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Aladdin Mhemed

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Web Developer

Mersin, Akdeniz, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
September 19, 2019

Aladdin is a team leader, full-stack, and front-end developer with 12+ years of experience. He is adept at collaborating in all phases of the software development lifecycle. His main stack includes JavaScript, Node.js, React, Next.js, MERN Stack, TypeScript, and Angular. Aladdin is well-versed in responsive layouts and pixel-perfect retaining browser compatibility.


Ruthless Co.
React, Next.js, Node.js, MySQL, CSS, Agile, Amazon Web Services (AWS), NestJS...
SEI Healthcare Ltd
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, AWS Amplify, Next.js, Amazon DynamoDB...
Spectrum Environmental Solutions
JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, Git, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS)...




Preferred Environment

Next.js, Node.js, React, Data Visualization, MERN Stack, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, MEAN Stack, Cloud

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a Power BI plugin library that uses real-time data from WebSocket derived from big data from daily telecommunications usage.

Work Experience

Full-stack Developer

2023 - 2023
Ruthless Co.
  • Spearheaded the modernization of an application within the healthcare sector, particularly revamping the onboarding wizard. My technical responsibilities spanned end to end: PostgreSQL, Prisma, NestJS, RxJS, React, Tailwind CSS, and Next.js.
  • Conducted comprehensive refactoring on legacy code primarily written in Rx.JS, NestJS, and Prisma. This streamlined the app's operations, enhanced performance, and ensured alignment with best practices.
  • Transitioned the application from a single page application (SPA) model to a more dynamic server-side rendered model using Next.js.
  • Fortified the REST API on the front and back ends. Identified and remediated potential vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) and incorporated rate limiting.
  • Implemented web scraping mechanisms using tools like Puppeteer to extract blog and video content from legacy company websites. This content was then ingested and displayed dynamically on the new website's blog section.
  • Optimized the website's SEO through server-side rendering (SSR) and by integrating rich meta tags and structured data to enhance the site's visibility on search engines.
  • Added seamless integration of the checkout page with the Stripe API. Utilized Stripe's PaymentIntent API for secure, PCI-compliant payment processing, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for users.
  • Implemented an advanced caching mechanism within the NestJS framework, leveraging Redis as a high-performance in-memory data structure store.
  • Enhanced the website's accessibility by rewriting pages to use semantic HTML and integrated ARIA roles and attributes. I conducted routine accessibility audits using tools like Lighthouse to monitor and maintain WCAG compliance.
  • Extended Cypress tests to cover all new features and modifications I introduced. I also added unit and integration tests using tools like Jest and Supertest.
Technologies: React, Next.js, Node.js, MySQL, CSS, Agile, Amazon Web Services (AWS), NestJS, Prisma, Tailwind CSS, Stripe, Stripe API, Stripe Checkout, Cypress, Redis, Redis Cache

Full-stack Developer

2023 - 2023
SEI Healthcare Ltd
  • Created an MVP for a cutting-edge medical education software that provides immersive patient case simulations, using Node.js, Next.js, React, TypeScript, and AWS.
  • Worked on an app that enables medical students and professionals to see virtual patients, analyze medical history, do interviews, order tests, make diagnoses, and prescribe medications. It then evaluates their performance using OpenAI GPT3 API.
  • Designed and developed a solid software architecture from end-to-end, including the database, back end, front end, and deployment.
  • Picked the best tech stack to provide optimal performance, scalability, and user experience.
  • Delivered the MVP within an impressively short timeframe while maintaining exceptional communication with the client throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Ensured that the final product met and even exceeded expectations, resulting in a highly satisfied client.
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, AWS Amplify, Next.js, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), CI/CD Pipelines, Material UI, MUI CSS, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, TypeScript, OpenAI GPT-3 API, Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Back-end Development, Front-end Architecture, Front-end Build Tools, Vercel

React Developer

2022 - 2022
Spectrum Environmental Solutions
  • Contributed to the upgrading and maintenance of an enterprise application aimed at promoting air monitoring instruments, as a member of the development team.
  • Absorbed the project's technical stack and code structure quickly, through communication with my team members and the project manager. This allowed me to proactively fix bugs and other technical issues from my first day.
  • Performed troubleshooting on the CI/CD pipeline and successfully resolved several build config issues. My efforts assisted the pipeline in operating efficiently and reliably, allowing the team to deliver code changes more quickly and confidently.
Technologies: JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, Git, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, SVG, ECharts, Front-end Architecture, Front-end Build Tools

Lead Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2022
  • Managed the recruitment, onboarding, and oversight of a team of three full-stack developers. Created a task management board inspired by Kanbanize. Used the MERN stack, Next.js, Amazon Cognito, Amazon S3, and Lambda functions.
  • Developed versatile and customizable solutions enabling our clients to manage their tasks and projects more effectively, using PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Prisma, D3.js, Fabric, and Chart.js.
  • Collaborated closely with the development team to devise and implement the software architecture for the application through Next.js, NestJS, Rx.js, Prisma TypeScript, MUI, Tailwind CSS, front-end architecture, Agile, and Jira.
  • Worked with the design team to continually update wireframes and prototypes based on feedback from both management and potential clients, using Figma, Pixel Perfect, and responsive layout.
  • Worked closely with our DevOps team to utilize AWS services like EC2 for application hosting, Elastic Beanstalk for environment management, and AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild for designing and executing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Integrated graph charts, such as Gantt and burndown charts and scatter plots, to aid in estimating tasks, sprint, and team progress, using vis.js, Fabric, and Chart.js. This allowed users to make informed data-driven decisions and plans.
  • Created the web pages for the app with Wix. I used Velo to write custom code that handles authentication and to manage user accounts and plans.
Technologies: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 API, Amazon RDS, MongoDB Atlas, AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, GraphQL, REST APIs, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Redis, Redis Cache, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Next.js, CI/CD Pipelines, Node.js, Express.js, Material UI, Tailwind CSS, Mongoose, Prisma, TypeScript, React, MERN Stack, D3.js, HTML5 Canvas, SVG, Test-driven Development (TDD), Chart.js, Fabric, Vis.js, Architecture, Back-end Development, Front-end Architecture, Shopify API, Shopify, Front-end Build Tools, JavaScript, Figma, Pixel Perfect, Responsive Layout, Documentation, Lambda Functions, Wix, Team Leadership

React Developer

2020 - 2020
Gnosis Enterprises Holdings
  • Worked on a medical education platform that used artificial intelligence to evaluate medical students' answers and then delivered related quizzes. The artificial intelligence bot imitated patients, analyzed medical student talks, and assigned grades.
  • Used React and its ecosystem to build quiz wizards, chatbots, and student evaluation tools.
  • Collaborated closely with the design team and transformed their wireframes into fully responsive React pages.
Technologies: SCSS, React, MERN Stack, Data Visualization, Google Material Design, Figma, APIs, REST APIs, REST, Jira, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, Charts, SVG, Front-end Development, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, Sass, Agile, HTML5, CSS3, Front-end, Material UI, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Web App Development, Axios, Dashboards, Web Design, JavaScript Libraries, Socket.IO, Sockets, Front-end Architecture, Front-end Build Tools, Pixel Perfect

React Developer

2019 - 2020
BCG Gamma
  • Created data visualizations using SVG charts with pure HTML SVG, HTML Canvas, React, MUI, Typescript, and D3.js.
  • Integrated data visualization charts into the company's existing React apps.
  • Converted wireframes into fully responsive React pages.
Technologies: D3.js, React, JavaScript, MERN Stack, Data Visualization, Google Material Design, Figma, APIs, REST APIs, REST, Jira, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, SCSS, Charts, SVG, Front-end Development, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, Sass, Agile, HTML5, CSS3, Front-end, Tailwind CSS, Web App Development, Axios, Dashboards, Web Design, JavaScript Libraries, Front-end Build Tools, Pixel Perfect

Senior React Developer

2019 - 2020
Wing Tel
  • Acted as a team leader, delegating, overseeing, reviewing, and prioritizing tasks. The tech stack included React, Redux, Next.js, Strapi, Tailwind CSS, and Front-end architecture.
  • Collaborated with engineering, product, and UX teams to implement front-end solutions.
  • Created, developed, and oversaw automated tests for user interface elements.
  • Identified the UI platform's quality, usability, performance, security, and testability requirements.
  • Implemented integrations with external REST APIs from companies such as Katapult, Zapier, Affirm, AT&T, Tracfone, and Stripe.
  • Wrote and maintained documentation for program development, logic, coding, testing, and bug fixing. Supervised junior developers.
  • Built a Shopify-powered shop for the company and has demonstrated proficiency in Shopify development and integration with Shopify Payment Apps API and Storefront API.
Technologies: Enzyme, Redux Form, Redux, React, MEAN Stack, User Interface (UI), Next.js, Node.js, Headless CMS, Strapi, CircleCI, AWS CLI, GitHub, WordPress, Pantheon, SaaS, Jira, Opsgenie, Zapier, JavaScript, MERN Stack, Jest, Figma, Jira Administration, APIs, Content Management Systems (CMS), REST APIs, REST, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, SCSS, Front-end Development, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, Sass, Agile, HTML5, CSS3, Front-end, Test-driven Development (TDD), Tailwind CSS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Express.js, Code Review, TypeScript, Leadership, Web App Development, Axios, Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, API Integration, Dashboards, Serverless, Vue, JavaScript Libraries, Nuxt.js, CI/CD Pipelines, Unit Testing, Stripe Checkout, Stripe, Architecture, Cypress, Front-end Architecture, Shopify, Shopify API, Documentation, Pixel Perfect, Puppeteer, Team Leadership

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

2016 - 2019
  • Created middle-tier projects for data visualizations and front end utilizing Flare SaaS for continuous decisions and complex event streaming.
  • Led a team in implementing full-stack projects to monitor the big data of telecommunications companies using the MERN stack.
  • Mastered real-time data analytics, data visualization, socket handling, front end, big data management, graph management and monitoring, threat and alert detection, high-volume real-time data handling, and Power BI.
  • Created a Power BI plugin library that used real-time data from WebSockets derived from big data from everyday telecommunications usage. Used React virtual DOM and other React optimization capabilities to overcome resource limits for Power BI plugins.
Technologies: Presto, MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, Microsoft Power BI, Charts, Highcharts, Redux, React, Google Maps API, HTML5, Sass, SVG, Socket.IO, Vue, D3.js, Angular, AngularJS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Vis.js, Bootstrap, Grunt, Gulp, HTML5 Canvas, Vuetify, Google Material Design, Socket Programming, AmCharts, Loopback, WordPress, Sphinx Documentation Generator, MySQL, Data Visualization, APIs, REST APIs, REST, Jira, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, SCSS, Front-end Development, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, Agile, RxJS, CSS3, Front-end, GraphQL, Tailwind CSS, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Microservices, SQL, Code Review, TypeScript, Leadership, UI Design, Web UX, Web UI, WebSockets, AWS Lambda, Back-end, Web App Development, API Integration, Dashboards, JavaScript Libraries, Nuxt.js, CI/CD Pipelines, Unit Testing, Neo4j, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Back-end Development, Front-end Architecture, Front-end Build Tools, Pixel Perfect

Senior Front-end Developer

2015 - 2016
Barclays Bank
  • Designed and implemented complex data visualizations from the ground up using MEAN stack, SVG, and HTML5 Canvas.
  • Translated designs and wireframes into a high-quality responsive Angular app.
  • Mastered the creation of advanced data visualizations using web socket communication in real-time threat detection and other data-driven decision applications.
Technologies: D3.js, SCSS, HTML5, TypeScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JavaScript, Data Visualization, HTML5 Canvas, Vis.js, APIs, REST APIs, REST, Jira, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, Charts, Front-end Development, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, Sass, Agile, CSS3, Front-end, Konva, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Express.js, SQL, UI Design, WebSockets, Web App Development, Dashboards, Vue, JavaScript Libraries, Unit Testing, Front-end Architecture, Pixel Perfect

Senior Front-end Developer

2015 - 2015
Orda Technologies
  • Developed a data visualization and social media monitoring tool to assist journalists in staying informed about public trends and industry news.
  • Utilized APIs from major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to track relevant hashtags, mentions, and keywords.
  • Implemented data visualization techniques, such as creating charts and graphs, to effectively display the social monitoring data within an Angular web application.
Technologies: Bootstrap, SVG, D3.js, AngularJS, Highcharts, JavaScript, Data Visualization, Vis.js, PostgreSQL, Semantic UI, APIs, REST APIs, REST, Jira, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, SCSS, Charts, Front-end Development, CSS, Sass, Agile, HTML5, Front-end, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Express.js, SQL, jQuery, Back-end, Web App Development, Dashboards, JavaScript Libraries, Front-end Architecture, Front-end Build Tools, Documentation, Pixel Perfect

Senior Full-stack Web Developer

2013 - 2015
Interchange Works (Canada)
  • Developed an enterprise dentist management system (EDMS). EDMS is an enterprise dentist app that covers management to doctors, patients, nurses, lab workers, labs, radiology, billing, insurance, and a few other dentist things.
  • Designed and implemented a robust and fault-tolerant architecture from front end (Angular) to the back end (Node.js), including the integration of a database (MySQL and PostgreSQL).
  • Reverse-engineered and modernized outdated components to create new, reusable ones.
Technologies: D3.js, AngularJS, Zend Framework, PHP, JavaScript, Data Visualization, Semantic UI, APIs, REST APIs, REST, Software Engineering, Databases, Web Development, HTML, SCSS, Front-end Development, CSS, Sass, Agile, HTML5, CSS3, Front-end, SVG, HTML5 Canvas, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Express.js, SQL, PostgreSQL, jQuery, WebSockets, Back-end, Web App Development, Dashboards, JavaScript Libraries, Back-end Development, Front-end Architecture, Pixel Perfect

An AI-enabled Medical Education Platform

I developed a medical education platform that incorporated AI to evaluate medical students' responses and provide relevant quizzes. The platform aimed to replicate real-life patient interactions, providing students with a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Upon evaluation of their conversations, students received a score.

To build the platform, I leveraged my expertise in React and its ecosystem to create quiz wizards, chatbots, and data visualization artifacts. Working closely with the design team, I transformed their Figma wireframes into fully responsive and pixel-perfect React pages, and the main CSS framework was MUI.

To facilitate real-time communication between students and the platform, I utilized Socket.IO. For data visualization, I incorporated Charts.js and SVG. We employed Jira for project management to maintain an Agile workflow and held daily scrum meetings. Lastly, I established a CI/CD pipeline using GitHub and CircleCI.

Graph Builder MVP For the Simple A Team
A graph builder lets users intuitively construct and navigate organizational structures through a graphical interface. It offers features for creating, adjusting, and visually representing nodes and their interconnections, capturing organizational environments' intricate hierarchies and dynamics. A graph builder stands out for its real-time update functionality, advanced data-driven insights, and proactive alert detection mechanisms, making it an essential organizational analysis and management tool.

My responsibilities:
• Developed a Node.js/Express back end to support RESTful API integration, consuming external HRMS, CRM, and ERP systems data.
• Implemented real-time data normalization.
• Utilized Neo4j graph database and Cypher for generic data modeling.
• Deployed the MVP using AWS Elastic Beanstalk for efficient scaling and management.
• Implemented a responsive interface using Angular 4, integrating D3.js for data-driven graphical representations and Fabric.js for enhanced canvas manipulation, enhanced with RxJS for reactive programming patterns.

Data Visualization in Several Projects

I created many D3.js, HTML5 Canvas, and SVG custom charts for various enterprise applications and the apps were made in React, so I integrated my work into new pages in their existing apps. Few charts consumed real-time data.

MVP for Security Threat Calls
I designed and developed a dashboard for MTN Guinea telecommunication company to monitor calls that posed security threats. This involved implementing both the back-end and front-end components of the application. To query the extensive data database, which added one billion rows of data each day,

I utilized PrestoDB queries in the back end to write SQL queries. In addition to this, I created a REST API in the back end, which was consumed by the front-end.

For the front end, I used Angular 8 and implemented pixel-perfect, responsive pages from Figma wireframes. I continued to refine the design and functionality of the application through multiple development cycles until it was ready for deployment. Finally, I delivered the completed application to MTN Guinea telecommunications company.

Real-time KPI Dashboards for MTN Telecommunications

As part of my work, I developed a set of real-time KPI dashboards for MTN Telecommunications that catered to different levels of management. These KPIs were extracted from large volumes of telecommunication data, including voice, SMS, internet consumption, and incoming and outgoing calls.

To achieve this, I leveraged three primary tools:

• Flare from Ligadata – I used this tool to automate data cleaning, normalization, and logging. It helped to ensure that the data was accurate and ready for analysis.
• Kamanga from Ligadata – This tool provided APIs that I used to apply machine learning and AI to detect anomalies, threats, alerts, and failures in real-time, allowing management to take quick action.
• Apache Kafka – To wrap all the code that queried APIs from Flare and Kamanga. This helped to streamline the data flow and update KPIs in real time.

I also created a user-friendly, secure, and authenticated front end. I used, Angular, and Power BI to create fully responsive and visually rich data visualizations. These dashboards provided an intuitive and interactive interface for management to view key metrics, make data-driven decisions, and monitor real-time performance.

Kanban Board

As a highly talented full-stack developer (and member of a fantastic team at Ebdaa), I was (and am now partly) working on a task board inspired by, leveraging cutting-edge technology and implementing practically all functionalities while paying special attention to data visualization.

The project includes all the charts and graphics necessary to provide users with a clear and comprehensive visualization of their data. Data visualization includes bar charts, pie charts, line charts, area charts, scatterplots, and heat maps, as well as Kanban boards with swimlane diagrams and Gantt charts. Also, icons, progress bars, and badges provide additional context and information about tasks.

AWS-selected products allow the application to scale effortlessly, and Amazon RDS, MongoDB Atlas, and Redis Cache offer smooth data storage and retrieval.

We decided to use both REST APIs and GraphQL allowing for more flexibility. Also, TDD, and CI/CD are used to ensure each feature is tested and functioning correctly before deployment. Moreover, I utilized D3.js, HTML5 Canvas, SVG, Chart.js, and Fabric.js to create all the necessary visualizations.

(Please refer to my experience at Ebdaa company)

Customizable Data-driven Web Application for Air-monitoring Instrument Promotion
In my previous engagement with Spectrum Environmental Solutions as a member of the development team, I contributed to creating an enterprise application to promote air-monitoring instruments. The application offered customized versions of the web app tailored to customers' specific requirements, including their chosen methodology, purchased equipment, and other geographical and logistical factors.

The web apps were designed to be data-driven. They collect complex data from the monitoring instruments and present them in real time in an intuitive and visually appealing front-end interface, complete with state-of-the-art data visualization tools.

Cutting-edge Medical Education Software for Immersive Patient Case Simulations
Working on a Toptal engagement for Sei Healthcare, I created an MVP for an innovative medical education software to offer immersive patient case simulations. This powerful app provides medical professionals and students with virtual patient scenarios, including in-depth medical histories, interview questions, required tests, diagnoses, and medication prescriptions. The app also utilizes the OpenAI GPT3 API to give users feedback and scores evaluating their performance.

I designed and developed a solid software architecture, from database setup to back-end and front-end development and deployment. I carefully selected the best technology stack to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and user experience. Despite the tight timeline, I delivered the MVP on schedule while maintaining excellent communication throughout the project lifecycle with the client.

The final product exceeded the client's expectations, resulting in a delighted customer.

Crafted an eCommerce website called As part of this project, I utilized HTML5 canvas and, a JavaScript library for drawing complex shapes and graphics on the web, to allow users to customize jackets by selecting sizes, colors, patches, and embroidery. To achieve this, I also implemented a rich yet straightforward Forms Wizard to guide users through customization. For the website's back end, I utilized Node.js along with TypeScript and PostgreSQL for the database. For payments, I integrated purchases with, a payment gateway that enables businesses to accept electronic payments online.
2009 - 2010

Master's Degree in Software Development

Mersin University - Mersin, Turkey

2004 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

Mersin University - Mersin, Turkey


React, Vue, Node.js, Highcharts, REST APIs, jQuery, Puppeteer, Socket.IO, D3.js, RxJS, Shopify API, Google Maps API, Redux Form, Vis.js, HTML5 Canvas, Konva, AWS Amplify, Amazon EC2 API, Chart.js, Fabric, Passport.js, Stripe, Sockets, AmplifyJS, Stripe API,


GitHub, Front-end Build Tools, Bower Front-end Dependency Manager, Git, Jira, Zapier, Microsoft Power BI, CSS Lint, CircleCI, AWS CLI, Figma, Grunt, Gulp, Amazon Cognito, AWS AppSync, Prisma, MongoDB Atlas, Mongoose, Stripe Checkout, Kafka Streams, Wix


AngularJS, Express.js, Angular, Redux, Tailwind CSS, Nuxt.js, Cypress, Next.js, Bootstrap, Zend Framework, Presto, Vuetify, Loopback, Sphinx Documentation Generator, Jest, Material UI, MUI CSS, Realtime, NestJS


CSS3, HTML5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, ECMAScript (ES6), SQL, PHP, PHP 5, GraphQL, SCSS, Sass, Cypher


MEAN Stack, REST, Testing, Test-driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, Agile, Microservices, Socket Programming, Scrum, UI Design, Responsive Layout


Pantheon, Shopify, Vercel, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EC2, Apache Kafka, Contentful


Databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), NoSQL, Redis, Redis Cache, Neo4j

Industry Expertise

Web Design


Strapi, Front-end, Front-end Development, Content Management Systems (CMS), User Interface (UI), APIs, MERN Stack, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Code Review, WebSockets, Back-end, Web App Development, Axios, Dashboards, JavaScript Libraries, Back-end Development, Front-end Architecture, Pixel Perfect, Data Virtualization, Headless CMS, Data Visualization, Leadership, API Integration, Architecture, Documentation, Web Scraping, Team Leadership, SVG, Charts, Enzyme, Lint, Web Development, Software Engineering, Jira Administration, Data Structures, SaaS, Opsgenie, Semantic UI, Google Material Design, AmCharts, Big Data, Web UX, Web UI, Serverless, CI/CD Pipelines, Cloud, OpenAI GPT-3 API, Amazon RDS, Software QA, ECharts, Lambda Functions, GRAPH, Data, Organizational Design, Threat Analytics, Data Normalization

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