Andrew Birks, UI Developer in Darlington, United Kingdom
Andrew Birks

UI Developer in Darlington, United Kingdom

Member since June 5, 2019
Andrew is a front-end developer, technology entrepreneur, and founder of a UK-based design studio and web development company. He's skilled at quickly identifying client needs and producing custom solutions, with the natural ability to work well in a team and lead from the front. Andrew enjoys getting fully involved with front-end development, programming, and solving any problems that arise.
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  • DNN.Expert
    Webpack, SCSS, Sass, Less, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, C#, DotNetNuke (DNN), HTML5...
  • BBM
    Gatsby, Styled-components, Sass, Less, Gulp, Grunt, JavaScript, React, HTML5...
  • Purple Creative Studio
    ASP.NET, C#, DotNetNuke (DNN), Less, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Front-end...



Darlington, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

GitHub, VS Code, React, Next.js, Gatsby, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, Tailwind CSS, Front-end, Vanilla JS

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was a real-time dashboard for a financial/cryptocurrency startup.


  • Founder & Developer

    2015 - PRESENT
    • Built a brand that has become an authoritative voice in its field, providing information and solutions, catered to this specific market. Especially known for front-end development advice.
    • Identified and targeted a gap in the market, resulting in a growing business with steady expansion, now contracting a team of developers delivering DNN solutions internationally.
    • Regularly provided clients with general advice, creative troubleshooting, module enhancements, and upgrades to their existing DNN sites.
    • Developed a public website as well as internal systems for a multi-billion dollar finance company, resulting in vast time savings and increasing their annual turnover.
    • Developed a multilingual DNN website for this supplier of major fast-food chains and restaurants, resulting in a successful expansion into the Chinese market.
    Technologies: Webpack, SCSS, Sass, Less, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, C#, DotNetNuke (DNN), HTML5, Front-end, Vanilla JS
  • Founder & Developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Founded a UK-based full-service agency which creates websites, branding and marketing campaigns for businesses that want to build stronger connections with their target audience.
    • Managed on-site and remote teams to cohesively work towards a shared goal. Projects can range from basic graphic design, content curation and copywriting, to the development of large scale enterprise applications.
    • Ran day-to-day business operations including marketing, finances, and customer relations.
    • Enhanced an existing eCommerce website, resulting in a 10x increase of their online ticket sales. The organization now regularly takes $12-30,000 AUD per week.
    • Provided ongoing consulting and business solutions for this billion dollar company on a regular basis.
    Technologies: Gatsby, Styled-components, Sass, Less, Gulp, Grunt, JavaScript, React, HTML5, Tailwind CSS, Front-end
  • Front-end Developer/Studio Manager

    2011 - 2015
    Purple Creative Studio
    • Joined the company shortly after start-up and helped it grow from a traditional print and basic website business to a provider of more advanced and visually appealing systems - increasing client base and winning ever larger projects.
    • Led rebranding and relocation of company and recruited two more members of staff to train in web design and underlying technologies including HTML, CSS, and JS.
    • Became a highly adaptable individual with the responsibility of staff organization and management as well as hands-on manufacturing of website applications.
    • Created a branding portal for an FTSE 100 medical company, transforming the way they deliver material to shareholders.
    • Developed a content notification system for a UK council to serve automatic reminders when the pages grow stale.
    Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, DotNetNuke (DNN), Less, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Front-end, Vanilla JS
  • Junior Web Developer

    2010 - 2011
    Independent Mobility
    • Helped create an online presence for a mobility scooter provider using a custom built content management system.
    • Created branding and marketing documentation to solidify the new corporate style.
    • Developed an automated system to remind users when they needed to pickup or return equipment.
    • Constructed newsletter emails using Mailchimp and custom designed email templates.
    • Deployed website and other business systems to Azure cloud.
    Technologies: jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Front-end


  • Churchill Mortgage

    In order to be true to the company and their purpose, we simplified some of their most difficult processes. We developed a CMS (content management system) in order to replace their old in-house system and we took the designs from their in-house team and transformed the flat graphics into HTML code. From the code, we also came up with a number of modules and components to allow the editors to maintain and update the site.

    Because Churchill Mortgage members of staff may work at multiple locations, we created a complex, fully bespoke admin system named “The loan officer management system” in order to help them track and manage these staff postings.

  • Victorian Athletics League

    I was given the task of enhancing a pre-existing eCommerce website, which had been abandoned by the previous developer. The system was built on top of an older version of the DNN CMS, and in the migration process, it had stopped working.

    My time was initially spent diagnosing the reasons why the site didn't work on the new hosting environment. There were a number of server-level settings which needed to be enabled to allow the older aspects of the application to work.

    Once the core site was up and running again, I was tasked to improve the user journey for entering an athletic event. This was achieved by simplifying the number of pages across the site and using some custom modules to indicate which events are open to book.

    Once I was familiar with the overall architecture of the system, I was able to optimize some of the SQL queries which sped up the site and put less strain on the server as the queries no longer needed to be as complex.

  • Fire Fighters Credit Union

    The Fire Fighters Credit Union (FFCU) approached me with some HTML files which had been coded from a PSD design. I was tasked with taking the HTML and turning it into a CMS Skin for their Next.js site.

    The files which they'd had created were of poor quality and using outdated frameworks. I explained my thoughts on the HTML files, and they agreed that they would prefer that I created the template from scratch ensuring it would be responsive.

  • AJ Antunes

    Developed a multilingual eCommerce website for this supplier of major fast-food chains and restaurants, resulting in a successful expansion into the Chinese market.
    The initial steps for the project consisted of researching the best methodologies for creating a multilingual site on top of an already established EN-US variant.

    Additionally, there was a large number of corresponding PDF documents which needed to be translated for the various foreign markets. A document module was created to upload the different formats

    This was a long term project, as there were many products which needed to be transitioned into the Chinese market. During the process, the site also had some minor cosmetic changes to keep the style fresh.

    A custom-built video catalog module was developed so that the new "video manuals" could be attached to the products. This involved creating a system which could process the video uploads and automatically generate the thumbnail.

    This system also expanded into being used for the marketing materials used for the general sale and advertisement of the product. Because of the ease in which the site administrators could use the module, it was requested to enhance the video content throughout the site.


  • Languages

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SCSS, Less, Sass, HTML5, TypeScript, GraphQL, ECMAScript (ES6), C#, C#.NET, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Bootstrap, Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3, Next.js, MUI (Material UI), Tailwind CSS, Vanilla JS, Razor, Razor Pages, ASP.NET, MVC Razor, .NET, .NET Core, Jest
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, jQuery, Reactstrap, Node.js
  • Platforms

    DotNetNuke (DNN), Adobe Suite, Windows, Contentful
  • Other

    PSD to HTML, Gatsby, Front-end, Styled-components, Development, Photoshop CC 2019
  • Tools

    Jira, Visual Studio, VS Code, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack 4, Webpack, Git, Bitbucket, Atlassian, Atlassian Suite, GitHub
  • Paradigms



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering
    2008 - 2011
    Northumbria University - Newcastle, England


  • NE Young Employee Of The Year 2016
    National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses
  • NE Business Awards 2014
    Chamber of Commerce

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