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Aleksandr Saraikin

Verified Expert  in Engineering

AWS Cloud Architecture Developer

Berlin, Germany
Toptal Member Since
September 1, 2016

Aleksandr has built numerous infrastructures that have been proven to improve the efficiency of development workflows, optimize TCO, and meet required performance KPIs in production. Given his excessive experience in real projects, he can foresee potential pricey pitfalls on later development stages and suggest an optimal solution saving time and budget.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Serverless, Python, Ruby, PHP, Scala, Node.js...
Home24 GmbH
Memcached, Agavi, Solr, MySQL, Capistrano, Subversion (SVN), Git, PHPUnit...
INNOVA Handelshaus GmbH
Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Delphi 7, LAMP, SOAP...




Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Docker, Serverless, AWS Fargate, Jenkins Pipeline, AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS Amplify, Flutter

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is an infrastructure for an international charging platform for electric vehicles.

Work Experience

Cloud Solutions Architect

2013 - PRESENT
  • Worked proactively with high-growth startups and operated as their trusted technical advisor in developing cost-efficient cloud architectures tailored to their business priorities.
  • Designed and implemented a highly available and scalable cloud-based infrastructure for software development, data analysis, and production for customers in various industries.
  • Proposed and implemented AWS cost optimization plans.
  • Improved production systems to efficiently carry out TV advertisement load profiles.
  • Planned and executed the infrastructure migration to AWS.
  • Supported B2B deals in fintech with product documentation, security audits, and technical consultancy.
  • Led proof-of-concept prototyping in eCommerce, IoT, and AI projects.
  • Supported software development teams with CI/CD automation and cloud services expertise.
  • Defined the requirements for software delivery processes and created a framework for rapidly integrating new services into a Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Refactored web services backed by EC2 servers into serverless solutions, eliminating 90% of the AWS bill.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Serverless, Python, Ruby, PHP, Scala, Node.js, PostgreSQL, ELK (Elastic Stack), Icinga, Grafana, Sensu, Jenkins, GoCD, Vagrant, Packer, Docker, Terraform, AWS OpsWorks, Chef, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, Kubernetes, Linux, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Microservices, Logstash, AWS Step Functions, Amazon Athena, AWS CodePipeline, Elasticsearch, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit, Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Apache Airflow, Amazon CloudWatch, Apache, Spark, Angular, Sails.js, Play, Akka, Redis, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Ubuntu, AWS AppSync, GraphQL, AWS Amplify, AWS IoT, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon CloudHSM, AWS Cloud Map, TestNG, CQRS, Finch, HDFS, Amazon EKS, Selenium Grid, HAProxy, Amazon EFS, AWS Security Hub, Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS AppConfig, AWS CloudTrail, Autoscaling, Ansible Tower, AWS Glue, Kibana, NGINX, Lambda Functions, Stacker, Troposphere, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CodeBuild, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS Fargate, Kubernetes Operations (kOps), GlassFish, Amazon Cognito, IntelliJ IDEA, Web Services, AWS Lambda, Jenkins Pipeline, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Spinnaker, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration (CI), Microservices Architecture, AWS Cloud Architecture

Senior Back-end Developer

2011 - 2013
Home24 GmbH
  • Led a development team working on product management tools and internal administration service.
  • Integrated product data feeds from dozens of merchants.
  • Automated imports, continuous updates, and managed thousands of products in an e-store which helped the company to make its way to the global market.
Technologies: Memcached, Agavi, Solr, MySQL, Capistrano, Subversion (SVN), Git, PHPUnit, Propel, Zend Framework, PHP, Linux, Jenkins, Laravel, Apache, IntelliJ IDEA, Web Services, Continuous Integration (CI)

Back-end Developer

2010 - 2011
INNOVA Handelshaus GmbH
  • Engineered. an online auction system based on open-source solutions.
  • Worked on integration of a custom ERP system with external web services.
  • Developed features and modules for a custom ERP system.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Delphi 7, LAMP, SOAP, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), PHP, Apache, Web Services

Software Developer

2008 - 2010
SuraSystems GmbH
  • Created a web interface for an automated picture production system with a variety of payment gateways.
  • Developed modules for a custom ERP system and supported refactoring.
  • Developed a real estate trading system that enables users to mark up real estate, parcels, and further details on the Google Earth globe. Scaled to cover real estate in the USA.
Technologies: Google Earth, Google Web Toolkit, LAMP, Joomla, PHP, SQL, C#, Delphi 7, Apache Tomcat, Apache, Web Services

A software engineering company focused on developing custom solutions for small and medium-sized companies from around the world.

I developed PHP back ends for various web services and took responsibility for deployments and the AWS infrastructure.
Having built multiple AWS environments, I took a role of an AWS expert for customers.
I further specialized in the design and supervision of complete web-based solutions and built up a trust relationship with many returning clients.

Porsche´s Call Rocker
Automatic replenishment trigger system for car manufacturing plants.

I refactored the AWS infrastructure automation, improving the distribution of the serverless applications, security, and billing. The refactoring enabled better integration with the Industrial Cloud project.

Outfront Media Inc.
Outfront Media is one of the largest outdoor media companies which operates both billboards and transit displays in the United States and Canada.

The overall goal of the project is to provide reliable, automated content distribution for outdoor advertising.

I worked in a DevOps team that aims to speed up the delivery of software features to production using CI/CD principles, infrastructure as code (IaC), and extensive use of Terraform and Kubernetes. The team was also responsible for maintaining the existing infrastructure managed with Chef and AWS OpsWorks, debugging operational issues, and tracking performance bottlenecks.

I designed a serverless AWS infrastructure for a monitoring solution supporting thousands of displays installed in trains.
I created a framework that allows developers to quickly and independently integrate their new services into the existing infrastructure.
I made multiple proof-of-concept solutions based on AWS to help clients choose the optimal technical stack for their new projects.

An international charging platform for electric vehicles: a joint venture of BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler AG, EnBW, innogy, and Siemens. The service provides roaming APIs for charging stations to let end users charge their vehicles on any station without a direct contract with the provider.

I led the development of infrastructure-as-code, including monitoring, disaster recovery, auto-scaling, and security enhancements.

My main objective was to migrate an existing on-premise solution to the new Java Spring microservices in AWS in four months, with a team of three DevOps engineers.
I designed the missing parts of the infrastructure and improved it for production workloads and real-world use cases.
I automated AWS environments with infrastructure as code (IaC) using AWS CloudFormation.
I set up CI/CD with Jenkins Pipelines and necessary environments and proactively supported developers.
The service has been successfully launched on time.

Real estate document and data management solution.

I designed a serverless solution with cost-efficient multitenancy support. I refactored key services into serverless applications and set up an infrastructure framework and processes, making services development independent and compliant with strict security requirements.


An online lending platform for SMEs as a service.

I have supported the company for four years with my AWS expertise and development skills. I am the primary contact person for CTO, COO, front-end, and back-end development teams in questions around infrastructure and development workflows.

My primary responsibility was to fully automate the infrastructure deployment for each business client in dedicated AWS accounts with staging and production environments, meet country-specific regulations and internal IT policies.
I created an automation framework with full coverage of AWS resources in infrastructure as code (IaC), which allowed Spotcap to onboard new clients around four times faster.

A worldwide restaurants' booking service.

I improved the ETL pipeline for the BI department, migrated it from Docker Swarm to AWS ECS with full coverage of infrastructure as code (IaC), and set up CI/CD pipelines.
The migration significantly improved the reliability and performance of the pipeline.

CodeShield is a serverless native security and visualization tool aimed at development teams. It analyzes your serverless code for security issues and visualizes the data flow within your AWS infrastructure.

I organized the development workflow and set up CI/CD pipelines, local and remote environments for developers.
I built a serverless back-end and an AWS infrastructure, which helped the team deliver the MVP in just a few weeks.

Traffics IBE Evolution 3
Booking service for tourism.

I analyzed the Kubernetes-based infrastructure and helped the DevOps team to resolve reliability and performance issues.
I set up Jenkins Pipeline and refactored a few web services backed by EC2 servers into serverless solutions, eliminating 90% of the AWS bill.

An open-source AWS resource management system with graphic UI and a comprehensive REST API based on CloudFormation.

I designed the complete solution and implemented a PHP back-end, AWS infrastructure, and blueprints for common infrastructure patterns.
The solution helped to quickly build CI/CD and the production infrastructure in multiple projects.

Full Fabric
Education Management Services

I migrated a manually configured AWS deployment of a document management system based on plain EC2 servers into a containerized solution managed by ECS.
The reusable infrastructure as code allowed the client to estimate and plan the migration of other services.
An enterprise solution for model risk management.

I created CI/CD pipelines for testing and deploying complex containerized applications. I designed and tested an AWS infrastructure for a data lake and data analysis based on Kubernetes.
The solution helped to onboard customers in both the cloud and on-premise environments.

Shopify Services

I supported the company in the early stages of production deployments with my AWS expertise.
I identified performance bottlenecks and improved the AWS infrastructure to efficiently scale out for the massive traffic growth.

Europe's largest online-only retailer for home furniture and living.

I led a development team on building product management tools and internal administration services.
These solutions automated imports, continuous updates, and the management of thousands of products in an e-store and helped the company make its way to the global market.

Audibene is the largest internet portal for independent hearing care case management and hearing aid purchasing in Europe.

I supported the DevOps team with the knowledge of AWS best practices to eliminate unintended AWS costs, significantly speeding up development routines.
I onboarded and launched an externally developed web service that helps people connect with hearing experts online.

Aeria Games
A gaming portal for multiplayer online games.

I implemented CI pipelines for development teams and set up a reusable AWS infrastructure to support multiple games using AWS OpsWorks.
The solution allowed to launch the game on time and was used to onboard the next games faster.


An online destination for hand-picked design. MONOQI is collecting hard-to-find and limited-edition design products, making them available for a short time on

I created frameworks for software delivery and deployment in AWS with infrastructure as code (IaC).
I was entirely responsible for the infrastructure of B2B services and provided all CI/CD, staging, and production environments on time.

A jewelry store.

I created a CI/CD pipeline for development and production deployments in an AWS infrastructure and integrated frameworks for automated end-to-end testing.
Other eCommerce companies adopted the solution in the VC to speed time to market.
2016 - 2016

Certificate in AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Amazon, Inc. -

2003 - 2008

Diploma in Linguistics

Penza State University - Russian Federation, Penza

2003 - 2008

Diploma in Software Engineering

Penza State University - Russian Federation, Penza

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2021

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

Amazon Web Services


Propel, Node.js, AWS Amplify, Jenkins Pipeline, Selenium Grid


AWS Fargate, Amazon CloudFront CDN, AWS Step Functions, Amazon Athena, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Jenkins, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS OpsWorks, Logstash, Ansible, Apache Airflow, AWS Glue, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Kibana, Ansible Tower, NGINX, Vagrant, Chef, Amazon EKS, Terraform, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon Cognito, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), IntelliJ IDEA, Git, ELK (Elastic Stack), Subversion (SVN), AWS AppSync, Docker Swarm, Capistrano, Solr, Apache Tomcat, Apache, Grafana, Packer


Laravel, Spark, Angular, Sails.js, Play, Akka, PHPUnit, Agavi, Google Web Toolkit, Flutter, Zend Framework, TestNG, Express.js, .NET


PHP, Scala, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Delphi 7, C#, GraphQL, SQL, Python, Ruby


Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration (CI), Microservices Architecture, Microservices, CQRS, Serverless Architecture


Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Spinnaker, Sensu, AWS IoT, Ubuntu, Icinga, LAMP, Joomla


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon EFS, Redshift, Elasticsearch, Amazon DynamoDB, HDFS, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, Memcached


Serverless, Lambda Functions, Amazon API Gateway, Autoscaling, Web Services, AWS Cloud Architecture, ECS, Lambda@Edge, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), Stacker, Troposphere, GoCD, Kubernetes Operations (kOps), AWS CodePipeline, AWS AppConfig, Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS Security Hub, Finch, AWS Cloud Map, Amazon CloudHSM, SOAP, Google Earth, GlassFish, HAProxy, AWS Marketplace

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