Ahmed Yosri, Game Development Developer in Bucharest, Romania
Ahmed Yosri

Game Development Developer in Bucharest, Romania

Member since March 11, 2019
Ahmed has been a generalist game developer since 2012. He has worked on gameplay, shaders, artificial intelligence, full-stack, and performance at companies such as Gameloft, Forgotten Mines, and an Egyptian startup. He enjoys development as much as learning new technologies and algorithms.
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  • Gameloft
    Unity, C++14, Unity3D AI, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI)...
  • Forgotten Mines
    Unity, Algorithms, Unity3D GUI Development, 3D Games, Game Development...
  • Penta Value
    Unity, Unity3D Pathfinding, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI)...



Bucharest, Romania



Preferred Environment

Unity3D, C#, C++, Windows

The most amazing...

...gameplay features I've created was a ML-based combat system implemented in Bain's Redemption, a 3D slashing/shooting game.


  • Senior Game Programmer

    2017 - PRESENT
    • Worked on gameplay, AI, and shaders for Modern Combat: Rogue League.
    • Re-engineered 75+ classes to implement objects pool to eliminate micro-freezes.
    • Reduced memory leaks from 100+ MB per level to 0 MB.
    • Developed a goal-oriented planning AI system to replace state-machine based logic.
    • Collaborated closely with producers, animations, and sounds to implement different gameplay features.
    • Collaborated with QA and data tracking teams to implement data tracking in the game.
    • Developed various shaders like LUT, aiming, and character highlighting.
    Technologies: Unity, C++14, Unity3D AI, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game Tools Development, Unity3D GUI Development, 3D Games, Game Development, Subversion (SVN), OpenGL ES, XML, Lua, Unity3D, C#, C++
  • Unity Developer (Remote)

    2016 - 2017
    Forgotten Mines
    • Integrated Gameroom and Steam authentication in the game.
    • Kept the game up to date with the latest SDKs from SendGrid, Facebook, and Steam.
    • Designed and implemented invitations and rewards system (full-stack development using Azure).
    • Implemented the following shaders: Planetarium ocean, clouds, and lava.
    • Worked on various client-side features.
    • Completed code reviews and peer-to-peer reviews.
    Technologies: Unity, Algorithms, Unity3D GUI Development, 3D Games, Game Development, Subversion (SVN), Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Steam, Facebook, SendGrid, Azure, Photon, Unity3D, C#
  • Unity Lead Programmer

    2014 - 2017
    Penta Value
    • Designed and fully implemented nine Unity3D projects (3/2D apps/games) and helped to ship another two.
    • Developed a Kinect v2 Avateering wrapper used in five projects and a Kinect Framework used in four projects.
    • Explained to potential investors how to monetize existing projects.
    • Handled communications with freelance 3D artists to cope with project requirements.
    • Managed the hiring process and ramping up for two junior developers and introduced them to existing projects.
    • Conducted code reviews for fellow developers.
    • Worked with iOS, Android, and back-end developers to deliver RoboApp, a cross-platform native application building system.
    Technologies: Unity, Unity3D Pathfinding, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game Tools Development, Unity3D GUI Development, 3D Games, Game Development, Git, Subversion (SVN), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Microsoft Kinect, Unity3D, C#
  • UE4 Developer (Remote)

    2014 - 2015
    • Created a 3D multi-layered platforming demo.
    • Handled the technical side including repo setup, introducing team members to version control, and how to organize assets and animations.
    Technologies: 2D Games, 3D Games, Game Development, Git, C++, Unreal Engine 4
  • C++ Game Programmer (Remote)

    2013 - 2014
    Modern Entertainment HQ
    • Developed reinforcement learning-based AI that could adapt to any player style in less than five battles.
    • Developed multi-tier behavior trees that integrated with ML-based AI.
    • Enhanced engine memory consumption during load by ~75%.
    • Developed multi-scene editing feature to our engine.
    • Developed mini-map shader.
    Technologies: C++14, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Games, Game Development, Git, DirectX 11, C++


  • Machine Learning and Multi-tier Behavior Tree Code Snippet (Development)

    This is the core part of the ML-based combat system I developed in 2013 for Bain's redemption, a 3D slashing/shooting game.

  • Component-based Architecture (Development)

    In this sample, I developed a component-based architecture that allows you to create a full Match-3 game and more.

    Also, it allows you to create scenes, prefabs, add sounds, among other features.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, Swift, C++14, C#, C, C++, MaxScript, Lua, XML, Java, Python, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Unity3D, Unity, Microsoft Kinect, Photon, Unreal Engine 4, OpenNI, Photon Unity Networking (PUN)
  • Libraries/APIs

    TensorFlow, OpenGL ES, DirectX 11, Sockets
  • Tools

    Subversion (SVN), Git, Amazon Polly, SendGrid
  • Other

    Unity3D GUI Development, Games, Game Development, Game Tools Development, 2D Games, 3D Games, Freelance Developer, Unity3D AI, Unity3D Pathfinding, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Shaders, Processing & Threading, Linear Algebra, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Multiplayer, Unity Game Assets, Facebook, CryENGINE 3, RESTful APIs, Unity Editor Scripting
  • Storage

  • Platforms

    Firebase, Windows, Steam, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Azure, iOS, Android


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Bioinformatics
    2008 - 2012
    Ain Shams University - Cairo, Egypt

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