executive Presentations, Mobile UX Design, Presentations, Budget Management, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Project Timelines, Agile Coaching, REST APIs, Custom APIs, Scrum Master, Database Architecture, Gaming, Video Games, Gaming Platforms, Extreme Programming, Technical Support, ServiceNow, AWS Cloud Architecture, Software Architecture, Automation Anywhere, Web App Deployment, eCommerce, Large-scale Projects, System Migration, Risk Analysis, eCommerce Platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Angular, C#.NET, Coding, UI Design, Cloud Services, Incident Management, PagerDuty, Project Planning, Stakeholder Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Backlog Grooming, Sprints, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Project Manager, PHP, Payment Processing, Payment APIs, Finance, Online Banking, Product Roadmaps, New Product Development, Discovery Workshops, Feature Backlog Prioritization, User Stories, Product Management, SaaS, Requirements, Staffing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Data Management Platforms, Data Management, Contract Management, Sales Management, Interpersonal Skills, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Healthcare IT, Sprint Planning, Agile Sprints, Requirements & Specifications, Sprint Retrospectives, Timelines, Backlog Management, Meetings, Sprint Master, Sprint Ceremonies, Design Sprints, Project Reporting, Feature Prioritization, Web Applications, Applications, Infrastructure, Scaling, Discovery, Product Discovery, Project Management & Delivery, Proof of Concept (POC), Media, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), Troubleshooting, Fraud Prevention, User Experience (UX), Technical Documentation, Headless Commerce, Elastic Path, Third-party Logistics, International Logistics, Authentication

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